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Marisa Guthrie writes: "Now with a bigger paycheck but a smaller network, the stand-up-to-management bad boy unloads for the first time about MSNBC, Jeff Zucker, why he's not talking to Rachel Maddow and his plan for Countdown 2.0 on Current TV."

Keith Olbermann talks about leaving MSNBC and his new job at Current TV. (photo: orlandoshaped/Photobucket)
Keith Olbermann talks about leaving MSNBC and his new job at Current TV. (photo: orlandoshaped/Photobucket)

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+20 # chick 2011-06-09 00:20
What an interesting log. I am waiting for the 20th so we can see you again. I did not have current but I am now paying more to Comcast so we can get your program.
\Your 84 and 86 year old fans.
+18 # George D 2011-06-09 00:39
I have personally added a half dozen viewers of KO to Countdown, just by telling them about him and having them watch one show. They were hooked after that. All of them and myself have been waiting for Keith to return to the airwaves on Current. I'm sure I'm only one of many who have a similar story to tell.

Like Gore, I don't always agree with Keith, and his Thurber segment makes me turn to another channel. If he must do it, at least it's only one day and at the end of the regular show :-)

I also stopped watching the rest of the MSNBC line-up. Keith brought me there and I stayed to see Lawrence, Rachael and Ed. Now I just watch Ed; On occasion.

Make us all proud Keith. You have it in you to be better than you were before and that was already pretty great.
+33 # J. Glenn Evans 2011-06-09 01:33
In these days of corporate media we need all the Keith Obermann type journalists we can find who are not afraid to speak.
+14 # sebouhian 2011-06-09 02:33
Olbermann dresses like an upper middle- class Republican, and his voice comes over in a right-wing reassuring tone. But the eyes, the eyes do the talking, hopping in angular amusement, sophisticated understatement, jugular penetration through levels of seeming simplicity, laying bare a neatly visible Conradian "Horror" at the end of his journey into a major topic's "Heart of Darkness."
+30 # odeanok 2011-06-09 06:38
We are long time Comcast cable subscribers but Current is not offered where we live. In order to watch Keith we have fired Comcast and switched to Dish. Goodbye Comcast; get with the program. Two 76 year old KO fans in our house. Go Keith!
+11 # Leslie 2011-06-09 19:55
I will follow Keith too, he speaks truth to power, and I love him for it
-52 # boudreaux 2011-06-09 07:09
I doon't really care for Olbermann, he is just like so many other news men, screaming and belitteling others to make himself look better. I think we could use something better to read.
-26 # Glen 2011-06-09 07:53
Interesting. I know folks who don't like him any longer because he became so righteous. There may be truth in there somewhere, obviously, and humor, but the attitude has turned a lot of people off.
+13 # genierae 2011-06-09 13:33
Confidence is not arrogance. Those who speak from the truth often come off as holier-than-tho u, because the truth is an insult to people who don't want to hear it, and a forceful delivery sort of bowls over those who aren't used to such sharp candor. If Keith's attitude turns some people off, that tells me that they are not serious about wanting change in their lives, because truth is essential for real progress. Keith is following Jesus's words: "I bring not peace, but a sword."
+7 # genierae 2011-06-11 11:09
For those who are turned off by my mention of Jesus, I would say that I see Jesus as the spiritual mystic that he was. I am not a Christian, I think that organized religion took Jesus hostage and used him for their own selfish gain. His divine essence was not important to them, just his public persona. While I think that many Christians are sincere in their love for him, I am certain that most are merely paying lip service to his message.
+10 # Capn Canard 2011-06-10 09:44
The problem with Keith is that he doesn't misrepresent the truth when telling the truth. For those who are less aware this can seem to be arrogant as genierae points out below. The REAL problem America has suffered in the last 14 years has been the emergence of the highly partisan FOX News. They are more responsible for the demise of trust in News than any other outlet by a wide margin. I really don't mind their BIAS I just don't like the fact that they fail to admit their BIAS! That failure is part of their tagline "Fair and balanced" when they are anything but fair and they are far from balanced. Their FAILURE is our problem, the remedy is awareness to combat ignorance that we are surrounded by.
+3 # boudreaux 2011-06-09 08:32
Hey can't a girl have an opinion???
+7 # opinionaire 2011-06-10 11:17
Quoting beloved1:
Hey can't a girl have an opinion???

