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The report from Madison begins: "By 1:30 p.m. you could hear the crowd at the Capitol five blocks away along the Lake Mendota shoreline. By 2:30, protesters on the Square were moving no faster than a shuffle. By 3 people could not move. And at 3:05, 'Wisconsin's 14' got a heroes' welcome on the steps of the state Capitol."

A huge crowd at the Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin, greets the 'Wisconsin 14', 03/13/11. (photo: Morry Gash/AP)
A huge crowd at the Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin, greets the 'Wisconsin 14', 03/13/11. (photo: Morry Gash/AP)

Stand In Solidarity With the Workers of Wisconsin

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+43 # Jay Chendo 2011-03-13 22:34
The Koch Brothers,oil tycoons who want to keep their tens of billions of dollars untaxed and beyond the law, who fund several anti-union corporations , and whose father funded the John Birch Society, did a stealthy drone-bombing job of fooling voters last November. A recall of politicians whose campaign was secretly funded by these special interests is in the best interest of a free country.
+20 # Wanda 2011-03-13 23:48
Hannula's comments should be a reminder of what we all need to think about when selecting a representative. Voting for someone because they seem "non-emotional and stuck with the problems" isn't good enough. When a candidate for public office asks for our vote we must expect cogent arguments rather than false appeals to our emotions, patriotism, and economic ambitions. The middle class working person has been voting for their destruction for years and it's too bad so much ground has been lost before one eye just begins to open to see his demise.
+11 # genierae 2011-03-14 08:09
Amen, Wanda. Anyone who took the time to investigate Walker's background, would have discovered his corporate bias. We vote for people's personalities without checking out what they really stand for, then we're shocked when these politicians show their true colors. Too late we see that their actions have very little to do with their words. And those progressives who stayed home on election day helped to elect Republicans just as much as those such as Hannula, who voted for them. We cannot afford to turn our backs on a process that has the potential to steal everything we hold dear. And now Walker will loot Medicaid, taking away benefits from those who are too poor to defend themselves. These odious Republicans deserve a special place in hell for all the grief that they are causing. That is if there was such a place.
+1 # Sukumar 2011-03-14 19:06
It is also an indication that we CAN change minds one person at a time!
+20 # tom frazee 2011-03-13 23:50
I'm so encouraged by all the positive actions for Democracy by the people of Wisconsin, and reason prevail. The fight has just begun. The super-rich despise working people, especially when they are insubordinate and demand justice. "Organize, Educate, Emancipate". Good work, people of Wisconsin! The world is with you. Respectfully, tom frazee
+12 # Progressive_Patriot 2011-03-14 04:17
Note: "...sets the stage for the state Department of Health Services to revamp Medicaid without the need for legislative approval."

This means that the DHS _could_ create a universal single-payer health system WITHOUT LEGISLATIVE APPROVAL!!!

Maybe the joke will be on the ReTHUGlican'ts.
+17 # Catch22 2011-03-14 04:50
I live in England. The torch which has been lit in North Africa and the Middle East is burning more brightly every day. As the military is defeated in Iraq, and Afghanistan, so the people all over the world are beginning to understand that it is the people who have the power...power to the people...politi cians be afraid...very afraid...becaus e on the internet...ever ybody can hear you scream...
+12 # wfalco 2011-03-14 07:14
" I've never seen so many positive people for a cause in my life." A simple statement by a protestor but so prophetic. To gain steam for a movement the message must be completely positive. This is the only way progressives can capture a message without losing the average voter (perhaps independent minded)who may or may not vote. This is the average American who does not relate to national issues but feels left out of the converstation. This average Joe may even work for the state but does not see how his life and his pension can be adversely affected. I know such people.
If we are to survive as a nation with an informed middle and working class the masses must be taught mindfully and kindly.

It's all about the message. If we deliver this message in complete goodwill and positivity, they may follow. And Wisconsin may be THE EXAMPLE for a new movement.
+9 # genierae 2011-03-14 09:12
I think that the workers in Wisconsin have been aided and abetted by a higher power, pulling them together by their common goodwill. The winds of change are blowing across this country. May they spread to every corner, sweeping out the dust of greed! I am very much inspired by these workers and their passion for the common good. Bravo!!
+9 # Jawbone Grouch 2011-03-14 07:31
When we work FOR
The System

We have been lazy louts that is why we are in this tumoultous time.

When you do the job of Democracy it can function at a high level.

We cannot afford to let OTHERS do the job we are supposed to do.

If you VOTED...then bitch.

If you didn't, STFU and get to work.

Inform yourself not on FoxNews, but on your own research which is abundantly available on line. If you don't know how, get someone who does and do your part in making the country into WHAT it used to be.

