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John Vidal reports: "The US embassy in Paris advised Washington to start a military-style trade war against any European Union country which opposed genetically modified (GM) crops, newly released WikiLeaks cables show."

A crop circle made by local farmers and Greenpeace volunteers in a maize field in Isabela Province, Philippines, protests Monsanto's GM crops, 09/30/06. (photo: Melvyn Calderon/Greenpeace)
A crop circle made by local farmers and Greenpeace volunteers in a maize field in Isabela Province, Philippines, protests Monsanto's GM crops, 09/30/06. (photo: Melvyn Calderon/Greenpeace)

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+13 # Briar 2011-01-03 12:07
Yeah yeah. Go on pretending that wikileaks only tell us what we already know and therefore are over-hyped. What these cables do is provide evidence - we know how bullyboy US throws its weight around promoting its corporate interests. What the US does is pretend it is noble and compassionate and acting in selfless pursuit of the common good. Well, the cables give the lie to this, and give it with dates, names and the full details.
0 # History,Anyone? 2011-01-04 10:45
Interesting how Briar, like others, conflates USA with corporate imperialism... seeing as how getting rid of corporate imperialism was what the original American Revolution and American Republic were all about.
+6 # Judy M 2011-01-03 15:29
France and the EU may be on to something. I wonder what might be the relationship between GMO food and the growing problem of gluten intolerance we are experiencing in our country. People with celiac disease need to be certain that the corn they eat, as well as other foods have not been contaminated with the protein of wheat, rye or barley. It is not nice to fool mother nature
+1 # forparity 2011-01-03 16:35
Flashback - other than the % of GM soybeans going grown in the US from 0% to 60%, in 2000.. the 90's were the magic years in GM.

Feb 2000 -- Only nine months ago, President Clinton pinned the National Medal of Technology on four Monsanto researchers for pioneering bioengineered crops.

Elsewhere in Feb.. 2000 -- Frito-Lay announces they will not accept genetically altered corn from its suppliers. Just in time for seed orders right now! PLEASE call the consumer hotline at 1-800-352-4477 to let them know if you are happy with this decision. They now join Gerber and Nestle (Euro division) in the ban on genetics. Let other companies know your thoughts on this matter immediately. America speak up for yourselves NOW while you still can make a change. BEFORE Monsanto's "Round Up Ready" soybeans and "New Leaf" potatoes are planted for Spring 2000 crops. Strike a blow against a massive Clinton/Gore campaign contributor trying to control the White House.

Shhh.. it's always easy to blame it all on Bush - all that crap that he inherited.
+2 # mrbtfsplk 2011-01-04 00:44
We're gullible enough not to listen to the science, even slow enough not to demand labeling. Now we're threatening sanctions against those better informed than us?

No wonder America is no longer the worlds best friend. Our Government is embarrassing us at every opportunity. They keep us stupid and threaten the neighbors.
+2 # genierae 2011-01-04 09:06
This American society is terminally ill, its not going to make it. The Bush administration dealt it a mortal blow, and now we are hearing its death rattle. With humility and all the grace that we can muster, we must look ahead and stay open to what comes.
-3 # History,Anyone? 2011-01-04 10:47
Washingtoon, D.C kills itself and its own credibility; not its host.
+1 # Chudexs 2011-01-04 20:13
WikiLeaks opened all the secret this world, if this not true why many country feel not safe??? (asking)
THis world need honesty.
0 # Reductio Ad Absurdum 2011-01-23 15:10
Why isn't the U.S. government as concerned about shipping American jobs overseas as it is about our allies not being happy with us forcing GM crops on them?

Because America has become a government of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations.

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