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Manchester writes: "President Trump on Saturday threatened to end key payments to insurance companies made under Obamacare if a repeal and replace bill is not passed."

Donald Trump. (photo: Mark Seliger)
Donald Trump. (photo: Mark Seliger)

Trump Threatens to End Obamacare Payments Unless Repeal Passes

By Julia Manchester, The Hill

29 July 17


resident Trump on Saturday threatened to end key payments to insurance companies made under Obamacare if a repeal and replace bill is not passed.

"After seven years of 'talking' Repeal & Replace, the people of our great country are still being forced to live with imploding ObamaCare!" the president wrote in a tweet.

"If a new HealthCare Bill is not approved quickly, BAILOUTS for Insurance Companies and BAILOUTS for Members of Congress will end very soon!" he added.

Trump has previously threatened to withhold the payments, known as Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR) payments, which lower the amount individuals have to pay for deductibles, copayments and insurance.

The White House announced earlier this month that key ObamaCare subsidies to insurers would be paid this month, however the administration did not make a commitment beyond July.

Trump's comments come after Senate Republican efforts to repeal and replace ObamaCare failed in the early hours of Friday morning after three Republicans and all 48 Democrats rejected pared-down repeal legislation, known as a "skinny" bill.

The issue is of critical importance to Republicans in all three branches of government because the party campaigned for seven years to repeal former President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law. your social media marketing partner


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+17 # MikeAF48 2017-07-29 17:27
You are a loser, McConnell is a loser President Barack Obama's ACA is clearly the LAW of the land. sad sad awful looks like same-o same-o.
+25 # Wise woman 2017-07-29 18:19
Is this legal? Knowing trump he could start ranting about something that is not in his purview. Wouldn't this have to be a bill or something that would need to be approved by congress? I know trump believes himself to be a dictator, but even he can't control everything via a tweet.
+1 # lfeuille 2017-07-29 22:48
Apparently the law provides a lot of presidential discretion. I can't imagine why they wrote it that way, but from what I've read it is legal.
+17 # Akeel1701 2017-07-29 23:00
I doubt this wanker gives a damn about the legality of anything as long as he gets his way.
Honestly how the fuck did this oversized toddler get voted in!!
+1 # Moxa 2017-07-30 20:21
He got in because the Democrats had nothing to offer. Bernie Sanders would have won if the Democrats and the media hadn't so systematically suppressed him. The Democrats haven't learned, even now.
+12 # futhark 2017-07-29 22:40
Mr. Trump should reacquaint himself with 1) his oath of office, in which he pledged to "...preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” and 2) review Article II, Section 3 of that document, charging him with the responsibility of taking Care "...that the Laws be faithfully executed,..".

If he does not move to oversee proper administration of the Affordable Care Act, he is in default of both his oath of office and his duty under the Constitution.
+11 # angelfish 2017-07-29 22:59
Anyone who thinks that Trump ISN'T a VERY Sick Puppy needs to THINK again! Just like a child who pouts and stomps his feet when he doesn't get his way, so is this Moron when he can't FORCE his will on others. God only knows what REAL mayhem he can inflict with his vindictive, muscle flexing Threats? This is NOT normal behavior to encourage Law Enforcement Personnel to inflict damage on Suspects or to threaten to remove Americans' NEEDFUL Benefits because he couldn't get the results he wanted in Congress. Impeachment CAN'T come soon enough! In the meantime, Rebel, RePudiate, Resist!
+7 # randrjwr 2017-07-29 23:35
It may be legal to reverse one Executive Order with another EO, as Trump has already done several times, but can it be legal to reverse any part of a law passed by Congress with an EO? There must be a mechanism for stopping such an action, like, say, impeaching or arresting him?
0 # lfeuille 2017-07-30 12:33
The law includes a lot of Presidential discretion. I don't know why.
0 # elizabethblock 2017-07-30 19:50
Probably because in order to get anything done in the face of a Republican congress, Obama had to do a lot of stuff by executive order.
+12 # vitobonespur 2017-07-30 01:02
Isn't this extortion, and wouldn't that be an impeachable offense? This guy is really fucked in the head.
0 # lfeuille 2017-07-30 12:35
Arguably, but some extortion has been legalized. This may be one of those situations.
+13 # treerapper 2017-07-30 02:27
I believe the ACA is a law that was passed and signed into law - like it or not. I do not believe the creature can write an executive order to overturn parts of this law. I am sure he will try and it depends which court it gets into as to whether it will fly or not.

