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Greenwood writes: "Hundreds of thousands of service workers will strike on May 1, seizing on the wave of opposition among labor organizations to President Trump."

Almost 350,000 service workers plan to strike on May 1. (photo: Patrick Fallon/Reuters)
Almost 350,000 service workers plan to strike on May 1. (photo: Patrick Fallon/Reuters)

Hundreds of Thousands Plan to Attend Anti-Trump Labor Strike on May 1

By Max Greenwood, The Hill

20 March 17


undreds of thousands of service workers will strike on May 1, seizing on the wave of opposition among labor organizations to President Trump, BuzzFeed News reported Saturday.

May 1, International Workers' Day, is traditionally a magnet for labor demonstrations. More than 300,000 food chain employees and 40,000 service workers are expected to participate in the massive strike.

Among the most notable groups participating in the protest are the Service Employees International Union United Service Workers West, led by David Huerta, who said that tens of thousands of his chapter’s members will walk off the job.

“We understand that there’s risk involved in that, but we’re willing to take that risk in order to be able to move forward in this moment, while the most marginalized are in the crosshairs of this administration,” Huerta told BuzzFeed.

A statement announcing the strike called it a rejection of Trump’s hardline immigration policies and “agenda of hate and greed.”

“We need to show this Administration, Congress and large corporate interests that our human and economic worth is more powerful than their agenda of hate and greed,” the statement reads. “Opposing Trump is not enough. We must stop him.”

Since his electoral win in November, Trump has been the target of massive protests opposing his remarks about immigrants, minorities, women and Muslims.

Those demonstrations have continued throughout the first two months of his presidency, particularly surrounding measures on immigration and executive orders barring citizens of certain Muslim-majority countries from traveling to the U.S. your social media marketing partner


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+3 # elizabethblock 2017-03-20 12:37
OMG, May Day is coming back???
0 # Robbee 2017-03-21 18:39
Quoting elizabethblock:
OMG, May Day is coming back???

- this is what democracy looks like!
+2 # jsluka 2017-03-20 14:33
If Trump and the Republican Party had their way labor strikes (and most forms of public protest and political demonstrations) would be illegal, branded as "terrorism," and violently suppressed. They would also get rid of child labor laws, the minimum wage, and environmental protection legislation. Yet millions of Americans - many of them working class people who directly benefit from the higher wages and better working conditions won by unions - vote for them. Go figure.
0 # Wise woman 2017-03-20 22:01
Hey all you songwriters, we need the music to encourage this movement. Every time a cause succeeded, the music demonstrated it. Think back to the 60s all you folks old enough. Those songs from Dylan, etc drove home the message - whether it was about stopping the Viet Nam war or getting Nixon out of office. It worked and we've never forgottenll it. Get going all you talented people.

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