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Excerpt: "Protests have broken out in the Gaza Strip in response to US President Donald Trump's expected decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital, as Palestinian leaders called for three days of rage against the move."

Palestinian women in Gaza shouted slogans during a protest against the US intention to move its embassy to Jerusalem and to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. (photo:Mohammed Salem/Reuters)
Palestinian women in Gaza shouted slogans during a protest against the US intention to move its embassy to Jerusalem and to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. (photo:Mohammed Salem/Reuters)

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Palestinians Call for Days of Rage Over US Jerusalem Plan

By Al Jazeera

06 December 17


rotests have broken out in the Gaza Strip in response to US President Donald Trump's expected decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital, as Palestinian leaders called for three days of rage against the move.

Hundreds of Palestinians took to the streets in Gaza City on Wednesday, carrying banners denouncing Trump, hours ahead of his impending declaration that would also see the US embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The declaration, which is expected at 18:00 GMT on Wednesday, comes amid global condemnation of the decision.

Speaking to Al Jazeera from Gaza, Hamas leader Ismail Haniya described Trump's decision as a "flagrant aggression".

"This decision is an uncalculated gamble that will know no limit to the Palestinian, Arab and Muslim reaction," he said.

"We call for stopping this decision fully because this will usher in the beginning of a time of terrible transformations, not just on the Palestinian level but on the region as a whole. This decision means the official announcement of the end of the peace process."

'Ball of fire'

Al Jazeera's Bernard Smith, reporting from Gaza, said people did not bother to wait for the announcement and spontaneously gathered to protest against the plans. 

"This is an indication of what might come after Trump speaks later today. People here compared the protests to a small ball of fire that would roll and turn into a much larger ball later on," Smith said.

"The move by the US seems to have further unified the Palestinians. Hamas and the smaller factions in Gaza have given their full support to Mahmoud Abbas' Fattah movement in their opposition to the US move. There is full unity on the Palestinian streets behind this cause," he added.

Resistance groups in Gaza called on the Palestine Liberation Organization to withdraw its recognition of Israel in response to Trump's expected move.

"At a time when the city of Jerusalem is subjected to systematic Judaisation, and our people are exposed to suffering from repression, displacement and exile, comes the American decision to declare the city of Jerusalem as the capital of [Israel] in violation of all international conventions and norms," the factions said in a statement.

In Lebanon's capital, Beirut, hundreds of demonstrators gathered in the Palestinian refugee camp Bourj el-Barajneh to protest against Trump.

Jerusalem remains at the core of the perennial Israel-Palestine conflict as Palestinians want Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem as the capital of their future state.

Leaders in the Middle East and elsewhere warned Trump that his plans would have grave implications for the so-called peace process and on regional stability.

Hours ahead of Trump's expected announcement, British Prime Minister Theresa May said she intended to speak to the US president about the status of Jerusalem, adding that the fate of the city should be determined through negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

"Jerusalem should ultimately form a shared capital between the Israeli and Palestinian states," said May.

Earlier on Wednesday, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said the US move was "because of their incompetence and failure", while the Syrian foreign ministry released a statement saying: "[The move] is the culmination of the crime of usurping Palestine and displacing the Palestinian people."

In his weekly address, Pope Francis said that the status quo that governs Jerusalem's al-Aqsa Mosque compound should be respected. Jordan has been the custodian of all Muslim and Christian sites in Jerusalem since 1994.

Status quo

US officials said that Trump "remains committed to achieving a lasting peace agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians and is optimistic that peace can be achieved".

One official said that Trump's decision "doesn't change the status quo with respect to the holy sites and other sensitive issues".

But Ali Abunimah of the Electronic Intifada said that one would have to be "living on another planet for the last few decades to believe that the US was ever an honest broker".

"What [Trump's move] achieves is truth in advertising," he told Al Jazeera.

"It is a more honest expression of American policy, which is to support Israel unconditionally, including Israel's illegal colonisation and settlement-building in East Jerusalem," he said, adding that "this has effectively been US policy for many, many years and Trump is simply coming out and being open about it". your social media marketing partner


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+3 # Salburger 2017-12-07 04:09
I seem to have missed all the reports about the days of rage after Putin recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital last April--oh, you say there were none? Well that's interesting isn't it.
+1 # Brice 2017-12-08 10:39
That's interesting ... is there a link or story about that, I must have missed it?
+1 # ddd-rrr 2017-12-07 06:35
That last quoted comment (by Ali Abunimah) does appear to be
an accurate summation of US policy regarding Israel and Palestine.
While we must all note and regret what happened to the Jews during
WW II, and desire a secure homeland for them, we should not and
cannot responsibly cause fundamental injury to another group
in order to achieve that desired end.

The outline for a settlement for this conflict exists, but
Trump's bumptious move regarding our embassy's location
has made achieving that settlement more difficult.

+1 # Rodion Raskolnikov 2017-12-07 06:54
As many commenters have said, this event marks the formal end to the pretense that the US is a neutral helper in the Zionist - Palestinian conflict. The truth is out. The US has always been the primary enabler of zionist land grabs and ethnic cleansing. Helping the zionists to displace the capital of Palestine is one of those watershed events. I'm not sure where this will lead, but it won't be forgotten.
-1 # Brice 2017-12-08 10:47
How can there be a helper in this conflict when the Palestinians and radical Muslims scattered throughout their intolerant world demand Israel's destruction from their own basic world view backed by scripture? What can possibly change that?

Why do Muslims get to knock down and build cheap mosques on top of every other religion's holy sites and claim them for eternity based on their God's word? The riot and murder people just for visiting the site? But they riot and murder people just for no reason too.

And when Israel defends itself somehow the story that gets out if always one of Israel's unreasonablenes s. Really absurd. I think Israel should put its embassy wherever they want, and if it bothers Palestinians, they maybe they should decide to make a real verifiable peace to nail down what they have now before it is threatened too.
0 # Brice 2017-12-11 03:16
I hear a thumbs down ... now, do I hear an answer ?
0 # Rodion Raskolnikov 2017-12-07 07:29
forgot to add this link --

"From ‘Russia-Gate’ to ‘Israel-Gate’:
As one fake scandal fades, a real one emerges"

by Justin Raimondo
+4 # Glen 2017-12-07 07:41
No person can say there weren't warnings. Trump is pulling governor Reagan's trick of stirring serious resentment with predictable protests, then declaring - SEE? THIS WHAT I HAVE TO PUT UP WITH. I TOLD YOU THESE PEOPLE ARE OUT OF CONTROL!

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