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Sunday, Cheney acknowledged that the White House had told the Justice Department lawyers what legal opinions to render. In other words, the opinions amounted to ordered-up lawyering to permit the administration to do whatever it wanted.

File photo, Dick Cheney speaking, 03/19/09. (photo: Matthew Cavanaugh/EPA/Corbis)
File photo, Dick Cheney speaking, 03/19/09. (photo: Matthew Cavanaugh/EPA/Corbis)

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+3 # Guest 2010-02-17 01:08
So when will the Obama administration wake up and realize that not to prosecute is to become complicite in the crimes of the prior administration? It is blazingly clear that the rule of law is not intended for the elites. The evidence is abundantly clear that thugs in business suits have prevailed and this is a disgrace to everything that supposedly makes the USA a great nation. Politicians extole the virtues of patriotism, the values of our founding fathers and we take pride in being a just and freedom loving people, yet, in our collective name, our government tortures prisoners, murders hundreds of thousands in a war lacking any legal precedence what so ever and maintains power by threats and bullying. It amazes me that the contradiction between rhetoric and conduct in our culture doesn't simply astound us all. The shock and awe of the prior administration is that it could have existed at all in a culture that supposedly values justice. We should all be ashamed for our silence.
+1 # Guest 2010-02-17 10:34
Here Here, I could no agree more.
+1 # Guest 2010-02-17 10:07
Thank you for publishing this article on behalf of those who did not get to see the interview with Cheney. It curls my hair to know this happened. It curls my toes to think he (and others involved) will walk away scot-free from their high crimes worthy of the harshest punishment.
It is this very kind of thing that destroys my faith in America as the upholder of just values for all. Should we all be furious about this affair...from top to bottom? You bet your sweet bippy! Should we demand that these men be brought to justice? That, my friends, does not even rate an answer.

Any one who defends and supports these criminals should perhaps be made to wear "the scarlet letter" for all to see.
0 # Guest 2010-02-17 10:27
“I thought it was important for some senior person in the administration to stand up and defend those people who’d done what we asked them to do.”

How to interpret "who'd done what we asked them to do" is the crux of the issue. Robert Parry interprets it to mean "to produce the legal opinion we asked them to produce." Cheney rebuttal would be that what "we'd asked them to do" was produce a legal opinion." Though there is information that supports Parry's interpretation of a sequence of events over years, Cheney's comments on ABC do not constitute the smoking-gun admission he claims,

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