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Mira Oberman reports: "Republican attempts to push labor unions out of the government sector in several US states advanced Wednesday when Ohio's state senate passed a bill that would strip public workers of collective bargaining rights. Unions are the biggest sources of financial and grass roots, get-out-the-vote organizational support for Democrats and have long been a target of business-backed Republicans."

Protestors against Senate Bill 5 react to its passing in the Ohio Senate, 03/02/11. (photo: Jay LaPrete/AP)
Protestors against Senate Bill 5 react to its passing in the Ohio Senate, 03/02/11. (photo: Jay LaPrete/AP)

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+10 # giraffee2012 2011-03-03 12:21
If the way these "governors" are passing "law" is democratic -- I'll eat my hat.

The U.S. Supremes passing the decision to allow big corp to buy elections - is not democratic. Scalia/Thomas - should resign. They are compromised with the Kock brothers and WE KNOW IT.
+1 # m 2011-03-03 15:19
I think Democrats could take some lessons from these guys...
As much as I have grown to despise the Corporate Republican Party, at least their elected politicians have the grit and balls to 'get their agenda through' however they can... which is FAR more than you can say about the feeble, timid Democrats whose Main Party Theme these days seems to be ''run away!'' and ''try to get along'' and ''compromise first'' and ''do anything but lead''... and of course, stay riveted to minute by minute polling info, 'act' accordingly and continue to raise money and say whatever is necessary for reelection.

'The Monty Python Brotherhood of Pretentiousness Party'

FDR would be ashamed of these Democrats.

As always, my apologies and my respect goes out to the VERY FEW Democrats in Office who think, act and work hard on behalf of American Citizens first and foremost.
0 # Rainphase 2011-03-04 01:38
I hear you m, but the Wisconsin State Senate Democrats are doing a pretty awesome job. Their actions are pretty inspiring and at no small cost to their personal lives and careers to stay out of the state to hinder the passage of the anti-democratic bill. They KNOW what they're up against and are meeting drastic measures with appropriately drastic measures. Hooray for the Wisconsin 14!!
+9 # DPM 2011-03-03 12:42
It is a "war", folks. The union situation is only one battle. The corporate criminal, banker and Wall Street "gamblers" with their political allies are lined up against us. Us. You may not want to believe it, but open your eyes and see what is happening. Seriously, what percentage of you are better off than your parents? Will your grandchildren do better than you? Some of you, no doubt, but for how long. What about the rest of you?
This is a economic, political and cultural fight. You are in it, whether you want to be or not. For those of you who will participate in the fight...bravo! The rest of you, hang your heads in shame and be quiet.
+2 # m 2011-03-03 13:06
Republicans suck.
And Democrats blow... with the minute by minute poll driven wind.

The National Democratic Party seems completely devoid of LEADERS.
Obama is aloof and full of himself, and there is no room in that for Average Americans.
FDR is rolling over in his grave!

Republicans are not afraid to go after what they want and do it full throttle without looking back or wavering in the political wind unless it reaches hurricane force where they then might back off only to wait for another opportunity. I even hear those who despise the Corporate Republicans also say they at least understand the appeal they have to millions of Voters because almost ALL Americans now feel absolutely DESPERATE FOR ACTUAL BOLD LEADERSHIP. And the Democratic Party is completely missing in action.
Democrats act more as a loosely affiliated bunch of Individuals using the same party logo for their own personal ambitions and who are sensitive only to what the political poll of the moment and how to 'become' whatever that moment tells them to be as they seem to live in dread of making any waves.

Collectively, Dems are not only NOT LEADERS, they are practically 'BEING-LESS'.., lacking in any true depth or measurable dimensions. Card Board Cut Outs of the poll driven moments afraid of being bent the wrong way by even the least little political breeze.
+4 # m 2011-03-03 13:22
I will add that as I see it, Democrats are continuing with their Bold-less, Leader-less, Unity-less Part ways even as they watch one of their largest centers of support--- Unions, get taken down by the very same Republican Party Obama and the National Dems seem so desperately intent on trying to get along with and compromise with no matter what.
Its obvious that we now live in a Global Corporate owned OLIGARCHY...
Perhaps the world's first Corporatcracy run by two Corporate Owned Political Parties... The BOLD REDS and The WIMPLY BLUES...
How sad is that..?
+3 # m 2011-03-03 15:22
to those of you who are Democrats and thumbing me down...
It gives me no pleasure to say this about the Democratic Party. I have supported Democrats all my life. But now, I see them as little more than how I have already described them.

I can find almost nothing to positive to say about the National Democrats.

