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Excerpt: "A group claiming Anonymous affiliation released 60 hours of secret NYPD Technical Assistance Response Unit footage from the night of the Zuccotti Park eviction on Nov. 15 2011."

NYPD beats Occupy protester with fist in Zuccotti Park, 11/15/11. (photo: AP/SA)
NYPD beats Occupy protester with fist in Zuccotti Park, 11/15/11. (photo: AP/SA)

NYPD Footage of Zuccotti Park Raid Leaked

By Natasha Lennard, Salon

26 September 12


he presence of NYPD TARU (Technical Assistance Response Unit) officers at Occupy protests has long been a source of contention among occupiers and legal observers. The precise role and remit of the camera-wielding officers is ill-defined; the end product of their constant filming usually goes unseen by those featured in it.

However, on Sunday a group claiming Anonymous affiliation released 60 hours of TARU footage from the night of the Zuccotti Park eviction on Nov. 15. The footage is considered particularly relevant in fleshing out the NYPD versus Occupy narrative, since both mainstream and citizen journalists and videographers were forcibly kept away from the park as officers dismantled the encampment and rounded up protesters that night.

A release introducing the footage dump notes, “The NYPD denied freedom of the press the night of the Zuccotti raid by kicking out media and keeping them two blocks away … Much of the video being released is edited by the NYPD, and at times edits are quite blatant, probably trying to cover up their brutality.”

The release urges that readers share the TARU footage and take note of any glitches or time stamp changes, which might suggest selective editing. “We ask for an unedited version of the tapes,” it notes.

A YouTube trailer teasing the footage (introduced, of course, by a trademark Anonymous Guy Fawkes masked man) highlights instances of aggressive arrests and police treatment of the encampment structures.

This is not the first instance of TARU footage of Occupy going public. Just last month, Brooklyn’s Spectacle Theatre screened three-plus hours of TARU footage captured before, during and after the arrest of 700-plus people on the Brooklyn Bridge on Oct. 1, 2011. The footage, obtained through legal discovery in a class action suit against the NYPD, then leaked to the guerrilla filmmakers, was playfully advertised to Occupy participants: “Come see you and yours ecstatic, then confused, then in fake handcuffs! Find out the myriad ways it’s possible to misuse video equipment! And witness yourself morph from polite millennial liberal to anarchist, just like that.”

It’s not clear how the Zuccotti eviction footage in the latest leak was obtained. Check out the teaser clip: your social media marketing partner


+17 # Mamazon 2012-09-26 12:26
I applaud Annonymous for helping to keep free speech alive and well in a time of corporate fascism. Our tax dollars pay the salaries of these policemen who are doing the bidding of their corporate masters rather than "we the people." We have a right to assemble and to protest. It says so in the Declaration of Independence. Perhaps the Chief of NY Police needs to reread this founding document to reaquaint himself with what it means to be American. I do not think it is the American way to physically abuse and arrest protestors, and force out journalists who have a right to film the news. This is what I would expect from a dictatorship in the Middle East -- but I guess we have our own American Taliban and their God is money.

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