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Excerpt: "Republican White House hopeful Newt Gingrich has stirred controversy by calling the Palestinians an 'invented' people who could have chosen to live elsewhere. The former House of Representatives speaker, who is the frontrunner for the Republican nomination for the 2012 presidential race, made the remarks in an interview with the US Jewish Channel broadcaster released on Friday."

Gingrich mocked US policy on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, calling it 'out of touch with reality.' (photo: Dennis Van Tine/ABACAUSA.COM)
Gingrich mocked US policy on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, calling it 'out of touch with reality.' (photo: Dennis Van Tine/ABACAUSA.COM)

Gingrich Calls Palestinians 'Invented' People

By Al Jazeera

10 December 11


epublican White House hopeful Newt Gingrich has stirred controversy by calling the Palestinians an "invented" people who could have chosen to live elsewhere.

The former House of Representatives speaker, who is the frontrunner for the Republican nomination for the 2012 presidential race, made the remarks in an interview with the US Jewish Channel broadcaster released on Friday.

Asked whether he considers himself a Zionist, he answered: "I believe that the Jewish people have the right to a state ... Remember, there was no Palestine as a state. It was part of the Ottoman Empire" until the early 20th century,

"I think that we've had an invented Palestinian people who are in fact Arabs, and who were historically part of the Arab community.

"And they had a chance to go many places, and for a variety of political reasons we have sustained this war against Israel now since the 1940s, and it's tragic."

Most historians mark the start of Palestinian Arab nationalist sentiment in 1834, when Arab residents of the Palestinian region revolted against Ottoman rule.

Israel, founded amid the 1948 Arab-Israel war, took shape along the lines of a 1947 UN plan for ethnic partition of the then-British ruled territory of Palestine which Arabs rejected.

More than 700,000 Palestinians were forced from their lands by Zionist armed groups in 1948, in an episode Palestinians refer to as the Nakba or "catastrophe".

'Irrational Hostility'

Gingrich's comments drew a swift rebuke from a spokesman for the American Task Force on Palestine, Hussein Ibish, who said: "There was no Israel and no such thing as an "Israeli people" before 1948.

"So the idea that Palestinians are 'an invented people' while Israelis somehow are not is historically indefensible and inaccurate.

"Such statements seem to merely reflect deep historical ignorance and an irrational hostility towards Palestinian identity and nationalism."

Sabri Saidam, adviser to the Palestinian president, told Al Jazeera, "This is a manifestation of extreme racism and this is a reflection of where America stands sad, when Palestinians don't get their rights...this is sad and America should respond with a firm reaction to such comments that, if let go, more of which will come our way,"

"Let me ask Newt Gingrich if he would ever entertain the thought of addressing Indian Americans by saying that they never existed, that they were the invention of a separate nation, would that be tolerated?"

"Let's also reverse the statement; let's put ourselves in "the shoe of Jews who are listening now. Would they ever accept such statements being made about them?"

Saidam said, "I think it's time that America rejects such statements and closes the door to such horrendous and unacceptable statements."

Gingrich also sharply criticised US President Barack Obama's approach to Middle East diplomacy, saying that it was "so out of touch with reality that it would be like taking your child to the zoo and explaining that a lion was a bunny rabbit."

He said Obama's effort to treat the Palestinians the same as the Israelis is actually "favouring the terrorists".

"If I'm even-handed between a civilian democracy that obeys the rule of law and a group of terrorists that are firing missiles every day, that's not even-handed, that's favouring the terrorists," he said.

He also said the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, which governs the Gaza Strip, share an "enormous desire to destroy Israel".

The Palestinian Authority, which rules the occupied West Bank, formally recognises Israel's right to exist.

President Mahmoud Abbas has long forsworn violence against Israel as a means to secure an independent state, pinning his hopes first on negotiations and more recently on a unilateral bid for statehood via the UN.

Gingrich, along with other Republican candidates, are seeking to attract Jewish in the US support by vowing to bolster Washington's ties with Israel if elected.

He declared his world view was "pretty close" to that of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and vowed to take "a much more tougher-minded, and much more honest approach to the Middle East" if elected. your social media marketing partner


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+56 # gentle 2011-12-10 13:11
Knewt, he will self destruct before 2112. Just history repeating.
I still think Dennis Miller will win nomination, he's the perfect neo-clown hiding under a rock.
+10 # Ken Hall 2011-12-10 17:32
At least Dennis Miller would be funny ha-ha instead of funny peculiar.
+4 # MEBrowning 2011-12-13 12:00
Quoting Ken Hall:
At least Dennis Miller would be funny ha-ha instead of funny peculiar.

Since 9/11, Dennis Miller has been extremely peculiar and not funny at all.
+104 # jooberdoober 2011-12-10 13:18
This guy gets worse every day! What a Jackass!
+76 # L mac 2011-12-10 14:28
Newt is an historian or so he claims to be. He makes good money doing it. Seems to me that his "history" recollection depends on the crowd that he happens to be addressing. Wonder if he sold them any of his books? Autographed of course.
+10 # KittatinyHawk 2011-12-11 18:45
His History seems to be as one sided as his Religion. Must have gone to school with TP and Palin who knew all about Paul Revere
Man was an a__ years ago things have not changed
+82 # sol4u2 2011-12-10 14:36
If Palestine / Palestineans were "invented" and Sir Lawrence had a deal with the Brits to give them back their land then certainly Israel was not only invented but created as it was given to the Jews and occupied by those fleeing from the Holocaust and mistreatment because NO country would take them in or harbor them, if I recall many called it the Exodus after WWII and today they come from all over the world to take up occupancy and settle in Israel - while the Palestineans who have been there for centuries have no rights?? Please.....
-54 # 2011-12-10 19:25
sol4u2're a very poor historian. Go back to the history books and educate yourself about WW11 and the US commitment/cont ract/promise to always support a safe havem/nation/Is rael for Jews following the horrific, inhumane holocaust and to prevent anti-semetism from ever rearing it's ugly head again.
+48 # Misterioso 2011-12-10 22:08
You neglected to note that Palestinians had nothing to do with the Holocaust. Nonetheless, they have had to pay the price, i.e., dispossession, expulsion, occupation, oppression and racism at the hands of alien Jews. In short, your argument is ludicrous.
-16 # Todd Williams 2011-12-11 09:36
Misterioso, if you read dorian's comments carefully, you will note that she made no argument against the Palestians whatsover. She was merely noting an historical fact. Now, if you want to make a comment about the Palestian situation and it's historical underpinnings, fine. But to disparage dorian for something she didn't even say is patently ludicrous on your part.
-2 # Artemis 2011-12-15 19:11
Historical fact in one line? Too vague and imprecise and irelevant. Which history books did dorian read anyway? Just silly. Defend something more important.
-10 # John Locke 2011-12-11 12:50
Misterioso, you are incorrect about your history, the Hebrews were expelled from the land centuries ago, while Palastine was still a part of Syria, they were given their land back, according to your world view, if i take away your home and occupy it, I have a valid claim to keep it, that my friend does not work in a real world...
+1 # KittatinyHawk 2011-12-11 18:48
Why not. Game of Risk was about take overs but all of you miss the point...Palesti nians were alive and well in the Bible, Old Testament so when were they invented. Most of us are inventions of our mind, but we were all Created.
-6 # Todd Williams 2011-12-11 09:34
I don't understand the negatives votes on your comment, dorian. You are historically correct. Period. You didn't even mention the Palestians in your post here. All you did was explain what happened. Why does this elicite negative votes?
-12 # John Locke 2011-12-11 12:52
Because the people who are reading this article don't want valid information, its the old case don't confuse me with facts, My minds made up...I take the thumbs down on this article to be a compliment
0 # Activista 2011-12-11 15:08
people who are reading this article don't want valid information?
-2 # John Locke 2011-12-11 21:23
Activista, what planet are you contacting us from... this site you refer to is dealing with modern times not BCE... WAKE UP, you make yourself out to be a fool!!!and the idiot who gave you a thumbs up is also a fool... READ, THINK, LEARN...
+2 # heraldmage 2011-12-11 19:51
Because the comments are not historically correct just the redo USA version of events to make the USA look like the good guy and savior of Europe & the Jews. Not the war profiteer trading with both sides raking in the all profits it could as a neutral nation. Preventing Jewish immigration or safe havens on USA territory. If the European Jews were to be only religion with a homeland why wasn't it a partitioning of Nazi allied European countries keeping them in Europe where they belong? Why was more then half of Palestine given to the European Jews by those who refused to give them safe haven? Why weren't the Gypsies given a homeland? If you look at percentage of total population the impact on the Gypsy population was much greater than the Jewish population. One reason of course is property rights Jewish homes in Europe were already occupied & belonging already in the hands of others. So they gave up their right to return with a promise for support & German reparations as well as German laws forbidding the questioning of events & actual population effected.
-1 # Artemis 2011-12-15 19:21
No, no no. First part close, last part flawed. No country has ever done more to address their past than Germany, and it continues non-stop to this day. Enormous reparations have been made and property re-claimed by Jewish families under German law. Germany unfortunately is so bowed by Nazi guilt that they find it almost impossible to criticize Israel's wrongdoings. And Israel milks that.
0 # 2011-12-16 19:11
Thank you, Todd. The negative votes and replies are being elicited by anti-semetism on this post and poor reading skills. Ironically, most of the posters regard themselves as highly educated, liberals. I like your comments.You write and think like a Professor.
+5 # KittatinyHawk 2011-12-11 18:50
Sad how we all remember the Holocaust as Jewish Only. That is not Historically Correct.
If we go back in History, I believe the Bible, Palestinians were a culture then.
0 # 2011-12-16 17:54
It appears there are a lot of anti-semetics on this post which is shameful!
And you posters who write these things call yourself supporters of freedom and human rights?
+45 # fredboy 2011-12-10 14:45
The Lizard is just courting the Jewish vote. But that's a bright sector, and few will vote for a guy who makes up history.

