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Huff reports: "Unwilling to capitulate to every demand made by the likes of Monsanto, Lugo was clearly a problem for these movers and shakers."

Monsanto was involved in the coup that overthrew Fernando Lugo in Paraguay. (photo: Reuters)
Monsanto was involved in the coup that overthrew Fernando Lugo in Paraguay. (photo: Reuters)

Monsanto Linked to Coup That Ousted Paraguayan President

By Ethan A. Huff, Natural News

24 July 12


he political system in Paraguay is undergoing some major turmoil right now following the forced impeachment of former President Fernando Lugo, a "left-of-center" politician democratically voted into office by the people of Paraguay back in 2008. And among those who initiated and brought about this controversial coup was multinational biotechnology giant Monsanto, which was apparently threatened by Lugo's resistance against the company's genetically-modified (GM) crop agenda.

For years, Paraguay's government has been dominated by so-called "right-wing" politicians that have served the interests of the country's local oligarchy, as well as the interests of the U.S. embassy and transnational corporations that have established a powerful stronghold in the country. Among these corporate influences was Monsanto, which over the years has converted much of Paraguay's arable land into plantations that grow GM crops.

But with the election of Lugo in 2008, things were beginning to change in many ways, according to reports, which triggered serious upset amongst Paraguay's status quo class. Unwilling to capitulate to every demand made by the likes of Monsanto, Lugo was clearly a problem for these movers and shakers, who had long controlled national policy to their liking at the expense of the underclasses who have had to endure extreme poverty as a result.

"Monsanto planned to introduce a genetically modified seed for commercial use in the country ... (But) [u]nder Lugo's administration, Paraguay's National Service for Plants and Seeds Quality and Health (SENAVE) refused to approve the seed's use," writes Berta Joubert-Ceci of Workers World concerning Monsanto's involvement in the coup.

"The right-wing oligarchs favor dissemination of Monsanto seeds, while the peasantry has been demonstrating against it. The Union of Associations of Producers, a landowners group tied to Monsanto, was preparing a demonstration for June 25 against Lugo to benefit the giant transnational and the 'liberalization' of its genetically modified seeds."

Though not perfect by any means, Lugo had at least tried to fight back in some ways against Monsanto's gradual takeover of Paraguay's agricultural land, the vast majority of which is now owned by less than three percent of the entire population. Many of Paraguay's family farms have been eliminated over the years and forcibly replaced with large mono-crop plantations that now grow Monsanto's GM soy and other cash crops. (

Unholy alliance between corporations and government destroying the world

The coup against President Lugo was undeniably engineered by special interests concerned about losing control over a nation that they have been exploiting for decades. By stacking Paraguay's legislature with pro-industry hacks that have no regard for the interests of the people; corporate interests in Paraguay once against successfully marked their territory, just like they continue to do here in the U.S.

You see, countries like the U.S. and Paraguay, though they may differ externally in their political structures, operate in a disturbingly similar fashion. Private industry in both countries has essentially morphed with the government into a single, fascist entity that serves the interests of corporations and a select "elite" at the expense of everyone else.

The working class in Paraguay is obviously much worse off than the working class in America, at least at this point in time. But the principle remains that any government, including the American government, that operates for the sole benefit of its corporate masters is really nothing more than a dictatorship in which the people are no longer considered to be sovereign individuals, but rather slaves.

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+26 # Howard T. Lewis III 2012-07-24 22:13
Not Monsanto, the Bush criminal cabal just used the CIA and the chimps from Blackwater turned Xe to overthrow the Paraguayan government to avoid Northern hemisphere radiation and life senteces or death sentences for their crimes against humanity. At least we now can make their arrests noisy.
+7 # paulrevere 2012-07-25 09:38
lol..."Blackwat er turned Xe"...turned Academi!!

