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Excerpt: "Kennedy was a man of justice. But, so far, justice has not been served in this case. And I feel obliged as both a shooting victim and as an American to speak out about this - and to honor the memory of the greatest American I've ever known, Robert Francis Kennedy."

Robert Kennedy with Paul Schrade. (photo: unknown)
Robert Kennedy with Paul Schrade. (photo: unknown)

Explosive Testimony in Sirhan/RFK Assassination Parole Hearing

By Paul Schrade, Reader Supported News

11 February 16


Full text of Paul Schrade’s prepared remarks for delivery at Sirhan Sirhan’s February 10th Parole Suitability Hearing. Transcription provided by Brad Johnson, Concept Producer for Rob Beemer, Interesting Stuff Entertainment, Los Angeles (Rob accompanied Paul Schrade to yesterday’s Sirhan parole hearing, acting as Mr. Schrade’s support person).

Update, 02/11/16: A California parole panel late yesterday denied Sirhan Sirhan’s parole application for a 15th time.

ood Morning, Gentlemen:

I am Paul Schrade of Los Angeles. I am 91 years old. And back when I was 43, I was among six persons shot at the old Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles at just after Midnight on June 5th, 1968.

I was shot along with Senator Robert F. Kennedy, who had just won California’s Democratic Primary Election for the Presidency of the United States. Five of us survived our wounds. And as history knows, Senator Kennedy was fatally wounded.

I am here to speak for myself, a shooting victim, and to bear witness for my friend, Bob Kennedy.

Kennedy was a man of justice. But, so far, justice has not been served in this case. And I feel obliged as both a shooting victim and as an American to speak out about this – and to honor the memory of the greatest American I’ve ever known, Robert Francis Kennedy.

Sirhan Bishara Sirhan was originally scheduled for release in 1984 but, after intense political pressure, his parole date was rescinded and he has since been denied 14 times.

In order for you to make an accurate determination of Sirhan Sirhan’s parole, you need to know my feelings on this case and the full picture of what actually happened.

Sirhan, I forgive you.

The evidence clearly shows you were not the gunman who shot Robert Kennedy. There is clear evidence of a second gunman in that kitchen pantry who shot Robert Kennedy. One of the bullets – the fatal bullet – struck Bob in the back of the head. Two bullets struck Bob literally in his back. A fourth bullet struck the back of his coat’s upper right seam and passed harmlessly through his coat. I believe all four of those bullets were fired from a second gunman standing behind Bob. You were never behind Bob, nor was Bob’s back ever exposed to you.

Indeed, Sirhan, the evidence not only shows that you did not shoot Robert Kennedy but it shows that you could not have shot Robert Kennedy.

Gentlemen, the evidence clearly shows that Sirhan Sirhan could not and did not shoot Senator Bob Kennedy.

Several days ago, I made sure that several documents were submitted to this board for you to review. If you have not done so as yet, I would ask you to please review them very carefully during your deliberation. I will be glad to re-submit these documents to you, here today.

I believe, after you review these documents, that it should become clear to you that Sirhan Sirhan did not shoot – and could not have shot – Robert Kennedy. What I am saying to you is that Sirhan himself was a victim.

Obviously there was someone else there in that pantry also firing a gun. While Sirhan was standing in front of Bob Kennedy and his shots were creating a distraction, the other shooter secretly fired at the senator from behind and fatally wounded him. Bob died 25 hours later.

Gentlemen, I believe you should grant Sirhan Sirhan parole. And I ask you to do that today.

Along with what Sirhan’s lawyers have submitted to you, the following are the documents that I made sure were submitted to you and which should also be factored into your decision today.

First, I want to show you this. It’s a letter written in 2012 by my good friend, Robert F. Kennedy Junior. Bobby wrote this letter to Eric Holder, who was then the Attorney General of the United States. In his letter to Mr. Holder, Bobby requests that federal authorities examine the Pruszynski Recording, the only known audio recording made of his father’s assassination at the Ambassador Hotel. The recording was uncovered in 2004 at the California State Archives by CNN International senior writer Brad Johnson.

This next document is a federal court declaration from audio expert Philip Van Praag, who Johnson recruited to analyze the Pruszynski Recording.

In this document, Van Praag declares that his analysis of the recording concludes that two guns were fired in the Robert Kennedy shooting.

Van Praag found a total of 13 gunshots in the Pruszynski Recording. Sirhan’s one and only gun at the crime scene held no more than eight bullets and Sirhan had no opportunity to reload it.

Van Praag also found what he calls “double-shots” – meaning two gunshots fired so close together that they could not both have come from Sirhan’s Iver Johnson Cadet revolver. Van Praag actually found two sets of these “double-shots.”

Additionally, he found that five of the 13 gunshots featured a unique audio resonance characteristic that could not have been produced by Sirhan’s gun model, meaning those five shots were fired from a second gun of a different make.

Van Praag further found that those five gunshots were fired in a direction heading away from Pruszynski’s microphone. Since the microphone was about 40 feet west of the Kennedy shooting, those five shots were fired in an eastward direction, which was opposite the westward direction that Sirhan is known to have fired his eight-shot Iver Johnson Cadet.

These documents are statements from two witnesses to the Robert Kennedy shooting, both of them assistant maître d’s for the Ambassador Hotel. These two men, Karl Uecker and Edward Minasian, escorted Robert Kennedy into the kitchen pantry immediately after the Senator delivered his victory speech in a hotel ballroom for having won the California Primary. Both Uecker and Minasian say Sirhan was in front of Bob Kennedy as the Senator walked toward Sirhan, meaning that Bob and Sirhan were facing each other. Both witnesses say Sirhan was still in front of Bob as Sirhan fired his gun. And both say that after Sirhan fired his first two shots, Uecker quickly pushed Sirhan against a steam table, placing Sirhan in a headlock while grabbing hold of Sirhan’s firing arm, forcing the tip of Sirhan’s gun to point away from where Bob Kennedy was and causing Sirhan to fire blindly his remaining six bullets.

In other words, Sirhan only had full control of his gun at the beginning, when he fired his first two shots, one of which hit me. Sirhan had no opportunity to fire four precisely-placed, point-blank bullets into the back of Bob Kennedy’s head or body while he was pinned against that steam table and while he and Bob were facing each other.

This document is the official Robert Kennedy autopsy report summary. It shows that all bullets directed at Senator Kennedy were fired from behind him at point-blank range. As the autopsy states, and as these drawings show, the bullets traveled from back-to-front at steep upward trajectories. One bullet struck Senator Kennedy at the back of the head, two bullets at the right rear armpit and a fourth bullet at the right rear shoulder of his jacket, which passed harmlessly through his jacket.

Again, Sirhan’s bullets could not have struck the back of Bob Kennedy’s head or the back of his body or the back of his jacket’s right shoulder, as the autopsy clear shows took place, because Sirhan was never in a position to administer any of those four Kennedy shots. The prosecution never placed Sirhan in that location and position.

