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Garber reports: "Monsanto's GMO corn has been linked to weight gain and organ function disruption, while GMO crops and pesticides destroy our farmland and environment."

90 percent of citizens in Vermont support mandatory labeling for genetically engineered foods. (photo: Friends Eat)
90 percent of citizens in Vermont support mandatory labeling for genetically engineered foods. (photo: Friends Eat)

Monsanto Launches Massive Campaign to Stop GMO Labeling

By Lisa Garber, Natural Society

10 July 12


e've gone on at great lengths discussing the dangers of genetic modification. Monsanto's GMO corn has been linked to weight gain and organ function disruption, while GMO crops and pesticides destroy our farmland and environment. According to the Alliance of Natural Health, the grandchildren of rats fed GMO corn were born sterile. GMO is just one of those things to avoid, but with our own government in bed with Monsanto, it's not easily done. Monsanto has recently launched a proverbial war against the open labeling of genetically modified foods, and only through activism and awareness can it be overcome.

The People Versus GMO

In February of this year, Vermont contemplated the Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act. The proposed bill prohibits GMO food producers from using keywords like "natural," "naturally made," "naturally grown," and "all natural" to describe GMO ingredients and products. In the same month, the National Conference of State Legislatures reported that nearly 20 states were considering similar programs. Public surveys and studies also show a whopping 90 percent of the U.S. in favor of such practices.

In theory, this should make California's GMO labeling initiative, which would require all foods within the state made with GM ingredients to carry a label stating so, a shoo-in. But let's not get so hasty.

Leaders in the disinformation campaign launched against the labeling initiative cry out that it would be - like the infamous Proposition 65, "The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986" - a way for bounty-hunting trial lawyers to file suits against even natural food companies for supposedly selling products containing undisclosed GMOs. Of course, GMO's ally receives funding from the Council for Biotechnology Information. It should be no surprise that the likes of Monsanto and Dow count themselves members of the said organization.

More Efficient than Prop 65

James C. Cooper, PhD in economics from Emory University, dismisses the comparison between California's initiative and Proposition 65. In his report, he delineates the key differences between the two programs:

  • The Label GMO initiative allows producers 7 years to reduce GMO exposure of products from under 5 percent to zero.

  • Producers are immune from suit if they can provide a statement from their supplier or an independent organization that the food is certified organic and/or GMO-free.

  • Producers have 30 days to rectify violations with no liability.

  • Whereas plaintiffs keep "bounties" of 25 percent of civil penalties in Prop 65, the labeling initiative provides none.

It hasn't been long since the Food and Drug Administration deleted 1 million signatures and comments from the "Just Label It" campaign calling for the labeling of GM foods, even after 55 politicians offered support for the initiative. It only shows that the fight against GMOs won't be easy (or cheap).

Still, it's worth fighting. your social media marketing partner


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+65 # Barbara K 2012-07-10 15:18
It is definitely worth fighting. If Monsanto & others don't want to label their products, then the NON GMO/GEs can label theirs as GMO-free. We, the people who will be eating the food, have the right to know what we are eating. Some of us have been made ill for too long already from the poisons in the food. Get the poisons out of our food. It costs Medicare and Medicaid and Insurance Companies lots of money, and causes us lots of misery. Give us safe and healthy food. Don't feed the greed.
+51 # barkingcarpet 2012-07-10 15:31
Monsanto is the devil incarnate, the AntiChrist, and the epitome of the worst traits of humankind bundled into one black hearted corporate entity intent on global control, the bottom line/economic profit at the expense of a healthy future.

They, and the mentality behind them need to be re-educated and redirected towards beneficial ends, or obliterated before "OOPS" becomes more of a reality than it already is.
+8 # JetpackAngel 2012-07-11 01:08
I'm starting to think they're at least run by the Horseman known as Famine.
+28 # patmonk 2012-07-10 15:40
Do not think that 'they' do not have the power to delete signatures. A number of years ago, doing the bidding of speculator and developer LENNAR Inc, our City Attorney Dennis Herrera, along with then SF Mayor Gavin Newsom and a few Supervisors, fought all the way to the State Superior Court to invalidate the signatures of 30,000 voters, after they had been officially certified by our Director of Elections, John Arntz. They used an obscure 'technicality' that had only been enforced once before and never since. This action disqualified our request to have a hearing on the multi million dollar gentrification boondoggle that still threatens the survival of the remaining largely black and minority neighborhoods in our city.
This was a microcosm of the power of Corporations to subvert the will of the people. We can not allow ourselves to relax for a minute.
+38 # Kev C 2012-07-10 15:42
The right to know genetically engineered food act as proposed by the state of Vermont seems to be one of the fairest and most accommodating proposals around yet the biotechs know that once there is a label on a product that shows any GMO content then that is game over for their little scam. The government cannot allow the people to win this one yet they cannot deny the people the right to know what is in their food. It would violate no end of constitutional and human rights.
I can't wait to see the outcome of this little adventure. I'm hoping the people win for once. If they do then we stand a better chance of stopping this monster over here in the UK.
+6 # KittatinyHawk 2012-07-10 20:35
Hopefully you will keep awareness in Europe, Middle East and Africa moving around the World.
+5 # Nominae 2012-07-13 14:18
@ Kev C

In re: Labeling, a Monsanto spokeswoman in 1996 is quoted as saying that "We might as well put a skull and crossbones on our products as to include GMO labeling." She was not wrong, and that is still their corporate mantra.

