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Intro: "Virginia Thomas earned over $680,000 from conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation over 5 years, a group says. But the Supreme Court justice did not include it on financial disclosure forms."

Ginni Thomas speaks at a Mesquite, Texas, Tea Party rally in September. (photo: Rex Curry)
Ginni Thomas speaks at a Mesquite, Texas, Tea Party rally in September. (photo: Rex Curry) your social media marketing partner


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+35 # constance 2011-01-22 11:52
so nice - maybe he could be removed from the court!!! I can dream, can't I?

did he/she/it pay taxes?

IRS prosecution resulting in prison term?

+9 # Lee Black 2011-01-22 13:08
It's a really good question - what is the status of 'think tanks' when it comes to taxes?
+5 # Interested Observer 2011-01-22 17:19
Ordinary income I am fairly sure.
+28 # Samantha 2011-01-22 12:33
Clarence Thomas has been a zilch on the supreme court, this would be a wonderful excuse to remove him and get somebody who adds a voice in his place.
+40 # iq140 2011-01-22 12:44
Isn't "conservative think tank" an oxymoron? Maybe "conservative propaganda tank" would be closer to the truth
+38 # brianf 2011-01-22 13:05
Impeach Thomas!
+33 # jefffillmore 2011-01-22 13:10
It sounds to me like tax fraud if he didn't report this to the IRS. If you or I did this, we would be sitting in a cell and have all of our assets taken away.
+25 # Erica 2011-01-22 13:17
Absolutely right -- impeach Thomas and get rid of him. What a total disaster the guy is.
+24 # mini2 2011-01-22 13:40
Mr Justice Thomas has been and continues to be a thorough-going embarrassment to the President (Bush) who nominated him to the Court, to the Senate Judiciary Committee (especially Sen. Orrin Hatch), to the Senate who approved his nomination, to the Court itself (in which he acts as Roberts-Scalia' s dummy), to the nation, and, while he does not recognize it because he is both too ignorant and too stupid to do so, to himself.
+30 # Bill Eagle 2011-01-22 13:56
Thomas isn't stupid, he is just evil.
This isn't his first mistake. He also has refused to recuse himself when he has a conflict of interest and he has had multiple conflicts.
The only way to remove him, is through the impeachment process. Impeachment has to be initiated by the house, and it will not happen with this present collection of Tea Party Reps.
+12 # goodsensecynic 2011-01-22 15:37
Stupidity and wickedness are not mutually exclusive. Methinks he can be classed as both.
+14 # Lesabre 2011-01-22 14:07
I'll bet he doesn't do his own taxes. I have a CPA do mine and each year he compairs my incomes and expenses with the previous years to see if there is a change or omission. So what happened? I have had mistakes in reporting and guess what? The IRS quickly found out the omissions ans sent me a bill. Why didn't the Thomas's get found out if it were a simple omission?
+13 # Nancy Wang 2011-01-22 14:09
So what's new? Who will have the courage to stand up to these government criminals? And not be gunned down by the conservatives?

This country is a sad existence.
+21 # DrAnne 2011-01-22 14:10
If "Justice" Thomas' failure to report is not pursued by the IRS, that'll be one more snippet of proof that there exists 2 (or more) tiers of "justice" in our country!
+17 # tomo 2011-01-22 14:26
If there is active prosecution of Thomas, he will call it a "High Tech Lynching" --again. If he is left alone on the grounds he doesn't know any better, surely that REALLY WOULD BE racism.

The truth is, he does know better, and as soon as some serious effort is made to bring him into conformity to the law, he will call it a high-tech lynching. Biden and the rest of the Senate let him get away with that the first time; it's a tried and true method for this Justice to show his utter contempt for the law and for all the rest of us.
+17 # cabotool 2011-01-22 14:49
How utterly sad!

