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Mark Guarino reports: "The partisan fight over collective-bargaining rights in Wisconsin is moving from the streets of Madison toward the ballot box. A recall drive of unprecedented scale is underway, with 32 efforts targeting 16 state senators involved in the three-week budget standoff between Senate Republicans and Democrats. In the 103 years since Oregon first adopted the recall process, only 13 state legislators have been recalled nationwide."

Republican Wisconsin State Sen. Robert Cowles is one of 16 senators facing a recall in the coming months, 03/08/11. (photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Republican Wisconsin State Sen. Robert Cowles is one of 16 senators facing a recall in the coming months, 03/08/11. (photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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+1 # sark 2011-03-15 12:25
The recall is fantastic and the outcry so great that they will probably win. But that does nothing to address the real long term problem of the electronic voting machines. We must make sure that out vote is counted as we intended. Electronic voting machines assure the makers and operators of those machines that they have a way to manipulate the vote count.
-2 # jon 2011-03-15 13:31
And the duplicitous Governor Walker isn't being recalled, also??

What am I missing here?
+3 # sark 2011-03-15 13:53
He must be in office for a year before the voters can start a recall and that will be Jan.3 2012. Wisconsin voters will be living with what Walker has done to them so a recall will probably happen.
+1 # giraffee2012 2011-03-15 13:59
The R's have given the USA (& Dems) a gift -- it is "Walker" -- Thanks for the transparency of evil and corruption and illigocal "balancing" budget: Give BIG $$ more tax breaks and take money from middle/low America == Describes the R's mantra. Walker made this so clear even if "you" voted R in 2010 - You have seen the light (in technical color):

Gov. Walker is the best thing that happened FOR THE DEMOCRATS in the last 2+ years. He is such a BIG example of the devious tactics of the R's that even a staunch R should think 2x before voting R in 2012. I hope Walker can be recalled -- bc if he can be - he will:

ORDERS for 2012 elections:
VOTE in 2012 - you Dems who didn't vote in 2010 -- PLS get out and VOTE in 2012. All you R's - I'm sure "you've seen the light" -- so VOTE DEM in 2012 - please.

Dems are FOR the people -- not for big $$. If you make big $$ -- I understand why you will vote R (it is financially beneficial to big incomed people)

But if you don't make big $$ - I have NO CLUE how you can vote R! (and don't want to know)
0 # angelfish 2011-03-15 15:26
I LOVE it! Recall ALL the slimy "Me First-ers" who have sat on their hands for 2+ years, obstructing meaningful Legislation that might actually have HELPED a struggling American! It seems they have forgotten the reason they were sent to Washington, and that was, to do the work of the PEOPLE! NOT Corporations or RICH people, ALL the people of this, once great, United States of America! The Greed and self-service that has overtaken our hallowed hall of Congress has left them reeking with avarice and mendacity! Root the offenders out and replace them with PEOPLE, not "wannabees" and "I'm up, pull up the rope-ers". Only THEN, will we return to being worthy of the title "Land of the FREE, and Home of the Brave"!
+1 # Foxtrottango 2011-03-19 08:13
Recall hell! 85,000 thousand Wisconsin protesters should just take over the damn Wisconsin Palace where the corporate-only republican governor who is feeding off of the hard working tax paying workers and do what the Egyptians did to their greedy caliphs! Go in and make citizens arrests! Test the frigging corporated-corp orateJudicial system in those states.

Test also the Wisconsin national guards and the police. Take off the gloves. The judicial system in the USA is a sham! It favors the corporate rich and themselves and discard the working men/women like dish rags or as they see fit.

But the truth lies somewhere in between ignorant voters and greedy politicians.
Wisconsin voted Republicans and they now find out that the ones they voted for are nothing but liars, corporate-sell outs, racists and vicious to the core and will do anything to destroy the nation and the planet for their own greedy purposes.

There is no other way to see these republicans for what they are, vicious, mean, greedy, angry-crazed pompous, bloated, pontifical, puffy, self-important, stuffy wiggy anti-Americans!

American deserves no less!

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