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Joyce writes: "Socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in the United States, at least according to a new poll from Fox News."

Senator Bernie Sanders greeting supporters at a rally in Baltimore. (photo: Patrick Semansky/AP)
Senator Bernie Sanders greeting supporters at a rally in Baltimore. (photo: Patrick Semansky/AP)

A Fox News Poll Just Found That Bernie Sanders Is the Most Popular Politician in America

By Andrew Joyce, Mic

19 March 17


ocialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in the United States, at least according to a new poll from Fox News.

The poll found that Sanders is not only more popular than other major politicians like President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, but also that Sanders is more popular than Planned Parenthood, the Affordable Care Act, sanctuary cities and Wikileaks.

While the fact that a socialist is the most popular thing in Washington isn't great news for Republicans, it's hardly the poll's bleakest news for the right. The same survey also found that reforming the current health care system ranked near the bottom of Americans' priorities, and a full two-thirds of Americans think that the Republicans' recently proposed health care law makes "too many changes'" to the ACA. your social media marketing partner


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+69 # apotem 2017-03-19 09:29
Thank you DNC for working so hard against Bernie
-1 # Skyelav 2017-03-19 17:13
Ha, ha, the plutocrats are fighting amongst themselves... Groups don't do well without (elected) leaders.. HAHAHAH
-2 # LionMousePudding 2017-03-21 11:59
Seriously you come here to ridicule people who are upset about a failure? You have nothing better to do?
+9 # IDReyes1937 2017-03-21 10:17
Yes. If it were not for the reprehensible behavior of the DNC (especially Wasserman-Schul tz, and also Clinton herself), we would have Bernie in the White House and would not be in this mess, facing the possibility of another right-wing justice who will tilt the court decisions in favor of the corporatists and the religious right. Amen and thanks to you Democrats! You really screwed up this time.
+70 # m... 2017-03-19 09:48
Sanders leads in Polls consistently... , even the most trusted Senator Polls...
All these polls lend a lot of weight to the probable fact that the Soul of the Democratic Party has been corrupted and compromised for at least 25 years now by the big tumor at the heart of the DNC--- Its outdated old limousine hacks otherwise known as its current leadership.
Its Sander's Party now. By all measure, its what just about everyone wants except those few at the heart of the operation who cling to power in order benefit themselves.
Time for a coup... Time for Clinton to either get completely lost or help Sanders assume control of the Party in order to help the clear majority of Americans get what they want in the way of political leadership all the way from local to state to federal to presidential level...
That's how you redeem yourself Secretary Clinton...
+34 # newell 2017-03-19 13:15
good luck with Clinton helping Bernie take over the Democratic Party. If that was the intention of any of the party establishment, they would have elected Ellison Chairman.
+4 # Skyelav 2017-03-19 17:04
Will never happen without the support of the cartel of rich who own the government even though they are fighting with each other big time.
+36 # Saberoff 2017-03-19 09:57
Has anyone told the Democrats?
+39 # maverita 2017-03-19 10:00
I am surprised that Fox news did not try to bury this information.
+2 # LionMousePudding 2017-03-21 12:01
They are trying to rub it into the Democrats' faces?
+33 # wrknight 2017-03-19 10:11
A blinding flash of the obvious.

Is there anyone who didn't know that already?
+15 # jsluka 2017-03-19 14:51
"We" may have known this already but clearly the DNC was and still is in total denial of this reality.
+53 # Bruce Gruber 2017-03-19 10:35
No surprise! Despite the parsed statistics of many carefully contrived polls, the American people clearly (and cynically) recognize honest transparency as distinguished from patronizing manipulation and propaganda contrived to push emotional buttons.

Bernie's decades of consistent and logical humanity have clearly offered supporters and opponents every opportunity to evaluate and judge his unique brand of "public" service and leadership. It has established a benchmark against which people have clearly been able to weigh the personas of others ... and found few, if any, even remotely close.

Even when partisans prefer others' biased positions, they still offer respect for ideas and values which Bernie offers - instinctively acknowledging reasonableness contrary to their chosen positions.