These are documents from the Los Angeles Police Department that reveal LAPD misconduct in the police investigation of the Robert Kennedy murder. They detail evidence that was destroyed while Sirhan’s appeal was still pending as well as a photograph that was acknowledged by the LAPD to be “effective rebuttal” but was withheld from the defense team.

Indeed, the LAPD and L.A. County District Attorney knew two hours after the shooting of Senator Kennedy that he was shot by a second gunman and they had conclusive evidence that Sirhan could not – and did not – do it. The official record shows that the prosecution at Sirhan’s trial never had one witness – and had no physical nor ballistic evidence – to prove Sirhan shot Bob Kennedy. Evidence locked up for 20 years shows that the LAPD destroyed physical evidence and hid ballistic evidence exonerating Sirhan – and covered up conclusive evidence that a second gunman fatally wounded Robert Kennedy.

This document is a memo written by Criminalist Larry Baggett, who investigated the Robert Kennedy shooting for the LAPD. The Baggett memo states that the bullets that hit Senator Kennedy and William Weisel, another shooting victim in the pantry, were not fired from the same gun. The memo also states that the bullet that traveled upward through Bob Kennedy’s body and into his neck was not fired from Sirhan’s revolver. Such a finding would be proof that Sirhan did not shoot Robert Kennedy.

Mr. Deputy District Attorney, based on all of this information and more, I ask that you inform Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey that I am formally requesting her to order a new investigation of the Robert F. Kennedy assassination. I will also be making the same request of Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck.

Please note, Mr. Deputy District Attorney, that I am using the word “new” here. I am not requesting that the old investigation simply be re-opened. For that would only lead to the same old wrong conclusions. I am requesting a new investigation so that after nearly 50 years, justice finally can be served for me as a shooting victim; for the four other shooting victims who also survived their wounds; for Bob Kennedy who did not survive his wounds because his were the most grievously suffered in that kitchen pantry; for the people of the United States who Bob loved so much and had hoped to lead, just as his brother, President John F. Kennedy, had led only a few years before; and of course for justice, to which Bob Kennedy devoted his life.

Furthermore, Mr. Deputy District Attorney, I ask that you please also tell the District Attorney, Ms. Lacey, that I would appreciate the opportunity to personally meet with her in Los Angeles at her earliest convenience. Would you please convey my message to her?

I hope you will consider all of the accurate details of this crime that I have presented in order for you to accurately determine Sirhan Sirhan’s eligibility for parole. If you do this the right way and the just way, I believe you will come to the same conclusion I have: that Sirhan should be released. If justice is not your aim, then of course you will not.

Again, Sirhan was originally scheduled for release in 1984 but after intense political pressure, his parole date was rescinded and he has since been denied 14 times.

The best example of this can be found in this statement of Los Angeles District Attorney John Van de Kamp.

Again, gentlemen, I believe you should grant Sirhan Sirhan parole. And I ask you to do that today in the name of Robert F. Kennedy and in the name of justice.

Thank you. That concludes my remarks. your social media marketing partner


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+209 # MsAnnaNOLA 2016-02-11 12:43
Very powerful. I hope they do re-open this investigation. The public deserves to know the truth as do the victims.
+29 # Caliban 2016-02-11 14:42
Agreed that this is a powerful text if accurate. However, it repeatedly references "documents" that are neither printed with the statement nor linked to it, so I am left with some doubts about this.

Has anybody been able to locate the documents referenced? If so, I'd appreciate a link.
+23 # nice2bgreat 2016-02-12 00:52
There is no statute of limitations on murder.
+6 # RLF 2016-02-12 08:11
Agreed that this is powerful but the fact remains that Sirhan WAS there with a gun and therefor part of the conspiracy...wh ich he has not come clean I could not support letting him out of prison until he tells everything. Let him rot until he gives up the second shooter.
+84 # indian weaver 2016-02-11 13:25
The fascist regime cannot admit culpability, no matter what. Nothing will change. The D.A. / LA Police and this judge and his court are all domestic terrorists and should be evacuated from the planet asap. Anyone out there who doubts the regime murdered Bobby Kennedy, read this detailed article how they managed to murder MLK: A companion article needs to be published describing how the regime murdered JFK too.
+4 # Helen Marshall 2016-02-11 15:23
I get a "page not found" message with this link.
-50 # bmiluski 2016-02-11 17:39
That doesn't surprise me Helen. Most of indian weaver's links prove to be busts.
His continuous ant-regime rants have made his comments somewhat irrelevant. Although his latest rant.....
"The D.A. / LA Police and this judge and his court are all domestic terrorists and should be evacuated from the planet asap."
Is a new one on me.
+25 # Pikewich 2016-02-11 19:30
wrong again. I found it (first hit) by searching for "how-the-govern ment-killed-mar tin-luther-king -jr"

Try this one and copy - paste carefully

Or search on "how-the-govern ment-killed-mar tin-luther-king -jr"
-5 # economagic 2016-02-11 20:39
It takes one to call one.
+13 # Anonymot 2016-02-11 21:58
Works first shot for me. Obviously you didn't even try it Miluski.

See if you can open this recent, explosive and crucial film:
+28 # jimallyn 2016-02-11 18:13
Quoting Helen Marshall:
I get a "page not found" message with this link.

You probably copied and pasted the period at the end of that sentence with the link. The period is NOT part of the link. The link works fine for me.
+9 # Upgeya 2016-02-11 18:36
Quoting Helen Marshall:
I get a "page not found" message with this link.

It's the period at the end of the sentence. Remove it for the correct link:
+8 # polfrosch 2016-02-11 23:17
Exactly, Upgeya.

Just use the link above.

Or: Please forward both articles to your colleagues, friends and family, so everyone knows justice was and is intentionally obstructed - or rather so those who decide to want to know can do so even if that will leave their trust in the state as deadly wounded as RFK and MLK were.

Give truth a chance.
+28 # dandevries 2016-02-11 19:05
And Sirhan's attorneys contend, convincingly as far as I am concerned, that he has no memory of that night.

Looks more and more as though the MKULTRA boys got their Manchurian Candidate. Except he wasn't working for the Commies, but for the Deep State, which was using fear of Communism as its motivating dodge.
+8 # Anonymot 2016-02-11 22:09
I know you know this. It's absolutely indispensible for understanding who runs Ameica:
+1 # Nominae 2016-02-12 06:28
Quoting Anonymot:
I know you know this. It's absolutely indispensible for understanding who runs Ameica:

WOW ! Thanks for THAT ! It makes sense of *many* previously unrelated things that I DID know to be true, but could never before place into a coherent whole !
+4 # Underledge 2016-02-12 18:22
Thank you for that link. Everyone should take the time and watch it ! !
+8 # Matt_OccupyEarth 2016-02-12 03:40
For all the info on JFK's murder by the CIA, check out the excellent book by James Douglass, _JFK and the Unspeakable_.
+150 # Billy Bob 2016-02-11 13:34
I believe the Kennedy's were both murdered by the CIA, because they represented the best chance this country ever had to stand up to the war machine and the military industrial complex.

