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Sainato writes: "In the 2016 presidential primaries, Sanders received over 86 percent of the vote in Vermont. Among the small percentage of people who voted for Hillary Clinton in the state was Svitavsky, a homeless shelter director who is beginning to receive support from other disgruntled Clinton supporters across the country."

Senator Bernie Sanders. (photo: Charlie Neibergall/AP)
Senator Bernie Sanders. (photo: Charlie Neibergall/AP)

Bitter Clinton Supporters Try to Unseat Bernie Sanders in Senate Race

By Michael Sainato, Observer

14 July 17

Opponents believe his ‘divisive politics’ have split the Democratic Party

ermont resident Jon Svitavsky announced on July 5 that he is challenging Sen. Bernie Sanders in his upcoming re-election in 2018. In his most recent race for re-election, Sanders won over 71 percent of the vote and the Democratic Party didn’t bother to run a candidate. In the 2016 presidential primaries, Sanders received over 86 percent of the vote in Vermont. Among the small percentage of people who voted for Hillary Clinton in the state was Svitavsky, a homeless shelter director who is beginning to receive support from other disgruntled Clinton supporters across the country.

Though Sanders enjoys overwhelming support in his home state, his political opponents around the country have isolated and built up naysayers to diminish his popularity. In June 2016, NBC host Joy Reid did a profile in the Daily Beast on Al Giordano, an anti-Sanders troll who gained a sizable following of Clinton supporters on Twitter during the primaries. Giordano claimed he would run against Sanders in 2018 but has yet to file and currently resides in Mexico City. In February 2016, the Daily Beast ran a hit piece meant to perpetuate the whitewashing of Sanders’ presidential campaign. It featured an interview with a black Vermont resident who claimed Sanders ignored the black community in the state. In October 2016, Politico ran an article featuring quotes from several Vermont Democrats complaining that Sanders wasn’t helping Democrats in Vermont, despite the fact that Sanders made several appearances around the country to campaign on behalf of Hillary Clinton. Now Svitavsky, a Democrat from Bridport, Vermont, is trying to make another case against Sanders.

Vermont Public Radio reported, “Jon Svitavsky, 59, says he believes that Sanders’ ‘divisive’ politics have fractured the Democratic Party nationally and paved the way for the rise of Republican President Donald Trump.” On his Twitter account he has shared blog posts written by other Clinton supporters attacking Sanders. According to Svitavsky, he was recruited by a group called Organizing for Democrats-U.S.A to run against Sanders. The organization isn’t filed with the FEC and has a small following on Facebook. On its Facebook page on June 15, the day after Sanders voted against the bill that included sanctions on Russia and Iran, the group posted, “Today OFD represents the Democratic Party candidate for U.S. Senate in the State of Vermont. That’s the Sanders'(I) seat. And an actual liberal Democrat from Burlington, Vermont is running. After Sanders voted to protect Mother Russia today, the decision was made to make this declaration.” The day before, the organization published in another post that it is “time for Democrats to unite against the Bernie Bot elements.”

Svitavsky told Vermont’s NPR affiliate, “I think Sanders has hurt our country very badly with what he’s done.” He added, “So not only did Bernie divide the Democratic Party and what not, but he continues to bash them, even on the unity tour, saying that Democrats and Republicans are the same, and they’re not.” Though Bernie Sanders never said that or bashed the party on the DNC Unity Tour, Svitavsky’s biases are shared by several avid Clinton supporters, and he isn’t alone in trying to challenge Sanders.

