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Shellbourne writes: "Sen. Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said on Sunday that he is prepared to leave open the ninth seat on the Supreme Court."

Charles Schumer. (photo: NBC News)
Charles Schumer. (photo: NBC News)

Schumer Ready to Leave Supreme Court Seat Open

By Mallory Shellbourne, The Hill

23 January 17


en. Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said on Sunday that he is prepared to leave open the ninth seat on the Supreme Court.

“If the nominee is not bipartisan and mainstream, we absolutely will keep the seat open,” Schumer told CNN’s “State of the Union.”

The Supreme Court vacancy has been open since last February, when Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away.

Schumer said he is prepared to fight "tooth and nail" should Trump not choose a mainstream nominee.

Former President Barack Obama had nominated Merrick Garland to fill the vacancy. The Senate did not take up Garland’s nomination for a vote.

Garland reportedly returned to his job as a federal appeals court judge last week.

Schumer on Sunday also railed against Trump's Cabinet picks, calling his selections "troubling."

“We call it the swamp Cabinet. Billionaires and bankers,” he said. your social media marketing partner


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+55 # mashiguo 2017-01-23 10:01
Schumer had damn well better keep that seat open if he doesn't want to circle down the sewer drain of history with Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the rest.

This, not personality slamming, is the actual necessary and appropriate protest to Trump's choices.
+2 # bardphile 2017-01-23 11:10
Yes. There's way too much personality slamming (hard to resist, though, in the case of...never mind. We have right and reason on our side, and plenty of precedent.
+7 # Cassandra2012 2017-01-23 14:16
Dems need to show some backbone- and use Yertle McConnell's & bratty Ryan's own tactics against them. Delay. Delay, delay & delay ... Then. Table & FILIBUSTER until their dirty choices have withered on the vine from lack of sustenance!!
+3 # JayaVII 2017-01-23 10:55
A cabinet of "billionaires and bankers"? Strong language from the Senator from Wall Street. Mr. Schumer had better watch out, or his plutocratic friends may divest themselves of him in favor of more appreciative assets.
+4 # elizabethblock 2017-01-23 16:22
I think he's actually pretty safe. He's the Democratic leader in the Senate - serious seniority. Who would they try to replace him with?
I didn't vote for him - he's a bloody Zionist - but this is great.
+6 # DongiC 2017-01-23 12:44
Give the Republicans a taste of their own medicine by holding the seat open. See how they like it.
+6 # newell 2017-01-23 14:36
In 2018 or 2020 we can reverse the legislation, but it would be much harder to reverse any probable carnage under a 5-4 Trump court. Decades.
+4 # lfeuille 2017-01-23 16:47
Good. Now is Trump continues to poke at Roberts and Roberts responds by voting against Trump, we may have a chance to survey the next four years.
+2 # vilstef 2017-01-23 19:49
I have never been impressed by Schumer, his whole political career has been about talking a good game and knuckling under. I hope he can act like he has a real spine in this fight.
+1 # DudeistPriest 2017-01-24 15:30
Sure he will. He's a Democrat, and we know from a long list of Democrats that they have no spines. Schumer will fold like a table at the meekest sign of protest. I'll believe he'll keep that seat open when I see it.

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