On a side note, my uncle was murdered in Los Angeles a year before this. He was a very well known man, and my mom still remembers very well the exact same LAPD and coroner intentionally destroying or "losing" evidence. My mom's family were always suspicious of who the actual murderer was, but according to the official investigation he died "accidentally" (from apparently beating himself to death with several blunt instruments).

When R.F.K. was murdered, I was too young to remember anything, but my mom was immediately suspicious, due to the history with his brother, AND the history of the murder of HER OWN brother whom she KNEW was denied justice. To this day, my uncle's murder is "unsolved", and always will be now. It's as if it never happened. It's fallen down the memory hole and my family are the only ones left alive who still bear witness to this fact.

Due to the fact that Robert Kennedy could have been our next president and what he represented, I think it's only proper that at some point, a TRUE investigation is done.

I'm not holding my breath.
+44 # indian weaver 2016-02-11 13:54
I know the feeling when a family member is murdered, and the killer is never found. My own brother disappeared when hitchhiking to Boston, MA from Bloomington, IN in June 1971. He never showed up in MA. Somebody took him out when he was on the road hitchhiking with his German shepherd Jake. In those days, no internet existed, so we had only limited resources to find out what happened. Immigration assured us they had no record of him leaving the country. So somewhere out there, between MA and IN, lies my brother fertilizing corn in some field since 1971, from below the corn.
+48 # Jayceecool 2016-02-11 14:40
Sorry to hear about your brother. Had he been involved in anti-war activities? IMHO the dire circumstances that we now find ourselves in are the consequence of our corrupt war- making machine, fully enabled by federal law enforcement agencies and the CIA for many decades now. President Truman before he passed away said he regretted the passage of the National Security Act during his term in office.
+33 # Radscal 2016-02-11 16:17
Specifically, one month to the day after JFK's murder, President Truman called for the abolishment of CIA (which he had created as you note with the National Security Act).
+5 # Pikewich 2016-02-11 19:43
Great information in this book, all documented:
LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination"

and which starts a series on this topic
+3 # economagic 2016-02-11 20:42
Didn't know that one either. Thanks.
+6 # indian weaver 2016-02-12 08:25
My brother and I were both Anti - Viet Nam War demonstrators in Dunn Meadow at Indiana U., with typical "hippy" long hair. That is certainly the reason my brother was disappeared. In fact, when we contacted Immigration Service about him, they told us that in 1970 some 500 young men had apparently disappeared, something that has never been publicized. They seemed to think it was a high number too, a record number in fact (that is Viet Nam that I and millions like me knew). We were amazed at their statement. I wasn't surprised however.
+4 # Tazio 2016-02-12 12:19
Sorry for your loss. People today don't realize how nasty the situation was for anti-war types back then. We used to say that the only places that were safe to stay overnight were Ann Arbor, Boulder, Taos and most of California.

In 1970 there used to be signs in the stores in the small town of Nederland Colorado just a few miles west of Boulder, saying "Only one hippy in the store at a time" and it was eagerly enforced.
The movie "Easy Rider" captures the spirit and tone of those scary days.
+27 # Billy Bob 2016-02-11 15:56
These things still happen now, of course, but all of this goes to show that violence is never truly "in the past". We all bear some of the scars of this violent society.

What happened to your brother is horrible. At least with my uncle we have a hunch. As crazy as it sounds, my mother's family felt my uncle was literally rubbed out by the Mafia. He was a great man, but also a very successful man who had just gone through a very bitter divorce, in a story that could have been fit for a Hollywood thriller, if it weren't an actual occurrence in actual Los Angeles.

I'm sorry about your brother. I never knew my uncle (although I'm told we have a lot in common), but I've lost a few immediate family members from mundane natural causes, and the idea that you'll ever "get over it", must have been dreamt up by someone who's never experienced loss. In the spot where they once sat, all I have now are memories and a permanent scar.

I happen to believe in the invisible sky fairy and in the concept that, at some point we'll all be reunited. I hope I'm right, even though I'm not arrogant enough to preach it to anyone else.

I wish I could offer better consolation than that.
+15 # reiverpacific 2016-02-11 19:23
Quoting indian weaver:
I know the feeling when a family member is murdered, and the killer is never found. My own brother disappeared when hitchhiking to Boston, MA from Bloomington, IN in June 1971. He never showed up in MA. Somebody took him out when he was on the road hitchhiking with his German shepherd Jake. In those days, no internet existed, so we had only limited resources to find out what happened. Immigration assured us they had no record of him leaving the country. So somewhere out there, between MA and IN, lies my brother fertilizing corn in some field since 1971, from below the corn.

So sorry to hear that.
+11 # suzyskier 2016-02-11 20:49
So very sorry for your loss. That is very difficult I am sure.
+6 # RLF 2016-02-12 08:16
Probably a "hippie"...I took beatings for that back then in the sticks!
+21 # bobbygoode 2016-02-11 15:41
The Kennedys had powerful enemies - one of them was J. Edgar Hoover, and the other was "the mob" specifically of Sam Giancana who had aided JFK's election (thru Joseph Kennedy) and then were subject to intense scrutiny by RFK as attorney general. Indeed JFK threatened to break up the CIA because of the Bay of Pigs fiasco. And what George Wallace acolyte would not have been thrilled to take out Robert Kennedy - especially if he was on the verge of becoming president? Any of these powerful forces could have gotten to the LAPD and the DA before and after the fact. However, it seems astounding that with all the people in the kitchen that the brazen scheme would work so well; and it's a shame either Schrade or Sirhan's attorneys (perhaps inept) could not have brought this up at the time instead of 50 years later. And it seems pointless, other than to get it on record, to rail at the parole board. They have no particular powers to renew an investigation into the case, nor could they use his information as the basis for parole. Sirhan was convicted, and that was upheld, so their hands are fairly tied by that.
-9 # bmiluski 2016-02-11 17:44
I think you're wrong, Billy Bob. I think organized crime did it(Jack Ruby was Frank Nitty's enforcer) because JFK reneged on his promise to keep Bobby on a leash. And I think the FBI knew about it and kept quiet because of J.Edgar Hoover's hatred of JFK.
+22 # Anarchist 23 2016-02-11 19:14
Jack Ruby was also employed by Richard Nixon as an informant for HUAC as of Nov 27 1947. BTW, Nixon got his start in politics by answering a ad placed in the LA Times by Prescott Bush. The Mob certainly was involved because they are partners with CIA (Cocaine Importing Agency)...toget her they make billions to shape mayhem around the world.
+18 # Working Class 2016-02-11 22:34
Read the the book The Devil's Chessboard - it about Allan Dulles. It covers his career, from his and his brother, Allan, law practice and their many Nazi clients, through Allen's involvement in the OSS to his running of the CIA. His hate for Kennedy was well known and public. Kennedy forced him to leave his beloved CIA, but Dulles never stopped his involvement in its operations. It is well referenced book and will leave no doubt in your mind that the CIA considers itself above government.
+9 # lorenbliss 2016-02-12 03:38
Actually, the Central Intelligence Agency IS is the U.S. government -- in exactly the same way the SS/Reichssicher heitshauptamt was the real government of Nazi Germany.