I can say that I GREATLY admire those Democrats in Wisconsin for going the distance for their constituents and for the inspiration they give to us all...
+9 # CECILE 2011-03-03 13:43
The "entitlements of the Department of Defense" is in my crosshairs. For too long, we have heard the term "entitlements"a s something that was costly and evil, something that had to be reined in or abolished. That terms soon came to mean "anything that we give the poor and the disadvantaged": young children, the sick and the elderly. Yet all of them have paid in the system, or will pay all their adult life. They say that "these people feel entitled to something"and their complaints insinuate that they did not pay, even though the huge majority did. And now, what about Defense spending??? They sure act like they are "entitled" to this new aircraft, boat, gun, rifle etc.
Rather than grumbling divisive statements about tax monay going to help people, why not take a fresh approach and check where THE BULK of our spending goes?? Support our troops! BRING THEM HOME. The wars we've sent our POOR boys in are only to help the RICH. (Habbiburton, Koch brothers, fat cats on Wall Street, tarped banks, CEOs etc. ENOUGH! these wars are not ours, and they hurt us at home and in the world.
+5 # granny 2011-03-03 14:19
And are the majority of the public employees, the teachers and health care workers and low-paid, often part-time clerical staffers who make lawmakers look good by cleaning up their many little scheduling and constituent-res ponse messes, mostly women? Is the Rethuglican party against women, or does it just seem that way? And when are the women in this country going to stand up and refuse to be cheated any more?
+3 # Jean-Louis Gariepy 2011-03-03 15:24
We are not heading toward a bright future. Before sea levels rise by even a few feet, agriculture all over the world (except in a few places) with be rendered impractical, we have decimated about 85% of our fisheries in the ocean (which is rapidly becoming acidic beyond repair), and most other resources than are also rapidly dwindling. And here is where i am going with this. Some 8 years ago, it was made public in Truthout that even as our government was denying the existence of global warming, we had a Pentagon that was preparing for it.
To survive and maintain a decent standard of living 20 to 30 years from now will require a colossal fortune along with the means to take by force those dwindling resources in parts of world where they still can be found. As they deplete our ecosystems the ultra rich know that too and they are preparing for it. What need is there in this context to preserve a middle class at a time when the carrying capacity of our ecosystems will have diminished so much as to allow only a few to survive comfortably? In fact, in such a context, the middle class would be in the way.
+3 # m 2011-03-03 17:30
Almost all of them are responsible, including your reps and mine...

Ask yourself why we live in an America where just a very few GLOBAL Corporations own almost all media enterprises and they obviously exploit all that media, so called 'free press' and pipelines for speech however they want. Ask how can even one of them use whatever archival 'news' footage it wants as some kind of exercise in pure unadulterated propaganda and call it what's happening right now in Wisconsin when its not and then simply get away with it without any kind of legal sanction whatsoever? That is FREE SPEECH?

How come not one perpetrator of the illegal Iraq War is not in prison?
How come no one from Wall St is in prison for what they did to MILLIONS of ordinary citizens trusting in an American Financial System that everyone can now see has been 'legally' rigged against them?

It's time for PEOPLE to quit this whole dependency thing on two CORPORATE owned, DYSFUNCTIONAL Political Parties who are now either deliberately or passively running this once great nation right into the hole in the ground where all hell is breaking loose.

At some point, the fear of losing EVERYTHING has to take precedent over the fear of the personal life disruptions of getting far more actively involved in standing up to these self involved wealthy thugs destroying OUR Country.
+1 # CL38 2011-03-03 18:46
It's time to recall each Republican politician who is acting out of their own self interest--and the right's greed.
+1 # DPM 2011-03-03 23:24
Right on, Cecile! War is our country's greatest "product/servic e". We need to hire ever more private contractors to more effectively waste billions of our tax dollars. And with absolutely no oversight or responsibility to the tax payer. The tea Party was right in one sense, sorry to say, this government needs a massive overhaul.
The political parties need to be wrenched away from their corporate teats. The supreme court needs to be chosen in a different manner. The DoD needs to be reined in. Everyone in our government needs to follow all of the same laws as the people they represent. Corporate criminals must be brought to justice and be made to pay for their crimes. Somewhere we need to find actual journalists that keep us informed of something other than sweat lodges, movie star melt downs and who wore what. Anyone remember what a journalist used to be?
0 # VSweet 2011-03-04 23:08
One thing the rich and the Republican Party forgot. We The People work in the fields of education, health care, sanitation, fire department, police dept. etc. of they are eager to strip away from the poor. WOE to the Republicans and the Rich, without the working poor what will you have left? Useless money.

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