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Excerpt: "'KUCINICH: Would you answer the question? How much money does it save, Governor?' 'WALKER: It doesn't save any.' ... Walker's admission is crucial because he had long claimed that his anti-union 'budget repair bill' was designed to save the state money, not bust unions. But his words today echo those of Wisconsin state senate leader Scott Fitzgerald, who last month effectively admitted that the union fights are not about budgetary issues, but rather about winning the next election by depleting the ranks of organized labor."

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker speaks at a press conference in the Capitol, 03/07/11. (photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker speaks at a press conference in the Capitol, 03/07/11. (photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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+91 # Kayjay 2011-04-14 17:39
GOTCHA Walker, ditto for his master, Koch. It looks like their actions perpetrated in Wisconsin were non-fiscal!. Please everyone make this exchange known to as many people you know and even those you don't. This makes for a great impetus for that RECALL campaign. Hey Walker.... may your next job require you to wear a paper hat.
+49 # R Miller 2011-04-14 23:41
Will commentators like Rachael and even members of the mainstream media preface their interviews with these right-wing toads by asking: "how much money do you gross each year. . .and how much is it from corporations?"
+51 # DPM 2011-04-14 23:46
Maybe he could come to Michigan and work for the $5.00 an hour minimum wage our governor is imposing. That is if he can find a job. Oh, yeah. We're cutting back unemployment benefits, too. Our governor says the unemployed don't need them if they'd just go get one of those minimum wage jobs. what a bunch of lazy people, eh?
+26 # in deo veritas 2011-04-15 08:43
Calling them people is giving them too much credit. Even comparing them to any vertabrates is unfair to our wildlife. They are a disease and we the people must be the cure!
+10 # joseph wiesenfarth 2011-04-15 09:59
We need Republicans to try some "Robin Hoodish generosity" that will "sometimes smooth with their works the pillows of the agnonzed and sleepless." I borrow the words from the novelist Ford Madox Ford, who knew "averagely cruel" and "averagely imbecile human beings" when he saw them.
+3 # chick 2011-04-16 23:06
There are no Republicans who even try to help the American people. They stick like glue together.
Even if there were a few "good ones" they are not good because they go along with their rotten leaders and don't speak up, so as far as I am concerned they are all rotten.
+9 # jeenious 2011-04-16 10:13
Although I am what some would call elderly and retired, I know personally some young people who are holding two jobs, each entailing forty-hours per week, because they have children, and have to maintain a home and family. The way they do this is that they try to arrange their days off so that they work sixteen hours per day only three days per week. The nearest thing they have to a "day off" is an eight-hour day. I also know parents who have take up to three jobs, working twenty to thirty hours per week on each. It should not surprise you to know that the latter individuals have no retirement plans nor medical coverage. Some of these individuals, prior to the current economic recession, had jobs that enabled them to be members of the "middle class." Now they work, go home, eat, sleep, work. Their quality of life is pretty limited. There has always been, in the United States, a lunatic fringe of hard righters who believe people who work up to eighty hours a week, and can barely make ends meet are lazy deadbeats, who get no more because they deserve no more, while a CEO of a corporation hiring them -- even if he gets exposed as committing felonious acts -- is entitled to bonuses even into the hundreds of millions. Such a CEO is deemed to deserve such bonuses because... well... just because he already has millions of dollars. The ones who don't are over-paid.
+53 # banichi 2011-04-15 01:17
Good on ya, Kucinich! Pin the Walker down under oath and make him admit the truth!

Note that Republican Issa refused to allow the substantiating letter from the Wisconsin LRF to be placed in the public record. Let's make sure to have that be a campaign issue that Issa has to answer for, next election. Clear as glass Issa is a union-buster mentality as well.
+11 # DougS 2011-04-15 08:23
He's another Republican. Go figure.
0 # AndreM5 2011-04-20 10:12
Issa is much worse than that but he is the wealthiest member of the House and hails from a mostly insane district. He is very safe indeed.
+16 # Antonio 2011-04-15 01:54
This liar reminds me another member of the right which is currently in government in Italy
+42 # Timothy B Foley 2011-04-15 03:56
Hell yeah

Dennis Kucinich thanks for telling scott walker what's up union busting by him and other corportae controlled republicans claiming to be TEA party members but they are billionaire puppets of the koch brothers deserve to get burned.
+26 # Rita Walpole Ague 2011-04-15 05:36
Our greatest need these days: to look at each piece of the evil villainaire takeover puzzle (and quashing unions in Wisconsin and nationwide is absolutely a vital piece), and not become so distracted by any individual piece and thereby neglect to view and understand the puzzle (coup d'etat) in its entirety.