Just skimmed his "battle of the crater." Hilarious. Grew up five miles from the battlefield, had ancestors who fought in the battle, and read just about every book covering the topic. The Lizard's depiction is hilarious! But as long as nodding drooling tea party scum can slide their cards at Costco it'll likely be a best seller.
+59 # rsnfan 2011-12-10 14:47
Yes, that land belongs to the Palestinians and the Israelis moved in. I thought Gingrich was a history expert. So much for being an expert.
-46 # John Locke 2011-12-10 16:38
Actually the land belonged to the Hebrews! they were there long before the Palestinians moved in, think King David, Moses and Herod... read the old testiment and the building of the temples....The Hebrew race was there during the Roman empire, and before Jesus Christ was alleged to exist...try reading history instead of making it up to suit your position
-36 # 2011-12-10 19:30
Too many liberals are OFF on this issue due to a lack of education historically and humanitarian=si e.
+31 # Misterioso 2011-12-10 19:36
John Locke

Let's consult an expert:

To quote the renowned historian/anthr opologist and “Holy Land” specialist, Ilene Beatty: "When we speak of 'Palestinians' or of the 'Arab population [of Palestine]', we must bear in mind their Canaanite origin. This is important because their legal right to the country stems...from the fact that the Canaanites were first, which gives them priority; their descendants have continued to live there, which gives them continuity; and (except for the 800,000 dispossessed refugees [of 1948 along with the 25,000 expelled just prior to and during Israel's first invasion of Egypt in 1956 and the additional more than 400,000 driven out during and after the war Israel launched on 5 June 1967]) they are still living there, which gives them present possession. Thus we see that on purely statistical grounds they have a proven legal right to their own land." ("Arab and Jew in the Land of Canaan," 1957)
-7 # John Locke 2011-12-11 12:20
Sorry Misterioso the information you have is partly correct and partly propaganda, Try reading for yourself and learn, I consider thumbs down here as a compliment...
The United Kingdom of Israel was established in 1020 BCE and predates the “Palaistinê” people’s claim… dating to the 5th Century BCE; they split within a century to form the northern Kingdom of Israel and the southern Kingdom of Judah. The region became part of the Neo-Assyrian Empire from c740 BCE, which was itself replaced by the Neo-Babylonian Empire in c.627 BCE., a war with Egypt culminated in 586 BCE when Jerusalem was destroyed by the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II and the local leaders of the region of Judea were deported to Babylonia. In 539 BCE, the Babylonian empire was replaced by the Achaemenid Empire, the exiled population of Judea was allowed to return to Jerusalem. ("Their Land")
+1 # seeuingoa 2011-12-12 13:40
reply to John Locke:

and if and if and if
my mother in law had a stearing wheel in her back, four wheels and a number 7 printed on her forehead she would be a city bus !!!

Screw the old books written by old men with old minds.

We live in 2011 modern times is here.

Respect for everyone is what is needed in this world.
+2 # John Locke 2011-12-12 19:17
seeuingoa, does that go for our constitution also? if so what do we rely on for guidence? your opinion solely?

I do agree about respect for everyone in this world... the problem is to much predjudice! we are a people that are anti something...whe ther Blacks, Jews, Muslems, Hispanics, Gays, Republicans ad infinitum, so under our current mindset, what you and I seek won't happen in our lifetime...
+1 # seeuingoa 2011-12-13 13:52
Quoting John Locke:
seeuingoa, does that go for our constitution also? if so what do we rely on for guidence? your opinion solely?

I do agree about respect for everyone in this world... the problem is to much predjudice! we are a people that are anti something...whether Blacks, Jews, Muslems, Hispanics, Gays, Republicans ad infinitum, so under our current mindset, what you and I seek won't happen in our lifetime...

The Constitution is not a book with fairy tales about an apple and a talking snake in a garden!
+1 # John Locke 2011-12-14 17:33
The Constitution is not a book with fairy tales about an apple and a talking snake in a garden!

The snake and apple are symbolic as is the entire bible collection of "stories"

I guess Plato and Sacrates are also old fools in your mind...and the historian Titus Flavius Josephus who is a well recognized historian FROM the period...I guess its easy to pick what you want to attempt to support inaccurate for the old testament, i do not believe they are accurate stories of actual people or real events, but they do shed light on the period and some of the ancient example there is No evidence that Moses was a real person or that the exodus actually occured, however the story does give us a match light of the period, and was written as a story based on symbalism...
0 # 2011-12-16 19:02
SEEUINGOA, What a deluded,illogic al reply to John Locke's historically correct and well thought out statement.

After the "and if and if and if"...non-sensi cal metaphor, you go on to potty mouth "old books written by old men with old minds"...and end this crazy maze of words with
"Respect for everyone is what is needed in this world." Do you even know what you are talking about? I don't.
+19 # Merschrod 2011-12-10 21:33
Ok, if we are going to refer to the old Testament (the Hebrew side of the story) who were all of those tribes around them? They were all tribes of Semites that we loosely call Arabs today. It was a patch work and some tribes were carted off by the big empires around them. Now switch to religion in the holy lands prior to and during the Ottoman era - Christians, Jews and Muslims were a patchwork of tribal remanents and villages. Late 1800s and early 1800s begins the Zionist project of a theocratic state called Israel. Hence the land belonged to them all until as a patchwork, at various times way before and after the Ottoman Empire and up to today ethnic cleansing was a problem. As we see in modern times, compared with say Lebanon, the Zionist aspect of Israel wants to do ethinic cleansing - Ironic no?
+2 # John Locke 2011-12-12 19:23
Merschrod: Your information is incorrect... Christians arose during Christ time not prior, and the Hebrew religion was centuries old by the time of Christs "alleged" birth and the Palistian claim to a part of syria... The early christians were the Hebrews... as a matter of fact the first Pope was Hebrew...Christ ianity broke off from the Hebrew religion, they were the "followers" of Christ... if you are going to try and respond to something at least research it first...
0 # Merschrod 2012-01-16 17:25
John, I am not sure where I am wrong ) Except for the Late 1800s and really 1800s. Typo there I meant to say early 1900s. The Ottoman Empire began about 1300 AD. and of course by then the semite tribes were Muslim, Hebrew, some Christian believers.

Going to the genetics of it all, people of that area became Jews, Muslims and Christians (The early Christian movement was made up of the Greek, Roman and Jews, but all Semite stock. The Zionists were Europeans of very very little semite genetic material - they came from the so-call Azcanazi (sp?) who were European stock who converted to the Hebrew faith, but genetically they haven't any more claim to the land than I have!
-2 # Todd Williams 2011-12-11 09:38
John, i don't often agree with you. But when I do it's a big thumbs up. Stay informed my friend.
-3 # Artemis 2011-12-15 19:28
OK. MR Locke, try reading some history yourself, like Shlomo Sand's "The Invention of the Jewish People".
Oops, I guess Gingrich got the invention bit mixed up...but he's not really smart. Perhaps crafty would decribe him better. Anyway. Definitely a bad joke as presidential candidate. Seems like they just get worse, and we thought Bush was the bottom of the barrel.
+1 # John Locke 2011-12-16 15:00
Artemis, so now Jewish people also don't exist, i suppose you will also say the holocost is also made up? I didn't find this idiots book, but you should be aware that not every thing written is true, oppps i didn't mean to bust your bubble...
0 # Artemis 2011-12-17 18:24
You jump to conclusions about the content of a book and insult the author without bothering to inform yourself. Criticism should be based on accumulation of real knowledge of the subject manner. Only those unable to do so accuse others of anti-smiticism and holocaust-denia l. It is so easy.
-2 # Cassandra2012 2011-12-11 14:57
Quoting rsnfan:
Yes, that land belongs to the Palestinians and the Israelis moved in. I thought Gingrich was a history expert. So much for being an expert.

