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Excerpt: "'There is broad frustration with the party and all elected officials, broad frustration with the lack of a union agenda,' Michael Monroe, chief of staff of the AFL-CIO's building trades division, told The Associated Press. 'People are looking for outlets to express that frustration.' The decision by the building trades came after a vote by leaders of the unit's 13 affiliate unions, including the Laborers, Painters and Electrical Workers."

A decision has been made by the building trades division of the NC AFL-CIO, which includes laborers, painters and electrical workers, not to attend the 2012 Democratic Convention. (photo: public domain)
A decision has been made by the building trades division of the NC AFL-CIO, which includes laborers, painters and electrical workers, not to attend the 2012 Democratic Convention. (photo: public domain)

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+23 # mark_proulx 2011-08-14 17:47
Confus nailed it. I am sick to puke of hearing how all that is good and right with the world flows from "business leaders" like water from a mountain stream, while all that is wrong resides in the fetid swamp of labor. Get rid of labor and you've got nothing.
+13 # Rita Walpole Ague 2011-08-14 20:57
The Dem. party, is too often not led by real McCoy Dems. anymore, based on what happened in Colo. in '08:

1. Elected dels. and alts. at the El Paso County Dem. assembly held outside in the bitter cold, without reason (i.e. zero or few in sign-in lines inside);
2. Some dels. and alts. intimidated and turned away, again without reason, after long stay outside in cold, by the unidentified N.S.A. govt. agent head of the local A.C.L.U.;
3. A very progressive in makeup platform committe, myself included, elected by dels. at the assembly, was dissolved within days by local Dem. party head;
4. Arrest at state convention (under eventualy charge of trespass on site rented by state Dems.) of two peaceful justice and peace activists who held up a large sign asking Dems. to quit funding wars (many dels. and alts. cheered said activists as they entered convention center prior to the arrest);
5. Attempt to arrest for trespass (same N.S.A. govt. agent mentioned above prompted call to police by another local J. and P. organization he then headed), a group of four, myself included, who met on public parkway to plan for anti-war demonstrations at Dem. national convention in Denver;
6. Mass violations of civil rights (i.e. to assemble, to exercise free speech, etc.) outside Dem. National Convention in Denver.
+5 # racetoinfinity 2011-08-15 03:31
Very telling; we all need to be reminded of just this back in '08.
+4 # rf 2011-08-15 05:38
There are such a thing as "good and real dems"??? There seems to be only repuke wanna bees.
+17 # jon 2011-08-14 22:38
I wonder how much suffering is going to have to happen, before the People restore this nation to the Democracy it once was - and if, indeed, that is possible, anymore.
+13 # John Talbutt 2011-08-14 23:39
Most union members understand the importance of defeating the anti worker, anti middleclass and anti union Republican pro billionaire fakers. The action by the building trade helps to remind the Dems we want the billionaires to pay their share and the nation to stop wasting money in wars to support corporate interests.
+6 # angelfish 2011-08-14 23:40
I can't see how Boycotting the Convention solves anything. If you don't get your ball on the court, you can't play. EVERYBODY is sick and tired of the inaction and concessions made by the President, but rather than Boycott, I think the Unions should make some NOISE at the Convention and give them ALL some food for thought!
-12 # Cabbagehead 2011-08-15 00:39
Independents, Progressives, Libertarians and the growing majority of Democrats who feel betrayed by both the Congress and President Obama have one course of direct action. Stay home on Election Day 2012 "No Vote is the Only Real Vote." Any thoughtful Republicans remaining are invited to participate. No placards, no parades, no shopping, no TV or phone talk. Just shut up and shut down for 24 hours. A National General Strike can never be broken.
+6 # TrueAmericanPatriot 2011-08-15 07:16
Quoting Cabbagehead:
Independents, Progressives, Libertarians and the growing majority of Democrats who feel betrayed by both the Congress and President Obama have one course of direct action. Stay home on Election Day 2012 "No Vote is the Only Real Vote." Any thoughtful Republicans remaining are invited to participate. No placards, no parades, no shopping, no TV or phone talk. Just shut up and shut down for 24 hours. A National General Strike can never be broken.

You will play RIGHT INTO THE REPUGS hands, if you, or anyone else follows this strategy. APATHY is what got us to this point in the first place. The baggers, though fewer in number made their presence felt. WHY ON EARTH would a ROTTWEILER run from a CHIHUAHUA? GET OUT THE VOTE IN 2012!!!!
+7 # foxtrottango 2011-08-15 08:44
We are already in the "REPUGS" hand! Or haven't you been keeping up with the latest where President Obama, Nancy Pelosi speaking behind a cowering Democratic Party giving just about gave everything the Rupugs wanted on what the Labor Unions did throughout the decades in building up a middle class?

You're damn right we're angry! Not only voting Democrats are angry, so are many working republicans especially when those "entitlements" hit them in their pocket books!

Obama is a weak president in spite of the majority of Democrats which are perhaps conservatives wearing Democrats clothing.