We now have idiots and criminals pushing the lever to flush America down the drain.
+19 # J.Lindsley 2011-01-22 15:11
How Supreme.
How Republican
How predictable.
How the silence will echo
down the halls of history.
+15 # KMC 2011-01-22 15:31
Maybe he just didn't think that it was relevant to obey the tax laws like the rest of us...After all, defrauding the govt of legitimate tax revenues is a fine way to emasculate and belittle its power, as the conservatives have wished to do for so long a time!!!

As for his "respect for Law" didn't he say that female citizens are not entitled to any equality before the Law under the 14th Amendment, to a group of law students, no less???
+8 # dana 2011-01-22 16:38
He and his wife both need to be in prison!not just for evading taxes...but twisting the law to suit themselves and their own interests.
+8 # maxima 2011-01-22 17:03
Regarding DRAnne's comment above, we need to remember that in America everyone is equal, it's just that some people are more equal than others.
+14 # robhood 2011-01-22 17:08
We have such a corrupted system!
+6 # Realist 2011-01-22 19:02
It does not appear from the article that these were tax forms (i.e. reporting income to the IRS) but disclosure forms, meant to disclose possible conflicts of interest. When there is a conflict of interests, the judge is reclused from the case- i.e. he doesn't sit in on the hearings or vote on the case.
+6 # Ken Hall 2011-01-22 22:08
Anyone old enough to have listened to his confirmation hearings with some objectivity has known for years what a joke it is that he was nominated, much less elected, to the SCOTUS.
+4 # giraffe 2011-01-23 01:08
As soon as Thomas comes up with an excuse, I will not report all my income and use the same excuse. Then I dare the IRS to come after me!

Is this a new loop hole for the rich? {I forgot)
+5 # Hors-D-whores 2011-01-23 02:41
Yep, I was right, we have an hors-d'oeuvres of whores conrolling our lives.
+5 # Bob Calt 2011-01-23 08:52
What Thomas failed to do was disclose the income on forms required of all high level government employees. It does not say they failed to declare the income on their tax returns. This is clearly unethical and intentional. This is clearly not the appropriate conduct for a person appointed to the highest court in the land. How many cases other than Citizens United should Thomas have recused himself from due to conflicts of interest which have not been disclosed? This certainly gives credence to Anita Hill.
+5 # Ernest Gibson 2011-01-23 10:35
The most compelling statement in the article is that, The Supreme Court "is the only judicial body in the country that is not governed by a set of judical rules". Like the House and the Senate, the Court lives outside of rules,regulatio ns and legislation that applies to everyone except themselves.

This is the core of the ethical and moral disease that ravishes our society today.
+4 # Avenging Angel 2011-01-23 11:42
He will not be held responsible for what is a clear violation of our tax system. He is protected by the ruling elite, who would much rather have a nincompoop who can be easily manipulated by Scalia.

By the way, remember 2000?, the fine group who brought us 8 years of insanity, crime, and other tid-bits of good old fun.
+2 # Foxtrottango 2011-01-24 10:41
It will be impossible to impeach, fire, prosecute Clarence wife. After all, they are republicans and republicans take care of their own, regardless whether they commit crimes or not. Not so the Democrats, they bow down to republicans. Where is the rage from the rank and file. Obama and Gibbs betrayed the progessives and look what happened, they lost the house and damn near the Senate. But the truth is, it doesn't matter if the American people vote in Democrats by a large percentage, the rank and file Democratic Party will still screw themselves up.

Again, and I hate to repeat this, but it does not matter if the Democratic Party win and fill up both House and Senate by 90%, the 10% percent Republicans will scare them away! Just look at the last election! The Democrats couldn't handle the onslaught by the few Republicans and instead scattered them in the winds. Hell, Democrats couldn't even agree with themselves let alone confront the Republicans.

The Democratic Party reminds me of herd of Walrus where a little polar bear charging into their ranks. The walruses all scatter triping one another in their haste.

The only good thing about the 2010 elections is, most of the Democratic blue dogs were eliminated, but not completely. We progressives still have a lot to do before the next general elections.
+1 # Scafmars 2011-01-26 09:15
So, does this mean that he's a Democrat now, or just the Secretary of the Treasury?

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