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Glen Greenwald writes: "The reason there isn't more uproar over these Bush officials' overt foreign-soil advocacy on behalf of a Terrorist group is because they want to use that group's Terrorism to advance US aims. Using Terrorism on behalf of American interests is always permissible."

Members of the terrorist group MKO pose for a photograph at Camp Ashraf in al-Khlais, in Iraq's Diyala Province, 12/15/10. (photo: Press TV)
Members of the terrorist group MKO pose for a photograph at Camp Ashraf in al-Khlais, in Iraq's Diyala Province, 12/15/10. (photo: Press TV) your social media marketing partner


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+7 # mmz 2011-01-05 13:30
Is there any hope that any branch of our government can control the usurpation of our foreign policy by these ex-officials?
-9 # rock 2011-01-05 20:07
If you read the referenced article by Edward Cody, it becomes clear that the headline is somewhat misleading: Note, in particular

"The group, the largest and most active Iranian exile organization, was added to the list in 1997 as part of an effort by President Bill Clinton's administration to reach out to Tehran. It has been maintained since, apparently to avoid antagonizing the Iranian leadership while the United States fought wars in Iraq and Afghanistan."

It makes sense that recognition of the failure of this "effort" would lead to the conclusion that maybe they (MEK) should be taken off the list.
+7 # Activista 2011-01-06 00:50
This terrorist crap to make new wars - who cares.
AIPAC decides next terrorist list and next wars in the Middle East.
MEK will be our new freedom fighters ..
+5 # DaveW. 2011-01-06 00:56
rock, Your methodology is painfully obvious at this point. Itemize and single out one item that fits your twisted ideology and IGNORE the rest of the presentation/de bate. Every post I see of yours fits the same pattern. Is there no warped, right wing blogging site where you can pontificate your particular brand of humor with a more appreciative audience? Or are you titillated by the numbers of thumbs down you always receive. Go ahead, your safe, spew out your pseudo Fascist meanderings. It no doubt is some form of auto-eroticism for you, whilst providing periodic moments of entertainment for the rest of us. Come on, we're waiting........ ...
-6 # rock 2011-01-06 09:55
Dave, it looks like you're losing the struggle to stay rational here. How about looking beyond the headlines to figure out why this group has been designated a "Terrorist" group and whether it makes sense to continue the designation. In your rush to attack these "Republicans," you are getting out on a flimsy limb. Thumbs up, thumbs down, whatever . . . let's stick to the issues.
+3 # DaveW. 2011-01-06 11:40
rock "The issue" is that the people who met with this group were breaking the law when they did so. Period. If you disagree with the designation of MEK as a terrorist group I suggest you write your Congressmen or Senators. In the meantime the law "has been broken." If Democrats would have done this Fox News would have been on them like stink on shit. That is the issue.We are a nation of laws. You can't run a stop sign, put in place by the people who make laws, and then use as your defense "I don't think the stop sign should be here in the first place." You would have to take that belief and attempt to have the sign removed through "legal" channels before you were given the "right" to drive thru the same spot unabated.. Make sense to you now? Its you, not I, out on the "flimsy limb." This is all about "lining" up allies, corrupt or not, for our upcoming war in Iran. After Truman left office the Eisenhower administration on June 25,1953, in the words of author and historian Harold Evans, "let the CIA off the hook" to work with British intelligence to remove Democratically elected Mohammad Mosaddeq and install "their man" Mohammed Reza Pahlavi. Cont...
-4 # rock 2011-01-08 00:32
Dave, this simplistic analysis does not do justice to the complex situation in Iran in 1953. First of all, "the Shaw," Mohammed Reza Pahlavi had replaced his father years before that and was, in effect, Iran's constitutional monarch, so we did not "install" him. In the early years of the cold war, the Shaw was an important US ally against Soviet ambitions in that area. He made enemies of the Islamic fundamentalists by trying to make Iran a secular state, giving women the vote and granting them some fundamental human rights, which I imagine you subscribe to. Thus, he was caught in the middle between the extreme left Marxist revolutionaries and what we might reasonably consider fanatical right-wing Islamists. There is no doubt about our helping him stay in power, and OK, he wasn't exactly democratic, but, all things considered, he was probably the best choice for us, our allies, and the Iranian people.

