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Palast writes: "In Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin, I met the unemployed auto workers and their families who voted Bernie ... then Trump. It's desperate in Dearborn, in Dayton. Forgive folks for voting for a chance for survival even if it comes in the form of a quack billionaire with a line of BS: 'I will re-open this plant' and 'I will bring back these jobs from Mexico.'"

Voters line up to cast their ballots. (photo: Getty)
Voters line up to cast their ballots. (photo: Getty)

Greg Palast: How Can We Stop Crosscheck and Get Our Country Back?

By Greg Palast, Greg Palast's Facebook Page

25 May 17


1: [If 1.1 million voters were removed from voter rolls by Crosscheck in 2016...] "Does this mean that there 1.1 million illegal votes in 2012?” — Gregg Howey

A1: "No, it means that 1.1 million names of legitimate voters were removed from the voter rolls. About 80% of those tried to vote and couldn’t (or given a 'provisional' ballot likely not counted). The voters are legal, it’s the system that’s crooked.” — Greg Palast

Q2: "I have not seen any lawsuits by people who were not allowed to vote. Why not?” — Craig Gjerde

A2: "Unlike folks falsely accused as ‘felons' who can’t vote, you get absolutely no notice your name was removed by Crosscheck. The crime leaves no fingerprints on its victims.” — Greg Palast

Q3: "Can someone tell me why #Crosscheck is not being challenged in the courts? Or is it, and with all this 45 b.s. I have just missed the news?” — @growing0up0girl

A3: "Yes, we are building for a massive multi-state attack on Crosscheck. On Saturday, May 27 in Georgia, we launch the national resistance with — which will include the ACLU, National Lawyers Guild, NAACP and the terrific Dee Hunter of the Civil Rights Center in DC. To the legal platoon, we’ll be adding Common Cause, Georgia Project and front-line African-American Church leaders.” — Greg Palast

Q4: "Planning other locations too?” — Bridget Thorn

A4: "Of course! We’re heading to Virginia and then to whoever we have activists ready to bite and fight. Send us an invite.” — Greg Palast

Q5: “How many voters in Georgia have already been purged?” — Ron Berey

A5: "Georgia, unlike Virginia, is refusing to tell me nor give me the names. Assuming the purge was similar to Virginia’s, it would be about 60,000. I will know more this week when I get to Atlanta.” — Greg Palast

Q6: "Where is the outcry? Where are the lawsuits? Why isn't the MSM reporting on this? WHY IS IT BEING IGNORED?” — Michael Galligher

A6: "There will be lawsuits — I’m working with ACLU and Civil Rights Center… and eventually, the US MSM will pick up my stories. Eventually, they do — too late. But that’s why we have this Facebook reach, our Facebook Live events, our films on Amazon, and if I get a chance, I’ll put it in skywriting.” — Greg Palast

Q7: "Who is funding this?” — Chuck Ferrell

A7: "Watch the film. Kris Kobach was slipped $100,000 from a Koch-affiliated ‘charity.' And Paul Singer a.k.a. The Vulture, has raised the millions to legally and legislatively go after the Voting Rights Act.” — Greg Palast

Q8: "Good news of NC losing voter suppression at Supreme Court; how did new judge vote and can it affect other states? Is it Hope?” — @RickinCanadia

A8: "North Carolina was special — documents describing a deliberate scheme to block Black voters. Other states are more subtle, ‘preventing voter fraud.’ So the NC win is sweet but melts like sugar. And they’ve still got Crosscheck.” — Greg Palast

Q9: "What about the 53% of white women who voted choosing Trump?” — Ericka Elaine Schiche

A9: "In Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin, I met the unemployed auto workers and their families who voted Bernie… then Trump. It’s desperate in Dearborn, in Dayton. Forgive folks for voting for a chance for survival even if it comes in the form of a quack billionaire with a line of BS: 'I will re-open this plant’ and 'I will bring back these jobs from Mexico.' Trump won’t do a damn thing for them, but he really gave them hope — while Hillary lectured them about the wonderful economy and the wonders of free trade.” — Greg Palast

Q10: "Interesting that so many Trump family members and friends are registered in multiple states! Did any of them vote twice?” — Shelley Allan-Cole

