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Intro: "Iran has said it will allow international inspectors access to its Parchin military complex, according to the ISNA news agency, after the head of the UN nuclear watchdog raised concerns about activities at the site."

Iran said Tuesday it would grant access to its Parchin facility to UN nuclear inspectors. (photo: Iranian President's Office/AP)
Iran said Tuesday it would grant access to its Parchin facility to UN nuclear inspectors. (photo: Iranian President's Office/AP)

Iran 'To Allow Military Site Inspection'

By Al Jazeera and Agencies

08 March 12


ran has said it will allow international inspectors access to its Parchin military complex, according to the ISNA news agency, after the head of the UN nuclear watchdog raised concerns about activities at the site.

The Iranian news agency reported on Tuesday that Iran's diplomatic mission to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna had confirmed that inspectors could visit the site.

"Parchin is a military site and accessing it is a time-consuming process, therefore visits cannot be allowed frequently ... We will allow the IAEA to visit it one more time," the statement said.

AN IAEA team were denied access to Parchin during high-level talks in Tehran in February. The statement did not set a date for a further visit, while Iranian diplomats and IAEA officials have not commented on the statement.

Yukiya Amano, the head of the IAEA, said on Monday that Iran had tripled its monthly production of higher-grade enriched uranium and expressed "serious concerns" about possible military dimensions to Tehran's atomic activities.

Iran says that it is developing nuclear technology for peaceful civilian purposes.

But an IAEA report last year said that Iran had built a large containment chamber at Parchin, southeast of Tehran, to conduct explosives tests that were "strong indicators" of efforts to develop a nuclear device.

Parchin is a weapons development site owned by Iran's Defence Industries Organisation, a group of state-owned military companies.

The IAEA was granted access to parts of the facility in November 2005, and a subsequent report documented no "unusual activities" nor the presence of nuclear material.

Mounting Pressure

Sadegh Zibakalam, a professor of political science at Tehran University, told Al Jazeera there was "nothing" to suggest that the county was seeking to acquire nuclear weapons and said some Iranians may have voted in last week's parliamentary elections as a show of support for their government in the face of mounting international pressure.

"There are some observers who stated that one of the reasons why some Iranians voted last week was in order to say to the US and Israeli governments that as Iranians they are backing their own government," said Zibakalam.

Asked about the threat of a possible strike on Iran, he responded: "What is a military strike going to achieve?"

The US and its Western allies are seeking Russian and Chinese backing to rebuke Iran at the week-long IAEA board meeting, that began on Monday, over its failure to address the agency's growing concerns.

Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, reiterated his country's concerns about Iran's nuclear ambitions in a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the powerful pro-Israel lobbying group, and in talks with US President Barack Obama in Washington.

"We leave all options on the table and containment is not an option. The Jewish state will not allow those who seek Israel's destruction the means to achieve that goal. A nuclear-armed Iran must be stopped."

In an earlier address to AIPAC, Obama called on Israel to allow time for diplomatic efforts and sanctions to work and cautioned against "loose talk of war".

Iran's refusal to curb sensitive atomic work that can have both civilian and military applications has drawn increasingly tough UN and Western sanctions against the major oil producer. your social media marketing partner


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+5 # bluepilgrim 2012-03-08 12:37
This article is all propaganda and spin.

Iran had been talking with IAEA about 'modes' and 'protocols' from inspecting the military base again. A concern is that it should not be spied on, as happened in Iraq from the UN inspectors (as Scott Ritter admitted) in preparation of an attack on the country.

Iran is on the neocon/zionist/ imperialist list for attack and destruction, as other nations are and have been, and were attacked. First step is to demonize and tell a bunch of lies about Iran to condition the US population to the idea of attacking it. About the same thing they did with Iraq and Libya, and even Afghanistan -- and Vietnam for those who remember back that far. And the countries in Central America...
Oh, yeah -- Mexico, in preparation for the war against them. Same 'ol same 'ol.
+1 # Guy 2012-03-10 11:15
So very true bluepilgrim.I can understand people having differing points of view but have a hard time understanding why the many don't see what is really happening and how it is being orchestrated.
+3 # RMDC 2012-03-08 12:45
I just can't take bullshit like this. It is written as if Iran is guilty and is now shamefully trying to come clean. And then it ends with totally false statements -- "Iran's refusal to curb its sensitive atomic work that can have both civilian and military applications has drawn tough UN and Western sanctions." It was the UN as the lackey of Israel that proposed the UN resolution and it was turned down. As Chomsky has pointed out many time, something like 150 nations support Iran and about 5 nations are against Iran. It is only the US that is forcing sanctions on Iran.

And why refer at all to the psychopath Netanyahoo in this story. He has noting to do with it. Who gives a flying fuck about Israel's concerns. If Israel is concerned, why doesn't it invite the IAEA to inspect its nuclear facilities and military bases? Why the double standard?

"The US and its Western allies" -- bullshit. The US is acting as Israel's lackey. Europe does not want these sanctions. Only the cynical leaders like Sarkozy, Merkle, and Cameron do and they will be voted out soon.

Al Jazzera has become part of the american main stream media. I just knew when Hillary and McCain started praising al Jazzera that it had been taken over by the same people who run the NY Times.

Finally, it does not matter what Iran is doing or how many inspectors go there. Israel has deciced that the US will destroy the country. It is only a matter of timing now.
0 # bluepilgrim 2012-03-08 14:57
OK, here it is -- this article explains all kinds of things so when people read it they will learn the truth and make everything all better then...
How our Understanding of History is Manipulated

By Andrew J. Fell
March 07, 2012 "Activist Post" --

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that in order for us, the general population, to understand the deeper issues of the current geopolitical situation, it is imperative for us to understand the relevant history.

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