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Excerpt: "The preliminary autopsy results are the first time that some of the critical information resulting in Mr. Brown’s death has been made public. Thousands of protesters demanding information and justice for what was widely viewed as a reckless shooting took to the streets here in rallies that ranged from peaceful to violent."

Dr. Michael Baden, right, and Professor Shawn Parcells in Ferguson, Missouri. Dr. Baden, who is based in New York, examined Michael Brown. (photo: Eric Thayer/NYT)
Dr. Michael Baden, right, and Professor Shawn Parcells in Ferguson, Missouri. Dr. Baden, who is based in New York, examined Michael Brown. (photo: Eric Thayer/NYT)

Autopsy Shows Michael Brown Was Struck at Least Six Times

By Frances Robles and Julie Bosman, The New York Times

18 August 14


ichael Brown, the unarmed black teenager who was killed by a police officer, sparking protests around the nation, was shot at least six times, including twice in the head, a preliminary private autopsy performed on Sunday found.

One of the bullets entered the top of Mr. Brown’s skull, suggesting his head was bent forward when it struck him and caused a fatal injury, according to Dr. Michael M. Baden, the former chief medical examiner for the City of New York, who flew to Missouri on Sunday at the family’s request to conduct the separate autopsy. It was likely the last of bullets to hit him, he said.

Mr. Brown, 18, was also shot four times in the right arm, he said, adding that all the bullets were fired into his front.

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+29 # fredboy 2014-08-18 08:33
This was not the result of an "altercation with the police."
Shot six times from a distance=murder as a result of an explosive rampage.
Just like the unarmed young black college football player in Charlotte, NC.
Time for some REAL African American leadership to rise.
This cannot continue.
+18 # Jingze 2014-08-18 08:44
Guess we found out who was boss. The United States has taken over from South Africa.
+38 # Larry 2014-08-18 08:44
Shooting anyone, whether armed or not, whether suspected of a crime or not, should be the last resort of police, not the first. There was no excuse for this execution-style homicide, one of many the militarized cops no doubt supposed would be a "free kill" scored during their perennial open season on young black men.
+5 # Glen 2014-08-18 10:32
Shooting a person is, or used to be, a harsh event and a lot of people take a long time to recover from having done the killing. We don't know the cop who killed Michael Brown, so it is possible he is traumatized. After seeing all the rest of these forces, however, I rather doubt it.

Serious criminals don't seem to be bothered, so what have got - a developing war zone, similar to Chicago in the old days.
+9 # pegasus4508 2014-08-18 16:14
I doubt if he is traumatized. I doubt if he even cares. After all, whose decision was it to not call an ambulance? Whose choose to chase Michael Brown instead of calling for backup. No, trauma involves being human. That cop - cold blooded as hell. He is working on his lies.
+17 # futhark 2014-08-18 10:31
These unjustifiable police shootings of innocent adolescents are becoming a nationwide epidemic. It has been less than a year since Sonoma County, California Deputy Sheriff Erick Gelhaus hit 13 year-old Andy Lopez with 7 bullets fired in 6 seconds from a semi-automatic service handgun in a vacant lot in Santa Rosa not more than one block from my daughter's house. Mr. Gelhaus has not been held accountable for this cruel inversion of his duty to protect, not attack, the public.

The murder of Michael Brown by police is not just an isolated incident, but part of a nationwide pattern abuse that could well be coming to your town, too, and soon. What is your local police department doing to educate officers to avoid this kind of outrage?
+5 # Milarepa 2014-08-18 13:43
My post was deleted. What I said was that if you're black these days you'd better be little, like the size of a six year old. What's editorially objectionable about that? People can comment about an unarmed black teenager getting killed by police but gallows humor is not allowed? These are letters that make up words, folks, not bullets that kill people! Sticks and stones ....
+3 # teachnet 2014-08-18 14:09
One question: How or why did "the family" (Michael Brown's)manage to bring in Dr. Michael Baden? Baden was the chairman of the House Select Committee’s panel of consulting forensic pathologists for the JFK assassination. He supported the Warren Commission's single-bullet, lone gunman" story (and is now a celebrity). What's going on here?

And, Holder's DOJ autopsy will be to discover what, exactly, about this latest police murder? That the DOD has been militarizing urban police for 2 decades at the expense of the people?