All the rest -- the president, Congress, the judiciary, the governors and state legislatures, even the lowliest small-town mayor -- is nothing more than scenery for the charade, the Big Lie of "American democracy."
+76 # Radscal 2016-02-11 13:43
Even assuming the parole board didn't have this information before, the fact that they denied Mr. Sirhan's parole without even taking the formality of delaying their decision while they looked into the evidence Mr. Schrade presented shows they have no interest in truth or justice.

I am more sure than ever that the reason Mr. Sirhan has not been granted a parole is because once free, CIA's role will be revealed.
-52 # CL38 2016-02-11 13:53
I wonder if re-opening the investigation would lead back to the Kennedy, Monroe, Kennedy connection, as well as this below.

Ten years ago I read Nemesis: The True Story of Aristotle Onassis, Jackie O, and the Love Triangle That Brought Down the Kennedy's, 2005 by Peter Evans

Bobby Kennedy used his significant influence on Jackie not to marry Onassis.

Investigative journalist Peter Evans reveals the culmination of the Kennedy-Onassis -Kennedy love triangle: Onassis was at the heart of the plot to kill Bobby Kennedy.

Nemesis meticulously traces Onassis′s trail - his connections, the way that he financed the assassination - and includes a confession kept secret for three decades.
+26 # Helen Marshall 2016-02-11 15:28
??? This book asserts that Onassis had JFK murdered so he could marry Jackie, and then had RFK murdered because he told Jackie not to marry Onassis? And where does MLK fit into this story?
+53 # Billy Bob 2016-02-11 15:46
Typical right-wing trash. Instead of facing the fact that the Kennedy's were murdered by the far right for what they represented, it's a diversionary hit, no less horrendous than the murders themselves, because the entire point is to muddy the waters to the point where young aspiring conservative assholes feel righteously entitled to blame the murder victims for their own murders.

It's some of the most filthy disgusting vile slime ever produced by American conservatives, and the slime just keeps oozing out.
-7 # CL38 2016-02-12 19:53
Excuse me. I do not post trash. Anyone who checks my comments will see that.

This book is NOT about Onassis murdering JFK. But he did make a death bed confession that he hired the hit man who killed Bobby Kennedy.

Why not read the book before dismissing it and making a judgement.
+20 # Radscal 2016-02-11 16:35
There are many remarkable connections between different people involved in the assassinations of the 1960s.

One odd one is that George de Mohrenschildt, the avidly anti-Communist "White Russian" aristocrat and Texas Oil Man (who strangely became best friends with alleged near-indigent "Commie Lover," Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas) was a family friend of the Bouviers.

As a little girl, Jackie knew de Mohrenschildt well and called him "Uncle George."

Oh, and in the 1940s, George de Mohrenschildt and George HW Bush met because George's nephew was Bush's roommate at college.

One more: George de Mohrenschildt's wife, Jeanne LeGon was a fashion designer, and a funny little man with a Super 8 camera made dresses for her. That little man was also of Russian heritage, and was named Abraham Zapruder. He's more famous for a short piece of film he shot in Dealey Plaza than for his work as a pattern cutter for the wife of JFK's murderer's best friend.
+6 # economagic 2016-02-11 20:46
Holy crap!
+36 # tedrey 2016-02-11 14:22
I wonder if Sirhan should at once be moved to a new jurisdiction for his own protection.
+55 # curmudgeon 2016-02-11 15:01
Just think.....
3 charismatic leaders loudly condemning the social inequities of the age and decrying the endless war and the attendant costs to the poor, the inhumanity of Capitalism.

All dead within 3 years...Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., Robert Kennedy. All murdered...unde r contested circumstance... and with questions about those convicted under botched investigations

All talking the same message with charisma and fortitude.

Sadly noone has stepped forward to be a voice for us...those who are not in the .1%....

+59 # REDPILLED 2016-02-11 15:18
No coincidence.

Don't forget JFK in Dallas, Nov. 22, 1963. The "kill shot" came from ahead and to the motorcade's right. Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy conveniently silenced two days later by Jack Ruby in the Dallas police station.

Read JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters by James W. Douglass, and The Devil's Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America's Secret Government by David Talbot.

The Deep State will never allow agents of real change to live.
-3 # Caliban 2016-02-14 15:58
Not sure about Oswald's level of involvement, but the 6th floor of the book depository remains the most logical site for a rifle-toting assassin at the JFK kill site.

Anybody interested in that particular act of political murder should check it out in person.
+12 # Shades of gray matter 2016-02-11 15:03
Dallas PD obviously complicit. LAPD may have been as well. Too bad those "nice policemen" in the Dick & Jane reader were fascists. The cop TV shows are some of the worst, & most effective, brainwashing propaganda in history. Some of the Bernie support is over fascist, serial killing, criminal conspirator cops. And PIG prosecutors, our Arch Villains.
+9 # reiverpacific 2016-02-11 15:19
Quoting Shades of gray matter:
Dallas PD obviously complicit. LAPD may have been as well. Too bad those "nice policemen" in the Dick & Jane reader were fascists. The cop TV shows are some of the worst, & most effective, brainwashing propaganda in history. Some of the Bernie support is over fascist, serial killing, criminal conspirator cops. And PIG prosecutors, our Arch Villains.

"Some of the Bernie support is over fascist, serial killing, criminal conspirator cops." (Quote).
Could you elaborate on that part please? It reads like supporters of Sen' Sanders are pro "Fascist, serial killing, criminal conspirator cops" but perhaps I'm misunderstandin g you.
+4 # economagic 2016-02-11 21:01
Since Shades has not replied, I will attempt to read his mind. I THINK that he was saying that some of Sanders' support results from awareness of the Great Fascist Conspiracy. Of course we know that to the extend that such a conspiracy exists it is not a single amalgamated entity of which the CIA is but one unit, although I'm not sure how much of that Shades would recognize.
-26 # Pickwicky 2016-02-11 15:11
Even if the above article is true--and we may never know--Sirhan Sirhan was rightly denied parole. Consider what he did. Whether his bullets hit Kennedy or not Sirhan Sirhan was complicit in RFK's murder. I for one am relieved he's imprisoned.
+16 # Radscal 2016-02-11 16:43
EVERYONE who's interrogated, hypnotized or in any other way attempted to get into Sirhan's mind agree that he has ZERO memory of shooting his revolver in the pantry. This includes all Prosecution witnesses.

He served his role of diverting attention away from the actual murderers, but has no idea how or why he came to play that role.

Ever hear of MKULTRA? Look into it.
-4 # Pickwicky 2016-02-12 11:42
Who can say with certainty that Sirhan has no memory of shooting? If Sirhan served his role in the murder of RFK, then no parole. No, 48 years isn't enough for helping to murder RFK--or anyone else. Why would anyone think so?
+4 # Radscal 2016-02-12 13:00
As I wrote, EVERYONE who has studied Sirhan agrees he has no memory of shooting his revolver, or why he was there.

