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Intro: "Thousands of nurses and supporters descended on their local Congressional offices nationwide Thursday, demanding that Wall Street pay for the crisis it created. The 60 protests in 21 states targeted both Democrats and Republicans, with austerity champions like Eric Cantor of Virginia and Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota singled out for special attention."

Thousands of nurses and supporters descended on their local Congressional offices nationwide, demanding Wall Street pay for the crisis it created, 09/01/11. (photo: NNU)
Thousands of nurses and supporters descended on their local Congressional offices nationwide, demanding Wall Street pay for the crisis it created, 09/01/11. (photo: NNU)

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+18 # Rick Levy 2011-09-03 19:09
C'mon, you really don't expect the Republicans and the super-wealthy to pay their fare share, do you? You can't really think Wall Street for the damage that is caused. Personal responsibility is for other people.
+27 # Vardette 2011-09-03 22:28
It is only through effortsike these that we have any chance of making change. We must act and keep onacting in large numbers if we are to make change. I commend the nurses for their efforts and hope that many more unite and act. Things have gotten too bad to stand still.
+21 # giraffee2012 2011-09-03 22:43
WOW -- With the alleged upcoming lawsuits against the "too big to jail" banks -- these nurses are right on.

Do I think these banks will pay a dime? NO.

Will they keep on stealing, pilfering, selling crap loans, hidden fees and etc. YES - WHY?

The 2010 Supreme Court decision to give big corp (multi-national even) "person hood" to buy our elections -- also excluded giving them all the rights of our Constitution and Bill of rights (like getting sued for stealing, etc)

What were you thinking Scalia? You let the Koch brothers take you (fee of charge) to their ALL GOP/TP strategic meeting before you ruled (that's taking $$ and mixing politics) with a decision. SHAME ON YOU-- resign ASAP. Pretend to get sick, anything -- JUST GET THE HELL OUT OF THE SUPREME COURT (you too Thomas -- tax cheater + gift taker) -- OUT DAMN BOTH OF YOU
+10 # propsguy 2011-09-04 06:16
yes, but person hood can backfire on you. i'd like to see corporations sued for personal crimes like murder, polluting, reckless endangerment, theft. why not? along with the rights of person hood come the responsibilities.
also most corporations have state charters. as big as they've gotten, they can be taken down at the state level if only people start agitating for it.

go nurses! wall street may be too big to fail, but citizen's protests are becoming too big and too loud to ignore!
+9 # angelfish 2011-09-03 23:45
God Bless Nurses! As a retired R.N. I take great pride in these courageous care-givers for CONTINUING to care for, and striving to protect, those among us who CAN'T fend for themselves! If EVERYONE who earns, or is tying to earn, a decent living in this Country would also stand and be counted in DEMANDING Accountability from the THIEVING Banking Industry who CONTINUE their Same, Old, Larcenous ways, Perhaps, Washington will FINALLY get the message and DO what they were elected to do, and that is to FIGHT for ALL Americans, NOT just the Mega-Wealthy! We MUST, as a Nation, PUSH CONGRESS into doing what is FAIR and EQUITABLE for EVERYONE and DISALLOW the Big Money Interests from continuing to buy our Country out from under us! FINE, the Miscreants and Jail the guilty! Bernie Madoff is NOT the only one who broke the law! This TAX sounds like a WONDERFUL beginning to recover some of our hard earned Tax money from those who so BLITHELY Stole it from us!
+5 # BVA 2011-09-04 01:45
A question for every Republican presidential candidate:

"The Obama administration appears to have delayed (deferred, suspended, or slowed) prosecution and civil litigation against executives of banks, mortgage companies, and other financial entities presumably until the economy recovers sufficiently so as not to interfere with that recovery.

"Do you, sir, plan to reinstitute and/or reinvigorate these deferred investigations, prosecutions, and civil litigations against financial executives and entities implicated in causing the economic collapse when the economy recovers?"
+9 # Regina 2011-09-04 02:00
There once were laws against usury, that is stealing people's money by cheating them in transactions -- which the banks did with their slick and dirty wreckage in mortgages. People who could not understand the "commodificatio n" of their mortgages have lost their homes and are "under water" financially, unable to crawl out. Many of their victims are being subjected to further abuse by their banks. Meanwhile the banks are rolling in money, and their top bananas are rolling in bonuses. Yes, they're rewarded for their usury instead of prosecuted. The nurses may not be able to administer the cure, but at least they have diagnosed the disease.
+5 # reiverpacific 2011-09-04 09:02
These is the kind of actions and passion we ALL need to root out the rot in the state and it's figureheads.
Now if the ENTIRE affected demographic -like 80-90+% (that means you and you and y'r neighbor!) could mass and keep up the banter on Cantor (ouch, sorry!) and the like, they'd have to listen.
There's always the couch-potato demographic of course, who just want their tellys on, the 'burgers and pizza handy and they're happy(??) but I think most of us want to work, preferably for decent wages and benefits, have a market for our goods (as in small-business like me), hire help locally and have a decent quality of life, without the money lenders in their latter-day temples (when they decide to lend that is), who produce nothing, dictating terms and monopolizing markets only they create and benefit by, limiting OUR options and locking us in mystic-money-ma nipulative prisons.
If a group can get Cantor's staff to meet with them it's a damn good start and 21-states, 60 protests by NURSES, on which we will all depend sooner or later, is a glimmer of hope.
Like Wisconsin, we all need to recognize the need for FORCEFUL solidarity and no more mitigation, negotiation or nicey-nice!
I'm proud of you nurses and y'r supporters and am ready to join you! If they deport me, well, they might be doin' me a favor but I want to stay and fight!
+11 # fredboy 2011-09-04 09:07
Thanks to all.
Unfortunately, I didn't see this covered by the meek lamestream media. However, if eight tea baggers had showed up to howl about anything, NBC, CBS, ABC and especially CNN would have led the nightly news with full coverage.

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