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Excerpt: "Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been linked to anonymous companies created by the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, according to documents released by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists."

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. (photo: John Taggart/Getty)
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. (photo: John Taggart/Getty)

Donald Trump Named in Latest Panama Papers Leak

By teleSUR

13 May 16


At least 140 politicians from more than 50 countries are linked to offshore companies.

epublican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been linked to anonymous companies created by the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, according to documents released by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists known as the ICIJ, according to an NPR report.

The leaked documents show that the Trump empire is linked to 32 offshore companies, including the real estate project Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower in Panama.

His name appears 3,540 times in the database, but according to media reports that doesn’t mean he is directly involved since Trump has sold his name to other investors in different countries.

The latest release of documents includes the names of more than 320,000 people and companies around the world, including politicians, businesspeople and movie stars.

Among the people named in the papers are Argentine President Mauricio Macri, British Prime Minister David Cameron, Saudi Arabian King Salman bin Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al Saud, and actress Emma Watson.

Offshore companies are not illegal, but are often used to evade taxes.

Mossack Fonseca has rejected the publishing of this database, which they say was stolen from their offices. They have announced legal actions against ICIJ, according to a statement.

“Beside being obtained illegally, the database is filled with errors and leads to wrong conclusions among people, companies and middlemen,” said Mossack Fonseca in a statement. “The use of stolen private information is a crime in every state that we work in.” your social media marketing partner


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+40 # Dust 2016-05-13 14:12
"the database is filled with errors"???

Well, then, people are really stupid to trust you with their money if you can't code a robust dataset.
+15 # RnR 2016-05-13 15:55
And any reference to any of the politicians currently in favor has been ... uh ... misplaced? I laugh everytime I hear one of them saying they "mis-spoke".

Every time one of the conveniently released pieces of "information" points a finger against Trump you just have to know the current political shills have their greasy hands in it. They're no cleaner then he is and they're probably dirtier.
+45 # grandlakeguy 2016-05-13 16:03
The "Trump empire is linked to 32 offshore companies."
Isn't that a wonderful indication of the honesty, discretion and restraint he will exercise as President?

God help us all.
+7 # carp 2016-05-13 21:58
British PM David Cameron stated that the link to an offshore company was shares that he inherited from his father. He disposed of the shares. Why does the media not report this when slinging Cameron's name around?
+12 # keenon the truth 2016-05-14 06:40
They did. I even heard him say it in an interview on BBC.
+1 # TruthSeeker2 2016-05-14 00:12
And Hillary Clinton? I would be shocked if her name wasn't in there.
+30 # treespeaker 2016-05-14 01:14
Just goes to show you what a phony this bum is. Scamming the government to cheat on his taxes. You cannot trust this fake. If it wasn't for his daddies money and lawyers this creep would be selling pencils on the street. He said he believes in America but has his clothes made in Mexico and China. He thinks we are fools. He is a con artist who laughs when he gets in his plane after a rally.
He sees his voters as suckers that fall for his flip-flopping lies. If he gets his power he will quickly betray and forget his voters. What really makes me sick is his sons killing elephants and leopard in Africa just for sport, to boost their egos. The males in this family are evil. Wake you idiots that support him before he steals your money because money and power are his god. The dangerous thing about this individual is that he believes the vomit that comes out of his mouth. He thinks he is tough but he is really a bully. I know a hundred women that would kick his ass good. I can hardly wait until he crawls back into his hole in the ground.
+9 # RnR 2016-05-14 05:13
The tax laws were written specifically to allow scamming. Every corporation in the world cheats the u.s. because the bought and paid for federal government was party to the plan.

To be honest you can't blame Trump for taking advantage of the laws as they are written. To not take advantage would make him stupid, and stupid he is not. You should have been paying attention when these laws were being written. Hind sight is 20/20 vision.
+7 # BIg Lar 2016-05-14 08:45
Tighten the laws/rules. Take back the Congress and stop fixating on the presidency.
+2 # Robbee 2016-05-14 09:43
dust, you know what robbee always says when someone is caught telling the truth?

- "yeah! they were caught coding a robust dataset!"
-1 # Robbee 2016-05-14 09:52
i beg your pardon! - # TruthSeeker2 2016-05-14 00:12
And Hillary Clinton? I would be shocked if her name wasn't in there.

- color me shocked! that someone who labels themself TruthSeeker is shocked by the truth that hill's name CLEARLY DID NOT show up! - well, not really shocked - or even surprised the least little bit! - truth about hill is not widely sought, nor widely disseminated, here on rsn!
+1 # Robbee 2016-05-14 10:53
about this thread! - it leads back to why rump cannot release his taxes! - if he releases his taxes they will show embarrassing and/or criminal activity!

does rump hide income abroad? under-report income here? evade taxes? as a scofflaw?

does he squirrel income abroad? all legal like? like itt omni? to lower taxes he pays here?

does he employ cheap foreign labor in sweatshops? or children? or slaves? or traffic humans? or license his name to those who do?

after loopholes, does he pay lower tax rates than lowest middle class taxpayers? or none at all?

folks, other than in fevered gop delusions, some here! there was never a story in benghazzi, those "damn emails" or open mike

but this is a story with legs! - and if it comes out after rump becomes gop nominee and before general election! woe is the gop!

since revelations in panama, treasury has begun demanding shell corporations name real owners!

in any case it is field day on rump! now and forever! for bernie and hill! - go bernie! - and go dem nominee! - between bernie and hill! devil take the hindmost!
+2 # elkingo 2016-05-14 10:54
We ought to re-name Planet Earth as Trumpwelt! The supreme narcissist putz slaps his name on everything* - the epitome of gaucheri, and now sell it for More Money! Not surprised that his name appears often among the the list of rulers who engage in "occult capitalism". Emma Watson too? Jesus! Render money-addiction an anachronism. Advocate/perpet rate socialism.

*reminiscent of LBJ.
-7 # elkingo 2016-05-14 10:57
But you gotta admit, for what it's worth, that The Donald is cute, Hillary anything but.
+2 # lfeuille 2016-05-14 16:52
Cute? You have odd taste. But she isn't either.
0 # Robbee 2016-05-14 18:31
i'm slow boilingi just checked my server news and NOTHING! NOTHING! from hill or bernie on rump's big pile of it! - just dumped on america!

what are our dems waiting for? - permission from MSM to address rump's uuuge new scandal? maybe the biggest story of democalypse 2016? - maybe the "47% of americans are moochers" video of 2016!

do i have to tune in fox business news to notice? - to wait for some rachel maddow to investigate further, then to start connecting dots?

okay it's onto fox! glen greenwald! this week! and, tomorrow! face the nation! - go MSM!

just remember! - you read it here first! - right here on rsn! - days ahead of anybody else noticing! - go rsn!
0 # Robbee 2016-05-14 18:58
c’mon ketchup here, gang! - this is big! - this is the watergate break-in, only, this time! arrests 6 months before the election! - bernie? - hill? - what are you waiting for?

okay? - maybe it’s better for rump to secure the repug nomination first? - okay! - i can see that! - but if rump drops out! you’ll be sorry you didn’t blow the lid off his campaign implosion, first!

as in - “the panama papers scandal has raised serious questions about mr. trump’s fitness to become president!”

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