Michael Brown's family deserves justice, not theater, and we all should realize by now that justice is the last thing we'll get from the folks in DC.
+1 # pegasus4508 2014-08-18 16:03
The did not HIRE Dr. Baden, he did the autopsy pro bono. Guess facts don't matter so why wait for the FACTS.
-14 # 4merlib 2014-08-18 14:41
Lotta jumping to conclusions here. The autopsy also showed marijuana in his system, suggesting at a minimum that his judgement was probably impaired. Why don't we all wait until the results of the various investigations before labeling this a police murder, assassination, etc?
+11 # Glen 2014-08-18 15:03
Because, 4merlib, this is murder. One does not get shot for smoking dope or lifting cigars, even though the cop did not know about either one. These bits of information are not a crime to be shot for. I'll bet you know know folks who have robbed, shop lifted, or smoked dope. Did they deserve to be murdered?
-7 # Dennis Newman 2014-08-18 16:51
In fact, Glen, you don't know that this is murder. An independent, thorough, transparent investigation has hardly concluded. Eyewitnesses have given wildly disparate reports, and there is significant evidence in the media that there was an altercation between Brown and Wilson in Wilson's car immediately before the shooting, and that Brown may have been heading toward Wilson at the time he was shot. I'm shocked at how many people think they have a right to jump to conclusions based on the partial information, much of which cannot be correct -- since dimatetrically opposing versions of the incident are out there -- they obtain via the media (which of course sensationalisti cally introduces even more distortions in the information).
+1 # Glen 2014-08-19 09:57
It is murder when there is no just cause for shooting someone 6 times. As pegasus4508 asks in his above post, why, if the cop felt threatened, didn't he get in his car and call for backup, and then why did he not call for an ambulance afterward?

It is now known just what type of behavior is rampant among the Ferguson police force. Brutality.

But yes, the networks, all investigators involved, lawyers, et al., are pretty much holding a trial and making judgements, even if veiled. Yep, most want to know the facts, but not in a public television trial setting. Facts just might help prevent another event and violence in other communities suffering under the brutality of cops.
-9 # Providence 2014-08-18 15:05
Quoting 4merlib:
Lotta jumping to conclusions here.

Exactly. It's become yet another "Never let a good crisis go to waste..." situation.
-5 # 4merlib 2014-08-18 23:45
Nice to see some good sense on display on this site!
+11 # pegasus4508 2014-08-18 16:10
It amazes me that there are lots and LOTS of white folk who cheer the death of this "thug"
It was reported yesterday that there is no mechanism in place to identify or research police misconduct in Ferguson. So, we have a police department that never called an ambulance, never contacted the medical examiner, moved a body in a SUV - the coverup was well under way. And you want us to wait for justice? We know what that means. Absolutely nothing.
-1 # Dennis Newman 2014-08-18 16:52
How, pray tell, do you propose do obtain justice if not through legal means that include a thorough, independent, transparent investigation?
-1 # skeptic 2014-08-18 22:59
Critics are claiming the release of the video showing mr Brown robbing a convenience story is just an attempt to "damage his character". Excuse me? Have you see the video?

This was an angry, violent man. When the clerk tried to stop him, he didn't run, he pushed and shoved and intimidated him.

I'm not saying he deserved to die for that. But I saw a large intimidating man who used his size to get what he wanted. Not because he was black, but because the guy was a TANK. So I can completely buy that he wasn't intimidated by police officers with guns.

Maybe he had PCP or something in his system that night, I don't know. But I find it hard to believe police executed a man with his hands up, just for the hell of it

Everyone ASSUMES that police are fascists and I'm sure you will all assume I am too, but this was no choir boy and this wasn't 50 years ago.

There is a lesson here- Don't rob stores and wrestle with armed police!
+1 # RMDC 2014-08-19 08:09
The state of Missouri seems committed to doing anything and everything to be sure that there is no prosecution of the pig who murdered Mike Brown. You can talk all you want about the details. The facts remain. This pig jumped out of his car and shot Mike Brown point blank at close range six times. He just unloaded his gun into the kid's body. If this were not a white cop and a black kid, everyone would be calling it murder. Now the mass media is looking for anyway not to call it murder.

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