The serious impediment to Bernie's leadership is the oligarchy that it threatens ... and the GOP & DNC opportunists who are effectively "PAID" to prevent the ascendancy of the democratic principles he teaches through every speech and vote he casts for our consideration.

Like the ripples that spread across a Pond's quiet waters, his life and actions give us pause ... to consider thoughtful alternatives to greed and conflict. The percentages are limited ONLY by the lower number of those polled.
+31 # Femihumanist 2017-03-19 10:43
So given how popular he is, why is the Demon Party still trying to bury him?
+17 # Radscal 2017-03-19 12:20
Even worse, the "Demon Party" is utilizing the"Outreach" position they created for Bernie to herd people of good will into their party.

Their attempt to associate their party with the man whose domestic policy stands are held by the majority of USians may backfire as people of all political stripes are being made aware of the fact that they all agree, even as they realize that neither flavor of the Corporate Party promotes the policies we all want.
+15 # Greg Scott 2017-03-20 04:46
If anyone wonders why Bernie is so popular, watch this clip.

I'm not a big fan of Jimmy Dore...mostly he likes to hear himself talk. But he's absolutely right on this. Where is the Dem establishment, where is Hillary? The election is long over and Bernie is still out there listening to people and their concerns.

Can you really imagine Hillary sitting somewhere and just listening to someone for 10 minutes? And then being honest enough to say: "I don't want to over promise."

Why do we trust Bernie? Because he doesn't speak in talking points. He says what he believes and takes the time to listen to people.
+9 # newell 2017-03-19 13:21
People don't like to give up their power in a political party--even if they agree with Bernie's Democratic Party Platform.
That is, agree except taxing the wealthy at the 92% rate the commie Eisenhower did.
+4 # Skyelav 2017-03-19 17:11
HAHAHAHA seriously not republican and the whistleblower about the"Military-in dustrial complex." The first one.
+20 # futhark 2017-03-19 11:33
As Gomer Pyle used to say, "Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!"

That the overtly biased Faux News would conduct and then publish a poll revealing that both the politicians and positions it has long promoted rank so low in the esteem of the American people in comparison to those who speak out as advocates for real economic and social justice is a revelation that we may be on the cusp of the greatest political shift in American history in the past hundred years, beginning no later than 2018. Of course, all this could happen sooner if the Republican Congress starts to wake up to the fact that allowing Mr. Trump to continue to sow chaos and promote injustice is going to cause their constituents to bite them in the butt if they don't start impeachment proceedings.
+53 # librarian1984 2017-03-19 11:50
One reason Sanders is respected is because his politics are authentic, moral and compassionate. As many have stated, Trump's budget is a moral document that exposes the (lack of) values of the writer(s). I think one thing that confuses liberals is how conservatives can say they're Christians -- and then turn around and propose such unChristlike policies.

But morality isn't only a challenge for conservatives. One could argue they're at least being true to their principles. Many of them truly believe it's virtuous to demand rugged individualism from American citizens. What's liberals' excuse?

We say we care about minorities and women and immigrants and children .. but what do we actually DO? Eight years of Obama but still 20% of American kids live in poverty and don't eat regular meals.

Fifty years of feminism but we don't have pay equity or a reliable national childcare system. DP pols don't even talk about those things. But Bernie does.

I don't want to hear one more snarky comment about Sanders not being a Democrat, like that's a bad thing. They should be ashamed at the way they've debased the party of FDR. They should have half the career of Bernie Sanders. Schmucks.

Sanders' exchange with the desperate WV woman and the sound byte from the retired miner about Bernie caring for them more than Mitch McConnell? If Hillary had shown that compassion or gotten that response Rachel Maddow would have been using it as her wallpaper.
+1 # draypoker 2017-03-19 11:50
I wouldn't trust anything from a Murdoch publication.
+14 # lfeuille 2017-03-19 14:47
But it is in line with all the other polls that show Bernie to be the most popular politician in the country.
+37 # librarian1984 2017-03-19 12:10
I admired Maddow for a long time, since her days on Air America radio. But you could see when she changed, when she decided Hillary had to win. The way she covered the Democrap nomination changed. I thought she would love Sanders' progressive message but I guess sisterhood trumps common humanity. Or maybe something changes when you take $30,000 a day from a corporate overlord.

