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Myers writes: "California legislators took the first step Tuesday to ban state government contracts for any company that helps build President Trump's promised wall along the Mexico border, with the author of the plan urging colleagues 'to be on the right side of history.'"

Border patrol agent near border wall. (photo: Getty)
Border patrol agent near border wall. (photo: Getty)

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Trump as Border Wall Funding Appears to Stall

Build It and Be Banned: California Lawmakers Move to Block State Contracts for Any Builders of Trump's Border Wall

By John Myers, Los Angeles Times

26 April 17


alifornia legislators took the first step Tuesday to ban state government contracts for any company that helps build President Trump's promised wall along the Mexico border, with the author of the plan urging colleagues "to be on the right side of history."

The bill by state Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) would prohibit any company from receiving a new or extended contract with the state of California if it participates in a future effort to build a new wall along the 2,000-mile international border.

Senate Bill 30 won committee passage on a party-line vote, with Republicans expressing concern about the need for additional border security. Representatives of the construction industry also voiced opposition, arguing Lara's bill forces contractors into the middle of a divisive political fight.

"This is precedent-setting," said Todd Bloomstine, a lobbyist representing the Southern California Contractors Assn. "What next unpopular project would be [on the] blacklist?"

Lara told lawmakers he will amend the bill to exclude any work by a company — including current bids on border wall projects — that takes place prior to the bill's becoming law.

Trump's campaign promise of a new border wall remains in limbo in Washington, as members of Congress on both sides of the aisle voice skepticism about its funding.

Tuesday's hearing in Sacramento often veered into the appropriateness of the wall itself, with environmental groups expressing concerns about animal species that live on both sides of the border. That testimony became emotional for Juan Altamirano, an associate director of Audubon California who crossed the border with his family as a young child.

"We need more migration and not stagnation," Altamirano said. your social media marketing partner


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+12 # Wise woman 2017-04-26 21:30
Who's going to clean the toilets and sheets in his hotels and Mar a Lago? You can bet your bottom dollar it ain't gonna be any little ole white folk. Would he be flying those would be rapists in over his wall? And I hope he'll be growing his own food cause white folk won't be picking that either.
+11 # moreover 2017-04-26 23:08
"veered into the appropriateness of the wall itself"
What pains me is that the "idea" behind the wall is a monstrous, demagogic lie which is rarely expressed in its full atrocity, namely that without it the US would be overrun by brown skinned thugs.

Once we say this aloud we're forced to acknowledge that there is no such scenario. This isn't the Siege of Barad-dûr, for fuck's sake!!

It's a demagogy plain and simple, and we must not allow the concept of a wall seep into the public mind as as actual object with a justifiable purpose.
+4 # Femihumanist 2017-04-27 13:18
I think the tax plan and the wall are all ploys to keep our minds busy while he gears up for the real money-maker: WAR, probably with Korea.

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