Other vital pieces of the evil puzzle: constant and oh so profitable for the villainiares warmode, no enforcement of regulations of oversight regulatory agencies (i.e. SEC, EPA, etc.), no assuring of free, untampered elections, no free and impartially investigating press, no mass educating of the populace to smarten up and alert vs. dumb down, etc. etc. etc.

When all the pieces are collected and put in place, the puzzle is solved, much to the dismay of the evil Kochs, and their Koch suckers such as Walker, Bushwhackers, Tea Party, G.O.P. and Dem. puppet whores of the villainiare rulers.

Time to roll up our sleeves and go into Wisconsin and Kucinich style determination/c ourage, in order to solve the puzzle and win the war against we the sheeple, and, most vital for our children and generations to come, to ....

+24 # Gary Ray Pierson 2011-04-15 05:46
Wait a minute, you mean Walker lied all this time about fiscal responsibility, when all along it was about breaking up Unions... Breaking up Unions.. Breaking up people i.e. Tea Baggers.. Bag breakers. Breaking up our rights to ask for more, just like a CEO whore and shareholders do and getting it. Breaking up your rights by saying it is your right.. Lauren Bacall, I know, lot of you don't know who she is, old movie star, good looking, married Humpry Bogart. In an interview with Frost, she was asked about her politics, "Democrat" and why. "Because the Republicans are smart, ruthless, ambitious and you can't trust them." It's all so right in your face whose doing what that I'm amazed at how dumb we've got or bone headed. My Daddy and his Daddy have voted for it shits and I do to.. My family went to "Our Church is Better Than Your Church" and I do too.. Well, since it's not about Unions but making people fight among themselves.. Let Walker fight some one.. See what it feels like to be beat half to death, cause that's what they're trying to do. Beat us all half to death.. Enjoy your day and thanks for helping RSN make it another day.. gary ray pierson Can we put Walker in jail.. Ya know like Manning, an example..??? jus wondering Cpl. Pierson, 101st, Vietnam
+7 # in deo veritas 2011-04-15 08:46
Bravo! Always inspiring to read your post!
+30 # genierae 2011-04-15 06:25
Republicans and their corporate owners, are working hard to spread their poisonous lies across this country. Fortunately for the American people, Dennis Kucinich is the perfect antidote to that poison. Bravo!
+16 # SouthBrun 2011-04-15 06:30
I can almost hear Sen. Kucinich singing:
"Let My Little Light Shine" on Gov. Kochroach.
+22 # todd williams 2011-04-15 06:42
As usual, my bro Dennis is spot on! Give 'em hell, Dennis. I only wish Dennis were prez!
+23 # Homer Peters 2011-04-15 06:45
Thank You Mr. Kucinich! With the elections just over the horizon please don't let up on these wormy bastards. I want to see your name on the pages of reader supported news and common dreams as often as possible.
+29 # Erica 2011-04-15 06:46
Recall this guy as soon as possible. Or impeach him. This country has gone to the dogs.
+11 # in deo veritas 2011-04-15 08:47
No dog would want it in its present state.
+12 # in deo veritas 2011-04-15 08:49
I hope Rep Kucinich runs for president. Unless Obama declares war on the fascist corporate lackeys in Congress we need a replacement.
+15 # Wryly 2011-04-15 06:58
Gov Walker should be told that barring union dues from being drawn from employee paychecks will cost money. Whether it's data entry to change the contribution of the workers or the (more likely) costly analysis and change to the computer systems involved, the changes represents real money that Mr. Walker would surely not add to the over-burdened Wisconsin budget.
+16 # liberalman 2011-04-15 07:32
Walkers union-busting cards are laid face up on the table for all too see their dastardly & dishonest suits. Wake up Wisconsinites & recall this Koch puppet before he saws the legs off of something that personally affects you & benefits his wealthy lord & master. Seems that the great GOP turnaround of 2010 is causing an overall sense of buyers remorse. Ceveat Emptor voters!
+5 # fredboy 2011-04-15 08:53
The GOP assaulth on unions is not the problem, just a symptom. Imagine them trying this in the days of Hoffa and the powerhouse Teamsters and the AFL-CIO in their hayday?