He's undergone intensive interrogations, hypnosis, lie detector tests, psychological tests and on and on. And yet no one can find a reason to deny that he has no memory of the event.

Regardless, 48 years in prison is already far more than most accomplices to murder serve. And again, NONE of the bullets he shot hit RFK.
-5 # Pickwicky 2016-02-13 13:46
People can be fooled about memory loss in another. EVERYONE once believed the Earth was flat. Why parole such a notorious criminal? Why this sympathy for a heinous person? His role in the murder of RFK changed the course of history--what was Sirhan doing there if not to murder a man that very likely would have become president of the US. Why would you believe such a one?
+3 # Radscal 2016-02-13 21:22
You're immune to the facts, so have a nice life.
-2 # Pickwicky 2016-02-15 12:17
Radscal--The "facts" ?? By "facts" do you mean Sirhan was not there? Did not have a gun? Was not complicit in the murder of RFK? What "facts" are you referring to? The so-called "fact" that Sirhan remembers nothing? Only Sirhan knows if that is a fact. By the way, your premise that I'm immune to the facts is unrelated to having a nice life--a non-sequitur--a nd that's a fact.
+3 # Radscal 2016-02-15 17:09
Basic fact #1.

None of the bullets Sirhan fired hit Senator Kennedy.

Basic fact #2.

Paul Schrade was the only person hit by a bullet fired by Sirhan before Sirhan's hand had been pinned down on the steam table, hence all other shots were completely random.

Basic fact #3

Paul Scharde wants Sirhan to be paroled, and wants a new, independent investigation into who really shot RFK, and who covered it up.

Since you have ignored these and all other relevant facts, and have not responded to information about MKULTRA and other verified instances of creating "Manchurian Candidates" who commit actions implanted in their minds, for which they have no memory, I take it that you are comfortable in your bubble, and so I wished you well with life in delusion.

I have no interest in attempting to force a closed mind to open. I am interested in presenting information to those who still have a willingness to reexamine their preconceptions.

Or, as the old axiom goes, "If you haven't changed your mind in a while, how do you know you still have one?"
+16 # reiverpacific 2016-02-11 16:53
Quoting Pickwicky:
Even if the above article is true--and we may never know--Sirhan Sirhan was rightly denied parole. Consider what he did. Whether his bullets hit Kennedy or not Sirhan Sirhan was complicit in RFK's murder. I for one am relieved he's imprisoned.

So 48 years isn't enough?
I agree that he wasn't there with good intent but the fact remains that he DIDN'T fire the fatal shots at RFK.
What amazes me, give the US's predisposition -even paranoia- towards security, that he even got that close; remember this was still the Cold War era.
+11 # economagic 2016-02-11 21:14
Yeah, but the security was never very tight. Squeaky Fromme got close enough to have shot Gerald Ford in 1975, and John Hinckley got close enough to Ronnie Raygun to get off a couple of shots in 1981,13 years after RFK. Hell, some nut got into the White House just a couple of years ago, about the time some Secret Service agents were caught drinking and whoring.

Most of this is news to me, having been preoccupied at the time. But it sounds very much as if Sirhan was duped into participating in some dirty business by the CIA and was prepared for his role that evening in ways that only the CIA would know or could accomplish.
+6 # Radscal 2016-02-11 22:13
Here's another odd connection for you, economagic.

John Hinckley's family were close with the Bush family. In fact, John's brother had a dinner appointment with George HW Bush's son, Neil on the VERY NIGHT of John's assassination attempt.

Who would have become President just a couple months into Reagan's Administration if Hinckley had succeeded?
0 # Pickwicky 2016-02-15 12:19
reiver--". . .he wasn't there with good intent . . ." --one of the most underwhelming statements ever made.
# Guest 2016-02-11 15:12
This comment has been deleted by Administrator
+18 # reiverpacific 2016-02-11 16:59
Quoting NRESQ:
Here we go. Unbelievable some of the claptrap from regulars on this blog. No evidence whatsoever presented, yet everyone starts grinding their favorite axe.

Whether Mr. Sirhan should or should not be paroled is the issue. This gentleman had his say. The Parole Board had theirs. Everyone is free to disagree.
Going beyond the realities of what happened almost 50 years ago serves no purpose. And exposes several here to suffering from paranoid delusion.

"No evidence whatsoever presented," (quote).
There's enough here to give a decision "beyond reasonable doubt". If you want to dig into the issue deeper, we are now blessed with the internet, which will give all sides of an issue in the blinking of a few keys and that's when you can start making up y'r mind.
Of course you're perfectly free (for now) to be a total, safe conformist and believe everything the government tells you but parole boards are notorious status-quo compliant and about as easy to convince that a conviction is false, as a Reactionary is that Socialism = Democracy.
Sleep tight.
+9 # Pikewich 2016-02-11 19:49
NRESQ: Your statement

"Here we go. Unbelievable some of the claptrap from regulars on this blog. No evidence whatsoever presented, yet everyone starts grinding their favorite axe.

Whether Mr. Sirhan should or should not be paroled is the issue. This gentleman had his say. The Parole Board had theirs. Everyone is free to disagree.
Going beyond the realities of what happened almost 50 years ago serves no purpose. And exposes several here to suffering from paranoid delusion." is so wrong it is hard to know where to begin.

There is so much evidence in the public record, your argument is specious, at best.

All given to us in this article. Just research it and it is there.
+7 # Nominae 2016-02-12 06:38
Quoting NRESQ:

Going beyond the realities of what happened almost 50 years ago serves no purpose. And exposes several here to suffering from
paranoid delusion.

Damned skippy, Slick ! The study and understanding of human history teaches us NOTHING about our context on this planet, adds NOTHING to our comprehension of one another, and is a TOTAL waste of our time and attention which could be MUCH better spent catching the last (finally !) episodes of 'Murkin Eye Dull.
+1 # susanlno 2016-02-11 15:15
Schrade's evidence indicates that Sirhan was not the person who fatally shot Robert F. Kennedy. But does it show that he wasn't involved at all--possibly as a diversion from the real killer? I don't know the answer to that question, but it seems like one that needs to be answered before Sirhan is seriously considered for parole.
+6 # economagic 2016-02-11 21:30
No dispute that he was there and fired shots, intended for RFK, and that one of them injured someone. As some wiseguy suggests above, we are indeed speculating here.

But it seems very likely that Mr. Sirhan was a pretty simple man who fell into the clutches of the CIA, which used him successfully to distract attention from the real criminals just long enough to destroy the evidence. He was evidently hypnotized or given some drug (a massive does of LSD?) to assure that he would have no memory of that evening, or apparently of his recruitment.