Sure you can, but if you are going to put it out there, you have to be prepared for others to react and express theirs.
+25 # genierae 2011-06-09 08:40
Keith Olbermann is an essential member of the American Academy of Truth-tellers, and he will continue to pulverize the self-righteous butt-heads of the lunatic, right-wing establishment. We've got your back Keith!
+1 # reiverpacific 2011-06-09 09:32
I really urge all R.S.N. subscribers (I do my best from limited funds) and readers, to stay with print rather than television and alternative radio -usually available in community format- listener supported news and public affairs (And music, entertainment and just about anything else come to think of it, requiring something other than shallow reporting) as information-gat hering tools medium. Your options are much wider in all respects. I suspect that Mr. Olbermann's program will be liberally peppered with commercial breaks (as is MSNBC -heavily in fact) which do nothing but interrupt any flow of information with stupid, waste-of-creati ve energy nonsense, only there to persuade you to become a numbskull consumer,- the very people that the Olbermanns and so on appear to be opposing. I'd love to be wrong on this but meanwhile, I'll be readin' and listenin' (my wife is big fan of K.O.'s and I think he did some good stuff) but television as a medium is something I find increasingly irritating and sullied by commercialism.
-And please give people like "beloved1" a break; she is indeed entitled to an opinion and I like her reference (although requiring a bit of clarification) to "something better to read".
+8 # Pickwicky 2011-06-09 11:55
I thought KO was outspoken on MSNBC--what will we hear on his new show now that he can be outspoken? Interesting prospect, no?
+8 # LegacyCost 2011-06-09 16:21
I am sooo looking forward to regular installments of the opinion KO offers and the news we don't necessarily get elsewhere! Gore Hyatt and KO are doing America a service of great import!
+8 # RSJ 2011-06-09 16:24
Have you ever worked in a place where a competent person is put in charge of a task by superiors who are mainly incompetent? The competent person does his or her job well and is successful. Next, the inept suits at the top either begin taking credit for the competent person's success or they find a way to undercut and demean the competent person's success to enhance their own position, and this usually includes turning employees against one another. Typically, the competent person is accused of the sorts of things Olbermann has been accused of -- ego, etc. -- and the suits eventually make the place impossible for the competent person to work at anymore. I think this is what happened to Keith. Now that he has some managerial clout and can more freely speak his mind, perhaps, in a year or so, he can equal or surpass the numbers of Fox News' highest-rated hosts, Hannity and O'Reilly. The only thing holding him back at MSNBC was NBC management.
+5 # soularddave 2011-06-09 18:15
What about those of us who have no TV? I'll be eager to sit in front of the "other monitor" on my computer to watch Keith stream over the www.

He spends a lot of time "unspinning" that which airs elsewhere, and I appreciate that. Go ahead and call me a lefty, but I can only keep my facts straight when I have access to the TRUTH. Opinion is fine from any point of view, but it hast to stem from the facts that I know. Let me know the facts, even if they're inconvenient, but support them w/o my having to ask.
+7 # juliajayne 2011-06-09 18:40
My hope is that Current TV will start the tide turning towards journalistic integrity. (I know, I know, LOl!)

That KO has a big ego (some say, ha!)or that he has a point of view or that he's enamoured of the late, great Edward R. Murrow only adds to his cachet imo. Good luck, KO! I'll be watching.
-20 # tom braden 2011-06-09 20:03
What a relief not having to omit Oberman on MSNBC line-up!!

He was always self-serving and unbearable as if only his opinion was correct and meaninghful!

Always felt very sorry for him!

Thanks MSNBC!!!
+1 # Pickwicky 2011-06-10 13:21
Anyone who feels sorry for KO, feels sorry for a highly knowledgeable and intelligent man--who, just by the by, makes ten million a year.

Gee, I wish Tom Braden had to feel sorry for our stalwart, but not rich, Pickwicky!
+1 # RSJ 2011-06-10 17:42
Pickwicky, there's no reason to feel sorry for KO -- he's landed on his feet. However, without knowing you, I'll be glad to wish you the best of luck in the future, even if what you want is $10 million that won't necessarily make your life better.
+1 # Pickwicky 2011-06-12 21:43
Dear RSJ--I do believe you misunderstood my post.
0 # RSJ 2011-06-13 05:36
@ Pickwicky: That's entirely possible. I hadn't had sufficient coffee when I read and responded to that post.
+4 # CenTexDem 2011-06-11 07:25
If only more of the mainstream media had the courage and intelligence and sense of justice for all of Keith Olbermanm, we might have avoided the legalized greed of the Bush II and Phil Gramm years of Congress and the White House and the systemic loss of jobs our country continues to suffer.

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