Unions went soft. Their members joined the clubs, became part of the power elite, and in doing so turned their backs on the rank and file. This is the result.

I was a member of two good unions, and successfully led negotiations for one. But even then our national "leaders" were anything but leaders, weak and seemingly frightened. The entire union process is about enforced justice--imposs ible when there is no backbone.
+13 # in deo veritas 2011-04-15 09:03
It would be beyond belief if the excuse for media networks even mention this hearing. If Faux mentions it, they will spin it to engender pity for the lying Koch-sucker Walker the Stalker. Stay tuned and stay angry-the best way to avoid terminal drpression.
+18 # Sallyport 2011-04-15 10:07
The reduction of union membership over the past few decades parallels the outrageous growth of income disparity between the rich & the poor. Not a mere coincidence, needless to say. The public unions, representing, as they do, jobs that can't be outsourced overseas, are a vital bulwark against the ultimate impoverishment of the middle class. We must support them while making every effort to re-unionize every workplace in the country. Collective bargaining is the sine qua non of union rights.
+14 # Buckles 2011-04-15 12:52
D.Assa's hearing was a sham except for the few Democrats that got in their punch. We knew all along that walker's plan was to break the unions and give to the high potentates who got him elected. We have to stay with those working families and not let our state become a red neck dixie crat busting womens right state like the Carolinas.
+6 # Gary Ray Pierson 2011-04-15 13:27
Quoting Buckles:
D.Assa's hearing was a sham except for the few Democrats that got in their punch. We knew all along that walker's plan was to break the unions and give to the high potentates who got him elected. We have to stay with those working families and not let our state become a red neck dixie crat busting womens right state like the Carolinas.

Always good to hear from another veteran Mr. Buckles.. As, 'in deo veritas' says. "You tell it like it was and is.." I salute you both and will back you up for the right to say what you want, any time. Cpl. Pierson, 101st Vietnam
+6 # Byronator 2011-04-15 22:35
Read the article By Ryan Lizza in The New Yorker (Jan. 24, 2011) about Darrell Issa, one of the most ethically challenged, ruthless and intellectually shallow arch-conservati ves breathing in this country today. He's not fit to clean Kucinich's shoes, much less serve in Congress.
+5 # photojack53 2011-04-15 23:43
Another duplicitous, heinous act, typical of the Republicans! When are Americans going to wake up to see the dangers of that horrid party and how far they have set us back since Reagan's administration. From the known lies of the "swiftboating" campaign against Kerry to the obvious ineptitude and corruption of the Bush/Cheney administration, there have been too many examples of graft, corruption, profiteering and lies from the EVIL Repugnicans to count! DON'T LET YOUR CHILDREN GROW UP TO BECOME REPUBLICANS! VOTE THESE BUMS OUT OF OFFICE, RECALL OR IMPEACH THEM, NOW!
+5 # chick 2011-04-16 23:16
My hat is off to you. You are so right.
I agree 100% of what you are saying.
I should know because I have voted ever since I could since I was 21 (now its 18) then it was 21. I am 84 and the Republicans have never done anything good for the American people and always hampered the Democrats to help the people.
+3 # Robert Taubman 2011-04-16 10:32
We are having an election campaign here in Canada. Thank heavens we don't have to deal with the issues you in the U.S. are currently having to deal with. Do you think voting in Republicans and Tea-partiers has been a good thing for you? The rich get richer and then there are only the poor.
+4 # Daniel Givens 2011-04-16 14:03
0 # Joel Henry 2011-04-19 13:10
Walker doesn't hate unions, he hates workers who stand up for themselves and their rights through a group effort. He is anti-worker, anti-American.
0 # KittatinyHawk 2011-04-19 15:38
I believe a copy of the LRF Letter should be publicized here for us to print out or send to other organizations/p ersons even Media. I will ask for follow up.

So where does all these questions, proving yet again that GOP/TF are really Liars? How do we get that to the News of ABC etc?
This is a great site but we need others to read/hear for themselves.

Yearly vote on belonging to a Union is fair. There is State Union in Pa that I would never join again due to their being more like GOP, in fact most Internationals are just like Corporations and sometimes I wonder if they are up in arms for their paychecks or People's?
I think however, that perhaps the Unions should have the right to say if you are a Republican you should not join an American Union. Let them work for $7.25 as the Utah GOP wants, no benefits and pensions. Fine with me. Then perhpas my raises can go to me instead of Insurance thieves.

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