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Michael Tomasky writes: "Assuming Mubarak does take the hint now, for better or worse now, Obama will 'own' Egypt. As of today, the US has taken a more direct role here than it ever did, say, in 1989, when George H.W. Bush and Jim Baker largely stood back and watched. Now, Obama and Clinton and Gates and Joe Biden have committed the US firmly to the post-Mubarak era."

An anti-government protester holds a blooded Egyptian flag in Tahrir Square. (photo: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)
An anti-government protester holds a blooded Egyptian flag in Tahrir Square. (photo: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

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+3 # rm 2011-02-04 17:05
Tomasky says, "But what if eight months from now Egypt is ruled by a fundamentalist regime that reneges on the peace with Israel, and the new leader visits Tehran and poses with Ahmadinejad?"

What an absurd remark! The US, UK, Israel are all run by radical fundamentalist regimes and they all have nuclear bombs and very active militaries. Does Tomasky complain about that? Lots of national leaders visit Iran and Achmadinejad. Obama should do it. Achmadinejad is right. The Israelis are wrong. If you don't know that then you are too stupid to write a blog.

The Muslim Brothers are a lot smarter than you give them credit for. It is Obama, Netanyahu, and Cameron who are not smart. They are extremists determined to kill as many people as they can.
+3 # atdreams 2011-02-04 18:14
Yes so true and weird as to why the rich and powerful Americans think that the USA is a democratic society. The USA is a fraud always dumping on all the worlds countries for having or trying to have their own version of democracy. While we here in the USA are stuck with a failed democracy driven by greed.
+2 # robhood 2011-02-04 20:29
Obama has no more say than the Egyptian people. The world elite will make the decisions, until we wake up and attack the real problem, the global elite.
+2 # Seetha Sasikala 2011-02-05 17:36
Tomasky, if you and the US state keeps telling a lie a thousand times, it will unfortunately not become the truth. Fear mongering may be very good for Hollywood movies to sell. But this is the real world and US's foreign policy is out there for all to see. Sadly there is no fundamentalist regime that the world fears and abhores more than the USA. The only nation to have used the nuclear weapon, running the largest military force, creator of Osama bin Laden and with a history of overthrowing democratic governments and feeding despots and dictators in so many countries. So cut the crap and stick to facts. The concern for the US and its western allies is access to middle-east oil resources at its terms and conditions. And what better way to ensure that than to put in place dictatorial regimes that will follow US orders, like a dog in a manger. It is so much easier than trying to control a democratically elected regime which will protect its people's interests. So here we have the US and its supporters cheerleading for a CIA bully as the next candidate. It may a safer bet for you and US business interests but Egypt belongs to its people and you better not dictate their future.

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