Of course he COULD have been just a simple man who for some reason took it into his head to assassinate a presidential candidate and was left with no memory of the evening as a result of the chaos. He was a Palestinian, supposedly of Jordanian citizenship, and the assassination occurred less than a year after the Six-Day War in which Israel grabbed a good bit of the territory that is still in dispute today.
+44 # jimmyjames 2016-02-11 15:23
What happened to Bobby Kennedy, his brother Jack, and Martin is why I am worried for Bernie Sander's life. There is no way that the powers that be will allow him to become President. And that most likely would be the same for Donald Trump. Both are not "team players".
-45 # turnoutthelights 2016-02-11 15:23
.....and the moon is made of green cheese.
-41 # turnoutthelights 2016-02-11 15:24
Lets check the grassy knoll.
+38 # Billy Bob 2016-02-11 15:47
Better yet, let's just check the evidence, and grow up a little while "we're" at it.
+38 # reiverpacific 2016-02-11 15:33
Yet another conviction and consistent parole refusal in spite of false, fabricated and downright denial of persistent ballistic evidence to the contrary, exactly like Leonard Peltier, only it was the FBI in his case.
Who but the CIA would be seriously after RFK, who's brother JFK had threatened to "splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds", when RFK was his top adviser?
These imprisonments are revenge "Somebody will pay" incarcerations with the intent that the victim die in jail.
I do wonder though, what Sirhan Sirhan was trying to accomplish on that day -but he has paid for whatever it was with 48 years in the slammer, even more than Peltier (41).
BOTH are far beyond the maximum allowable life sentence.
If you want to read about The CIA's true nature, get "Inside the Company -a CIA Diary" by the late Phillip Agee, an almost daily account of the author's recruitment, deployment and disgust with his employers as he was pursued all over the world for the book's publication, finally finding succor in Cuba, where he died a few years ago.
They really are a pestilence in their own country and worldwide, with their "Black Budget" not even accountable to the President.
-5 # economagic 2016-02-11 21:33
Indeed. See my wild speculation in reply to susanlno, above. I think my idea, for which I have no factual basis beyond what is stated there, may be original.
-44 # Brooklyn Girl 2016-02-11 15:33
And now all the conspiracy theorists come out in droves ---
+17 # reiverpacific 2016-02-11 17:01
Quoting Brooklyn Girl:
And now all the conspiracy theorists come out in droves ---

So; do YOU believe very kock-a-maemmie yarn the government spins you to cover up it's misdeeds in YOUR name??
If so ----well never mind the ol' saw about beachfront property in Arizona for sale.
# Guest 2016-02-13 10:54
This comment has been deleted by Administrator
+8 # economagic 2016-02-11 21:37
There are lots of conspiracies, some known, some unknown, some in plain sight but unrecognized, and even more theories, some of which are almost certainly correct.
-22 # Dion Giles 2016-02-11 15:41
There was a conspiracy to murder Robert Kennedy. Sirhan was part of it whether it was his bullets that killed Kennedy or someone else's. He was full of malice. We have seen a long line of fascist murderers grease their way out of prison early from the days of the Nuremberg trials to the My Lai butchers to the present. Why should the parole board give Sirhan the time of day?
+15 # Anarchist 23 2016-02-11 19:09
Actually you are quite wrong. Recorded interview with Sirhan Sirhan after the crime has him saying he can't remember the crime and then asking why he would have done it as it is 'against my upbringing, the church and the bible'...Sirhan Sirhan was a Christian...he wonders 'what did those people do to me that I splattered their brains?' and even under hypnosis...he didn't remember anything. Can you say MK-Ultra? If you can't you should google it. Or get the
DVD 'Evidence of Revision'
+1 # economagic 2016-02-11 21:34
Oops, that certainly makes my clever speculation above pretty unlikely!
+21 # JohnBoanerges 2016-02-11 16:00
I dreaded reading this - until I read it. Bless you for telling your truth. Truth, truth, truth.
+11 # Lucretius 2016-02-11 16:10
What took this guy so long to come forward?

Figures knowing how corrupt and rightwing the John Bircher infested LA Police Dept. was in those days.

No police dept. should handle an investigation of this nature. And no local police-connecte d prosecutors, either.

But, it's not as important as the WAR CRIMES being committed as we read in Syria and around the world. It's a distraction from the race towards human extinction to continually focus on the past as the present races ahead of us.
+24 # Radscal 2016-02-11 16:53
I would suggest that the war crimes being committed in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Libya, etc. etc. etc. would NOT be happening if the assassinations of the 1960s had been stopped. Or even if honest investigations and arrests of those involved had occurred.

Perhaps, if we finally get justice, we can reclaim our country and our history.
+30 # Kindinosaur 2016-02-11 16:19
Quoting Brooklyn Girl:
And now all the conspiracy theorists come out in droves ---

You don't think they're capable of assassination? I know at least some of you are old enough to know better unless you have relied on the mainstream media for the last 40 years. RFK wanted to end the war and it's my opinion the money people took him out. We've been systematically lied to in the 50 years I've been watching. The lies have cost literally millions of casualties. You think they would'nt whack a politician that was in their way?
-21 # RNLDaWy 2016-02-11 16:22
Well the man says he forgives Sirhan .. however he would have pumped JFK full of lead had Eucher not intervened. So if there were two gunman then Sirhan needs to pony up some names or plot. Some of you hear that this foreign national is covering up a CIA plot? For what gain on his part? Lot's of holes and gaps still prevail ..
+15 # Anarchist 23 2016-02-11 19:05
Sirhan Sirhan may well have been an MK-Ultra patsy...while he distracts from in front the real killers are behind. Check out a picture of Thane Eugene Caesar, the new hire temporary 'security' guard' stationed in the pantry who was standing behind and to the right of RFK, who was shot behind the right ear at close contact since there were powder burns on the edge of the right ear (per Thomas Noguichi, coroner). Caesar was a perfect central casting 'button man'. As Sam Giancana Mafia Boss said: 'The CIA and the Mafia are two sides of the same coin; we keep a low profile and run the world like a business.'
RFK was threatening to get in the way of their war profits and other things so they rubbed him out.
-13 # RNLDaWy 2016-02-11 20:05
If he was a distraction then if Eucher didn't jump on him and point the gun away while he fired 6 more times? No an idiot can derive that if there were two they were shooing him from front and back to make certain the job got done .. idiot! I would never parole someone without coming completely clean and paying the dues .. and so then I suppose you think he acted alone then the second shooter he did not know about .. buy yourself the old board game CLUE ... maybe you'll learn some basic reasoning .. instead of it's the CIA FBI .. Clues are he's a foreign national .. etc
+7 # economagic 2016-02-11 21:39
Apparently you have not read the testimony above (applies to both comments)
+2 # Questions, questions 2016-02-14 16:32
Regarding possible CIA involvement, and "naming names," I don't think anyone has yet mentioned the BBC report by Shane O'Sullivan from 2006 (and updated in a feature film a few years back) that fingers several ex-CIA agents with sufficient motive, from Bay of Pigs/Castro hit experience.