What nonsense. There have been Jews and Fellahin (Philistines = Palestinians --same root) living side by side in that land for millenia, after the Romans expelled every Jew they could and became the first of many alien occupiers...
[Syria, Turkey etc. etc] . Palestine as an INDEPENDENT country/ nation is what is a myth.
+63 # Guy 2011-12-10 14:53
What a moron.Good luck with your elections
America,if that's the best you can come up with .Talk about grovelling for the Jewish vote.
+80 # ganymede 2011-12-10 15:08
I am really ashamed that I, as a Jew have to share my identity with these rightwing Jews who eat up the drivel that Gingrich and the other candidate clowns dish out. Fortunately, at least 75% of us will continue to support Obama. The vast majority of American Jews know that the Republican Party in modern times has not done too much good for anyone except the very rich, and, that most of the social and economic progress has been because of Democrat policies. Now there will be even more distrust of Republicansim simply because that the Republicans have gone completely off the deep.
The Palestinian/Isr aeli situation is already past the point of no return. There probably won't be a two state solution because of the facts on the ground. The West Bank has been carved up to the point where eventually Israel will have to grant Israeli citizenship to the West Bank Arabs and eventually, to the Gazans, once Hamas gets with the program.
+63 # Gurka 2011-12-10 15:08
Mr. Gingrich was born in the wrong century. He would have been a great court jester. That is where his talent is.
+12 # CL38 2011-12-11 00:24
a quite mad court jester...
+57 # Tippitc 2011-12-10 15:13
Newt the Grinch ought to know about being 'out of touch with reality' - he is an expert at it!! It totally boggles my mind that this clown is actually being taken seriously as a candidate for President - can we vote him off the island?!? Newt seems to think he is on some TV show - let's show him the door!!!!
+35 # John Locke 2011-12-10 16:40
Interestingly its the republicans who are taking him seriously, that shows the intelligence of those affiliated with that party...
+76 # RMDC 2011-12-10 15:13
I saw this comment on the news and thought it was the most despicable remark I've ever seen an American political candidate make. Sure there are a lot of Zionist extremists who say this (i.e., Alan Dershowitz), but they are liars and scum. Now Newt is a liar and a supporter of genocide. Newt said that "Palestinians should have left the area when they had the chance" referring to the Nakbah of 1947-51 when about 1/3 of the Palestinians (1 million) were driven by force out of their homes by Israeli terrorist bands. Ethnic cleansing is genocide under the terms of the UN Convention. Newt makes light of genocide. This is an affront to Palestinians and to Jews who are not forgetting the Nazi ethnic cleansing of Germany in the 1930s which looked a great deal like the Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

Newt has a really mean and vicious streak in him. This is typical of what Nietzsche called "men of resentment." He grew up southern white trash (he was born in PA but soon moved to small town Georgia) and shows the typical envy of that class for those born into more affluent and better educated people. He went to good schools but does not appear to have learned anything other than more resentment.

In these comments, Newt is trying to lick the ass of the Israeli lobby. I’m sure it will work. I’m sure they love hearing this. It is their own narrative.

Telling a people that the "do not exist" or that they are "invented" is pure racism.
+39 # CL38 2011-12-10 17:28
Newt has always been a liar!
+9 # 2011-12-10 19:44
Great Comment! Very Shakespearean, Gurka.
+1 # Dion Giles 2011-12-10 21:20
It’s not only Newt Gingrich, sadly. Zionist outreach (or intimidation of the faint hearted) has even infested the otherwise largely respectable Google. Enter [Google map X] where X is the name of a country and you get a map of country X. Try entering [Google map Palestine]. Identify the area inside the solid line. Look for Palestine. Consider all the implications of what the map says about Google and (much more important) what it says about those who have told Google what to show.
-5 # Todd Williams 2011-12-11 09:44
I agree with much of what you say, RMDC. However, I wouldn't go so far as to equate the extermination of millions of Jews by the Nazis to the expulsion of Palestians from their so-called homeland.
+7 # KittatinyHawk 2011-12-11 18:57
Why not? They are murdered, tortured by those who like us to believe the Holocaust and Nazi Cleansing only happened to them. However, Jews were not the only ones or the first. Yet those others never get their recognition, why is that? the Catholics, the Union Laborers, those who were not fair skinned, blue eyed were not as important as the Jews who were killed?
Many other Nationalities and Germans were tortured, gassed, and yet the 'Holocaust' only seems to incur it happening to Jewish Faith only.
My Uncle died he was Irish Catholic, American Pilot, he was tortured as were everyone on his Plane. They were buried alive or burned to death.
+5 # Dion Giles 2011-12-11 19:02
Quite right - racist genocide (by Germans by the way, not by Palestinians) and territory theft don't anywhere near equate. But what does "so-called" mean? The Palestinians are a people. They have a homeland. They have been exiled from it by thieving intruders. Calling their homeland "so-called" may be accidental, but it does look rather like a Gingrichism. Justice can never be served before the Palestinians are free to return unmolested to their homeland.
+75 # Regina 2011-12-10 15:23
For a history graduate with a Ph.D., Newt is a raging ignoramus. His stupidity is far worse and more dangerous than Michele Bachmann's, since she isn't burdened with any credentials to live up to. Michele just spouts TP pie-in-the-sky that wouldn't get her a pass in jr. high school Civics, but Newt invents nasty political fictions with a clear tie to manipulative connivers, such as the "neocons" of "J Street."
+40 # RMDC 2011-12-10 16:21
Regina -- when Newt first came on the scene back in the 90s, I read much of his doctoral dissertation. I was pretty shocked. He was writing about colonialism in Africa and justifying the high rate of murders on the grounds that a superior civilization was replacing an inferior one. He clearly had no close knowledge of any colonizing campaigns, not even the most notorious one of King Leopold which murdered or worked to death some 10-14 million Congolese. For Newt, this detail was just part of the cost of progress.

But this sort of thinking on the hard right wing is not unusual. Remember Condolezza Rice who said that the horrific violence and death in Iraq was only part of the birth pains of the new new middle east. I don't think these expressions can be written off as mere opinion or ideology. They are the signs of a real sociopath, someone who is really dangerous. We know that Rice participated in the deliberate killing of some 3-4 million people in Iraq and Afghanistan (my estimates based on my study). She could not care less. Newt is the same kind of person. I can easily see him ordering genocide and not caring a whit. There are not really very many such dangerous people in the world. Cheney was one. Bush was too stupid to know what was being done in his name. Rice was one. And Newt is one. A real psychopath. He should be locked up somewhere so that he cannot hurt anyone.
-1 # Artemis 2011-12-15 19:47
Check out Balfour then - the much admired engineer of the declaration to allow the Zionists into Palestine was a raging colonialist, superior type himself.
+9 # 2011-12-10 19:56
You said it, Regina. Good Remark.
-1 # Artemis 2011-12-15 19:44
Interesting take you have on 'J Street'. They are in fact suspicious, seeming to care for the Palestinians whilst worming their way into the upper strata of US/Israeli politics. Watch them.
-42 # MJnevetS 2011-12-10 15:43
While Newt may be an ass, he is correct in the above statements. Independent Arabic scholars have acknowledged the same. I'll note this is an unattributed Al Jazeera article, but the bias present is indisputable. It claims "More than 700,000 Palestinians were forced from their lands by Zionist armed groups in 1948" This is revisionist history. While there were between 700,000 and 730,000 Arabs who fled the area during 1948, it was in response to the invasion of the region by the united Arab Command, consisting of troops supplied by Jordan, Egypt, Iraq Syria and Lebanon. It was the Arab invasion and the dangers inherent in living in a war-zone that led the people to flee. Not any acts by Israel, which was only defending its borders. There is no 'historic' Palestine as has been acknowledged by Arabic historians and leaders; however, there is a historic Israel.

"There is no such thing as Palestine in history, absolutely not". - Professor Philip Hitti, Arab historian, 1946 -

"Palestine was part of the Province of Syria" AND

"politically, the Arabs of Palestine were not independent in the sense of forming a separate political entity." AND

"It is common knowledge that Palestine is nothing but southern Syria." - Ahmed Shuqeiri, Chairman of the Palestinian Liberation Organization.
+22 # Misterioso 2011-12-10 17:08
Part I

It seems you are unaware that military intervention in Palestine by the Arab League on 15 May 1948 was precipitated by the fact that during the preceding
5 months following passage of the recommendatory only/non-bindin g UNGA Partition Plan, Jewish forces (Irgun, Haganah/Palmach , Sternists) had already dispossessed and expelled about 400,000 Palestinians.

For example: during late April/48, 60,000 were driven out of Haifa as were 70,000 from Jaffa in early May and 60,000 from West Jerusalem in March and early May. In order to attempt to stem the accelerating expulsion of Palestinians and despite the fact they were outnumbered and outgunned, the Arab League state armies were forced to enter Palestine. During the ensuing war, Israel seized 78% of Palestine, ejected another 400,000 Palestinians and destroyed nearly 500 of their towns and villages, including mosques, churches and cemeteries.
+34 # Misterioso 2011-12-10 17:13
Part II

For your further edification, the region between the Jordan River and the Med. Sea was first referred to as "Palestine" by the Greek historian Herodotus ("the father of history") during the 5th century BCE. To quote from his The Histories: ""...they live in the coastal parts of Syria; and that region of Syria and all that lies between it and Egypt is called Palestine." (VII.89)

This translation by Harry Carter is featured in the 1958 Heritage Press edition of Herodotus' famous work. Both older and newer versions corroborate the accuracy of the reference. A. D. Godley's 1920 translation of the crucial line states, "This part of Syria as far as Egypt is all called Palestine", while Robin Waterfield's 1998 updated Oxford translation renders the passage this way: "This part of Syria, all the way to the border with Egypt, is known as Palestine."

100 years later, in the mid-4th Century BCE, Aristotle made reference to the Dead Sea in his Meteorology. "Again if, as is fabled, there is a lake in Palestine...."