Folasade Adeluola, a Clinton supporter based in Indiana, also announced she is running to unseat Sanders in 2018. Her campaign website features a selfie with her and Hillary Clinton. She only has to be a legal resident of Vermont the day before the election to be eligible for the Senate seat, capitalizing on the opportunity to represent people of a state she doesn’t live in. your social media marketing partner


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+134 # ligonlaw 2017-07-14 09:18
Svitavsky is recycling untrue allegations concocted by Russian operatives who sowed the seeds of division among Democrats in order to help Donald Trump in 2016. Sanders is a powerful, ethical Senator. He is a voice for the middle class and a highly respected statesmen. If Svitavsky hopes to run on Bernie's bad character, good luck with that.
+22 # RLF 2017-07-15 05:06
Svitavsky is ample evidence that just because you're a Dem. doesn't mean you're smart!
+146 # michelle 2017-07-14 09:26
Easy Peasy. Just made a contribution to Bernie Sanders. I will craft a letter to the DNC expressing my displeasure especially since this Bernie supporter sucked it up and voted for Hillary over the tangerine toddler in the national election. I will remind the DNC Bernie has a progressive platform and one they should adopt. If democrats persist giving folks non-progressive candidates and fail to put forward a positive forward looking platform, they not win elections. I am seventy, not a millennial voter. At 70 I know single payer is the way to go. I know the planet should be a priority and I have lived in enough places to know differences are not dangerous.
+6 # tedcloak 2017-07-14 10:43
The DNC has a pretty progressive platform already, but they've forgotten about it, apparently.
+80 # reiverpacific 2017-07-14 09:59
Can anybody say "Sour grapes with knobs on!"?
No wonder the Dems are deep in their own manure -or as the saying goes in Yorkshire "Muck or nettles!"
If you don't have party-wide solidarity, you have nowt!
-62 # olpossum 2017-07-14 10:00
This guy has a valid complaint.I imagine the Kremlin is on this,though, about to make it look like 1500 times as many people are backing him as actually are. That's what Trump's owners do.
+110 # FIRSTNORN1 2017-07-14 10:05
Absurd article - Bernie is *just about* the only decent politician
In the United States of Arrogance/Absur dities/ or substitute your own, choice *A word*.
+100 # LindaChicago 2017-07-14 10:10
OMG--And I thought the trumpty supporters voted against their own interests...wha t are these dummies thinking (or not thinking) Or perhaps they are beng paid by the DNC and the infamous clinton "foundation" to blame everything on Bernie?
+110 # Blackjack 2017-07-14 10:13
Bitter Clinton and her bitter supporters have no playbook except the same old same old--"we're not Trump, we're women; and we deserve it." Same message they ran and LOST on in 2016. Dems let them and their ilk take over the party and now they refuse to let go of that same old tired message. Bernie has a much better message that appeals to many more people, but if he is successful it will not be because of the Dem Party. Bitterettes can even get him unelected and it won't matter. Bernie will still be Bernie and his many supporters will still love him. Dems can get behind him or get left behind. In fighting Bernie they will only dig their hole deeper. I am a perfect example of what will happen. I've been a loyal Dem and never voted for anyone else for 50 years. If they continue to diss Bernie, I'm done with the party!
+24 # FarMor 2017-07-14 17:04
I registered as a Dem. in 1965 at age 21. I'm now 73. I worked my heart out for Bernie's campaign. Then, after all the Dem. dirty tricks, I unregistered this year. I am finished with the Dems. who, except for some social issues are almost identical to the Repubs. and fully beholden to their corporate masters.
+2 # IDReyes1937 2017-07-17 08:47
Quoting FarMor:
I registered as a Dem. in 1965 at age 21. I'm now 73. I worked my heart out for Bernie's campaign. Then, after all the Dem. dirty tricks, I unregistered this year. I am finished with the Dems. who, except for some social issues are almost identical to the Repubs. and fully beholden to their corporate masters.