The little State of Vermont stood up "loud and proud" to challenge Monsanto. Monsanto threatened to sue the entire State, and the State of Vermont became very quiet very quickly and backed down from Monsanto.

There is more money in the Monsanto petty cash drawer than exists in the entire Treasury for the State of Vermont.

Monsanto is wrecking agriculture world wide. It is going to require some amazing changes to stop them.

California, if it were a country, would represent the 8th largest economy in the world. I do not see that Monsanto is in the least intimidated.

I am hoping hard for success in the proposed California initiative, and we would LOVE to help you out in the UK and elsewhere, but we need to get this foundation rot out of our own economy first.

Thanks to so many of you and your neighbors in Europe for refusing to buy and/or allow GMO contamination locally.

This will indeed require a global response.
+30 # DPM 2012-07-10 15:44
+4 # KittatinyHawk 2012-07-10 20:37
Send that to the Paper, to Congress to your State Persons See if they like the wording
You can write it as Letter to Editor or pay for it to run Ask local TV and College Radio how they like it
+25 # cordleycoit 2012-07-10 16:19
How does the so-called Justice Department react to a poisoning of the people, they do "Duck and Cover" their backsides.The FDA will not defend the people; they are following the money and the money seems to be enriching our public servants.
+12 # Vardoz 2012-07-10 16:45
I put up literature on the bulletin boards in grocery stores informing people. Like in Shaws - Everything is going to shit in the world and no one is fighting all these awful things!
+8 # lynnscott 2012-07-10 16:51
Is it Monsanto that is spraying us in collusion with the military? Apparently Maui farmers know this to be true and a huge fight not to have to use Monsanto seeds is in force. Check out the spraying happening in many NATO countries which tells you it is our own folks spraying aluminum on us, and flora/fauna and see creatures. Let's look up and see the enemy. Lynn Scott
+15 # trevorlasvegas 2012-07-10 17:36
Time to wake up.
ask questions about what you eat.
I have applied much of the information from Dr. Mercola's website with fantastic results. I have lost 46 pounds, eat like a king, and feel better than I did 20 years ago. I no longer need anything for reflux, blood pressure, or elevated lipids. An added plus? My gray hair's mostly gone and my wrinkles are disappearing. Uncanny what proper nutrition can do. Worth a shot.
+6 # RaucousRooster 2012-07-10 18:15
I appreciate the writer's perspective, and there's even a little bit of useful information presented here.

However, where in the piece is any information pointing to a "massive campaign to stop GMO labeling"? Your headline is incredibly misleading and seems to apply to some other article entirely. If you really wish to rally folks 'round to your point of view, educate, inform, activate them.....try sticking with the facts and skipping the ludicrous hyperbole. Ms. Gardner, the Natural Society, and RSN destroy any credibility they may have had with this kind of crap.

The facts are likely to be sufficiently damning about the campaign against labeling - we know it's already in progress & going to worsen. Leave the hyperbole and irrelevant, teaser of a headline to the Fox news folk.
-23 # MidwestTom 2012-07-10 18:42
Let's hope Monsanto succeeds, because f they do not, and just an additional 10% of the US population starts buying only non-GMO food, the price of organic food at least triple.
+9 # banichi 2012-07-10 20:16
Quoting MidwestTom:
Let's hope Monsanto succeeds, because f they do not, and just an additional 10% of the US population starts buying only non-GMO food, the price of organic food at least triple.

Wow - so you would rather eat (and have your children eat - poison, rather than pay a bit more for a while for clean food? That price of organic food tripling is a Monsanto ad campaign, the cost of organic food comes down very quickly when it gets into major production!

Best of all, it won't kill you like GMO foods will.
+9 # soularddave 2012-07-10 18:43
If someone makes a product that is poison to bugs, what happens to the microbes in me? Will it discourage the "bugs" that help me digest my food?

I don't care about sterility, but I'm sure there are folks out there who don't want to unknowingly lose their option to bear healthy children and have healthy grandchildren. I'm on their side!
0 # KittatinyHawk 2012-07-10 20:41
There is a good way to reach Letter to Editor in your Area Scare the crap out of ProLifers
Don't depend on everyone else put some initiative into your concern
+14 # carolsj 2012-07-10 19:18
There is only one reason Monsanto is fighting labeling GMOs. They know that people don't want it and won't buy it. The harder they fight it, the more it is obvious how evil they are, wanting to sneak these products into our food.
-5 # AMLLLLL 2012-07-10 20:32
Not to mention the costly re-labeling. It's got to be 85% of the processed foods out there.
-4 # jwb110 2012-07-10 20:45
Lock and reload.
+3 # KittatinyHawk 2012-07-10 20:49
We must look at those pretending to be organic certified many of them are already selling out the Original Organic Community of Growers and Manufacturers. Many of the Organics are now owned by the same farms that are poisoning Hawaii and are using GMOs Purina your animal food is GMO's
Grow your own, Look up Local Harvest and get local growers to join so that everyone can buy from Healthy Growers.