One cannot forget the power of the insurance lobby and if the creature is going to take money away from them - money that's guaranteed and part of a package - fur will fly. They won't be able to, just overnight, increase premiums, so they will be in the red.

A new soap to tune into.
+6 # backwards_cinderella 2017-07-30 03:12
So the American people who NEED healthcare are F'd either way. Thanks, everyone who voted for this asshole.
+1 # ojkelly 2017-07-30 04:31
A court ruled that funds had not been appropriated and thus it was illegal to spend money. The Court stayed its injunction.
Mr. Trump could effectively defund the subsidies if he stops the appeal of a lawsuit that was started under the Obama administration. President Barack Obama’s lawyers had appealed a court ruling that said the subsidy payments were much ade without proper congressional authority.
+3 # Stilldreamin1 2017-07-30 04:51
You would think the ACA requires these payments to be made. If Trump tries to stop them, he will once again be breaking the law- something he does regularly. Republicans used to stand for law and order.
+4 # tedrey 2017-07-30 06:00
If you're getting an "error" message instead of Boardman's prededing "cholera in Yemen" article, I accessed it at:
+10 # Rodion Raskolnikov 2017-07-30 06:20
Democrats should be explaining to people how Obamacare works instead of attacking Trump. The payments directly to insurance companies were, in effect, a bribe by Obamacare to get companies to participate. they were always scheduled to be phased out. Insurance companies have been raising their premiums in advance of the phasing out of these bribes.

You really cannot get for-profit healthcare brokers to play in this business unless they are paid lots of money. They have seized control of a large segment of the healthcare in the US and they are extorting the government for cash payments. They will never change. This is their business model.

The real solution is to open up Medicare and Medicaid. Anyone dropped by a for-profit insurer should automatically be eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. They would have to pay a premium but it would be a lot lower than the for-profit insurance because there is very little overhead. In this way, we could all say to Trump, the for-profits, and the healthcare lobbiests -- go ahead, do your worst.

But the leadership of the democratic party does not want to open up Medicare and Medicaid. So they only make personal attacks on Trump and cloud the issue.
+2 # lfeuille 2017-07-30 12:32
Stop defending the jerk. We have to keep it alive until we can replace it with single payer. If he hasn't realized yet the people don't want the garbage that he is trying to push he is hopeless. This is all about his fucking ego. Trumpcare failed because it is even worse than Obamacare and the people know it. The Senators who voted no were responding to their constituents like they are supposed to. He have to give way to the will of the people.
0 # Cassandra2012 2017-07-30 15:08
+15 # ericlipps 2017-07-30 06:41
Trump is threatening to do something questionably legal, harmful to tens of millions if enacted and sure to provoke a firestorm of condemnation, not to mention lawsuits.

What else is new?
+5 # Rcomm 2017-07-30 08:39
futhark, if the gop's goal is to destroy our Constitution why pay attention to a small thing like an oath of office?.

McConnell swore a similar oath but still refused to hold confirmation hearings on Obama's supreme court nominee. And I'm certain we'll see more of the same.
+4 # lfeuille 2017-07-30 12:27
God, he's such a thug.
0 # ChrisCurrie 2017-07-30 17:05
Donald Trump doesn’t seem to realize that in cases where he is violating his Presidential Oath of Office, he loses the “immunity” protections normally held by a President of the United States, which means that he CAN be indicted, prosecuted, convicted, AND jailed in such cases.

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