Right you are on every issue. The Dems are now no different from the Republicans--th ey are beholden to the corporate teat to which they have become addicted, and won't let go. So, like you, I too, who had been a Demo my entire voting life, have divorced myself from them and registered Green. I am so totally disgusted with the Demos (especially with HRC) that I do not believe I will ever go back to registering with them.
+84 # David Starr 2017-07-14 10:15
Quoting Svitavsky: '''I think Sanders has hurt our country very badly with what he’s done.' He added, 'So not only did Bernie divide the Democratic Party and what not, but he continues to bash them, even on the unity tour, saying that Democrats and Republicans are the same, and they’re not'''

Svitavsky not only sounds like a Clintonite, he actually thinks there's a big difference between Republicans and Democrats. Ideologically, there isn't. They are both parties of capital, although there are a few Dems who can be called progressive.
+7 # Caliban 2017-07-14 11:14
Someone please explain why RSN is wasting print on a complete nobody like Svitavsky.
+98 # Werner 2017-07-14 10:17
Mr. Sainato ignores the reason Clinton lost the election by abandoning the working class and aligning herself with Wall Street and corporate interests. Her legacy is tied with Bill Clinton's in (1) repealing Glass-Stiegal to allow unfettered speculation in Wall Street that lead to the 2008 Great Recession from which a large fraction of the working class continues to suffer, (2) ushering in the for-profit prison system with their get tough on crime laws that led to the mass incarceration of African Americans, and is also tied in with Obama's (3) cowardice in failing to enact a Single Payer Health Care and (4) bailing out Wall Street instead of Main Street in the aftermath of the 2008 Great Recession when he had the control of both House and Senate. Looking back, both Clinton and Obama have abandoned the working class. No wonder that progressives flocked to Sanders and many worker class flocked to Trump. The sooner the Clinton-Obama legacy passes, the sooner real progress can be made for the working class of this country.
-15 # Floridatexan 2017-07-14 10:46
Your post is full of lies and half-truths. The repeal of Glass-Steagall was written by 3 Republicans. The bailout of the financial institutions can be squarely placed on the table of the Bush administration (September, 2008...months before Obama took office.) I'm tired of the trolls on RSN.
+1 # Ken Halt 2017-07-17 21:24
Yes, Gramm-Leach-Bli ley was written by 3 Repubs but it was signed by Bill Clinton, along with a lot of other neo-lib legislation (NAFTA, Welfare Reform, Criminal Justice Reform, to name a few) that furthered conservative, Wall St,corporate, fat cat interests. Look at the history of the DLC if you want good info, it was a successful effort to bend the DP to the right and Al Gore and Bill C were founders and presidents. While the bailout of Wall St was initiated during the Bushadmin, the incoming Dem admin installed cabinet foxes to guard the henhouse and did nothing to chastise the excesses that led to the 08 recession. There is in truth little space between the two parties where the 99% is concerned, which is why the populace repudiated the sameosameo in the '16 election cycle, and why the 99% flocked to support authentic Bernie and the mendaceous populism of Donald Trump.
+1 # Hey There 2017-07-17 23:14
!n 1999 Bill Clinton signed repeal of protections offered in the Glass-Steagall act.
This repeal set up forces that made bank failures inevitable
+23 # Citizen Mike 2017-07-14 10:32
Why are these die-hards clinging to Clinton? She is yesterday's candidate and a failed one. Sanders is tomorrow's candidate and represents the only hope the Democrats have to reinvent themselves as a popular and well-supported party. Or else Sanders will run as an independent and the Democratic establishment will be diminished to the vanishing point. The Republicans are imploding and the Democrats are exploding, it is time for a new Modern Populist Party to emerge out of Sanders and his support base.