Oh sure, some people would have preferred the People's Republic of Iran, or some fanatical Islamist state, or maybe the Iranian Soviet Socialist Republic. I wonder if that isn't the real reason the left is so incensed about our support of the Shaw?
+2 # Daniel Fletcher 2011-01-08 11:14
Your "history" is flawed. The constitutional monarchy you refer to no longer existed at the time the British and U.S. returned Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, much to his surprise at the time, following the CIA fomented, funded and armed overthrow of Mohzedec(sp). You completely omit that the Iranian people opposed his father, that his constitution was no longer applicable as it was, after all, imposed on the people, not democratically supported. Your convenient review of history completely overlooks the FACT that the democratically formed government of the government the CIA toppled WASN'T AN ISLAMIC GOVERNMENT, and had the majority chosen that it be so, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN THEIR DEMOCRATIC RIGHT. The reason the left is so incensed about our support of the Shaw is that the Shah's regime was a criminal regime, illegaly installed as no legal authority existed for it's installation. The Shah was the worst choice possible and is the cause that gave rise to the Islamic regime of today. The Shah was a corporate shill, no more, no less and his regime was a fraud perpetrated by the United States.
+2 # DaveW. 2011-01-08 12:43
rock, As I posted above your "methodology" is pellucid. The PEOPLE of Iraq VOTED Mosaddeq into power. It was THEIR country not OURS! You imply "Soviet ambitions in that area." Doesn't this also imply the U.S. had "ambitions" in that area, hence the motivation for our involvement. Isn't a basic tenet of a "Democratically organized" state the right of self-determinat ion? The Iranian people exercised that only to have it stripped away by "outside" powers. If one or more foreign governments did that here, in the U.S., what do you think the reaction would be? You sum up your obtuseness with the comment "OK,he wasn't exactly Democratic,but, all things considered, he was probably the best choice for US,OUR allies, and the Iranian people. Quite revealing to see who you referred to FIRST. And LAST! And, as is SOP, you completely ignore the "Iranian Oil" which was the impetus for our involvement and which rightfully belonged to the IRANIAN PEOPLE not Britain or the U.S., that he "looted" millions from his own people and the fact that the current crop of Republicans talking anti-American smack in Paris are "breaking the law!" And by the way, its "Shah" not Shaw.
+1 # DaveW. 2011-01-06 11:55
The United States "reward" was to share in 80% of Iranian oil but it left a legacy of hatred and mistrust that lingers to this day. People in various parts of the world "don't hate us because of our freedoms." They hate us because we have been instrumental in taking theirs away. We have been a ruthless empire for over 200 years. Political ideology has done little to impede the marching of empire. THAT"S THE ISSUE! Suggest you read Evans excellent book, "The American Century" with special emphasis on page 451, entitled "The Coup in Iran," and it only touches upon the story. The newly "crowned" Shah would terrorize and rob his own people for decades while successive administrations back here DID NOTHING. Nothing except let the Shah escape the wrath and judgment of his people by allowing him sanctuary in this country along with his looted billions. Perhaps you, need to "start looking beyond headlines." You speak of "rationality?" Display some.
+4 # Capn Canard 2011-01-06 14:20
Good comments DaveW, well said. I see this as a prelude to war. These idiots have been making noise about Iran for about 6-7 years and they want their access to Iranian oil unimpeded. This is all about making money. The GOP Shills are just there to keep the channels of communication (thus oil profit) flowing. Breaking the law? They aren't about to let the law stop them from increasing profit margins! The terrorizing of Iranians or others is just a minor bump in the road. The externalities, i.e. the cost of doing business. The rush for profit is what American business is all about and peace be damned. Until the People understands this there will never be an end to these wars. is ENDLESS WAR
+1 # DaveW. 2011-01-06 23:15
Capn Canard, Thanks.The forever groping, grasping hands of empire are, as you so rightfully point out, not concerned about the law. They're not concerned with people, with the environment, with history and its lessons. They're concerned with, as you have stated with great alacrity and clarity, profits. The "externalities" will take the form of mass human suffering on a scale mankind has not yet witnessed. We've never had nearly 7 billion people before. And the majority of "the people" don't want to be bothered with having to do some reading and research. Capitalism and technology have proved to be a mind numbing cocktail consumed by the masses, an opiate if you will, for those who want luxuries and ease of life without having to concern themselves about how their getting them. As populations continue to rise and resources prove to be finite, well, I'm grateful at age 54 I was able to see something of a more equitable world although it wasn't that way for many no matter what era of time you came from. It's my belief, in terms of longevity, humanity will be quite short-lived in comparisons to other species. Perhaps it was meant to be that way. I grieve for my kids and others who are young.
+1 # Daniel Fletcher 2011-01-06 21:17
Your reply DaveW is spot on. What we did to that region's first domestic democracy is to destroy it for our benefit. Plain and simple. Not much more elaboration other than a recitation of dates is sufficient for clearly documenting the murder of freedom in a free country for pure corporate greed all thanks to the U.S. There is no other explanation required. It is what it is. Our government behaves like a criminal organization and dares to wonder why it is hated...and dares to believe it deserves to go unpunished. Should anyone believe in the inevitability of justice, they will have to also believe in the destruction of our government for it has grown into the gravest criminal conspiracy in world history.
+3 # Daniel Fletcher 2011-01-06 02:00
rock, NOTHING makes sense that the MEK should be taken off the list. MEK should not be on the list of terrorist groups because President Bill Clinton put them on it? Do you realize how stupid this sounds or are you just jerking our chains for the hell of it? If Bush also designate MEK as a terrorist group, why the about face by Rethugliecons now? Oh! They hate Iran! And you don't think Iran has a righteous gripe about us? Do you even have a clue as to how badly we've harmed the Iranians in the past and how deserving we are of their hatred? Do you even have a clue as to just how deserving their wrath is given that we destroyed the first democratic government in the region, theirs, replacing it with the murderous Shah whose secret police, trained by us, murdered, mutilated and tortured many tens of thousands of Iranians? If Hitler had solely attacked eastern Europe and Russia, would you have called him an al;y? A friend? What are you smoking?
+1 # Daniel Fletcher 2011-01-09 21:57
Leading conservatives ARE terrorists, as are blue dog dems and anyone supporting the wars in the middle east. Our ex-officials were the worst unless you consider that the current crop of neolibs and neocons continuing their policies, which they do.