Jewish historian Josephus's (c.37-100 CE)The Jewish War, Antiquities of the Jews contains copious references to both "Palestine" and "Palestinians."
+4 # John Locke 2011-12-11 12:28
You forget to mention that The Hebrews had claimed the territory since at least 1050 BCE and it was during the 5th Century BCE that Palastine had been a part of Syria...
+37 # Ken Hall 2011-12-10 17:44
Revisionist bullwoofy. Check the graphic documentary "Palestine" by the jounalist Saco if you would like to be better informed about who the Palestinians were fleeing. And by whatever name it went under, the land that is now called Palestine was inhabit for centuries by a population that was, by a large margin, Arab. Here's what Ghandi, an internationally acclaimed humanitarian, had to say about the British Mandate:"Palest ine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French...What is going on in Palestine today cannot be justified by any moral code of conduct...If they [the Jews] must look to the Palestine of geography as their national home, it is wrong to enter it under the shadow of the British gun. A religious act cannot be performed with the aid of the bayonet or the bomb. They can settle in Palestine only by the goodwill of the Arabs... As it is, they are co-sharers with the British in despoiling a people who have done no wrong to them. I am not defending the Arab excesses. I wish they had chosen the way of non-violence in resisting what they rightly regard as an unacceptable encroachment upon their country. But according to the accepted canons of right and wrong, nothing can be said against the Arab resistance in the face of overwhelming odds." Mahatma Gandhi, quoted in "A Land of Two Peoples" ed. Mendes-Flohr.
+44 # Ken Hall 2011-12-10 17:45
And here is what David Ben-Gurion had to say about the situation: “Why should the Arabs make peace? If I was an Arab leader, I would never make terms with Israel. That is natural: we have taken their country. Sure, God promised it to us, but what does that matter to them? Our God is not theirs. We come from Israel, it’s true, but two thousand years ago, and what is that to them? There has been anti-Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschweitz, but was that their fault? They only see one thing: we came here and stole their country. Why should they accept that?”
--David Ben-Gurion, quoted in “The Jewish Paradox” by Nahum Goldman
+16 # 2011-12-10 20:08
Excellent comment without any anti-semetism expressed. This is the at the core of the issue! Good for you KEN HALL!
Newt Gingrigh is a lose cannon and self-
centered egoist who will be seen through by intelligent, well educated citizens,
+14 # RussellB 2011-12-10 20:32
I'm sorry but you need to dig a little deeper than the traditional Israeli version of things in 1948. Israeli historians Benny Morris and Ilan Pappe have both now firmly established that it was indeed the Israelis who began implementing a policy of dispossession of Palestinians before there was any Arab response. This is now grudgingly and belatedly accepted now even in Israel. The Arab response was uncoordinated and not very effective as evidenced by the fact that at the end of hostilities Israel had expanded its borders beyond the original borders established by the UN. Israel was playing offense NOT defense.

It is irrelevant if there was any "historic" Palestine or not. It is literally insane to use territorial claims that go back thousands of years to determine legitimate borders in the modern world. To make a religious claim, as many on the far right do, has about as much legitimacy as if I were to tell a judge that I heard the voice of God and he told me to shoot my landlord.

No doubt Gingrich was counseled to use the term "invented" given the fact that Israeli historian Shlomo Sand recently published a bestseller in Israel entitled "The Invention Of The Jewish People" in which he basically demonstrates much of the mythology behind Jewish identity.
-2 # Artemis 2011-12-15 19:51
Oh my goodnes. It is getting worse and worse. Do read "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine", by the Israeli historian Pappe, which includes masses of material from David Ben Gurion's diaries and Israeli military archives. I think that those would be more reliable sources.
-33 # MJnevetS 2011-12-10 15:46
There are too many AntiSemites (on THIS site!) hiding behind the title anti-Zionist. However, when they comment it almost always devolves into an attack on Jews. (Full disclosure - I am Jewish, not particularly religious, but proud!) Israel has a fully integrated Arab population. How many Arabic countries has a fully integrated Jewish population?
+12 # stan van houcke 2011-12-10 16:24
proud about what?
+34 # Misterioso 2011-12-10 17:32

"Israel has a fully integrated Arab population." Nonsense.

Baruch Kimmerling, formerly George S. Wise Professor of Sociology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem: “The laws of Israel have become the laws of a master people and the morality that of lords of the land.” ("Politicide: The real legacy of Ariel Sharon")

The U.S. State Department's report on International Religious Freedom: "Arabs in Israel...are subject to various forms of discrimination [and the government] does not provide Israeli Arabs...with the same quality of education, housing, employment opportunities as Jews."

Ronnie Kasrils, a key player in the struggle against apartheid, minister for intelligence in the current South African government and a devout Jew: "The Palestinian minority in Israel has for decades been denied basic equality in health, education, housing and land possession, solely because it is not Jewish. The fact that this minority is allowed to vote hardly redresses the rampant injustice in all other basic human rights. They are excluded from the very definition of the 'Jewish state', and have virtually no influence on the laws, or political, social and economic policies. Hence, their similarity to the black South Africans [under apartheid]." (The Guardian, 25 May 2005)
+10 # CL38 2011-12-11 00:30
I'm not Jewish or Palestinian.

What I don't understand is how can the Jewish people treat Palestinians this way...when they've experienced the same sort of discrimination and hatred...and worse, themselves??
+1 # KittatinyHawk 2011-12-11 19:06
Amen I wonder also. I am not against any nationality/Fai th but I get tired of hearing me, me, me. Look at our trials and tribulations. Then go and kill innocent women, children even men. Torture, steal from. they are no better than the dictators who destroy their countries.
I believe with as many that pledge yearly to go back to Israel, perhaps they should and fight their own battles rather than drag everyone else into their fights. I will say that to anyone that does not like the USA...go home! to anyone who believe killing is the means to an end...after centuries, show me the proof.
+20 # Misterioso 2011-12-10 17:33

Ilan Pappe, professor of political science at Haifa University: "[Israel's] political system [is] exclusionary, a pro forma democracy - going through the motions of democratic rule but essentially being akin to apartheid or Herenvolk ('master race') democracy."

Adi Ophir, philosophy professor at Tel Aviv University: "...the adoption of the political forms of an ethnocentric and racist nation-state in general, are turning Israel into the most dangerous place in the world for the humanity and morality of the Jewish community, for the continuity of Jewish cultures and perhaps for Jewish existence itself."

One of countless examples of apartheid within Israel proper:
Ha'aretz, Dec. 14/09: "Jewish town won't let Arab build home on his own land "
Excerpt: "Aadel Suad first came to the planning and construction committee of the Misgav Local Council in 1997. Suad, an educator, was seeking a construction permit to build a home on a plot of land he owns in the community of Mitzpeh Kamon. The reply he got, from a senior official on the committee, was a memorable one. 'Don't waste your time,' he reportedly told Suad. 'We'll keep you waiting for 30 years.' "
+4 # Ken Hall 2011-12-10 18:45
Thank you, Misterioso, for the timely and trenchant information.
+3 # Misterioso 2011-12-10 22:16
Thanks to you as well. The truth is now easily available for those who seek it.
The Hasbara puppets are being swept away.
+11 # Phlippinout 2011-12-10 18:46
What a shame you think anti semites are people who know history.
-15 # 2011-12-10 20:16
MJnevetS: God Bless You! You are a true humanitarian. I too am a Jew and "not particularly Jewish" but I am so disturbed by these anti-semetic remarks and negative remarks about Jews especially when most are coming from people who claim to be "LIBERALS" , and abhor racism, homophobia, anti-gender and anti-humanitari an policies,etc.
Anti-semetism is a particularly dangerous and frightening issue because it fostered Nazism and Hitler's cruel and crazed regime akn the holocuast.
+8 # Phlippinout 2011-12-11 09:50
The work Anti semitic is losing its power because it is over used and very abused. BTW Arabs are semitic too. Just another work hijacked for the pleasure of some. There are people suffering in this world and i am so very sick of being always dragged back to the people who once suffered but are very much ok now. The Jewish people are not the suffering ones now, there is a list of brown people whose lives are a disaster so others can live very well but still whine about it! Get over yourself, we have! Think of others and stop the disgusting vacuum of self centered "me me me" There are also wonderful jewish people who are not caught up in the aggressive lobby of shameful zionism that is not confined to being Jewish. Yes I hate zionism it has destroyed people, their homes, their families their jobs their self pride and determination. I hate it as much as I hate capitalism that has trampled lives for the filthy dollar. Because I hate capitalism does that mean I hate every American? Hell NO!
+2 # KittatinyHawk 2011-12-11 19:11
Perhaps you bring on yourselves. Name calling, throwing stones...seem to be good at that yourself.
We make comments as we see the torture of all others as wrong. You seem to think we should only see you as a People and 'your problems' World is a big place and you are just one tribe. Sorry, I know my history, I also know must of us came from the Middle Eastern/Garden of Eden Culture. We even were brought up on the Jewish Diary known as the Bible. But you have slain, you talk democracy and let not others have theirs. Hypocritical eh?
+22 # Dion Giles 2011-12-10 20:41
"There are too many AntiSemites (on THIS site!) hiding behind the title anti-Zionist," writes a Zionist troll.

