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Savransky writes: "Former President Jimmy Carter said Thursday that President Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital 'exacerbates tensions' and 'jeopardizes any prospect for peace' in the Middle East."

Jimmy Carter. (photo: Diane Bondareff/AP)
Jimmy Carter. (photo: Diane Bondareff/AP)

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Jimmy Carter: Jerusalem Decision Could Jeopardize 'Any Prospect for Peace'

By Rebecca Savransky, The Hill

08 December 17


ormer President Jimmy Carter said Thursday that President Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital "exacerbates tensions" and "jeopardizes any prospect for peace" in the Middle East.

“This fundamental shift in decades-old U.S. policy exacerbates tensions throughout the Arab and Muslim world, but we hope that protests can remain nonviolent,” Carter said in a statement.

“Any change to the status of the city without the consent of the Palestinians jeopardizes any prospect for peace," he said. "East Jerusalem is a linchpin of Palestinian aspirations for a state of their own.”

In a speech Wednesday, Trump said he has determined it is "time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel."

Trump has vowed to broker a historic peace accord between Israel and the Palestinians.

Trump argued Wednesday that past administrations' approaches, such as delaying the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital city and moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, have not worked.

“It would be folly to assume that repeating the exact same formula would now produce a different or better result,” he said. He called his announcement “a long-overdue step to advance the peace process and work towards a lasting agreement.”

Carter has previously criticized Trump for his policies.

Last month, he blasted Trump's efforts to undermine ObamaCare, saying the White House is "leading the health care debate into treacherous waters."

In October, Carter said he is open to working with Trump to solve the growing tensions between the U.S. and North Korea. your social media marketing partner
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