It seems the current foreign policy is "do it our way or we'll blow you to pieces".

What a haven for hypocracy we provide.
+13 # DaveW. 2011-01-05 14:03
Department of justice officials will not prosecute these "patriots" because they are laying the foundation for our next imperialistic foray in the Middle East. Namely Iran. Americans might as well get used to the idea of perpetual war. The MIC now demands no less and we will "invent" an enemy who "hates us for our freedoms" if one does not present itself. The tree known as the "war on terror" has deep, systemic roots and will be periodically "watered" with the propaganda of the "enemy other." Think about it for a minute. No matter your age. The "war on terror" will never be over...never be over...never be over. Meanwhile, back here, the "war on truth, on honor, on only picking up steam.
+5 # Capn Canard 2011-01-05 18:59
Absolutely DaveW. They been talking about this possible war for at least 4 years. The right propaganda machine (mostly FOX) have been incredibly effect and most people are so overwhelmed and distracted by popular entertainment to be bothered with facts. It is Orwellian.
+4 # Daniel Fletcher 2011-01-06 02:11 sickens me. Here we have it, bald faced, out in the open and exposed for all to see...significa nt public figures advocating essentially for terrorism, the very default setting for our military. It isn't that I've become ashamed of being an American, I've become totally disgusted. Not to malign our bovine friends but every one of these people are beneith pig filth and are deserving of absolute and unequivocal public revulsion...and you know damn well this isn't going to happen. All should be investigated by the Justice Department. All should be punished in accordance with recent Supreme Court rulings, which I happen to disagree with by the way, but we all know that the law does not apply to the conservative trash that dominate our culture, and the duped, doped and dumbed down masses won't even bleat the tiniest complaint, let alone take notice of the blazing hypocracy of these people, and the right that would back them. Of course, Obama, who wouldn't even investigate the crimes of the prior administration, let alone prosecute anyone, will remain silent. Yes, 1984 is here and my most fervent hope is that someone will eventually rub the sheeps noses in their filth.
+17 # rm 2011-01-05 14:24
I think every sane person in the world has known that the US government is the greatest purveyor of terrorism in the world. The USG was founded on the terrorism of African slaves and native Americans. It has never stopped -- rather, it has globalized its reign of terror.

