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Intro: "Democrat Elizabeth Warren, architect of the consumer watchdog agency set up by the Obama administration after the meltdown on Wall Street, was elected to the Senate on Tuesday, winning a hard-fought victory against Republican Sen. Scott Brown."

Elizabeth Warren has become first woman elected to the Massachusetts Senate. (photo: Reuters)
Elizabeth Warren has become first woman elected to the Massachusetts Senate. (photo: Reuters)

Elizabeth Warren Wins Senate Seat

Steve LeBlanc, Associated Press

07 November 12


emocrat Elizabeth Warren, architect of the consumer watchdog agency set up by the Obama administration after the meltdown on Wall Street, was elected to the Senate on Tuesday, winning a hard-fought victory against Republican Sen. Scott Brown in one of the most expensive Senate contests of the year.

The race took on epic proportions as the candidates spent a total of more than $68 million and hurled charges and countercharges in an increasingly bitter campaign that was watched closely by both national parties while they dueled for control of the upper chamber.

Warren becomes the first woman elected to the Senate from Massachusetts.

With about three-quarters of the vote in, Warren had almost 53 percent to 47 percent for Brown.

Warren, speaking to supporters at a Boston hotel, credited what she called a grassroots campaign with helping her unseat a popular incumbent.

''You did what everyone thought was impossible. You taught a scrappy first-time candidate how to get in the ring and win,'' she said. ''You took on the powerful Wall Street banks and special interests and you let them know you want a senator who'll be out there fighting for the middle class all of the time.''

In conceding defeat, Brown told supporters: ''We stood strong in the fight, and we stand strong now even in disappointment.''

''Whatever the future holds, I am a fortunate man,'' he added.

Warren, a Harvard Law professor making her first attempt at elective office, helped create the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in the wake of the mortgage crisis and the financial abuses exposed on Wall Street. Brown went to Washington after stunning the Democrats by winning a 2010 special election for the late Sen. Edward Kennedy's seat.

The two candidates agreed to take no outside money from super PACs and other independent groups but still raised staggering amounts, with the GOP hoping to solidify its gains in heavily Democratic Massachusetts, and the Democrats mortified by the thought of a Republican serving in the seat held for 47 years by the foremost liberal on Capitol Hill.

Warren cast herself as a fighter for the middle class and portrayed Brown as beholden to ''big oil'' and ''millionaires and billionaires.''

She stumbled early over questions of her claims of Indian heritage and her decision to identify herself as a minority in law school directories from 1986 to 1995.

She said she was told by her family that her mother had Cherokee and Delaware Indian background, but she was unable to provide documentation. Brown accused her of misrepresenting her background and using it to help land a job at Harvard, something Warren and those who hired her denied.

Warren found herself the butt of jokes from bloggers and columnists. The issue later backfired on Brown when some of his staffers were caught on video at one his campaign rallies mocking Warren by doing a ''tomahawk chop'' and shouting war whoops. Brown condemned the behavior.

Brown was elected with tea party backing two years ago but steered a more centrist course in the Senate. During his campaign against Warren, he downplayed his GOP roots and touted instances in which he broke with his party, including supporting the creation of the financial watchdog agency and backing the rights of gays to serve openly in the military.

Union leaders, who had staked their political reputations on a Warren win, said the victory vindicates their efforts.

''We had a good day,'' said Edward Kelly, president of the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts. ''We worked very hard to put the next senator from Massachusetts in D.C, to make sure our country is moving in the right direction.''

Warren supporter Edy Rees, 70, of Boston's Roslindale neighborhood, was jubilant.

''She's for the 100 percent of us, whereas poor Scott Brown, maybe he's for himself, maybe he's for the 1 percent, but either way, he's not doing his job,'' said a grinning Rees, who wore a ''Grandparent for Elizabeth'' button.

Bob Long, a 73-year-old retired accountant from Saugus, said he backed Brown and didn't buy Warren's campaign pitch that she was the better candidate for the middle class.

''He's a local guy from Wakefield. I think he's well-schooled in the needs of the average person. We all know what his background is. We all know that he didn't come with a silver spoon in his mouth,'' Long said. ''That's why I find it hard to think that he would be worrying about any millionaires.''

Fellow Saugus resident Ethel Swirka, 80, cast her ballot for Warren, in part because she liked the idea of voting for a woman: ''I think women should have more say in the way the government is run. It's not a man's world anymore.'' your social media marketing partner


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+26 # MainStreetMentor 2012-11-07 09:55
As a long-time supporter of Dr. Warren, I never lost faith that she would be victorious in her bid for a US Senate seat. She has that victory - now begins the hard work of helping run our government, and I will support her efforts whole-heartedly . I do hope she joins political forces with Senator Bernie Sanders! What a team that would make!
+23 # TrueAmericanPatriot 2012-11-07 10:27
CONGRATULATIONS , Dr. Warren! We jubilantly celebrated your victory here in OHIO too!
+19 # erogers 2012-11-07 10:29
I could not agree more "main Street Mentor". Sanders crushed his opposition on Tuesday. Dr. Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders should team up to push through the much needed legislation to rein in Wall Street and get true election reform in place. They could start with getting rid of the idea that corporations are persons. Senator Bernie Sanders has long needed some support in the Senate, maybe he now has it in Elizabeth Warren.
+12 # MidwestDick 2012-11-07 12:58
Bernie has his hands full protecting social security as the Government barrels toward the fiscal cliff.
Now is the time for all of us to stand behind him.
+9 # dkonstruction 2012-11-07 11:16
I'm glad Warren won and the dems kept control of the senate but i'm not sure that Warren is anywhere near as progressive/rad ical as someone like Sanders or Dennis Kucinich (time will tell).