The three senior CIA officials identified in the film as present at the hit are David Morales (quoted by associates as saying "I was in Dallas when we got the son of a bitch (JFK) and I was in Los Angeles when we got the little bastard."), Gordon Campbell (since IDed as an alias, due to his prior death), and George Joannides, and two of them can be seen in film moving away from the hotel pantry shortly after the shooting. Here's one link to the story, though there are others:

This other "lone gunman" story gets more and more fishy as the years go by - and we need to expose the truth, before others suffer the same fate.
+15 # dotlady 2016-02-11 16:23
The CIA and the Mafia - an old rock group on the road for years.
+16 # eeching4justice 2016-02-11 16:29
Sirhan contends he can't remember a thing; the idea is that he was coerced into his role as patsy.

I suggest people read David Talbot's powerful indictment of Allen Dulles in The Devil's Chessboard, and spread the word about that book.
+38 # m s 57 2016-02-11 16:34
This stirs the memory. In 1963 the President of the United States was assassinated. I was 6. For whatever reason, I followed "current events" avidly. I was shocked. I couldn't understand how. I couldn't understand why. But I was deeply shocked.
Again, for whatever reason -- probably simply for the way he spoke like a preacher, and the deep moral clarity of what he had to say, and his courage -- I loved Martin Luther King. And I watched the most amazing political transformation I have ever seen as Bobby Kennedy emerged in 1968 with the same moral clarity -- without irony, without cynicism -- about racism, the war and economic justice. Then, in April 1968, King was assassinated. Six weeks later RFK was murdered. For those of you in your 20's or 30's, try and imagine the turbulence and violence of those times. And now, after having thought and read and studied the deaths of these three men, I have no doubt that they were all assassinated by elements of what we now call "the deep state." Quite a time. Quite a realization. Quite a tragedy. Their deaths profoundly altered the course of American life and American history.
+19 # economagic 2016-02-11 21:42
Amen. I am a decade older, and it is only now that the patterns are beginning to become really clear. We may never know the truth with certainty, but we are rapidly learning to recognize the lies.
+9 # lorenbliss 2016-02-12 04:09
Amen again. I was working the day JFK was murdered -- was the only one in the newsroom of a small but excellent afternoon daily in East Tennessee (every one else was at lunch; I was finishing a story so I could leave early for a weekend with my girlfriend). It was the only time in my career I gave a "stop the presses" order.

We put out two extras. My lover and I were not together until nearly 2 a.m. That Sunday we were having room-service breakfast in our hotel room and saw the live TV newscast of Ruby killing Oswald.

When RFK was slain I was the news editor of a mid-sized New Jersey daily. We normally rolled our home edition at 2 a.m. but held Page One until 3 for the California primary, knowing if RFK won, he'd be the Democrat nominee and therefore the president. I signed off on the page -- the head was something like "Kennedy Wins It" in 96-point type -- and went home smugly thinking all was well.

When I awoke the next afternoon I went to the corner store and saw a paper in the window -- probably The Newark News -- with a reference to a Kennedy shooting. I asked the proprietor why he had a 1963 paper in his window and he said "oh you didn't know" and handed me the copy of The New York Times he always set aside for me and -- exactly as in the cliche -- it was as if the ground opened under my feet.

Since then I have known humanitarian change is impossible, that our wretchedness will worsen until we are extinct -- or liberated by apocalypse or invasion.
+38 # Old Uncle Dave 2016-02-11 16:39
The murders of JFK and RFK are, like 9/11, official myths that must never be questioned. The term "conspiracy theorist" was first coined by the CIA to discredit those who questioned the Warren Commission's whitewash that claimed JFK was killed by a "lone nut."
+19 # jsonix 2016-02-11 17:52
The book "Family of Secrets" paints the picture of the BUSH family, and GW's early affiliation with the nascent CIA. It also details all the familial relationships with both the Watergate "Burglars" and George Tenet, the man behind the Bay of Pigs. How is it that GW Bush is the only man of our generation (more or less) who cannot accurately describe where he was on Nov. 22, 1963 (he was in DALLAS)? There is much that we are not "privy" to, and many tales that we have not been told. I would very much like to see the "evidence" that is referred to in the above article. I don't for one minute believe that the American public has been told the truth about any of these assassinations.
+17 # Nominae 2016-02-11 20:27
Quoting jsonix:
... How is it that GW Bush is the only man of our generation (more or less) who cannot accurately describe where he was on Nov. 22, 1963 ...

No KIDDING. Memories of traumatic events are some of the MOST firmly entrenched memories the human mind can record.

On the date you mention above, I was in my Sophomore High School English Class when an announcement came over the School P.A. System that I can *still* quote to you *verbatim* - including the static produced by the person keying the mic on the School P.A.

And I am now 68 years old.

As you indicate, this type of vivid recall is something common to ALL Americans who were much over the age of 10 in 1963, and, indeed to MOST of the citizens in developed Nations across the Globe itself.

So, for Poppy Bush, it just "plumb evades recall"?

You are 100% correct ! *That* bullshit is just TOO precious !
+2 # economagic 2016-02-11 21:44
It has been claimed that there are few people who remember the JFK assassination at all who don't remember where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news.
+1 # Nominae 2016-02-12 01:56
Quoting economagic:
It has been claimed that there are few people who remember the JFK assassination at all who don't remember where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news.

Uh, yeah .... as mentioned directly above your comment. Thank you for noticing.
+5 # RevOleson 2016-02-11 18:00
Silly man. As Justice Frankfurter explained to Richard Goodwin.."There is NO justice; there is only the law."
+15 # corals33 2016-02-11 18:00
The recording was uncovered in 2004 at the California State Archives ...well who "covered" it till who has the facts behind the power-downs at 911....should we wait for another 91 yr old to "reveal" things.
+12 # Diane_Wilkinson_Trefethen_aka_tref 2016-02-11 18:48
It is difficult if not impossible for those on the outside (us) to ascertain which "evidence" is real and which is hype/hoax. Unlike us, Paul Schrade was there. He was shot. He could have been killed. This, in my mind, gives him cachet. That doesn't mean he is right about Sirhan Sirhan but his witness is sufficient to call into question the "official" version of what happened.

This article is the first I have heard that there was/might have been a 2nd gunman (I was 26 at the time). Is Mr Schrade's evidence credible? If so, why is it being ignored?

What caught my eye was, "Sirhan Bishara Sirhan was originally scheduled for release in 1984 but, after intense political pressure, his parole date was rescinded and he has since been denied 14 times." If this is true, why? If he was convicted of First Degree Murder, how is it that his RELEASE, not parole hearing, was SCHEDULED only 16 years after the crime? If no part of that statement is true, and Sirhan was convicted of FDM, how does his 48 years behind bars stack up against the length of time served by others convicted of FDM since 1968?