+3 # sjporter 2017-07-14 10:33
I supported Bernie in 2016 and still do, but I voted for Hillary and think how much better the world would be if any one of many possible scenarios that could have stopped Trump had, in fact, been carried out.
So for the 'bitter Clinton supporters,' do you realize that you are still being played by the Russian infiltration and manipulation of our Election? The Russians employed various techniques to influence the vote (bots, trolls, fake news stories), and dividing Bernie and Hillary was one of their, apparently, most successful. If the Russians could encourage Bernie supporters to reject Hillary, and encourage Hillary supporters to suspect and accuse Bernie supports, that would benefit Russia's goals. When candidate Trump lamented how terribly the Dem Party had treated Bernie 'very badly.' Watch 30 seconds of this video, from an April 26, 2016, speech by Trump: approximately minute 3:15 - 3:45.Trump didn't care about Bernie's treatment by the Dems, he used it for the sole purpose of dividing Bernie and Hillary supporters. Please stop being played - that is just what the Russians wanted then and what they still want now.
0 # Hey There 2017-07-17 23:17
The Clintons were no friends of the working class
+22 # kabac55 2017-07-14 10:48
I've been a Democratic voter for over 40 years, but have been steadily growing more disenchanted with the DNC with every election. The DNC no longer represents the working people of this country and doesn't seem to run a campaign, allowing "45" to be elected. Their failure to recognize its traditional base is the reason the party split. They are off message; Bernie Sanders is not. He seems to be consistently working toward supporting single payer health care for all, the rebuilding of our infrastructure and education for our young people to be prepared for the job market. The rise of a "third" party is not necessarily a bad thing. It is more likely a sign of change.
+16 # DrD 2017-07-14 10:59
I wish them luck with this endeavor! If Bernie loses his senate seat to a Dem candidate, all will see the true nature of the Democratic Party and he'll have all the more time to start his own party and run for President in 2020 unfettered by any DNC baggage!
+22 # reo100 2017-07-14 11:14
Anyone who critizes Senator Sanders shows me that they haven't done any research. To blame him for Trump winning the election is interesting since Clinton had the majority of votes. Clinton was not a likeable candidate in 2008 but the DNC pushed her down our throats in 2016 while they bashed Sanders. The DNC has admitted in court that they can break their own rules and screw anyone who runs against their candidate.
+10 # patsybartee 2017-07-14 11:18
I think Bernie will relish this - we need more people running for office. Bernie isn't even a Democrat anyway! He's way better than that!
+23 # virtualaudio 2017-07-14 11:22
In the list of 'Top Five Mistakes Democrats Could Make Now', I'd put this at #1. Sanders handled Clinton with kid gloves; the Clinton camp bitterness is unwarranted. When Clinton secured the nomination, Sanders endorsed & supported her. He even went on the silly Unity tour. Many, many Trump voters said they would have voted for Sanders if he had won the nomination; they just couldn't stomach HRC.
Bernie opened the door in American's minds re Universal Healthcare, campaign finance reform & other progressive principles that Dems have ignored at their own peril.
If the Dems piss off Bernie supporters (again), after everything he has done to try to save the party, they may well kill their easy opportunity to take back the Senate in 2018.
+15 # harleysch 2017-07-14 11:33
Not surprising that a Clinton backer would be attacking Sanders for opposing more sanctions against Russia. The Democratic Party has gone collectively insane on Russia.
+13 # economagic 2017-07-14 11:36
The "divisive politics" is the direct result of the coup of the mid-80s that "united" the Democratic party with the Republican party, supported by and so supporting in return the One Percent, the representatives of the 0.001 Percent.