If you want help with non GMO then research into the farms in other Countries exporting food Europe is on the band wagon. I believe India now South America and Central may be joining...we buy a lot of foreign food start seeing who is growing Safe Food.

Learn how to grow your own,,,apartment Dwellers can grow lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and herbs That is a start. We do not eat corn...good Don't eat corn, don't eat Cows that eat corn either. Look up corn products used in your food, cut them out also Watch for Rice Syrup as there are problem in that crop also if it is from China.

You can make choices, turn the market around.. Find out how you can get referendums put on local voting for labeling. GMO Free like gluten free should be our right...use the information of Life of unborn, young children Put it to the ProLifers and let's see where their heads are and do it in front of Newspapers, TV You have the tools to fight back do it I think I will give up corn except Heirloom ...I usually grow it but bad year
0 # Michael_K 2012-07-10 22:21
Obama supports Monsanto.. just so you know.
+1 # tm7devils 2012-07-11 12:58
I'm sorry, but how do YOU know?

Statements without facts not allowed or believed!
0 # Michael_K 2012-07-11 15:34
By looking at his appointments at the FDA and his past interactions. You could look into it for yourself, if you weren't so afraid to find out I'm right, and the man is a fascist.
-2 # tm7devils 2012-07-11 18:21
So? What's wrong with being a fascist?
We've had a fascist government for over 30 years...Where have you been?
+6 # Street Level 2012-07-10 23:13
Carolsj, I couldn't agree more. I'm noticing more labeling of "rBGH free" dairy products that Vermont fought over and lost.
Big food's not stupid and I don't hear Kellogg's complaining. Big food already owns commercial organics so they win no matter what.
What's a real pisser is the way the "allowed ingredients" are increasing to contaminate organic products. Not only did the FDA just trash a million signatures but the appointments to these regulatory agencies are foxes in the hen house. Those guy's have got to go.
+7 # tigerlille 2012-07-11 01:02
I get so tired of the sanctimonious and judgmental natural food advocates who seem to think that eating organic food is a simple matter of "paying a little bit more.". Buying organic food is not a financial option for me. Some organic food prices are coming down, but overall organic food is significantly more expensive and is not a possibility for my family, or most low-income families, and to infer otherwise is an instance of class elitism, in my opinion. I do the best I can for my daughter and I with very little money. We eat a 98% vegetarian diet, and I buy organic when ever it is financially feasible. I don't have the luxury of devoting my time and resources to a single nutritional issue. Just covering basic living expenses depletes 85% of our funds.
+5 # soularddave 2012-07-11 07:52
Tigerlille, I feel your pain. Hopefully the campaign will result in enough competition to force the prices of GMO-free foods to be lower as more farmers grow and market their products.

Where I live, there's a *farmers market* and there are "organic" choices. Buying late in the day is a trick that lowers the expense and makes everybody happy. Planning meals ahead while shopping also increases the consumption of "better food". Less GM food, will benefit both of you and learning by both of you to enjoy a variety of food will get you to things like brussel sprouts and fruits where "big food" hasn't wreaked their havoc - yet. good luck!
+3 # RnR 2012-07-11 05:38
Good thing Bush rescinded the law that prohibited citizens from being exposed to chemicals etc., without their approval and knowledge...wou ld have been hard for Monsanto to do this. Another little bit of evidence suggesting we're one party, governed by scumbags.
+2 # Dumbledorf 2012-07-11 09:36
It's time to take MONSATAN OUT!
+3 # patmonk 2012-07-11 10:19
In California we have placed a measure on the ballot for the November elections requiring that all GMO foods sold in the state be labeled. This could not have happened without the courage and dedication of our founder, PAMM LARRY.
Please support us in any way you can. More information can be found at Pamm's original site:-
Or the newer site:-
Thank you.
Patrick Monk.RN SF. Ca.
+3 # lorenbliss 2012-07-11 10:47
If GMO-contaminate d foods produce sterility in humans (as they are said to do in rats), then here is the obvious reason the Ruling Class is so in love with genetically modified crops.

The imposition of mass sterilization via GMOs may thus be another means by which the One Percent is both ridding itself of surplus workers and reducing the Working Class -- the 99 Percent -- to more easily controllable numbers.

Thus GMOs are revealed as yet another weapon of the Ruling Class in its ever-intensifyi ng effort to reduce us all to slavery and reduce Earth to a slave planet.

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