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Chomsky writes: "Public education is under attack around the world, and in response, student protests have recently been held in Britain, Canada, Chile, Taiwan and elsewhere."

Noam Chomsky comments on the attacks against public education. (photo: MIT)
Noam Chomsky comments on the attacks against public education. (photo: MIT)

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+13 # ER444 2012-04-05 15:42
We pay taxes to build our roads, highways, airports and harbors to get our goods to market. We pay taxes to finance our police and fire forces to protect us. We pay taxes to send our senators and congressmen to Washington to represent our interests and god only knows we pay taxes, taxes and taxes for an overblown military to protect us from the boogey man called "terrorism". A well educated populace (ie. work force) is the most important element of a functioning and effective infrastructure. We should and must be willing to pay taxes to at least subsidize the higher education of our youth. It is an investment in our infrastucture, good for each young student, good for the nation and a national shame if we don't make this investment a national priority. Creating a level playing field for ALL Americans on the education front is the best way to help young people fulfill the American dream and in turn become productive, happy tax payers in a healthy cycle. How is the expression " A mind is a terrible thing to waste". AND the 1% is benefiting the most from the subsidized infrastructure but unfortunately not paying their fair share. The election in November is about basic choice. I believe effective government is the implementation of a concept of solidarity that through its immense size and power can accomplish otherwise unaccomplishabl e tasks. We made it to the moon, we can create an education system that helps our young people, especially the poor to rise up.
+3 # Bryan Spangelo 2012-04-05 22:13
Defunding higher education has had the predicable effect of raising tuition and fees for students who are most unable to afford the increases. Universities across the country have had state support slashed because it is easier to cut higher education than to reduce state expenditures elsewhere. Higher education faculty and administrations must make the case: for every dollar designated to fund community colleges and universities the economic impact is returned several times over that initial one dollar investment.
+1 # cvm79 2012-04-06 05:18
"Gov. Corbett’s proposed budget would slash funding for education by $1.2 billion and cut state aid to higher education in half — all while raising the state’s prison spending by nearly 11 percent. The governor proposes cutting $625 million from colleges and universities as he spends $600 million to build two prisons. On Monday, children from around Pennsylvania marched on the state Capitol in Harrisburg to remind legislators that they are the future of this state. "
+2 # dick 2012-04-06 05:34
Public education, progressive taxation, collective bargaining rights. Critical pillars of egalitarian democracy, under assault.
When seniority rights are lost in the guise of "balancing budgets" trouble makers can be laid off, even if they have tenure. White workers, wimpy males in particular, have given away so much due to their racism & sexism & soul searching in other people's wombs. Since women & minorities have twice as many votes as WAMs, white Anglo males, HOW can this happen? Wake up & smell the class warfare.
+1 # John Locke 2012-04-06 09:24
I think what we are seeing and what Norm was trying to convey, is by increasing fees they are eliminating an amount of students from the system, thus holding down the level of education for the masses as well as those being educated. The rest are controlled by the debt load.

What this does is retain the status Quo, keeping the system in check. In addition for those who are receiving an education the system will endeavor to brain wash them toward the status quo... The 1% already indoctrinate their children to follow in the footsteps of their parent, (they believe they are the elite and should govern) and they have the financial resource for the education they desire their children to have, for example: e.g. Rockefellers, Kennedy’s Bundy’s Bush’s, Roosevelt’s, Delano’s, Harriman’s, Lovett’s, etc. Manny are the old money families who primarily made their money in illegal activity, selling to Germany during the Second World War, selling liquor during prohibition, the numbers rackets or even earlier the Opium Drug trade with China!...I don’t believe any of these wealthy families made their fortunes honorably!

Example: Rockefeller made his fortune by controlling the Stock Market and then Standard oil by selling to both sides during the Second World War…
0 # corals33 2012-04-08 05:41
those with a higher (education?) know that there was never a level playing field and never will be so they write books and give lectures to make sure nothing changes in their lifetime. After that, who cares??? make some money anyway you could and stop bitching

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