Maybe you do as you're told and when you segue immediately from Sanders' WV town hall you don't even mention it. Maybe you yak about Russia with Robby Mook, loser extraordinaire. Maybe you don't apologize for your Geraldo Rivera moment. Maybe you ignore the poll after poll that tells us exactly what the Democrats need to do. Maybe you don't have Nina Turner on your show or Josh Fox. Maybe you ignore Frank Rich and pretend the 2016 election never happened.

Every day our politicians decide to represent their donors and let children go hungry. Every day Rachel Maddow decides to cover Russia instead of progressives. Maybe we should all chip in. If we raise $30,001 a day can we get her back?

Democrats used to represent a well-defined morality. We used to help workers and families. Now you can't pay one to bring up single payer.

Hm. Should THAT be the first litmus test of the 'new' Democrats? Tom Price has said he wants input from the Dems on the healthcare plan. SO ANY DEM WHO DOESN'T WANT TO BE PRIMARIED SHOULD START TALKING ABOUT MEDICARE-FOR-AL L RIGHT NOW.
+10 # EternalTruth 2017-03-19 14:03
$30k a day? Holy crap! Imagine what RSN could do if they could raise that kind of scratch.
+8 # Radscal 2017-03-19 14:10
I started seeing signs of Rachel sellout before this election, but she was formerly ideologically consistent. She did a great segment criticizing President Obama way back in 2009, when he claimed the authority to hold US citizens in prison indefinitely, and with no charges or evidence - not even for some crime he thought they'd committed, but on the claim that the victim MIGHT commit a crime some time in the future.

But gradually, she aligned her position with the DNC. Of course, she's always either ignored Israeli atrocities against the indigenous Palestinians or straight-up blamed the Palestinians, but by late 2013, she was ridiculing President Putin.

And as the "peaceful pro-democracy Maidan protests" turned into burning police alive, beating "impure" protesters with chains and late-night torch-lit marches carrying Nazi iconography and calling for murdering all Russians, she went full on "Putin is an evil madman" propaganda which she has maintained ever since.

I suspect her limitless support of Israel is because she is a rabid Zionist, though of the "liberal" sort. But the rest of it seems to be strictly having sold out.
+2 # LionMousePudding 2017-03-21 03:06
I gave up on her the same time. I had really loved her and her show. A little naive at times, but the right spirit. But I'm not going back. She was the only reason I had a TV and once my housemate goes and takes his TV with him, I won't be replacing it.
0 # kyzipster 2017-03-22 09:14
Republicans are determined to take away the significant expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare, health care for millions. During the Obama years the conservative Supreme Court ruled in their favor to allow state governments to deny this expansion.

Yes, Democrats really need to start talking about single payer and voters should demand it but the 'survival of the fittest' ideology that dominates our government is a greater evil imo.
+29 # 2017-03-19 12:13
It Pisses Me Off, to See the FIRST WORD in YOUR Headline "Socialist", He's NOT a Fucking Socialist, in the Way It's "Framed".... He IS an Independent, as Far as HIS Political Affiliation Is Concerned, He Believes in America's "Social System"!!!! Get It Fucking Straight, OR Admit That "RSN" Is a Trump Troll Site..... There IS a Reason He's So Popular, HE Speaks FOR the American People, NOT a "Socialist" Platform...... You Guys Really "Stepped in the Bucket" With This One......
+9 # EternalTruth 2017-03-19 14:13
Some of us here don't believe that the word "socialist" is the epithet you think it to be. In fact, many of us are proud and strident socialists who are happy to support a politician, Bernie, who is a self-proclaimed socialist. You may believe that use of the word is a poor tactical decision, but to be outraged by journalists describing him with the words he used to describe himself seems a bit unhinged. And regardless of semantics, the point made clear by these polls is that socialistc policies are in fact incredibly popular.
+16 # lfeuille 2017-03-19 14:51
He is a self proclaimed Democratic Socialist. He uses that term himself and is still the most popular politician in the country. I think that is great. People are not so scared of the word as they use to be. So keep calling him a Socialist. It obviously doesn't hurt him and it seems to help the image of Socialism to be associated with him.
+4 # cjbf 2017-03-19 13:36
This is certainly interesting to see, but it would be clearer if the Favorable and Unfavorable sections of the report listed "Strongly" and "Somewhat" in the same order.
+1 # librarian1984 2017-03-20 09:19
I believe there IS reasoning behind the symmetrical presentation -- it's constructed that way so the data moves in a continuum between two polar extremities -- from 'best' to 'worst', for example, or 'most liked' to 'least liked'. Data presented this way is a textual simulation of a (very rough) Bell curve.
+7 # lfeuille 2017-03-19 14:42
The news here is that even Fox News can't obscure Bernie's popularity. Otherwise, it's what we already know. It is bad news for the right only if we can develop a vehicle for advancing Bernie and those who agree with him into real positions of power in the country, nit just the Dem party or any other party that might replace it. So far they have been shut out.
+13 # Moxa 2017-03-19 17:19
This is why Bernie could start a new political party NOW. He is at the height of his popularity, and people are more turned off to the political situation (both to Trump and the two parties we now have) than ever. It is absurd that we should be fighting with the Democrats to change, when we could be the most exciting and pro-active party in America. I respect Bernie's decisions because I know he is trying to do his best for the country at all times. But I think he could get more done as the leader of a revolutionary party, and not dependent on a moribund institution like the DNC.

