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Yes, there is Democratic opposition to the war(s). Unfortunately, there is more opposition to the opposition than there is opposition to the war. Does that make sense? It shouldn't.

A US Marine stands guard in a Qalanderabad, Afghanistan, poppy field, 03/22/09. (photo: John Moore/Getty Images)
A US Marine stands guard in a Qalanderabad, Afghanistan, poppy field, 03/22/09. (photo: John Moore/Getty Images) your social media marketing partner


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+18 # Guest 2010-06-26 01:04
''Obama losing Hill liberals on war''....... Which WAR..?

How about the War to save America from GLOBAL CORPORATE CONTROL...?

Obama is losing me due to his inability to LEAD both Party and Country and bring the campaign promises he made to fruition.

AND, because My Country-- OUR Country!.., is still stumbling towards Corporate RightWing CONservative control of everything--Med ia, Military, Government, EVERYTHING..!!!
Thanks to 30 years of Republican efforts to Deregulate and De-Tax everything Corporate and Global Corporate.., Corporations are free to run amok in America without Responsibility, Accountability or fear of Judicial Sanction and Our Government is deliberately being Starved back to the Pre-FDR Stone Age through De-taxation schemes for the Global Corporate Wealthy Class.

We are still surely transforming/tr ansitioning from Democratic Republic into some sort of Corporate Cabal Run Corporatacracy of the Corporate by the Corporate for the Corporate.
+12 # Guest 2010-06-26 02:40
Marine standing guard in Afghan poppy field? Protecting the poppy fields from...what? Whose idea was this? Was it "Poppy" Bush's?

What are we doing there?
+13 # Guest 2010-06-26 07:26
Please allow me to draw a comparison:

The U.S. is like a family in deep trouble. Dad is addicted to booze and drugs (as our billionair rulers in the U.S. are and for some time have been addicted to greed and power). Mom (like Obama and the liberals in Congress) is about at the end of her wits, trying over and over to get Dad into therapy and counseling, which Dad, like all addicts, lies and manipulates his way out of by saying things such as: "There's nothing wrong with me. It's your fault. You want to control me."

Will Mom (Obama and liberals in Congress) get good counseling herself, recognize that she's an enabler and that her enablement can and most likely will end in tragic results? Can she get tough, do what it takes to "out" him and the kids (like neo-cons in Congress) who follow in his evil, addicted ways?
+9 # Guest 2010-06-26 09:02
I agree with all three of the first comments. We are deeply resented in Afghanistan. While a focus on Al Quida might make sense (an international law-enforcement effort), an effort to reform Afghanistan does not. Many Afghans (perhaps all) feel Afghanistan needs reform. Very few Afghans want America to be the reformer. To be spending lives and treasure on this futile and unwelcome venture while we are shutting down schools and programs in the US because "we can't afford them," is collective insanity.
+4 # Guest 2010-06-26 09:30
He would get battered by conservatives (but when does he not), but, being both naive and optimistic, why wouldn't President Obama be hailed as a hero by most Americans if he ended the war?
+3 # Guest 2010-06-26 16:33
President Obama sold his soul to the warmongers when he renegaded on his election promise to end these sorry wars of attrition.

Now he has to share in the blame and we shouldn't demand less!

In short, Mr. Obama had three wars to content with when he entered the White House. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and with the GOP. Now he has four to fight, those three and the one with himself for trusting republicans.

Yes, indeed, the devil is coming to collect his due.
+4 # Guest 2010-06-26 19:06
Obama showed his true stripes during the '08 election when he voted in the Senate to give telecoms retroactive immunity for spying on Americans and voted to approve Bush's Wall Street bailout.

Obama has continued to renege on almost all of his campaign promises, surrounded himself with conservative advisors and basically kept the Bush war machine in place. Obama's latest credo, "Stay the course in Afghanistan." Sound familiar?
+5 # Guest 2010-06-27 09:32
Pelosi: "it’s just a question of where people stand on our involvement in Afghanistan."

Polls show most people think we should get out. Does that answer your question?

I think the reason Obama hasn't given Congress metrics for measuring success is that just as in Iraq, they don't want to admit what they are. In Iraq success was giving oil companies control over a large part of their oil. They never wanted to admit that, and they never did. In Afghanistan it's less clear what is the purpose of continuing to fight long after the people we supposedly were after left the country. But it's not "freedom" here any more than it was in Iraq.

Policy is the important thing, as Grayson and Paul said. It should not be kept secret from the people, and Congress should not vote money for a war whose purpose they don't understand.
+3 # Guest 2010-06-27 10:20
Is Obama just another bought corporate neocon. Nobel peace prize? What a sad joke.
Or is he just pathetically trying too hard to show that as a black president, he is mainstream, not automatically extreme left, by bending our country, with cheeks spread wide for the extreme right
+1 # Guest 2010-06-28 07:32
The truth, Obama has become fearful of his own shadow. Becoming president was suprising for him, as was for the enemy, the GOP. The right wing conservatives were banking that a black president could not even beat the She-Moose from Alaska, much less McCain was a shock for them!

They have never forgiven us for getting the first bi-racial American in the White House and the anti-US Americans are doing everything to destroy their own country!

Like Jimmy Carter, the peanut farmer from Georgia, he is fast becoming a one-term president. It will be, indeed, a miracle if he wins the next time around.

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