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Murphy writes: "A Missouri prosecutor on Friday dismissed charges against a Kansas City police officer indicted in February by a grand jury for the non-fatal shooting of a 37-year-old man last summer."

Jackson County prosecutor Jean Peters Baker. (photo: Mike Ransdell/AP)
Jackson County prosecutor Jean Peters Baker. (photo: Mike Ransdell/AP)

Missouri Prosecutor Ignores Grand Jury, Drops Shooting Charges Against Cop

By Kevin Murphy, Reuters

18 April 15


Missouri prosecutor on Friday dismissed charges against a Kansas City police officer indicted in February by a grand jury for the non-fatal shooting of a 37-year-old man last summer.

The dismissal comes amid heightened attention to police shootings after a murder charge against a North Charleston, South Carolina police officer and the decision by a grand jury last November not to indict a Ferguson, Missouri officer who fatally shot an unarmed man.

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said an investigation and legal analysis found that evidence no longer supported the charges against 31-year-old Jacob Ramsey.

A state grand jury charged Ramsey with first-degree assault and armed criminal action in the shooting of Anthony Contreras last June.

Kansas City police said Ramsey was making a warrant check when Contreras ran from a house. Police said he feared he was about to be shot and fired at Contreras, critically wounding him.

A plea of not guilty was entered for Ramsey in February. Baker said on Friday she could not carry the charges forward.

"Like all prosecutors, we have a duty to be convinced that evidence supports a defendant's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt," Baker said in a statement. "Our subsequent investigation convinced us that burden could not be met." your social media marketing partner


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+31 # Billy Bob 2015-04-18 15:00
With prosecutors like these, who needs defense attorneys?
+18 # indian weaver 2015-04-18 17:03
Even with a good, honest prosecutor who is willing to indict a Peace Officer for murder can be aborted midstream. Politics ... Kari Anderson, the Albuquerque NM D.A. who indicted 2 sheriff's deputies for murder several months ago (the murder has been publicized in its video well over a year now, nationwide), has been "relieved" of her position to continue the indictment. Why? The City (not sure who: maybe a judge) determined that a conflict of interest exists between Anderson and this indictment. That being a totally undefined legal term, that is where the system fails, again. Anderson was able to pick her stand-in. But, try to find another D.A. as courageous as Anderson, anywhere in the nation, and you see we have a problem. Very few prosecutors are brave enough to take this hit when doing what is right. Most would rather not. A substitute New Mexico prosecutor has been chosen (after 30 others declined! - in fear?). Is she brave, the 1 in 1000 who will vigorously prosecute the 2 policemen? Justice System aborted (or Injustice System enabled).
+2 # Jackpine 2015-04-19 21:07
Who needs a defense attorney? Any defendant who isn't a cop.
+1 # JoaquinWalking 2015-04-19 11:44
In reply to #indian weaver:
The DA for Bernalillo County which includes Albuquerque, NM is Kari Brandenburg-not Kari Anderson. The police who killed the homeless man are Albuquerque Police Department officers-not Bernalillo County Sheriff deputies.
And a judge ruled there was a conflict of interest as APD (Albuquerque Police Department)has submitted material to the New Mexico Attorney General's office to charge DA Kari Brandenburg with bribery and intimidation of a witness regarding her son Justin Koch, who has a history of crime and drug addiction and was in jail awaiting trial for felony theft.
Interesting you should use the name Anderson.
Proof of the above:
-2 # tm7devils39 2015-04-19 11:44
She'll go far in the repuglican legal system...
+4 # skylinefirepest 2015-04-19 14:14
So tm7...just what the hell has "republican" got to do with it?? You do realize that this police shooting bit has nothing to do with political parties and everything to do with perception, training, protection of blue, etc???
+2 # tm7devils 2015-04-20 02:57
I'd debate you...but you're ignorant beyond belief.
I don't waste my time on the un-trainable or those who can't be educated due to their belief system(s).
Since you don't understand - prosecutors and judges are the "legal" side and the police are the "protection" side (but that's becoming laughable).

(I bet you applauded the SCOTUS decision on Citizens United by the 5 repuglican/cons ervative judges which ruined the election process in this country.)

Don't reply until you learn to think critically.
+2 # indian weaver 2015-04-20 06:04
That's right. Police are more accurately called / named "Peace Officers". They exist to maintain peace and quiet. But, once someone is arrested by them, the rest is up to politics and the prosecutors / judges. A constant recurrent debate in our injustice system is the 100% power of the prosecutor.

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