The best way to understand the agenda for the Amerikkkan ruling elites is to listen to what they are accusing others of. This is the main technique for confusing the teabag idiots in the US.

The only hope for the world is the total collapse of the USG. Fortunately, that is coming very soon.
+3 # Daniel Fletcher 2011-01-06 02:17
Probably so rm. Our hubris and our blazing to blinding insistance on the entitlement of an "American Exceptionalism" the idea of a "Manifest Destiny", which suspends all ethics and morality from any restraint on our behavior, will ultimately lead to our doom. It's more than a failure to believe in karma. The hubris of exceptionalism is that it fails to see that accountability is inevitable, and that because exceptionalism is a fantasy, that we buy it means that we fail to assess our vulnerabilities . We believe that we are invulnerable... that we cannot be defeated...even that "God" is on our side. The truth though is that we are fallible, that we can be over thrown, that the 95% of the planet that isn't American, can decide they've had enough of us and shut us down but good. For the good of humanity, I pray for that day.
+1 # DaveW. 2011-01-06 12:01
Daniel, "Praying" for the wheels to come off American empire probably won't win you many fans. Just wanted you to know you have one in me. For the good of humanity...Amen to that brother!
+1 # Daniel Fletcher 2011-01-06 21:22
Thank God Dave, that a love of justice and truth does not require a popularity contest to be valid, and fans are to be measured in quality, not quantity. I truly appreciate that you are one of the few.
+10 # giraffe 2011-01-05 14:32
As disturbing as I am after reading the article, I am not surprised. That the government wants to reduce the deficit spending without looking a the money going to the military spending shows that they will now sacrifice we, the people, along with their goal to be the Hitler of the world.

Get your heads "out of the sand" -- folks no matter what party you think you like and start yelling at your congress people. PHONE them, write letters to "the editor" in your local papers, and don't stop --- obviously we, the people who know, must at least TELL the rest of "we, the people".

Dems/Reps/Independents/ T-Partyers === all are in Power by BIG $$$ and BIG $$ runs this country.

God help my grand children. They will live in a new dark ages --

The govt will now take $4 from education, social security, taxes (not the top) and when they rape us educationally and take our homes -- GET THE PICTURE? I do. Read history - it repeats.
+10 # Capn Canard 2011-01-05 19:05
YES, MONEY is the source of all our problems. MONEY controls your CONGRESS. MONEY is the compelling reason for these wars. ALL of our problems! I have tried to tell this to people over the last few years but most people get that deer in headlights look. I will say it again, MONEY, THE PUSH FOR HIGHER PROFIT MARGINS, IS WHAT IS DESTROYING YOUR NATION.
+3 # fredboy 2011-01-05 16:03
They are one in the same.
-4 # Shawn Carter 2011-01-05 16:38
Do you mean like . . . Obama loves Chavez? Or Obama loves Putin? Maybe Obama loves Ahmuhnutjob over in Iran? Or Obama loves anyone who hates America?
+3 # Eddy 2011-01-06 00:21
Quoting Shawn Carter:
Do you mean like . . . Obama loves Chavez? Or Obama loves Putin? Maybe Obama loves Ahmuhnutjob over in Iran? Or Obama loves anyone who hates America?

Dear Shawn,
It may have escaped your attention there in the land of the "free", just recently Nigeria was prosecuting Cheney for BRIBERY and apparently they had to goods on him totaly.
Next thing we read, Nigeria has accepted another 'BRIBE' to the tune of 25 million dollars, thus dropping the charges.
Now I dunno what sort of World you live in mate, but in MY World, that is simply another BRIBE.
It appears anyone with unlimited amounts of money available, (as has Cheney) does not have to abide by ANY LAWS, they can do as they please and if someone gets pissed off, simply shovel a truck oad of money at them. Problem GONE !
Tell us again, it's not about money !
+2 # DaveW. 2011-01-06 00:40
Shawn Carter, As a long time student of history,(I'm 54), all I can say is that I'm sorry for you. If you have children or grandchildren please don't pass your ideology on to them. Giraffe and rm were right up above on their posts. Read some history! We are in for some dark times. Don't exacerbate it with anyone who respects you or anyone you have influence over. "Bubbles are only big enough for one."

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