Please visit and sign the petition.
+2 # citizenpaine 2017-03-20 17:42
Quoting Moxa:
This is why Bernie could start a new political party NOW. He is at the height of his popularity, and people are more turned off to the political situation (both to Trump and the two parties we now have) than ever. It is absurd that we should be fighting with the Democrats to change, when we could be the most exciting and pro-active party in America. I respect Bernie's decisions because I know he is trying to do his best for the country at all times. But I think he could get more done as the leader of a revolutionary party, and not dependent on a moribund institution like the DNC.

Please visit and sign the petition.

Signed the petition.
I absolutely agree this is the way to go. I'd love to see this pick up momentum. (And I'm fully aware that the "insiders" will do whatever they cnn to stop it.
Are there local meetings we can participate in? (Starting with Medford/Ashland OR location.)
+6 # andyseles 2017-03-19 21:51
As usual, I find myself in total agreement with librarian1984. One minor correction: it's Tom Perez (not Price). Wish you were here in Southern Oregon where we have just created an Our Revolution affiliate to primary those Dems who still don't get it and can't get enough of R.Maddow and her shiny object Russian hacking. One wonders what the next distraction will be to turn the tribe away from the obscene wealth disparity and abject racism in this country.
+4 # librarian1984 2017-03-20 09:07
I was referring to HHS Secretary Price, who was on the Sunday news shows trying to defend this godawful health fund gutting.

He explicitly said he wants input from Dems. I'm sure the administration is looking for sound bytes to deflect from their standing -- naked, alone and twisting in the wind, their cruelty exposed.

Funnily enough, that's exactly what I want to see as well. I don't want Dems fighting for Obama's warmed over Romneycare. I want to hear Dems -- loudly, clearly, sincerely -- demanding Medicare for all.

Tom Perez is a whole other kettle of rotten fish. Agreed :^)

I worry about a false flag operation deflecting our focus. That seems to be the establishment mo.

Oh! how I wish I were in southern Oregon as well! Then I could fight with you AND attend the Ashland Shakespeare Festival every year, as I used to.

Is your group working with Justice Democrats or Brand New Congress?
+7 # CDMR 2017-03-20 06:47
What teh poll shows is what we on the left have known for a very long time. If presented fairly, Americans would choose the policies of socialism by a substantial majority. People want good public schools, social security as a universal retirement income plan, good social services, laws protecting the environment, and freedom from war and militarism.

But the forces against all of these things have found out how to control government from a minority position. The republican party controls governments at all levels and it has only a small percentage of adherents. The Demos are just the same.

America is a fundamentally anti-democratic nation. This is because no one once in office does anything to cultivate and promote democracy.
+3 # MikeKay 2017-03-20 09:19
We love Bernie! Fight back with the rousing new protest song: "The Good Fight" by The Joe Hill Heartlanders!

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