Yes, the Chihuahua is biting at the heels of the rottweiler! And it's about time the rank and file Democratic Party don't take fir granted those who got them in office in the first place!

The fact that the Republican has lost touch with the American people doesn't means and the Democrats in Washington should give in to Republicans.It could only mean that perhaps we need a third Party candidate or better yet, replace Obama and kick out those blue dogs from the Party!

After all, what have we got to lose, we are just about losing everything we labor unions gain with this Democratic Party now on hand.
+6 # foxtrottango 2011-08-15 08:54
The Republican Party want to destroy the nation in order to save it from Obama. That is the whole problem with them at the moment, they are basking on racism, pure and simple! They just can't stand a Black President occupying the White House and no matter what solutions he comes up with, they will always come up with some kind of deception to say no.

Obama is perhaps the most intelligent, the most well liked and admired President, not only in the USA, but throughout the world at large. His fault is, he is too nice a guy and the Republicans know that and take advantage of it.

It's obvious President Obama surrounded him with losers, advisors who gave him the wrong impression. Obviously, he wasn't smart enough to realized that and he will most likely be a one-term president and that is the best dreams the GOP had!

What the Democratic Party need, in spite of the sorry politics in the USA now, is a someone with the combinations of a Franklin D. Roosevelt, A Harry Truman and a Bill Clinton combined.

President Obama, are you listening?
+5 # Capn Canard 2011-08-15 07:46
a general strike is a great idea, but a general strike on election day is a stupid idea meant for Cabbageheads. We really do need a general strike but a strike that is specifically aimed at the well-defined power structure of big business interests/the wealthy. i.e. the financial industry, the oil/gas industry, agribusiness, auto makers, etc. take each one on at a time. Focus the strike like a laser beam on an industry, maybe a flash mob of an intense strike. I believe it would get their attention. But you are right that a massive general strike can not be broken.
+4 # angelfish 2011-08-15 12:25
If you don't VOTE, then you can't "BITCH" over the disastrous results of sitting on you hands! (See: Bush Presidency)Not Voting is THE MOST irresponsible method of dealing with your rage at the President, In the end, WE ALL lose! We need to take back the Congress, BOTH houses, and get BUSY repairing the damage!
+13 # rf 2011-08-15 05:36
Good for the unions! Time people took a stand against a party that refuses to accept that the conventional wisdom of Washington economics is bankrupt. Too bad unions have become so weak...time for them to start using the only weapon left to them...the all union general strike. Shut cities down until the law is changed and refuse to recognize the legitimacy of the courts that will fine them. The government IS all bought and sold, including the courts. The tea baggers have one thing right (though mistakenly so) and that is that there is NO constitution left for us to defend if we can be kept from picketing our own political conventions!
-1 # VSweet 2011-08-15 10:43
I believe it is coming! The Nation of America we loved so fondly and together as citizens will be only rememebered as a great nation in the years to come. We may have supported different political parties, but we continued to move and press forward.

We are now destroying and have capitulated our God fearing nation to self-destruct. The enemy was not on the outside, but dwells right among us. Our American people are so divided and they cannot reasonably agree together anymore to save our natio, its people and the future generations.

God Bless America!
+1 # angelfish 2011-08-16 00:01
The only ones refusing to even talk about our differences is the ReTHUGicans! The President has, for ALL intents and purposes, bent so far backward that he's practically on his back, yet the THUGS REFUSE to deal fairly, openly or honestly! Compromise is a word unknown to them! Their stated goal is for him to FAIL and they are doing EVERYTHING in their power, up to and INCLUDING the Financial RUIN of not only OUR Economy, but the WORLD'S! As incompetent as dubya was, he was unfettered in his outright incompetence and failed policies! WHERE were they then? WHERE was all their Fiscal responsibility THEN? I am SICK to death of their DUMBING down of our citizens in their mendacious attempts to portray Bush II and his Evil Cabal of "ME FIRSTers as having done ANYTHING Good for this Country! We are REAPING what he sowed, and will for a generation! The PEOPLE are not divided, no thanks to the THUGS! The People voted for Hope and Change, something the THUGS have no knowledge of! All they know how to do is protect the rich and Pi** on the Poor! Vote them OUT in 2012!
+5 # artmensor 2011-08-15 12:42
The Obama administration needs the support of the Unions and those who would like to be in a Union.
Unions don't have to support the current administration, if they don't feel they are getting help from them, but they should be there at the Convention and once again tell the American public what is going on in Washington.

And they must remind everyone that no workers are pressured in to joining a Union. Why would any worker, who is being treated fairly in wages and benefits pay extra money out of their pocket to belong to a Union to try to get them more? Workers are not greedy, like big employers are.

And, there are more workers than big greedy bosses and corporations, so the thing for Unions to do is to educate the American public about what they can do if they all work together. Even if it involves a 'dancing with the stars' approach.

Americans need to turn off the tv and turn back on their life, or else there will be no American TV because Americans can not afford to buy the products that sponsor American TV.

It's time to wake back up to reality that there are some people who want to control this country at the expense of everyone else. It has to stop.

0 # HECTOR 2011-09-04 11:52

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