Zionists are people who hold that one ethnic group, Jews, is special enough to set up a settler state belonging exclusively to itself, and to expect the support of the world community in protecting this state from the millions it has displaced and exiled.

Equating "Zionists" and "Jews" is

*a racist ploy by Zionists to claim the loyalty of Jews and sympathy of the rest of the world, and

*a racist weapon wielded by antisemites against Jews.

To conflate "Zionists" and "Jews" is as libellous as conflating "Neocons" and "Americans".
+9 # Merschrod 2011-12-10 21:49
Well, put.
+45 # angelfish 2011-12-10 15:49
Gingrich is a FAILED human being. A thrice married "invented" Roman Catholic with NO moral fiber, he seeks to re-INVENT himself as the arbiter of ALL that is Presidential. He is a Sick Joke that will not succeed in his attempt to "Shahoolah" the majority (99%) of us who have functioning brain cells! Give it up, newt, Justice will be served on Election Day 2012 and you're NOT on the Menu! The People, UNITED will NEVER be defeated!
+16 # AlQuds 2011-12-10 15:50
Who's "invented"? According to an Israeli scholar, Shlomo Sand, it's the notion of a "Jewish people." Ironically, in his ignorance, Gingrich is copying Sand`s book `Invention of the Jewish People.`This invention is a reality that earlier Jewish writers talked about (e.g., Arthur Koestler) and attempts made to silence them. All Eastern European, North African and Spanish Jews were the result of conversions in later centuries and have nothing to do with Palestine or ancient Jews. The Palestinians, though changed to Muslims and Christians, are the only ones who can claim continuity with the ancient past. To which I add that the reason Gingrich can talk that way is that the U.S. was created by the `pilgrim fathers`as a copy of an invented ancient Israel. He is regressing to such antiquated thinking.
+27 # tedrey 2011-12-10 15:50
Since this is the guy who boasts of getting paid $60,000 a speech, I wonder how much he charged to say this nonsense.
+24 # diacad 2011-12-10 15:53
I have a criticism and it is not about Ging Rich. It is that the media, including "ours", spends too much time on these people. They will not get anywhere; there are limits to public credulity. I hope.
+32 # Terrapin 2011-12-10 16:03
This American Political Sideshow Clown is INSANE.
Is this really what U.S. Democracy has deteriorated into?
+18 # angelfish 2011-12-10 16:35
Dear Terrapin, WHERE have you been? Don't you recall Sarah Palin? Michelle Bachmann? Herman Cain? not to mention Rick Santorum, Rick Perry and Donald Trump! Democracy is bumbling right along but the ReTHUGlican Party has hit the skids BIG Time!P
+8 # Terrapin 2011-12-10 20:02
Been right here with you ... it's like Every Day, just when I thought I could not be MORE dismayed ... now THIS type of thing ... as the American Political Sideshow ratchets itself in the direction of shrieking purple ... on a daily basis it gets more looney, farcical, alarming, tragic, pathetic and just Fucking Embarassing!
+21 # colmo04 2011-12-10 16:14
If Palestine was invented, it was so about 100 years before Israel was fabricated. Might have been nice to consult with the people who lived there and considered it their home before clearing them out and superimposing another country and people in the middle of it, doncha think? Of course there have been problems; what did the people who came up with this plan think was going to happen? There is no printable desciption here for Gingrich and his obvious, excrebable, and fantasy-based pandering to Jews to ingratiate himself for their vote. I believe most Jews know what he says is mean-spirited and inaccurate BS and reject it. What happened to this "fair-minded" nation, us, and an objective, reality-based, and compassionate foreign policy? I am disgusted and ashamed.
-1 # Artemis 2011-12-15 20:03
"what did the people who came up with this plan think was going to happen?"
Actually they were warned and some tried to stop them, including many Jews who foresaw the strife and suffering to come. The debates in British Parliament at the time are most revealing, but there is also some interesting material by Hannah Arendt.
+31 # walt 2011-12-10 16:18
I wonder what the audience might have thought if he said the same about the Jews. They too could have had another homeland.

Either way, a comment of this sort is typical of Gingrich the hip-shooter. He is a loose cannon and not someone who should be president.

What seems the saddest part of it all, however, is how a candidate for the US presidency has to show his loyalty to Israel, especially when his own country is in dire straits!
+14 # stan van houcke 2011-12-10 16:40
so what would be the conclusion? it is sad indeed, but that is only a qualification. what does it mean that a presidential candidate in the usa has to befriend the zionist lobby?
+23 # Ninure 2011-12-10 16:22
White Americans are invited people and they could have chosen to stay in Europe.

I bet all of us who are desended from the Native Americans who suddenly had their land invaded, and the African people who were brought here as slaves wish THAT were true!
+2 # KittatinyHawk 2011-12-11 19:14
+26 # stan van houcke 2011-12-10 16:23
invented people? the jews in israel are invented, read deuteronomium 20:16-17. they first had to kill the native population. invented people? the americans are invented. they first had to kill the indians. invented people? we all are invented according to the christians who believe they were created by the great white skygod. is this gringrich mad?
+6 # CL38 2011-12-11 00:22
Yes, a lunatic running for President of the US, smiling all the way.
+17 # pernsey 2011-12-10 16:30
"So the idea that Palestinians are 'an invented people' while Israelis somehow are not is historically indefensible and inaccurate."

"Such statements seem to merely reflect deep historical ignorance and an irrational hostility towards Palestinian identity and nationalism."

These sentences just about describe the GOP inaccurate and ignorant of never stopped the Newster from just spewing his crap...facts be damned!

-10 # BobbyLip 2011-12-10 16:31
Kinda makes ya long for the good ol' days of Ronnie Ray-gun, don't he?
+19 # pernsey 2011-12-10 16:33
Newt is an idiot!
+18 # bugbuster 2011-12-10 16:35
Pander pander pander. Beyond that, his remarks don't deserve the dignity of a response.
+16 # in deo veritas 2011-12-10 16:36
What a crock! The Palestinians were already living there when the first settlers newly freed from death camps came ther, although opposed by the British, who had no right to be involved at all. Could eithert the jews or Palestinians been free to live elsewhere? We in the good ol USA wouldn't allow the passengers on the SS St.Louis (Jewsd) to come here to live & they ended up back in the clutches of the Nazis. Would Palestinian Muslims have fared differently? Gimme a break! Considering the attitudes of so many ignorant followers of the GOP line of crap none of these people would be welcomed here today. Gangrene is again showing that he doesn't deserve American citizenship much less the presidency.
+19 # Lolanne 2011-12-10 16:49
Every time the newt crawls out from under a rock and opens his mouth, he sinks even lower into the depths of ignorance and incivility. He's about as slimy as anything that ever reared its ugly head in a presidential race.
+23 # alanterentiv 2011-12-10 16:49
I met a self proclaimed Palestinian (from Jordan) having lunch with an Israeli(his words). I was confused at first until I thought,"duh! The average people of this world want to live in peace with each other". That is exactly what they said-Israelis and Palestinians go about their business and want to live in harmony. I am just guessing that it is the banks and weapons manufacturers that mostly wish to perpetuate the hate.
+15 # John Goodspeed 2011-12-10 16:54
For someone who claims to be a history professor he certainly seems to have missed an important thousand years or so.
+29 # Helen Marshall 2011-12-10 17:04
@FRedboy - please rein in your prejudice against people who shop at Costco - I am a senior by virtue of having survived 67 years, and I shop there because they treat their employees far better than the Ruling Family, the Walmarts, treat theirs. Last I looked I don't drool.

As for Newt, I worked for the government during his reign as Speaker and it was simply terrifying. Sadly, however, his despicable remarks about the Palestinians are not that far off our actual policy on the ground, regardless of what we mouth in order to pretend to be a neutral party that can run the "Peace Process."
+17 # giraffee2012 2011-12-10 17:08
Every GOP candidate is a loose candidate that belongs to a CULT sponsored by "big $$" -- trying to appeal to the ideology of the very right. Those people are not of money so they must be brain washed to think that abortion (etc) is more important than needless wars + giving our tax $$ to the top 1% + no jobs on the horizon + OIL + no EPA (even when their kids can't breath) --- If one of these loose cannons gets elected it will be because the GOP have suppressed the vote of the Dems in enough areas == there is no logical way anybody who is not working or can't feed their kids (etc) would vote for idiots like Newt (etc)

But we know Newt will lose it big time -- his temper and manners etc will get the better of him.

Sign Bernie Sander's petition to "get the $$ out of politics"
+20 # Kootenay Coyote 2011-12-10 17:14
After all, one could, with much more justification, say that Americans were an invented people.
+12 # Progressive Patriot 2011-12-10 17:19
This idiot taught history? He needs to _study_ it and learn it before he can teach it.

The Palestinians were there for centuries before the Zionist state of Israel was FORCED upon them. Many of them might even have Jewish ancestry, before their ancestors chose to convert to Islam.

People convert to other religions, and I question just what ancestral ties many of the Jews who have moved there in the past 50 years actually have. There are Black Jews in South Africa who are direct descendants of Jews who were forced into the Sudan, and, over hundreds of year, migrated through various countries, and ended up in what is now South Africa. They are very devout, but aren't interested in moving to Israel.
+6 # Felix Julian 2011-12-10 20:36
Quoting Progressive Patriot:
This idiot taught history? He needs to _study_ it and learn it before he can teach it.