+12 # Buckles 2011-03-14 07:54
It's not over brothers, we have to keep up the disgust Walker's bill will have on our lives. Those republican senators should be flooded with e-mails and calls every day while in office.
+9 # genierae 2011-03-14 08:15
+18 # Night Raider 2011-03-14 08:20
This isn't about the budget. It's about the wealthy power brokers in this country with their public office pawns who brought down the economy in 2007 by manipulating the housing and banknig market in a grab that is more embezzlment than than business. And now they want the middle class to pay for their crooked behavior by picking up the tab. I say tax the rich with a 90 percent bracket and tar and feather CEOs being paid $15,000 an hour while collective bargaining is being squashed!
+5 # Elena 2011-03-14 12:26
The question of sovereignty is the question of our times and the greatest question of all times. It is the answer to who, when, where and what as much as how and why we are to act. That We the People, We the People of the World, as legitimate individuals in conscious possession of our human status, claim the right to act and participate in the world as equals to each and every other human being. That the Earth as the planet on which we reside, belongs to each and everyone of us and that it is to be acted upon for its well being as much as for the well being of each and every individual.
+2 # Elena 2011-03-14 15:56
That the individual can become the ruler of his life does not in any way contradict that the individual is responsible for the society that he and she belongs to and participates in. Individual consciousness implies consciousness of one’s rights and responsibilitie s as a human social being in both the individual and the public sphere. It is within the individual that the responsibility for upholding the law resides. If the law has turned against the individuals, it is the individual’s responsibility to reformulate the law and re-elect its representatives .
0 # genierae 2011-03-15 10:36
Elena: "It is within the individual that the responsibility for upholding the law resides." I completely agree with those beautiful words. Spiritually, we are all laws unto ourselves and if each and every human being were fully enlightened, we would need no laws outside us. This is the new world that is coming into being, but most people here on earth are not ready for it quite yet. They have a ways to go.
+2 # Elena 2011-03-14 17:12
What has fallen is the false “monarch” and with it, the “dictator” and with them, every false authority acting against the people: the pretense that power resides in the nomination. As the Monarch disappears, the individual is required to take upon his and herself the responsibility for his and her own destiny: the possible evolution of the human being.

The soldier must be mature enough to safeguard human integrity and refrain from killing civilians not because he is told but because he and she carry within themselves the ethos that while war may be justifiable in some arenas, human dignity is never to be bypassed. A soldier as a warrior willing to die for a cause, must uphold above everyone else the hero: the unwillingness to kill in indignity.
+2 # Elena 2011-03-14 18:26
God, fate and implacable laws may not tell us enough about the undercurrent of forces determining human lives but trust in the human being as an evolving creature with a destiny can give a direction to abide by. If we are to develop democracy in our world, that is, the rule of individuals conscious of their social as much as individual responsibility, then we might as well put on the boots and gloves and get to work because we are still far from actualizing that possibility. We do not need to call upon the Gods to actualize consciousness in our world but we do need to actualize the integrity of our own humaneness for a positive evolution whether the sacred aspects of that humaneness are remembered or have been forgotten
+1 # Elena 2011-03-14 18:30
Our relationship with our Earth has come to the same point to which a human being comes to maturity and realizes that the ‘humble’ body that carries his and her existence cannot take one more abuse without declaring its defeat and humble as it is, its death implies the death of our own possibilities.

That we are One with the body, One with the Earth and One with each other is the consciousness with which we need to take responsibility for our future: the future of mankind. That in recovering that consciousness we can recover the lost dignity for each and everyone in every part of the world and actualize in our acts the reality of that status quo: our humaneness.

Long live the Human Being!
0 # genierae 2011-03-15 10:56
Thank you Elena for those beautiful words. There is a new wind blowing around the world, and it is lifting us above our illusions. We are finding out just how powerful we are when we stand together as One. When the people are of one mind, there is nothing that can't be accomplished. Let us all breathe in the new air!
+1 # Elena 2011-03-15 20:54
Thank you genierae for acknowledging and sharing. It does give us force to know that We know and understand. We are not more enlightened because we allow false authorities to govern where we are our selves unwilling to take responsibility. We are all equally responsible for empowering those who do not have the consciousness to govern. So many people escaping to 'cults' of all kinds instead of acting in the public arena where our Oneness can be practically actualized.

There is a revitalizing force in the public arena that is what is most dangerously under threat with totalitarism. Freedom of speech is 'mother's milk' for the spirit of the people, we cannot allow communications to be privatized or we'll all belong to another suicide cult.

Bravo for these places in which we can share our selves! Thank you!
0 # genierae 2011-03-16 13:33
I agree Elena, that we are all equally responsible for the state of our society, we affect it either by our actions or by our apathy. Many people who are horrified by the fascism that is springing up around us, are talking about leaving this country. I am at a loss to understand how that would help anything. This problem is not just occurring in the US, but around the world, and instead of running away we must make a stand where we are. In this transition between the old and the new, we must work hard to lift up our minds and open our hearts to what comes. People of good will, working together, can create a world where everyone counts and the common good comes first. I am very thankful to be alive in such an age!
0 # Elena 2011-03-17 07:09
It’s a strange paradox that some should be the strongest and the weakest at the same time as if they’ve had to struggle so much to assert the individual that they’ve forgotten the community and have become more American than human. To be a great nation does not mean to allow one’s ego to grow beyond the human. The drive to become seems to keep going without letting them selves be. I’ve wondered whether religion was absorbed in the work ethos and gave a huge push to the race of achieving, but the inner world of the individual was so forgotten, that the inertia moved out of the human and that is the question that needs to be reinstated.

It does seem that we need to stop ‘growing’ and ‘settle’ into ourselves. Take the time to digest what was actually gained from all the effort rather than continue to run like a madman trying to get more without ever actually having the time to be grateful for what we have and share it. The ‘house’, the ‘human house’ needs to be reorganized.

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