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teleSUR writes: "Over 1,000 hate crimes have been reported since Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election, the rate dropping since the days after election day but over a third of them still making reference to Trump."

Hate crimes are still up, but rates have gone down since the days after election day. (photo: Reuters)
Hate crimes are still up, but rates have gone down since the days after election day. (photo: Reuters)

Trump's Election Sees More Than 1,000 Hate Crimes in a Month

By teleSUR

17 December 16


Over one-third of the incidents made mention of President-elect Donald Trump.

ver 1,000 hate crimes have been reported since Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election, the rate dropping since the days after election day but over a third of them still making reference to Trump.

Most of the incidents were against immigrants, followed by African-Americans, Muslims and LGBT people, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which released the data on Friday but cut off the count on Monday, Dec. 12. The SPLC counted a total of 1,094 from news reports, social media and direct submission.

Like previous counts, most incidents occurred in K-12 schools, followed by highly-frequented businesses and campuses of higher education. Most recruitment drives, especially those including fliers, were reported on college campuses, the majority of them by white nationalists and some from the Ku Klux Klan.

Attacks that referenced Trump overwhelmingly attacked women, reported the SPLC, which also counted anti-Trump and anti-white incidents. The former came to a total of 26, with six anti-white incidents. your social media marketing partner


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-10 # markovchhaney 2016-12-17 11:33
No, hate didn't win. No one who hates people for reasons of religion, color, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, ad nauseam, is doing so today BECAUSE of the election of Donald Trump. Had Trump lost, these same morons might well be lashing out in rage against innocent people in even greater numbers. We can't know. But blaming these incidents on Trump's election is just ridiculous. That some people are so cowardly that they need to shout someone's name to "justify" their bullying is hardly a shock. What's shocking is the naivité of too many 'liberals' who think that they can hang these attacks on Trump's neck. Have you been asleep for the last 8 years? The last 16? The last 50? The entire existence of this "country"?
+10 # Ralph 2016-12-17 13:31
Ahem. Hate is winning. For example, Germany has been a global capitalist hell hole for decades. It sank into new levels of depravity in the 1930's. The US sank into depravity when citizens killed other citizens in support of slavery. We've sunk to new levels of depravity today as we elected a president who advocates torture, wants registries for people who practice certain religions, wants to round up millions of people with a state approved gestapo, desires to build walls, to name a few. Extract your head from your posterior.
-21 # 2016-12-17 11:59
There is a problem with this story. It is ridiculously easy to register a hate crime on the SPLC website -- no documentation, no police report, nothing needed.

A several of the incidents which were investigated by the police turned out to be hoaxes or lies told by Muslims or LBGT group members.

This has been a standard tactic used by black leftists to make it appear that black people are under constant attack (consider Tawana Brawley, Duke Lacrosse, Michael Brown, and dozens more lesser known cases I could list if space permitted. The left is simply now extending this tactic to other groups they imagine Trump will discriminate against (though most of the evidence points to the fact that Trump is not anti-woman or anti-LGBT).

I didn't support Trump and never would. I also believe that some reported incidents are truly hate crimes but no one should believe these inflated statistics given the historical record and the lack of documentation on the vast majority of them.

Reminds me of my 15 years of experience on college campuses. During that time there were 3 reported sexual molestations by hysterical women that all turned out to be faked stories designed to get campus police to do something about protecting women on campus. During that time there were zero rapes on campus. It is sadly all too predictable and it hurts the credibility of those who have actually been victimized.

Lee Nason
New Bedford, Massachusetts
+11 # dipierro4 2016-12-17 12:17
You have a point, but it's not the whole story.

Yes, sick, or damaged, or maladjusted people make false accusations; and of course, every accused person should be presumed innocent and should be defended. But I think we should take the reports and concern of teachers around the country seriously -- they see and hear what goes on among groups of students every day.

Also, think of occasions like a few years ago in Hazleton, PA, when Lou Barletta was making his political rise, and it was popular among white kids to beat up Hispanics. At least one man, an elderly Ecuadoran IIRC, was beaten to death in the street, not for robbery, but just for sport. It stands to reason that if the President of the United States is cheerleading this kind of thing (or is happy to be seen as doing so), it is only going to increase.
+6 # Dust 2016-12-17 12:40

I knew you'd comment on this.

In other words: Every single piece of evidence suggesting ANYTHING in opposition to my own world view is CLEARLY faked by liberals. You use the same line of reasoning when disputing AGW.
+1 # Ralph 2016-12-17 13:13
He's a typical alt-right ass clown.
+4 # kyzipster 2016-12-17 16:04
"most of the evidence points to the fact that Trump is not anti-woman or anti-LGBT"

If you have no depth of understanding, it might be best to make no comment. Trump's personal beliefs are irrelevant. I never believed George Bush hated LGBT people but he was the leader of the GOP during one of its most viscous periods of spreading anti-LGBT propaganda and passing discriminatory, unconstitutiona l legislation across the country. Bush's silence as he benefited greatly from this divisiveness makes him absolutely responsible. It helped him win (or whatever) a second term.

80 something percent of anti-abortion Evangelicals supported Trump, he cannot win a second term without their support. Women's rights are under serious threat.
-10 # Old School Conservative 2016-12-17 13:25
I have never seen a public quote by Trump that was racist toward black people.

Our country has come along way as far as racism is concerned, we just had a 2 term African-America n president.

He did well because he was light-skinned and did not speak with a negro dialect unless he wanted to have one.

He was the first sort of mainstream African-America n who was articulate and bright and clean and nice looking guy.

A few years ago this guy would have been getting us coffee.
+3 # Ralph 2016-12-17 14:06
I don't think Trump knows how to make coffee. Maybe sweeping the floors. Even that's a tall order for Herr Hair.
-5 # Old School Conservative 2016-12-17 14:17
The comment about coffee was in reference to Obama.
+2 # Ralph 2016-12-17 14:24
No, I was referring to Donny. He's really not "light-skinned" either. He's actually greyish pasty when he hasn't been to the tanning booth after being sprayed with orange chemicals.
-4 # Old School Conservative 2016-12-17 14:28
The comment I posted about the coffee was in reference to Obama.
+6 # dipierro4 2016-12-17 15:18
"...I have never seen a public quote by Trump that was racist toward black people..."

Granted, if Trump were that awful in his personal and business life, we'd have known it years ago. But that's not all that matters.

What matters is that he built his election on drumming up rage toward minorities. When an Arab or Hispanic person gets beat up in school, or killed in the street for sport, Trump's fingerprints won't be on it, but in any moral sense he'll be responsible. Maybe what he's doing is less blatant in the case of African Americans, but he's not promoting a spirit of inclusiveness toward them either.

And it's hard to say he's not responsible for what his supporters do or say. He fanned the fires. Besides, if he feels any concern about the excesses of his supporters, he's been quiet about it -- and it's not in his nature to be quiet about what he's feeling.
0 # kyzipster 2016-12-17 16:08
Are you a comedian?
-2 # Old School Conservative 2016-12-17 16:11
Why do you say that?

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