Can you believe the hubris of that title?
+38 # cordleycoit 2012-07-24 22:18
There is nothig surprising about Paraguay going back to the Colorado Party. The Bush family kept Streossnoer in power so they could ship Cocaine to ...Colorado USA. Then the people get rid of the tyrant. But we must have free markets so they can pay the army and to run that unhappy country. By free markets they mean drugs bound for North America. By free they mean the market place of freedom with soldiers to enforce the upward move of food prices because the market is free to be manipulated by folks like Monsanto whose product will sicken and kill the Paraguayans as it sickens and kill Americans and whomever touches their lips to it. Soon the round ups will start and Paraguay will have it population cut down. They don't like opposition along the Silver River and America will be there killing as usual.
-29 # oldleftie 2012-07-24 22:22
Well, maybe, but the vote was 39-4, with most of Lugo's erstwhile supporters abandoning him. Not to say Monsanto didn't have influence, but it looks pretty coincidental to me.
+48 # BatOutOfHell 2012-07-25 06:39
Dude, read the book "Confessions of an Economic Hitman." Soon. It will tell you all you need to know about how corporations go about the world telling leaders whose resources they want, "Play ball with us and we'll make you very rich. Refuse and you will be deposed or die." It's happened before. And it has to stop.
We cannot afford to let corporations take over the world. They will destroy it simply to make more money. They have no love of people or the planet.
+9 # Yakpsyche 2012-07-24 22:38
Do we drink the Kool-Aide now or later?
+7 # corals33 2012-07-25 01:10
shades of soylent green and another great scientific breakthrough for the holy roman empire.Machiave lli, Madonna and Monsanto.All fine examples of the twisted white supremacy mind-set.These ugly,hateful foreigners forget that the people of south america gave the europeans the potato,corn etc and helped them to survive in their New World.Christian Europe is fast becoming the most hated bloc on the planet.
-2 # Virginia 2012-07-25 02:01
If he was taking his lead from Obama - that might have been part of his problem. We don't have to appear weak to have a democracy. Center-left still has to exert an effort maintain control and power.
+34 # Ralph Averill 2012-07-25 02:40
Interference in the affairs of Latin American nations by American corporations with the help of the CIA? Undermining elections? Instigating coups? This is a long and hallowed tradition starting with the Monroe Doctrine, (Central and South America shall be American colonies. Europe stay out!,) and carried on by the United Fruit Co. in Nicaragua, Anaconda Copper in Chile, and on and on.
One of the great American myths is that the United States supports and promotes democracy throughout the world.
+12 # Texas Aggie 2012-07-25 11:16
"The only reason that there has never been a military coup in the US is that there is no American embassy in Washington." - Latin American truism
+33 # theshift33 2012-07-25 03:16
The Bushies bought 100,000 acres of land in northern Paraguay in 2006. So there you have it folks. Now isn't that telling and speak volumes.
+6 # RnR 2012-07-25 04:46
/sarcasm/ This is probably the most honorable thing Monsanto is involved in /end sarcasm
0 # douglassmyth 2012-07-25 06:04
What were the circumstances behind Lugo's impeachment, Old Leftie? You say the vote was 39-4: pretty overwhelming. So, what was it about?

Was it that Lugo simply played into the hands of the Monsanto/elite crowd, the way Clinton almost did with Monica?
+28 # BatOutOfHell 2012-07-25 06:36
The "economic hitmen" are at it again.
For all the whining going on by Romney and the American right, THIS is exactly what we are fighting for - governments and PEOPLE vs governments and CORPORATIONS.
As the book, Confessions of an Economic Hitman" talks about, the cabal of money that really runs the world go about threatening leaders of other nations: "Play with us and we'll make you very rich, refuse and you will be deposed or killed. Your Choice."
We are in real danger of destroying the world through global warming, polluting (and over-fishing)th e seas and destruction of the agricultural diversity of the planet. GMO is CRAP.
We, the peoples of the world, must unite against these forces that would kill us all for profit. That's all it's about. Neither Monsanto, nor any other corporation doing this, is out for anything more than another buck. they don't care about YOU, me or the planet, only MONEY.
+19 # Peace Anonymous 2012-07-25 08:24
Read this story of Paraguay and see what is happening on Wall Street and in Washington. Anyone notice any similarities? What happens when anyone speaks up on behalf of the people? Look at the wall of money that seperates the people from their government. What is happening in Paraguay is simply a mirror.
+13 # reiverpacific 2012-07-25 11:18
The more promising aspect of this further US (& Bush dynasty) crime against humanity and the Latin nations, in the continuing spirit of the removal of Jacopo Arbenz in Guatemala by the Dulles Bro's on behalf of United Fruit (Chiquita), is that the larger bloc of Paraguay's neighbors is now progressive and have begun recalling their ambassadors, closing their contiguous borders with this small landlocked and long-beleaguere d nation and otherwise cutting it off as part of the "solidaridad internacional al sur" in protest and response to this coup.
Don't forget that Morales' Bolivia threw Bechtel out of the country after their attempt to dominate and privatize the country's water supply.
This may yet backfire on Monter-anto, as the recent successful lawsuit of $7.7 billion by 5 million farmers have shown Brazil.
They are NOT as invincible as their huge staff of lawyers and lobbyists seem to make them -except in the US and it's puppet nations.
Then the Bushes will have to sell up and move to- where? Colombia?
+10 # Texas Aggie 2012-07-25 11:31
I worked in eastern Paraguay several years ago. The place was covered with canola and soybean fields owned by Cargill, according to the signs in the fields. There were reports at that time of the US military helping to dispossess peasants from their land so that US Ag corporations could expand their reach.