The self-designated "Democratic Leadership Council," noting that the party had won only one presidential election of the last five and that one in backlash against Tricky "I am not a crook" Dick NixOn, sold out to the transnational corporations controlled by Wall Street. The most significant results, in order, were NAFTA, a half-hearted attempt to "re-form" the health care financing industry without actually changing it significantly, "the end of welfare as we know it" (accompanied by demonization of African Americans as inclined toward drug addiction and thus the Prison-Industri al Complex), the Telecommunicati ons Act of 1996 (written by the telecoms' lawyers), and the repeal of Glass-Steagall. One could easily add others.

With that program they won four of the next seven presidential elections, even as the Republican party seized the opportunity to move much farther to the right than Nixon or Reagan or their supporters ever thought possible, beginning with Newt Gingrich's "Contract On America," followed by George II's "Global War On Terra."

From 20% to 57% in 30 years is a big deal. Unfortunately many of the people who voted for them still fail to understand what they voted for.
+18 # Farafalla 2017-07-14 11:59
I can't forget the Clintonites hatred of Obama for beating her in 2008. It was amazing to see friends of mine come out of the racist closet to attack Obama. Who can forget the dirty tricks that Hillary brought out to combat Obama? Hillary is one of the most divisive Dems ever. Even today I know Bernie supporters who will never warm up to Hillary after 2016. I know I can't and won't.
+13 # Anonymot 2017-07-14 12:09
One of the hallmarks of the Clinton sour grapes is their mindlessness that encompasses a dramatic inability to think beyond the PR factory's manufactured slogans.

Intellectual scum from these believers in the Hillary falsehoods is endless and tiring. I have no understanding why Sanders stays with the party that Hillary and her occasional husband have so thoroughly destroyed unless their backers, the MIC/CIA and neofascistic and anti-American trash like that have threatened him and/or his family with serious bodily harm, which is common among their genre.

Perhaps it would be intelligent on his part to finally leave the ruins of the Democrats to the HillBillies and start a progress party.

It sounds like Svitavsky has switched from directing a Center For The Homeless to running a Center For The Mindless.
+19 # vt143 2017-07-14 12:37
[Svitavsky] added, “So not only did Bernie divide the Democratic Party and what not, but he continues to bash them, even on the unity tour, saying that Democrats and Republicans are the same.."
First, they ARE the same only they are not as good as being a***oles as the Repubs so they lose elections.

Bernie will not lose in Vermont as people have seen who he is for years. Who would think this guy from Brooklyn would 1. Become Mayor of Burlington? 2. Win a House seat? 3. Become Senator? 4. Come close to being nominated for President? (And likely would have if not sabotaged by the DNC!)?
The Democratic party is a parody of itself. The fact that they want to derail Bernie is evidence of how far they have sunk. He was our last chance in 2016 and we blew it (with the help of the DNC).
+13 # ReconFire 2017-07-14 12:43
What better reason does Bernie need to split with the Dem. party, and take his base with him. Let the party drown in their own excrement.
+8 # boomerjim 2017-07-14 12:57
Trying to kill the Democratic Party once and for all.
The legacy of the DLC lives on, to the detriment of the party.
+10 # LionMousePudding 2017-07-14 13:15
This is gonna be HILARIOUS!! These numbnuts are going to have to divvy up the maybe 30% Hillary supporters while he slides in with 60%.

Divisive tactics. Anything that isnt exactly what the corporate politicians want is 'divisive' because of course it's unAmerican to want to improve anything.

I'll have the popcorn ready!!!
+18 # Doggone 2017-07-14 13:52
HRC is no innocent, she's a black heart and she is bitter. The whole debacle in California brought on by the DNC and its shenanigans are what lost Bernie the nomination. Yea, she and those who support her are pretty bitter but they brought this on themselves. She's simply unelectable, I knew it then and it's still true. If the dems who support HRC were sincere they would not do this to Bernie, they are a shameful lot of sore losers. Bernie is still trying to change things for the better and to make people aware of what is wrong with Trumpcare. HRC is as she was during her campaign, no where, looking in the mirror. She can wear white all the time and I'd still be able to see her for who she is. Go Bernie, be the light!
+15 # futhark 2017-07-14 13:54
Senator Sanders has worked hard to give the Democratic Party a future of positive leadership on the critical issues of our day. The last thing the Democratic Party needs to do is revert to being the party of Wall Street elites, which is where the Clintons were leading it. Guess what? A whole lot of working people voted against their own interests for the pumpkin-headed scarecrow bully rather than put up with 4 years of another Clinton pulling strings for her billionaire buddies.

