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Intro: "Governor John Kasich signed on Thursday a bill that curbs collective bargaining rights and bans strikes affecting about 360,000 public workers, making Ohio the most populous state to pass anti-union legislation this year."

Walter Hudson, of Toledo, protests against Senate Bill 5 at the Ohio statehouse, 03/30/11. (photo: Jay LaPrete/AP)
Walter Hudson, of Toledo, protests against Senate Bill 5 at the Ohio statehouse, 03/30/11. (photo: Jay LaPrete/AP)

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+4 # Oligarch 23 2011-04-01 10:43
Love the plan-more money for me-because it really is about me-and the rest of the Oligarchy-and NOT about the needs of the American Sheeple, who can be counted on to 'bah'-I mean vote- on cue when we talk cutting spending (on them-hahaha)and eliminating Big Gov (and food safety and enviornemntal safety and all) Hooray for Rand Paul-woman hater, lacky for the Oligarchs and best of all-more money for me! while you are laboring to pay your taxes, I will be enjoying a tax free day, sitting on my small (only a 1/4 square mile) property in NM, just back from taking care of my three other properties abroad-all paid for BTW-thanks to your sacrifices to the tax code that empowers we Oligarchs! And Rand Paul will continue this-by all means-vote for him!!!!
+1 # BradFromSalem 2011-04-01 11:04

As much as I note how dumb the Republicans are. Progressives tend to miss ironic humor.

Those Righties are so stupid that even your outrageous rant seems real.

+4 # BradFromSalem 2011-04-01 11:20
This attack on unions, right now public unions, but private are next. is about 1 thing alone.


The Righties operate under the assumption that if they have as much as possible, then they automatically get their way.


Unions that are weakened will not be able to afford to contribute to political advertising.


According to Righties, if you are wealthy, then you are smarter than most people. So you must be right.


The right wing wants all your


so they can be smarter than you.

They want to block any path still open that might let you obtain more


Money = Right = Might = Jesus

And we are, of course, a Christian nation. Jews are OK, why even our God was a Jew.
+6 # Virginia 2011-04-01 11:50
Do you think that the economic collapse was orchestrated by the Republicans - either unwittingly in a delusional, lack of sense of consequence state of mind or purposely to cover up the blazed trail of state pension and retirement funds destruction they left in the wake of their bad securities investments - or as I call them, "favors"?

The School Employees Retirement System of Ohio, represented by state Attorney General Cordray, said it lost $29.6 million; An investment by Wachovia Global Securities Lending of some of the fund's cash in notes issued by Sigma Finance Corp, a $53.5 billion asset-backed securities vehicle that failed in October 2008 (the Prospectus that investors received had 100s of pages of risks and warnings that these investments were not safe).

I just find it interesting that losses in state retirement and pension funds are found in states like Ohio and Wisconsin - who want to put union folks out of work. When I add that to the investor lawsuits against the banks - like the Plumbers & Pipefitters, the IBEW, Police & Fire Retirement System Of The City Of Detroit, etc. over bad securities deals - add the "Jed Bush consultant for Lehman Bros." factor ... well, my radar thinks somebody should start connecting the dots, open investigations, take depositions and gather the emails - especially in the governors' offices starting in 2003.
+5 # Kayjay 2011-04-01 12:25
RECALL..... will this intensity exist in Nov.? I sure hope so!
+4 # genierae 2011-04-01 14:28
John Kasich has nothing but contempt for the workers in his state. He had the nerve to say that the workers' fear of losing their bargaining rights could be compared to his fear of getting a new hairstyle. He said both resulted from fear of change. The lack of respect that Republicans have for those who think differently is an outrage, they are an abomination. But I do think that they have overplayed their hand, the American people are finally waking up, there will be some very interesting days ahead.
+3 # Wanda 2011-04-01 15:03
The Labor movement did 2 important things that Americans have forgotten. The labor movement forced business to compete with wages and benefits for the purpose of avoiding unionization. The strategy has worked and once unions are gone no wage or benefit will be safe. In fact, businesses want to be relieved from providing health care and retirement benefits as part of their compensation. They want YOU to buy and manage those efforts while working 16 hours a day for a $1.00 a day.

The labor movement forced work place safety regulations and laws. As business successfully influece relaxation of the law work places are becoming hazzardous. Business is also finding ways to require personal investment of safety equipment. I call this the "pay to work scheme." Teachers in particular are expected to "pay to work."

Democracy ensures that people get the government they deserve. The middle class has been voting against their interests for years....drank the Kool Aid...chickens for Col. Sanders. Your wages and your future has never been more uncertain.
+1 # angelfish 2011-04-01 22:10
Once they disembowel the Unions, WHO'S next? Does the private sector think THEIR wages are going to go up any time soon? Or that THEIR benefits will increase? If so, they best think again. Quality of life will continues to degrade as the Mega-wealthy become more and more powerful and intrusive into America's every waking hour. Their Corporations have already been declared "people" By their SCOTUS, leaving them UNLIMITED ability to BUY our Country out from under us. WHERE does that leave John Q. Public? Welcome to Hard Times, folks. If we don't recall this bunch of Rogues owned and operated by the Koch Suckers, et al, we are TRULY doomed.

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