I strongly suspect that Monsanto was just one of several players in this action. The Colorado Party didn't need any encouragement or help to do what it did. The "excuse" for impeachment was when some local police tried to throw a bunch of peasants off a ranch where they were squatting, they fired back. The ranch is owned by one of the ruling families who got it under the former dictatorship. From the start, Lugo had been trying to institute some sort of land reform and neither the Colorado Party nor American Ag Corp. are very big on that.

As for Lugo's "erstwhile supporters," the Liberal Party, they now have the presidency so it was to their advantage to get rid of him. The 3% of the population that owns the farm land got it under Stroessner when he handed out land deeds to the oligarchy that supported him.
+9 # Texas Aggie 2012-07-25 13:41
Check out al Jazeera's report on what went on and why. There is a lot more to it than just Monsanto, and it involves fighting over the Chaco, where the police removed the peasants, which has petroleum reserves as well as US military intervention to keep Bolivia and Brazil under control so they don't make life difficult for American corporations of all kinds.
+9 # carp 2012-07-25 15:04
GWhoBush bought a 100000acre casita in Paraguay a year before he left office. The land sits on the largest aquifer in Paraguay and is next door to Rev. Moon's casita.
+6 # David Starr 2012-07-25 16:07
So, the pattern of greed and imperialism continues, this time against Paraguay. It's obvious that Monsanto and its ilk, including the U.S. political establishment, are not learning from history, and thus are probably unaware that their empire, like past examples, has to inevitably fall.
+6 # wfalco 2012-07-25 19:38
As some here already stated it is another sorry example of another Latin American "Economic Hit."
Look back at the past track records of corporations such as United Fruit and it is the same old story.
We send in the "Economic Hitmen" of CIA infused corporate America to coerce what "we" want. If that fails the assassins will follow.(Refer to Trujillo in Panama and the Sandinistas in Nicaragua as examples.)
The Latin American countries have been treated as a corporate plantation for decades. Much of Central and South America have awakened to this and have backlashed against North American empire. It is a continuous struggle ,however, which remains unfinished.
+1 # reiverpacific 2012-07-27 21:31
By the way, when was the last time anybody bought a Chiquita banana? Pretty recently I imagine.
That's the former United Fruit (Guatemalan coup. '54) and still referred to in trading circles as "United Brands". I worked for them as a consultant construction manager in several countries until I found out what they are all about, which includes funneling funds to right wing death-squad militia in quite a few countries for which they were recently successfully sued in Colombia by the families of many "Dissapeared".
I was personally threatened in Ecuador whilst working there in '88, for showing solidarity towards a student rally to get clean drinking water and more open education in Guayaquil on a day off. The company car I was driving was also sprayed by one of their crop-duster planes near Machala in the south of the country -probably with some Monsanto-concoc ted brew.
And they practically own Cincinnati, their world headquarters now under the thumb of the Carl Linder family owner dynasty who call the shots in everything from the press to the arts.
So you might be a bit vigilant next time you shop for fruit -AND please, boycott their bananas, drinks and all products and spread the word about Chiquita; they are as much a part of the death culture as Monsanto!

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