Bernie Sanders may well be saving the Democratic Party, but Clintonites seem to be unable to grasp the degree of revulsion so many people feel for their candidate,entit led by gender and some kind of twisted fate to rule over them.
+10 # Wise woman 2017-07-14 14:22
These guys must have burned tongues from all the sour grapes they've eaten. Pitiful folks who will never be elected to anything if they keep up with this untrue bs. Bernie is the best thing this country has seen since FDR and we need him now as much as the aforementioned back in the 1930s.
+14 # PABLO DIABLO 2017-07-14 15:36
Let him and the Clinton machine waste their money. Bernie will win. How much longer do we have to put up with that "LOSER" Hillary Clinton. How obvious can it get. She lost to the worst candidate in history. 53% of white women voted for Trump. Unfortunately Hillary took down some really good candidates with her (Feingold, Teachout, Grayson). The Democrats have lost more than 1,000 races across the country during The Clinton Machine. WAKE UP AMERICA.
+13 # John Cosmo 2017-07-14 19:22
Sanders brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the Democratic Party in 2016, qualities that the Party would have lacked without him.

If anything, through his campaigning for Clinton after the Democratic Primary, Sanders prevented Clinton from losing by an even larger amount. And this is how they repay him?
+26 # librarian1984 2017-07-14 19:26
Bitter Clinton supporters sneer that Sanders 'isn't a Democrat'. Bullsh!te. He's the ONLY Democrat, and if he hadn't brought Clinton millions of votes she'd have lost the popular vote too.

But this is what the Clintons do. They leave a wake of destruction and ruin. They don't care one bit about the DP, despite the mock concern. They've destroyed the party, pretending it's Sanders' fault when THEY'RE the ones who refuse to unite. They're the ones who've lost thousands of seats and dismantled the work of FDR.

Obama pushing TPP, Bill's tarmac meeting with Lynch, 'deplorables', email servers, secret speeches, Hollywood fundraisers, the constant provocation of millenials and progressives, Correct the Record -- but HRC lost because of Bernie?!

I double-dog dare those SOBs: run against Sanders, smear him, try to take him down. Your collapse will be even faster and uglier, you pathetic pea-brains.

Bernie, the DP does not deserve you. Even after losing POTUS and 4 special elections they're determined to pursue the same losing strategy.

Sanders: "There are differences of opinion as to how to move forward."

PLEASE start a new party, a People's Party.

The Hillary contingent lays waste to everything. They really don't care if they destroy the DP, or the country. Their rage is all that matters. They're as narcissistic as Trump, and as destructive, obsessed with the election and unable to move on.

Sanders can win. He can beat Trump.
+1 # 2017-07-15 19:15
Agree with Caliban and others. This Svativsky is a nobody and Bernie is extremely popular in Vermont. Don't know who's behind his candidacy-if it's stubborn unintelligent Clinton supporters, or Trump oand/ or Russia using divide and conquer techniques. Think Clinton herself is too intelligent not to realize it's doomed to failure but, who knows? She does have a vindictive side and is embittered because she won the popular vote but lost the election because of Comey's and Russian intervention, and voter suppression as well as her campaign's lack of intelligent strategy and her own blindness,?whic h she's probably kicking herself for. . But regardless of whoever is behind it, Bernie has little to worry about and will win reelection easily.
+3 # IDReyes1937 2017-07-17 08:40
This is not at all surprising. The Democrats are bankrupt. They have shown themselves to have no moral compass; Democratic politicians are actively complicit in destroying the environment and are only too happy to accept huge contributions from corporate polluters. In other words, the Democrats are just warmed over Republicans. How can anybody take them seriously? Really!
0 # NAVYVET 2017-07-31 08:10
There's another Bernie backbiter: a supposedly progressive site called The Pen, which has been running false articles claiming that Bernie Sanders will not present a single payer health bill. All the evidence, plus Bernie's words, tell us that My Revolution and Bernie are fine tuning the bill and will present it as soon as it's rock solid.

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