A10: “No.” — Greg Palast

Q11: “Does the FBI have Crosscheck info’?” — James Kelso

A11: "No. They have REAL files, not Kobach’s fantasy lists.” — Greg Palast

Q12: "So what the hell is being done about this??" — Julie Dexter

A12: "We’ve teamed up with The Civil Rights Center, ACLU, Common Cause, and several other expert and activist groups to wake up state legislatures, bring actions against voting officials and most important, expose the game — see info. It’s not easy, not fast, but shedding light makes the cockroaches run and hide.” — Greg Palast

Q13: "Who do I contact to start a march in Wichita Kansas? I'm in Hawaii. Trying to do my part in our fight.” — @Ray50653708

A13: "The brilliant voting rights attorney Robert Eye lives in Kansas and would love a good word of support and encouragement.” — Greg Palast

Q14: "We need voter ID. Would this not help do away with voter fraud? I don't understand the opposition. This would protect elections from both sides of the aisle.” — Mike Higingbotham

A14: "What voter fraud? You’re 6 times more likely to get hit by lightening than commit voter fraud. But voter ID laws have prevented 5 million from voting.” — Greg Palast

Q15: "Just how is having to show an ID racist?” — Todd Reinerio

A15: "The Brennan Center at NYU Law School puts the number of current voters without acceptable ID at 5 million, overwhelmingly the poor and voters of color. Maybe you don’t know this, but people with driver’s licenses tend to be people who own CARS. And those who don’t have cars are what color, sir? And those who tend to have passports are what color, sir?” — Greg Palast

Q16: "How is any type of voter identification laws racist? — David Walles

A16: “See above.” — Greg Palast

Q17: "So now that we know what's going on, what do we do to help get people their IDs so they can vote?” — Loyola Leveroni

A17: "Jesse Jackson says, 'If you love someone, get them a PASSPORT for their birthday.' That will soon be the ID required to vote. Our 22-year-old African American producer had to go to the DMV SEVEN TIMES — really — before they’d give him the ID to vote.” — Greg Palast

Q18: "I have to ask why isn't the Democratic Party, after at least three stolen Presidential elections (Kerry, Gore and now Hillary), aren't demanding the UN monitor them? We don't trust the other party to be honest and fair. Without that a democracy can not survive.” — Judith Stevens

A18: "You win a prize for being the 10,000th person to ask me why the Democratic Party lets their voters get purged, ejected, get their ballots ‘spoiled’, disqualified and simply stolen.” — Greg Palast

Q19: "Do you still think that there was no Russian hacking in the 2016 Election?” — Stella Huerfano

A19: "There is not even an ACCUSATION of Russian hacking the vote machines. The accusation is merely that Russians hacked the DNC and showed us John Podesta’s emails. In other words, gave us real documents that told us the truth. So, did Russian try to influence the US election by telling us the truth?” — Greg Palast

Q20: "More attempts at setting up voter suppression... Putting the thumb on the scale impartiality of the census? How anti-fact can the GOP push the country?” — Mike Stark

A20: "The GOP’s move to bend the Census is one of the most important untold stories of the year. Sick.” — Greg Palast

Q21: "How about the gutting of scientists from the EPA?” — Casey Atchison

A21: "The attack on science goes way beyond climate change denial. Pollution is MURDER and it’s victims are children and the elderly — and the motive is money. Read my book Vultures’ Picnic, the chapter, ‘Coon-Ass Riviera’ for the corporate takeover of science and the harassment and firing of two great scientists, Dr. Rick Steiner and Dr. Ivor von Heerden.” — Greg Palast

Q22: "What next? Darker and darker…” — Diane Wilt

A22: "Well, lighten up by watching my film; quite a few laughs — though turn it off before the end makes you cry.” — Greg Palast

Q23: "How long will it take to restore America back to the great nation she was, after this idiot has perpetuated his ego driven damage?” — Helen Largent

A23: "America can be great by resisting. MLK made America great by facing the police dogs. The guys holding the dogs are now wearing, 'Make America Great Again' caps. Let’s take it back.” — Greg Palast your social media marketing partner
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