Also, given that the mantra of US led global capitalism has been the free-flow of capital (including money) internationally i think it's a bit dillusional to believe we can simply re-regulate the financial industry such that they will ever truly "behave." The alternative is to start pushing for essentially two financial in which the 1% can play and speculate all they want with their own monies but there has to be another pot that is publicly owned and controlled (including public financial institutions and worker/union control over their pension funds so that these can be invested more "responsibly" and productively) that is used to provide for the needs of "the people" as a whole including the rebuilding of our crumbling infrastructure; developing a green, clean energy-based economy; a green new deal style jobs program including retraining for workers in old "dirty" industries that need to be phased out; building a single-payer non-profit health care system; and on the international front dramatic cuts in our war ("defense") budget including the huge "national security state" apparatus that has been built up since 9/11.

None of this is going to happen due to politicians on their own so we need to keep building the movement or nothing will change.
0 # RLF 2012-11-08 07:20
You may have something there. The way that pension funds were ripped off to enrich billionaires at Goldman shows we need some kind of safe guards. Maybe a double system could work. Problem is the people investing the money and keeping their hands clean.
+1 # Mannstein 2012-11-08 11:53
Canada's financial industry as well as it's banks were rock solid through the 2008 crisis. They also operate in the global capitalist arena.

Maybe we can learn something from their system.
0 # dkonstruction 2012-11-08 13:21
Quoting RLF:
You may have something there. The way that pension funds were ripped off to enrich billionaires at Goldman shows we need some kind of safe guards. Maybe a double system could work. Problem is the people investing the money and keeping their hands clean.

RLF, i'm in New York which i know is not a "typical" state but here the state public pension funds have over $100 billion in assets. Imagine what "we" could do if $100 billion was taken away from the Wall Street hedge fund managers to create a worker-controll ed community development bank that built affordable housing for its workers as well as others; developed worker-owned cooperative businesses, etc....there's alot of resources "we the people" in theory already control; only problem is we've given up this control and given these funds over to those that don't care what type of investment they make as long as it makes money. Alot could be done in this country if only public and private sector union workers took back control of their huge pension fund assets.
+1 # RLF 2012-11-08 07:22
I'm not sure is Miz Liz is as liberal either but she seems very practical...hor se sense as my father would call it. (He is also from OK.)
+1 # Mannstein 2012-11-08 11:54
One Republican in the Senate is one Republican too many.
0 # Jim Young 2012-11-09 00:34
Quoting dkonstruction:
...but i'm not sure that Warren is anywhere near as progressive/radical as someone like Sanders or Dennis Kucinich (time will tell)...

We can't match the big money donors but we have donated more to her campaign than all other politicians and causes combined simply because she is the most honest agent (that hadn't been elected, yet) willing to address the most damaging abuses of consumers (which has also caused the greatest damage to such an important part of our economy). Her win in Massachusetts helps us here in California, and everywhere else in between.

We know little of her expertise, capabilities or political leanings in any other areas, but trust her because of her honesty and dedication (seemingly strengthened by the wildly intense resistance to reform). That incorruptible attention to quality research and honest effort in our behalf is appreciated as an indispensable resource, no matter how much savvy politicians can sneak through the sausage factory. She need not be the same as Bernie Sanders (whom we also dearly love) in anything more than speaking honestly on what she finds, and fighting as honorably for what she believes.
+9 # Douglas Jack 2012-11-07 12:05
Elizabeth, Congratulations ! Educate us all on the process involved in the Senate & other levels of government. Describe to us how corporate money influences the process. Use your Senator mandate to bring the population up to speed. By the way: 1) Institute Verifiable Elections with paper trail voting 2) Free Bradley Manning & enable Wiki-leaks to do its job.
+7 # Artemis 2012-11-07 13:56
Great! Now go for it, Elizabeth Warren. You have shown that your truth-telling and outspokeness brought you support and admiration from citizens sick to death of all the lies and fiddling and lack of accountability for the rich crooks in the country. Don't ever stop. You can move mountains.
+8 # tbcrawford 2012-11-07 14:34
Congratulations !!! What a great role model you are for so many of us.
+7 # Jim Young 2012-11-07 14:40
I don’t want to look, yet, but I’ll be interested in seeing what people throughout the world take away from the example we set in how we conduct our elections. I will encourage young people consider what they would like the rest of the world to think, and to seek the reality check of what the rest of the world really thinks.

I hope everyone will take a few minutes to reflect on what really happened. To me, multiple billions in dark money spent on negative, and not fully believable, messaging turned off a few more old reliable voters that like to think they are making up their own minds. No matter how “brilliant” Rove may seem, the more often he gets away with fooling people, the harder it gets to do it again. If people calling themselves Republicans want to “win” in the future, I suggest they do some due diligence and reexamine where a target rich environment of moderate Republicans they threw under the bus might actually show where they can provide an honest, more workable, partnership with the bulk of the American Citizens.

Advice from my great-great-gra ndmother, to never do anything you'd be embarrassed to try explaining to a 7-year old, comes to mind.

After 5 generations of Republicans, I left that changed party about the same time Elizabeth Warren did. Though now fiercely independent, we donated what little we could afford. Seems a great investment in America.

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