The Palestinians were there for centuries before the Zionist state of Israel was FORCED upon them. Many of them might even have Jewish ancestry, before their ancestors chose to convert to Islam.

People convert to other religions, and I question just what ancestral ties many of the Jews who have moved there in the past 50 years actually have. There are Black Jews in South Africa who are direct descendants of Jews who were forced into the Sudan, and, over hundreds of year, migrated through various countries, and ended up in what is now South Africa. They are very devout, but aren't interested in moving to Israel.

It is my understanding that most modern day Israeli Jews are Ashkenazis mostly from Eastern Europe and the broken up soviets of the USSR. Their ancestral connection to the land of Palestine is highly debatable. Even to the Middle East at all. They are secular Jews from places like Moldova. Avigdor Lieberman - Israel's contentious foreign minister is from Moldova. And btw God did not give "Israel" to the Jews- Balfour did.
-1 # KittatinyHawk 2011-12-11 19:18
God didnot give anything to anyone, Creation was the purity of the moment, and destroyed since.
Everyone took, migrated, took more. Balfour had no rights to give anything either.
+19 # MainStreetMentor 2011-12-10 17:24
My word! If the RepubTeacan party supports the idiocy spewed from this man, what does it say about that political party's membership? Of course, this is fundamentally the same group that brought into the White House the Bush/Cheney kakistocracy. Collectively they have the IQ of flat river-rock.
+6 # John Locke 2011-12-11 12:58
You're giving them a higher IQ then they deserve!
+17 # CL38 2011-12-10 17:26
The 'historian' invents history and projects his invented information onto the Palestinians.

This is the same old right making incendiary statements to deflect attention away from their own flaws and incompetence.
+21 # Progressive Patriot 2011-12-10 17:32
Gingrich said, "If I'm even-handed between a civilian democracy that obeys the rule of law and a group of terrorists that are firing missiles every day, that's not even-handed, that's favouring the terrorists."

Zionist Israel is NOT a democracy and DOES NOT obey the rule of law ... at least not International laws. Israel has become a rogue state ... that commits crimes against humanity every day.

To reverse things on a more local level that Newt might understand, how would he feel if someone suddenly moved thousands of people into his home town, taking his house, and those of most of his neighbors, and declared that his town is no longer a part of the United States, but is the new Cherokee Nation? Would he be up in arms about it?

Doesn't that explain why the Palestinians have resisted Israel from the very beginning? Nobody asked _them_ what they thought of the idea ... the US and Britain just dumped the Jews on them, and carved out a nation for them, right in the middle of Palestine.
+1 # Activista 2011-12-11 22:00
"that are firing missiles every day??"
this is worn cliche ... about 9 in Israel were killed by "thousands" of rackets from Gaza (mostly by opponents of Hamas - more than 1400 Palestinians in Gaza were killed by IDF in three week bombing (mostly civilians/child ren) 3 years ago.
Operation Cast Led - Obama elect was informed.
+14 # AlQuds 2011-12-10 17:41
The Zionist who has popped up on this comment page is adding more Zionist inventions and pretending to quote "Arab" historians. Historian Phillip Hitti couldn't have said what is quoted. (Which book and what page?!). He wasn't ignorant not to know that Palestine has been called so since the time of the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, and the Romans called it Philistia (which is the source of "Palestine"). All travelers (including Jewish ones) called it so for many centuries until 1948. People of the Jewish faith have lived in harmony with the other populations in the region (in Arab Spain and in Greater Syria) until the injection of Zionist ideology in the 20th century. And then what's wrong with Palestine being part of "Greater Syria"? This is one region that the existence of Israel only disrupts and attempts to destroy with its colonial, racist, exclusivist policies. Anyone who says the non-Jews live equally in racist Israel must be blind or a liar.
+16 # alanterentiv 2011-12-10 17:41
I met an Israeli and a Palestinian who were having lunch together. They saw the confused look on my face (it lasted a millisecond before I realized the obvious) knowing that I was thinking, "aren't you enemies?". They assured me that your average Israeli or Palestinian is not interested in bigotry and violence, but rather(duh!) peace and prosperity. I am probably preachin' to the choir here, but, the citizens of the world have to realize that these wars are perpetrated by the big money players. Seams like the average Joe Citizen Tea Partier doesn't get that. Tragic.
+8 # Misterioso 2011-12-10 17:52
The sick irony of American politicians' inexcusable slavish devotion to well documented racist/expansio nist/occupier/o ppressor Israel and its lobby is that it is sowing the seeds of antisemitism. Like people around the world, Americans are finally figuring out the truth about the Israel-Palestin ian/Arab conflict, i.e., Palestinians are the victims and Israel is their victimizer. They are already wondering and questioning why US foreign policy apropos the Middle East and the Muslim world is being dictated by Israel. Surely, it is obvious to any thinking person that Israel is America's number one geopolitical liability, a millstone around its neck. In 25 years:
3 billion Muslims worldwide; 650 million Arabs, including 10-12 million Palestinians between the River Jordan and the Med. Sea. The implications for US foreign policy, especially re the ME, should be obvious. The handwriting is on the wall. Unfortunately, Israel and its supporters refuse to read it. Fortunately, however, a large and ever-increasing number of enlightened and righteous Jews around the world realize what is happening and are divorcing themselves from Israel and Zionism.
-3 # Todd Williams 2011-12-11 10:02
Mist., I've been reading your posts for the past half hour and have one simple question: what is your great plan for the solution of the Israel Palestine dilema? Kill all the Jews? Expel the Jews from their land (even if you feel it isn't their land)? I want to know your solution.
+2 # Activista 2011-12-11 15:03
Kill all the Palestinians? Expel the Palestinians from their land?
Is/was the policy of State of Israel since 1945 -
ifamericaknew.o rg/history/maps .html
+1 # Dion Giles 2011-12-11 19:29
Quoting Todd Williams:
Mist., I've been reading your posts for the past half hour and have one simple question: what is your great plan for the solution of the Israel Palestine dilema? Kill all the Jews? Expel the Jews from their land (even if you feel it isn't their land)? I want to know your solution.


A solution? How about justice? Dismantle the racist state of Israel. All 4 ½ million exiles to be free to return and reoccupy their homeland. All people born there - no matter what their forebears did - remain as equals. All settlers born somewhere else be sent back to where they came from. After that, a single state from the Mediterranean Sea to belong to all who live there and be governed democratically - one vote one value. No state, anywhere in the world, to belong to any self-proclaimed “special” ethnic group. After all, there’s only one at present.
-1 # KittatinyHawk 2011-12-11 19:22
Can only hope that we will all work out our differences, accept each other. But that will remain to be seen, as he who has dictates.
+9 # snidely-whiplash 2011-12-10 18:13
"...there was no Palestine as a state... & I think that we've had an invented Palestinian people..."- Newt Gingrich
What a terrible thing to say about anybody!
Obviously, the Jews & the Palestinians are both real peoples. It can be proven that they both have a legitimate connection to this particular land. There are history books, that are full of references, which can back that up. Their Semitic DNA proves their relationship.
Does this 3rd rate academic, Gingrich, who was denied tenure at a minor regional university, possess the gravitas needed to consign foreign peoples to illegitimacy?
On what ground does Gingrich stand? His history of serial adultery, his wish to repeal child labor laws, his kowtowing to corporations, so eager to line his pockets with filthy graft? As Speaker of the House, Gingrich was disciplined for ethics violations, & he was fined $300,000. Don't forget that the GOP asked him to step down, too.
The intemperate & hateful demagoguery of a charlatan such as Gingrich, points to a lack of integrity, a lack of ethical standards, a lack of empathy & compassion, toward his fellow human beings.
People need to take a stance against such a dishonest & immodest rabble rouser. His ersatz oratory does a disservice to the party of Lincoln, Eisenhower, & Teddy Roosevelt. The bilious tirades of Gingrich taint the image of the USA itself.
+13 # reiverpacific 2011-12-10 18:15
Perhaps the "Nit" -who never tires of touting his historical education, might use the term "Invented" as a pseudonym for Israel, which was "Invented" by the British in 1948 as part of their post-imperial and kinda desperate division of the Middle East.
You only have to dive into that unreliable but interesting (if you are selective enough) document called The Bible, to see Palestine as a nation state.
And I mean no disrespect to Israeli folks unless they swallow "Nit's" latest fabrication on HIS behalf -not theirs-there is a huge difference there.
If this guano-splat on the face of American politics is the best that the G.O.P. (Grumpy, Old, Pathetic) party can do for a candidate, well ----keep it up, Grincher!
The entire cast of "Idiotocracy" must be voting in their roles to give this poor cipher even a tithe of credibility!
-4 # 2011-12-10 20:33
Reiverpacific, you are a scholar and have written an excellent comment without any anti-semetism despite your view. Thank YOU!
-2 # KittatinyHawk 2011-12-11 19:31
Newt doesnot seem to be the only ill educated person.
I am a Catholic and I know that Palestine was mentioned in the old testament and new. But selective reading or acknowledgement seems to be inbred of all those who have racist feelings.
+20 # Smiley 2011-12-10 18:45
And Gingrich's ancestors could have gone somewhere else instead of coming to the "invented" nation of the United States....kind of wish they had.
+13 # Midwestgeezer 2011-12-10 18:47
All I can think to say is that Newt is full of shit.
+6 # pernsey 2011-12-10 19:57
Quoting Midwestgeezer:
All I can think to say is that Newt is full of shit.

