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Kirk and Kois write: "The answer to the simple question in that headline is surprisingly hard to come by."

Firearms murders in Britain are 30 times fewer per capita than in the US. (photo: file)
Firearms murders in Britain are 30 times fewer per capita than in the US. (photo: file)

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-4 # teachnet 2013-02-13 15:39
Since Newtown,in the US there have been over 4000 unintentional drug overdoses and over 4000 auto fatalities.

Let's ban cars.

It would save twice as many lives plus cut approx. 20% of US greenhouse gas emissions.

Let's get real, people and stop being so gullible and easily led. If you want "meaningful" graphics, try photos of kids with birth defects from depleted uranium. Turning in your gun -- if you even have one -- will not change your government's longstanding policy to "Kill anything that moves." Wake up.
+4 # Ken Halt 2013-02-13 19:34
I am not gullible, I am not easily led. I do want sensible gun control. I have lived at times in Europe and Canada and felt much safer. The day I left Toronto, after living there for months, there was a bank robbery by armed criminals, which I thought strange until I learned they had crossed the border from the US. Time for gun owners to be responsible to the rest of, the majority of, society.
+5 # FDRva 2013-02-14 01:07
Spare me the melodrama.

The worst bank-robbers in American history ran the banks they robbed in 2007-8.

And they mostly contributed to Barack Obama in 2008.

And got bailed-out by President Obama in 2009.

Put your ideology aside and think about it.

Did Wall Street send Ken Starr after Bill Clinton because they liked Bill Clinton?

Did they finance Barack Obama in 2008 because they opposed him??
+2 # rockieball 2013-02-14 10:16
They got bailed out by G.W. Bush in October he wanted to authorized 700 billion with no over site. Over site was added by the Senate then it was passed.
BANKS gave most of their money to the Republican Presidential campaign with Bank of America leading the way with 74% going to McCain. Goldman Sac's was 2nd with 71%. They also gave more to Romney last year.
Was the taxpayer really out $700 billion? No, since Congress only authorized $350 billion to be lent out in 2008. The other $350 billion was saved for the new President when he took office in 2009. Obama never used the TARP funds to further bail out banks. Instead, he launched the $787 billion Economic Stimulus package. Second, the government bought bank stocks when the prices were depressed and sold later, when prices were higher. By 2012, banks had repaid $292 billion of TARP funds, leaving only $120 billion still outstanding. These funds were used for the HARP program, to help homeowners facing foreclosure. Third, the bill required the President to develop a plan to recoup losses from the financial industry if needed.
+1 # kyzipster 2013-02-14 07:30
Gullible is parroting NRA propaganda as if it's a legitimate argument. Comparing accidental auto deaths and 'unintentional' overdoses with weapons designed to kill.

Cars can be lethal weapons in the wrong hands, that's why we put much stricter regulations on both cars and alcohol than we do on guns.

We have stricter regulations on prescription drugs and cold medicine than we do on guns. A person can purchase an assault weapon with no ID and no background check from an unlicensed individual in the parking lot at a gun show in 33 states. They can also purchase an unlimited amount of ammo on the internet. There is a federal law that requires ID to purchase Sudafed and other cold and sinus medicines, limits on how much a person can purchase in a month and pharmacies are required to keep this information for two years, making it available to law enforcement if they request it. In many countries a person can walk into a pharmacy and buy whatever they want with no prescription and no ID.

The NRA is so powerful that it is illegal for a licensed gun dealer to keep a record of sales on a computer database. To track sales, police have to go through paper records.

Gun control isn't about taking away guns, ignoring the 2nd Amendment, it's about common sense regulations that could help law enforcement.
+1 # Glen 2013-02-14 07:35
Your point is understood, but each cause of death are separate issues. All should be exposed and dealt with.

However, the subject here is guns. A huge number of gun deaths are intentional. How many car deaths are intentional? War policies of the U.S. are intentional, but beyond the decisions and wishes of U.S. citizens, therefore not in the realm of gun deaths.

We are faced with some serious life and death issues, many we can do little about. Domestically, we should be fighting to get this country into sanity, but social and criminal changes are daunting.
0 # ER444 2013-02-14 14:48
Two (or ten) wrongs don't make a right. Your logic is .... well... illogical!!!
0 # Regina 2013-02-15 02:07
We don't need to ban cars. They and their owners are registered. All their drivers have to qualify for licenses, which are also recorded and traceable. Fortunately the AAA does not mimic the NRA.
+3 # FDRva 2013-02-14 00:46
The President claims the right to kill American citizens on American soil--without trial--based on his aides' determination that the target might be terrorists.

How many of America's 'gun-related' deaths might fall in this ambiguous category??
+2 # FDRva 2013-02-14 01:28
How many of the gun deaths reported were ordered by the White House?

Under the White House's disputed right to kill American citizens under suspicion of terrorism--that could be a rather large number.
0 # xflowers 2013-02-14 06:11
More notches on the NRA gun. When are they going to take responsibility, as well as the manufacturers and gun lovers that have turned this country into a sea of easily obtained weapons? We're going after the doctors who are out there overprescribing narcotics. We license drivers and enforce traffic laws because we know the danger cars can pose. When are we going to do the same for guns?
+1 # MidwestTom 2013-02-14 09:12
Even with all of these killings, the United States only ranks 24th among nations in gun deaths per capita. Take away Chicago, LA, Memphis, and Philadelphia; and we would probably be about 150th. Shut down the gangs and this country looks pretty safe.Several of the countries with higher death rates have strict gun controls.

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