There are these and many more questions that beg for answers.
+2 # economagic 2016-02-11 21:45
There is another article on RSN from earlier in the week.
+13 # Anarchist 23 2016-02-11 18:55
If you buy the documentary 'Evidence of Revision', you will get quite a lot about RFK's assassination. At a press conference, one LA official , in answer to a reporter's question...'sir han sirhan was in front of Kennedy and yet evidence shows he was shot from behind Isn't that a descrepitancy? and the LA p0olice chief answers how he doesn't want all witnesses (who also testified to several guns firing in the pantry) to have all their testimonies the same. He say "We can argue about this all day but I don't see any descrepetancy,' Manny Pena who questioned Sandy Serrano who saw the girl in the polka-dot dress and her companion come running down the staircase saying 'We shot him, we shot him' interrogated poor Ms. Serrano until she broke down and said she didn't know anymore ; she said she had been 'messed up'...In the book 'Special Unit Senator'.. the author says of this brow-beating: 'for want of a better word we say the witness was contaminated.' Yeah...because Pena used to work for CIA front USAID...this was another plotted coup de etat. As Sam Giancana said (who boasted to his half-brother Chuck who put it in the book 'Double Cross')...'we killed him in plain sight'. The Official State History still covers up JFK and will continue to cover up RFK. Look up some of the facts for yourselves... or go on believing the Official State History. As Guru Sam G said"You really would think people would catch on"...but apparently they have not.
+27 # PaulK 2016-02-11 19:07
I grieve for the murder of our democracy.

I grieve for the murder of our President in 1963. I grieve for the murder of Dr. King. I grieve for the murder of the presidential candidate with the best chance in 1968.

I grieve for the death of John Kennedy, Jr. in a plane crash. I grieve for the death of Senator Paul Wellstone in a plane crash.

I pray for Bernie Sanders.
-1 # economagic 2016-02-11 21:50
There is plenty of evidence that the Wellstone and JFK Jr. crashes were due to pilot error (a bad judgment on weather at Wellstone's insistence, and John-John's lack of experience and skill), and none to suggest foul play. Quite otherwise with the others.
-5 # JSRaleigh 2016-02-11 23:43
For me, this information does not suggest that Sirhan is innocent.

If, as Paul Schrade contends, there was another assassin, it is inconceivable to me that Sirhan does not know the identity of that other assassin.
+15 # geohorse 2016-02-12 08:25
Why is it that the really influential decent people get assassinated while the likes of Bush/Cheney, etc. retire to a life a luxury?
thank heavens Kissinger is not a friend of Bernie's!
# Guest 2016-02-12 11:42
This comment has been deleted by Administrator
# Guest 2016-02-12 15:42
This comment has been deleted by Administrator
+1 # Questions, questions 2016-02-14 17:30
Well, as that likely 9/11 co-conspirator Rummy said, "you go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish you had..." History has proven that patsies are extremely useful, in shaping public opinion if nothing else. And they are all-the-more useful if they have real motives to put them under suspicion. So what if all the evidence doesn't point their way? It appears our courts don't seem to mind a few contradictions or discrepancies in convicting folks.

Nobody of any importance seemed to mind that most of the supposed 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia (likely just aliases, since quite a few of them are still alive and kicking). Of course it would have been more handy if they had come up with a few patsies hailing from Iraq. Even the eminent and otherwise incisive thinker Noam Chomsky got tripped up with this "simplicity" argument, having claimed to a friend of mine that they had to be Iraqis for the false-flag theory to make sense. (And I don't think anybody would have bought the lie that Bin Laden's boys could have set the explosives at WTC - even though it's clear that's what brought them down, carried out by Gov./military con. pros.)

Again, you go with the patsies you have, and ridicule anyone who questions the details - works every time! The targets change, but the modus operandi of these spooks stays the same.

Time to finally expose these creeps, for the history-thwarti ng murderers they are!
# Guest 2016-02-16 12:33
This comment has been deleted by Administrator
0 # Questions, questions 2016-02-16 14:35
So you're suggesting that Bin Laden or one of his associates could have just wandered into the WTC to plant numerous explosives (determined from ground zero dust samples to be highly-engineer ed nanothermite - unlikely to be available to even someone of his resources), and then have the security systems shut off a couple weeks prior to the event (right under GW Bush brother Marvin's nose, as reported by one of the IT folks there who survived), and seal off the whole floor into which one of the planes crashed from WTC staff (reported by one of the janitors who survived) - all done because his engineering training would have told him that the planes alone wouldn't have done the trick?

And then there's WTC building 7, which had even more security, owing to the fact it was the NYC base for The FBI AND the CIA (among other gov. agencies) Quite a feat for a foreigner already on the FBI "most wanted" list!

I would simply suggest the "insider" conspiracy has more credibility here (as well as at RFK's killing) - and fit's the available facts much better - at this point.
# Guest 2016-02-16 15:31
This comment has been deleted by Administrator
+7 # lark3650 2016-02-13 12:10
Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and John Kennedy were men of courage who saw wrong and tried to right it. It is up to us to make sure the dream of these men never dies. Act for freedom, justice and humanity in their memory.
-4 # Phillybuster 2016-02-13 15:01
All of this CT is why I never reference RSN in any posts I make elsewhere and also why I never recommend RSN to anyone else. Most of the articles are very good or even excellent but too many CT comments turn the site into a laughingstock.
# Guest 2016-02-16 15:40
This comment has been deleted by Administrator
+1 # Bruce Gruber 2016-02-14 16:31
Right vs. Left; Conservative vs. Liberal; Black vs. White; Right & Left Coasts vs. Heartland; fundamentalists vs. atheists; Christians vs. Catholics and Jews; Unionists vs. right to work resentment; Peaceniks vs. patriotic war supporters; Democrats vs. Republicans; under-educated vs. intellectuals; capitalists vs. socialists and communists; ... Does anybody else see this as "somewhat" unnatural? What outside influences keep us at one another's throats? Are we all puppets? Does the info listed in : "JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick" have relevance?
+2 # moonrigger 2016-02-14 17:02
The one person who made perhaps the most concerted effort to get at the truth was Mae Brussell. Her articles can be found archived here:
When she was alive, she had many of the above interviewed on her radio show out of Carmel, CA. You can also search her on YouTube. I've visited the 6th Floor Museum in Dallas where you can find the whole schmear of materials on JFK's assassination. Well worth the time to spend an afternoon there.
+1 # lorenbliss 2016-02-14 19:54
Thank you for this infinitely informative (and therefore infinitely damning) link.
Obviously my description of the United States as "the de facto Fourth Reich" is far more than metaphor.
+1 # elkingo 2016-02-14 20:42
Very impressive and easy to believe. This country is run by dark, mysterious interlocking cabals.
0 # elkingo 2016-02-14 20:43
And lorenbliss,
Festung Amerika I calls it.
0 # elkingo 2016-02-14 20:45

# Guest 2016-02-16 15:49
This comment has been deleted by Administrator
0 # drtr95 2016-06-13 23:55
He doesn't name the second shooter, but this has been known since at least 1973 when the documentary "The Second Gun" came out, naming Thane Eugene Cesar as the likely shooter.
Still, Sirhan is an attempted murderer, and remains dangerous by his own admission.

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