All I can say is I agree with you!
+4 # Activista 2011-12-10 19:32
"his world view was "pretty close" to that of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu" - two criminals ruling the World?
This ONLY truth Gingrich said - money from AIPAC will flow ... welcome to the new state USRAEL.
+6 # colmo04 2011-12-10 19:37
I just received in my Yahoo INBOX 21 impassioned, well-written and documented arguments for Palestine's historical right to the name Palestine and to the territories taken from them by the Israelis and the Europeans who put them there. Ken Hall's and Mysterioso's were the most compelling; they know the history much better than I. But I thought, why are they railing at me? I AGREE with them and my post was pro-Palestine and anti the idiot panderer Gingrich. There must be some mistake; they are responding to someone else's post! Then I realized I had checked "please notify me of all subsequent posts on this topic" (and not responses to MY post). Whew. I must say I am impressed and gratified to see so many intelligent and informed comments on this subject. You guys are smart. Not exactly like the type of comments you'll find from morons responding to Yahoo news articles (depressing). Cheers!
+2 # alanterentiv 2011-12-10 19:40
Is there an aerosol spray that would render the violent gene infertile? Now there's an Xprize game for you!
+9 # Jmamer 2011-12-10 19:51
Is it not clear that Newt Gingrich is little more than a pompous, self-important ass? Is it not clear that he says whatever he wants without regard to fact?

Even without entering into a fruitless argument about his recent comment characterizing Palestinians as an “invented people” I would like to point out that such a statement is completely irrelevant because at some point it has to be true about of any people. When groups of post-cave-dwell ing Homo sapiens organized themselves into a primitive community were they not in the process of inventing themselves?

I invite Newt to think about this: Once upon a time there was no ”United States.” Therefore the United States, as a state, and Americans [sic], as a people (exceptional and not) were invented as a people. In fact, even Newt might agree that those European uninvited “settlers” were, for a long time, simply part of the British Empire. Is it not true that Newt’s own tribe was; perhaps are, Englishmen who were historically part of the European community?

And what the hell would that mean?
+2 # Mouna 2011-12-10 21:17
Oh! I get it. Nuwt says the simple-y things he says because he is familiar with the way people were educated NOT to question the very first thing that was said to them, because they were ONLY children or poor folks or sinners________ ____ (fill in whatever "judgment" comes to mind);they were not allowed to question or to think. That's how I was educated in Texas. I'm still affected by the pervasiveness of "so-called" education. Becoming involved in more than my identity as the goal of life, I appreciate the absurdity I experience when Mr. Gangrich speaks. It reinstates the natural curiosity that was habitually stymied, and questions arise.

Do YOU know who you are, Mr. Gingrich?
+2 # Mouna 2011-12-10 21:24
. . . So I see is that political speeches are aimed at a particular group of voters who will agree with what they hear first even if they don't know what the speaker is talking about, and then it becomes "what's so."

Duh double duh!

It takes courage to wake up!
+5 # Ken Hall 2011-12-10 22:19
I look at the picture of Newt at the beginning of the article and in my mind's eye I see only one finger, and then I remember his "Contract For (ON) America" and I know who he's gesturing to, the 99%!
0 # KittatinyHawk 2011-12-11 19:34
You can tell he is on the wrong team he doesnot know how to give a Peace sign.
+7 # Misterioso 2011-12-10 22:27
As any reasonably informed person realizes, to refer to Palestinians as an "invented" people is the heighth of ignorance and racism.

I wonder, however, how many people realize that "Israelis" do not in fact exist. Israel is the only country in the world that differentiates between citizenship and nationality. There is no Israeli nationality. All citizens of Israel are referred within Israel as Jews, Arabs, or whatever and it is indicated on their passports. Truly shocking, but true and indicative of the innate racism of Israel and Zionism, its founding ideology.
+3 # snidely-whiplash 2011-12-11 00:09
"...there was no Palestine as a state... & I think that we've had an invented Palestinian people..."- Newt Gingrich
What a terrible thing to say about anybody!
Obviously, the Jews & the Palestinians are both real peoples. It can be proven that they both have a legitimate connection to this particular land. History books are full of references, which can back that up. Their Semitic DNA proves their relationship.
Does this 3rd rate academic, Gingrich, who was denied tenure at a minor regional university, possess the gravitas needed to consign foreign peoples to illegitimacy?
On what ground does Gingrich stand? His history of serial adultery, his wish to repeal child labor laws, his kowtowing to corporations, so eager to line his pockets with filthy graft? As Speaker of the House, Gingrich was disciplined for ethics violations, & he was fined $300,000. Don't forget that the GOP asked him to step down.
The intemperate & hateful demagoguery of a charlatan, such as Gingrich, points to a lack of integrity, a lack of ethical standards, a lack of empathy, & compassion, toward his fellow human beings.
People need to take a stance against such a dishonest & immodest rabble rouser. His ersatz oratory does a disservice to the party of Lincoln, Eisenhower, & Teddy Roosevelt. The bilious tirades of Gingrich taint the image of the USA itself.
+3 # handskhan 2011-12-11 01:10
A historian rewriting history in reverse and sane people takes him seriously.
This reflects very sadly on the mentality of the general public and anyone who votes for people like these must be out of their minds.
What more can one say about his mutterings?
+3 # Robyn 2011-12-11 05:57
Okay, does anyone actually take this fool seriously?
+3 # alanterentiv 2011-12-11 11:10
37% of repukelicans!
+2 # carioca 2011-12-11 09:19
When I read headlines such as that I shudder.
+4 # jimyoung 2011-12-11 12:15
Let me first say I have both Israeli and Palestinian friends and acquaintances that I respect. Newt Gingrich made a comment about Palestinians being a "made up" people who's sole purpose is to destroy Israel. That got me to thinking about my old party (with ancestors who helped found the national Republican Party) turning into a "made up" party that tries so hard to accomplish what they have taken on as their most important mission, destroying Obama. I'd like to return to my old party some day (I left about the same time Elizabeth Warren did) but won't unless and until they pick worthier goals (and actually work towards them). (Most of my friends are still active Republicans, though I am fiercely independent now.

They have such a long way to go now that I'd find new party that restores the best of what Lincoln, Hamlin, Washburns, etc, thought of banks, what Teddy Roosevelt thought about actually enforcing regulations, and what Herbert Hoover came to characterize as "anarchical capitalists" that took excessive personal advantage to skim and hoard instead of "trickling down" (that has never been implemented as advertised). Any attempts to "trickle down" seem to have led through filters that the super advantaged used to make sure they got their cut whether or not any real productivity boosters made it to the next point downstream. Seems they are building the cheap dams, with too little outflow capability, like the one that led to the Johnston Flood.
-1 # MichaelSSmithNJ 2011-12-11 12:24
First of all the area/region was not realy know as Palistine that was the name give to Israel Judea and Samaria after the Jewish revolt by the Romans ans an insult to the Jews. It was a deviation of Philistine who were the Israelites acient enemy . Second the Arabs who lived therr never called themselves Palestinians untile after the 1967 war It was the Jews who lived there for the most part who were calling themsefs Palestinians, The British had a Brigade that was know as the Palistinian Brigade whish was made of entirely of Jews In 1964 the ruler of Syria said that the do not recognise a Palistine only a greater Syria. The Arabs of so called Palistine are no different tnan other Arabs in other Arab nations Let the Jews keep Judea and Samaria whichi is historically actualy theres . The True Homeland for the Arabs is Jordan.
+2 # Activista 2011-12-11 14:56
"It was the Jews who lived there for the most part who were calling themsefs Palestinian?"
in 1900 there was like 4% Jewish population ... ref
ifamericaknew.o rg/history/maps .html
+9 # Kurt 2011-12-11 12:50
What is the "True Homeland" for Native Americans? Are Americans possibly "invented people?" Who thinks up these terms? Labeling groups of people is sick.
+1 # mjc 2011-12-11 14:07
Have learned some great historical information on the Middle East just from reading the various comments furiously posted here. It is quite clear though that Gingrich was not really going to add anything to historical knowledge or American foreign policy with his bizarre talk of "invented" Palestinians. Even other Republicans who aren't complete ciphers, like Ron Paul, said that Israelis would have to be considered "invented" as well since they didn't come into existence until the state of Israel was created by the United Nations, circa 1948. One other concern...for anyone to take the Bible as some kind of definitive history is ridiculous but I noticed some bloggers doing just that. That seems to be taking a page out of Newt Gingrich's book, marshaling "facts" that can be put to use supporting your point of view. Can only hope that Newt will have time in his retirement to study the Middle East more closely.
+3 # KittatinyHawk 2011-12-11 19:41
Bible was written by man, and Palestine was mentioned in it. It is as much a Historical Book as any other written by man.
However, the book was written with all the sins that the Creator taught us were our arrogant egos. The Bible is an important book, people have been quoting it to their own egotistical needs for centuries,even the writers.
Would be nice that people who are speaking would get an education. I have heard more intelligent conversations on the street than I do from the Robots of the Parties in America
+6 # fredboy 2011-12-11 16:48
The Lizard has a career built on lies. Once again he wrings the neck of history. Sorry Newt, but many of us are also readers and students of the past. The best I can say is that he is very good at identifying idiots--anyone who believes his "authoritative" bullshit.
+1 # doneasley 2011-12-12 00:29
As usual Newt is full of bulls***! I never understood how you can displace a group of people, say they don't belong where they were born and raised, move an entirely new group of people in - who, by the way, were gathered from all over Europe - and tell the world that this new group is entitled to the land.

