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Excerpt: "A new report by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, SIPRI, revealed that despite the slump in global arms industry for five consecutive years, in 2016, arms producers world over saw US$375 billion in profits, with the U.S. weapons industry claiming over half the global sales."

Sig Sauer rifles on display. (photo: John Sommers II/Reuters)
Sig Sauer rifles on display. (photo: John Sommers II/Reuters)

Report: US Weapons Industry Claimed Over Half of Global Arms Sales in 2016

By teleSUR

13 December 17


new report by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, SIPRI, revealed that despite the slump in global arms industry for five consecutive years, in 2016, arms producers world over saw US$375 billion in profits, with the U.S. weapons industry claiming over half the global sales.

"The growth in arms sales was expected and was driven by the implementation of new national major weapon programs, ongoing military operations in several countries, and persistent regional tensions that are leading to an increased demand for weapons," according to SIPRI 's latest analysis.

Per the document, U.S. companies' sales rose by four percent. U.S. weapons producers which claimed the largest share of sales, about 58 percent, raked up US$$217 billion worth of sales.

Over half the 20 weapon sellers listed by SIPRI in its report were U.S companies. Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, and Northrop Grumman ranked among the top five, with Lockheed Martin being the world's top producer. Per the SIPRI fact sheet, Lockheed Martin's sales grew by 10.7 percent last year.

One of the report's authors, Aude Fleurant, also the director of SIPRI's Arms and Military Expenditures Program, attributed Lockheed Martin's status to "the acquisition of helicopter producer Sikorsky in late 2015 and higher delivery volumes of the F-35 combat aircraft."

Earlier in September, the U.S. Senate approved a US$700 billion dollar military-spending bill for 2018.

Citing North Korea as a threat, the bill aims to bulk up of the military with more ships, aircraft, and troops. Part of the bill is also supposed to strengthen the missile technology against North Korea.

The defense bill will pump nearly US$634 billion into the fiscal year 2018 for key Pentagon operations, with about US$66 billion alone for the war operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other countries.

Sales of arms and military services world over increased by 38 percent since SIPRI started its analysis in 2002. The researchers also noted that China's military spending "increased almost threefold between 2002 and 2016," and an estimated nine of 10 Chinese companies could be included in the top 100 list—with four to six in the top 20—given the data were publicly available.

SIPRI also listed companies based in Brazil, India, South Korea, and Turkey as "emerging producers." your social media marketing partner


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+8 # Rodion Raskolnikov 2017-12-13 10:12
No surprise here. This is total insanity. The US is flooding the world with weapons and then stirring up as much conflict as it can. Why are there 50,000 special forces and probably as many mercenaries in Africa. US weapons are flooding into Africa.

Why does the US want to have a continent wide war in Africa. As I see it, there are three chief reasons:

1. kill as many dark skinned people as possible.

2. make as much money from war as possible.

3. create as much chaos in the world as possible so as to support the claim that the US is the world's policeman.

The good news is that in the middle east nations are uniting to throw the US out and reverse Trump's cynical decision to follow the zionists and pretend that Jerusalem is Israel's capital. The Muslim nations are meeting in Turkey to proclaim Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.
+4 # jsluka 2017-12-13 14:33
The main reason is imperialism; the US wants to control Africa's abundant resources. They are in competition with many other countries - including China and Russia in this - and its just the continuation of the "Great Game" of Imperialism. If a country like the US wants to sustain its 'economic growth' - which it must do or the capitalist system basically collapses - it must aggressively seek out, find, and then control new supplies of resources as well as new markets to sell its 'products' (in this case, arms)to. Radion should know this, and that the US military intervention in Africa (Google "AFRICOM" and see the work of Nick Turse on the US military in Africa) is a form of imperialism using 'military aid and assistance' and supposedly justified as part of the GWOT - the so-called "Global War on Terror." The US military is deployed throughout most of Africa today supposedly to help 'combat terrorism', but the real motive is the same old one of Imperialism - that is to gain access to and control resources.
0 # CDMR 2017-12-13 20:43
Well said.
+6 # top_$twig81# 2017-12-13 11:16
Oh, GREAT! Arm the world, let's get a good one going - bombs exploding in EVERY living room, try a bomb in every car, every nook and cranny!
Let's have 'open carry' for hand grenades with planes flying over dropping bombs as a target practice. Isn't making the world a'safer place' fun!
What a bunch of sick, demented cretons!
+3 # PABLO DIABLO 2017-12-13 19:28
Gotta keep the War Machine well fed so it can continue to buy politicians who support war.
+2 # Working Class 2017-12-14 13:55
I agree that the war machine demands feeding to keep their profits growing. However, there is more to it than that. For over a century our military's chief goal has been to make the world safe for corporate plunder. The public is fed the bullshit that the military is making the world safe for "democracy". That lie is revealed by the many non-democratic nations we have partnered with over the years. If as a nation we were not intervening in so many nations, just perhaps there would not be such fertile ground for terrorist to recruit. If we spent a fraction of what we spend on the military in foreign countries on such things as building schools, hospitals and facilities to ensure clean water the terrorist would have a very hard time recruiting anyone.

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