What is it about the Palestinians that is "invented" Newt? They look awfully real to me. And "they could have chosen to live elsewhere"? Where is "elsewhere"? This is one of the most ridiculous statements ever made by this pompous meathead. Could "elsewhere" be Newt's house?
-3 # wlzev 2011-12-12 00:43
This is a heavily biased article just for starters check this out
+5 # Travlinlight 2011-12-12 08:51
I am no great fan of the Bible; a lot of what is contained in it is pure gibberish(a notable exception being some of the ideas in Corinthians), but, if the accounts of the Semitic invasion of the Tigris-Euphrate s basin are to be believed, then the occupation of those lands was justified in the name of a sky god whose existence has never been proven and never can be. The invaders used their notion of a godas an excuse to invade, loot, kill and persecute those already there.

In a sense, plundering and murdering others in the name of a god is the origin of ideological war, which has no limits on the length of conflictor the degree of destruction wrought. I am not singling out the Jews for this kind of criminality; there have been many instances of this kind of insane slaughter and mayhem--the American wars on native people on this continent being just one.

At this late stage in human history, it's too bad that we have not matured enough in mind, heart and spirit to stop this kind of madness and to stop trying to justify it in the name of some fictitious god, who is, by all accounts, a judgmental, vindictive and destructive tyrant who has no real love for his human creation, unless theyabjectly obey his commands.

Isn't it long past time to put away childish things and stop making self-righteous noises that are only sounding brass and tinkling cymbals? Howabout trying to love one another? Crazy idea, huh?
-3 # carurosu 2011-12-12 10:50
I don´t know why many citizens of the USA., conveniently forget "I cite wikepedia)" Peleset, were a people who occupied the southern coast of Canaan at the beginning of the Iron Age (circa 1175 BC). According to the Bible, they ruled the five city-states (the "Philistine Pentapolis") of Gaza, Askelon, Ashdod,
That was befor hebrews decided to leave Babylon,(Abraha m) and come to the land o milk and honey. I cite Wikepedia because it is an american site. I do not cite the Bible, although everything stated is there. Regards.
-2 # MJnevetS 2011-12-12 16:14
Quoting carurosu:
Peleset, were a people who occupied the southern coast of Canaan at the beginning of the Iron Age (circa 1175 BC). According to the Bible, they ruled the five city-states (the "Philistine Pentapolis")
At least Carurosu attempted to educate himself, that is admirable. HOWEVER, do some further reading. The Phillistines have NOTHING to do with Palestinians. As correctly noted by MichaelSSmithNJ , above, 'Palestina' was the name given by the Roman Emperor Hadrian after the Jewish revolt, as he was determined to "wipe out the identity of Israel-Judah-Ju dea". Peleshet, from the verb “pelesh”, “dividers”, “penetrators” or “invaders”. The Philistines were a confederation of non-Semitic (i.e. Non-Arab) peoples coming from Crete, the Aegean Islands and Asia Minor, also known as “Sea Peoples”. Thus true Phillistines, who had invaded the renamed Palestina, were Cretans, NOT Arabic at all. No one disputes the existence of the name Palestina nor the name Phillistines, but to claim a historic connection to the land based upon that, would be akin to a descendant of Iriquois or Souix blood claiming a connection to India, because they were (WRONGLY) identified as Indians.
-2 # MJnevetS 2011-12-12 16:50
By the way, if a group of Mexicans identified themselves as Texicans (having originally lived Northeast of the Rio Grande) prior to 1848, started firing homemade rockets into southwest Texas, claiming a historical right to the land, how long would the U.S. allow it's citizens to be killed? Let's go one step further, what if the group was supported and funded by Columbian druglords (Hezbollah is an Iranian funded terror group). Would any of you say, we, the U.S. (or even Texas) is an occupying nation? Would you then cite the statistics of poverty for Mexican Americans to prove unjust treatment and inequality? Or would you repeat, in jingoistic fashion, "U.S.A., U.S.A." and demand that we "bomb them to Kingdom Come!" Israel has tried to live with their neighbors despite the, at times, daily attempts to murder Israeli citizens. If Israel had the desire to crush the people, versus the terrorists. That whole region would now be part of Israel. Almost every nation around Israel denies its very right to exist. It is the Palestinian leaders who have hijacked any hope of a 2 state solution. This, or course does not help any of the Palestinian people who may be suffering. But, blaming Israel for the conduct of the Palestinian leaders is akin to blaming Canada for the policies of the GOP that led to high American unemployment or destruction of our economy.
0 # Cassandra2012 2011-12-12 18:11
The Hebrews in Bablyon were captured and brought to Babylon -- that is why it is called the "Babylonian Captivity" ...

The Canaanites really did get a bad deal, but they were not necessarily related to modern day 'Palestinians'. [WE do NOT know who or what they were, or whether Hebrews along with Philistines displaced them.

In any case, the Philistines (Fellahin/Pales tinians) were hardly admirable... .
+2 # cypress72 2011-12-12 12:10
I am 60 years old, and ever since I can remember, I have been told to "pray for peace in the Middle East." Quite frankly, I gave up decades ago. It's not possible to reconcile the Jews and the Arabs and it's a global tragedy that they have held the peace of the world hostage to their disagreements.
+3 # Pickwicky 2011-12-12 14:27
I am a citizen of the United States of America. My invention began in 1776.
+3 # teineitalia 2011-12-12 15:50
Newt Gingrich is a bombastic narcissist who is ethically challenged and morally bankrupt. What a sad state of affairs for the once-Grand Old Party. He,like the party he represents, has morphed into an ugly proponent of American fascism and xenophobia. How ironic for him to court the vote of a people who were so deeply hurt by fascism and xenophobia.
He's pandering here, and with his authoritative voice and firm declarations,a few uneducated idiots will believe him...some won't care what he says, as long as he says what they want to hear.... and some, like those who have posted here, know exactly what he's about- divisive politics. He's worse than despicable, but some actually want him to be the president. Are Americans really that dumb? I don't think so.
0 # Freeman 2011-12-13 16:58
Washington's Second Farewell Adress:

"So likewise, a passionate attachment of one nation for another produces a variety of evils. Sympathy for the favorite nation, facilitating the illusion of an imaginary common interest in cases where no real common interest exists, and infusing into one the enmities of the other, betrays the former into a participation in the quarrels and wars of the latter without adequate inducement or justification. It leads also to concessions to the favorite nation of privileges denied to others which is apt doubly to injure the nation making the concessions; by unnecessarily parting with what ought to have been retained, and by exciting jealousy, ill-will, and a disposition to retaliate, in the parties from whom equal privileges are withheld. And it gives to ambitious, corrupted, or deluded citizens (who devote themselves to the favorite nation), facility to betray or sacrifice the interests of their own country, without odium, sometimes even with popularity; gilding, with the appearances of a virtuous sense of obligation, a commendable deference for public opinion, or a laudable zeal for public good, the base or foolish compliances of ambition, corruption, or infatuation."

Both major parties are way off base when it comes to the Mideast. Time to be humble enough for both parties to ask themselves quitely, as Americans, what went wrong in the Mideast.
0 # badbenski 2011-12-15 03:10
Both the American Right and the American Left operate from a position of vast oversimplificat ion of a complex situation in that region. Acceptance of the extreme Zionist point of view is just as evil as the emotional knee jerk support of the so-called Palestinians viewpoint. Arriving in the vacinity of the reality of the situation is the product of intense and detailed study, stretching back decades. Newt's position is just as dangerous to the folks called Palestinians as the Left Wing American support for the Palestinian cause is dangerous to The State of Israel. History shows that there's enough injustice to go around but it also shows certain realities that should prevail. To anyone truly interested I recommend a whole lot of study. For those without the ambition or inclination to ferret out the truth, there are plenty of demigougues for you to line up behind and get your emotional feel-good.
0 # 2011-12-16 18:33
KITTINYHAWK: This comment is for you. You talk a lot about the Bible, NT inferring you aremin touch with the teachings of JESUS. His greatest teaching was in regard to humility which you appear to have NONE of and BTW, Jesus was a Jew. Did you miss that, as well? Educate yourself on the holocaust, also.
-1 # 2011-12-16 18:46
Posters who think of themselves as Liberals and supporters of Human Rights:
Your anti-semetic comments are disgraceful! You should be ashamed to speak as you do and to reinforce one another's cruelty and ignorance when you lack knowledge, insight and awareness of what actually pre-empted and went on during the holocaust in regard to torture and potential genocide of a highly educated, cultured and refined people.

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