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The Chicago Tribune reports: "The G-8 Summit will be held at Camp David, not in Chicago as had been scheduled."

In anticipation of protesters coming to Chicago from around the world, the G-8 Summit has been moved to Camp David. (image: Adbusters)
In anticipation of protesters coming to Chicago from around the world, the G-8 Summit has been moved to Camp David. (image: Adbusters)

G-8 Summit to Be Held at Camp David, Not Chicago

By Chicago Tribune/Associated Press

05 March 12


he G-8 summit will be held at Camp David, not in Chicago as had been scheduled.

The White House announced the change in the following statement:

"In May, the United States looks forward to hosting the G-8 and NATO Summits. To facilitate a free-flowing discussion with our close G-8 partners, the president is inviting his fellow G-8 leaders to Camp David on May 18-19 for the G-8 Summit, which will address a broad range of economic, political and security issues.

"The president will then welcome NATO allies and partners to his hometown of Chicago for the NATO Summit on May 20-21, which will be the premier opportunity this year for the president to continue his efforts to strengthen NATO in order to ensure that the Atlantic Alliance remains the most successful alliance in history, while charting the way forward in Afghanistan."

The 38th G8 summit was to be held in Chicago alongside the NATO summit. It would have been the first time since 1977 in London that the two organizations held meetings in the same city at the same time.

Chicago police estimated that 2,000 to 10,000 demonstrators were expected to show up for the overlapping G-8 and NATO summits. At least two major demonstrations were already planned for downtown during the summit, and organizers said they wanted to send crowds of marchers down Michigan Avenue in the middle of the day.

Meetings of leaders of international economic organizations like the G-8 have drawn violent large-scale protests for more than a decade.

Perhaps the most infamous U.S. incident occurred in Seattle in 1999, when a protest against a World Trade Organization meeting devolved into widespread rioting. About 35,000 protesters descended on the city, and police used tear gas and rubber bullets against crowds downtown in what became known as "The Battle of Seattle."

Businesses reported more than $2 million in damage. Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper later resigned under heavy criticism of how the department handled the situation.

A 2001 riot at the G-8 meeting in Genoa, Italy, left one person dead and hundreds injured. Before a G-20 economic summit in Pittsburgh in 2009, police fired pepper spray at marchers who threw rocks and rolled garbage bins. Recent meetings have seen less violence, however. your social media marketing partner


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+11 # Capn Canard 2012-03-05 19:34
Wow, this could be quite an American spring time. 1999 Seattle WTO, Iceland collapse, 2010 Toronto G-20 protests, 2011 Arab Spring, 2011 Wisconsin uprising, Fall 2011 Occupy Wall Street, Spanish Indinants movement, Greece...

People are pissed off. Mad as hell and they aren't gonna take it anymore? Might be time to go to Chicago, the whole world will be watching.
+21 # gUbbro 2012-03-05 21:12
change of venue is not at all curious!...the clash between the people and the politicians' militarized police is ybe they can avoid the people by holding their meetings at newt's moon colony
+13 # frankdavid 2012-03-05 22:42 d we were all hoping to join the party. Rham is running scared on this one.
+8 # 666 2012-03-06 06:16
Let the MIFC (military-indus trial-financial complex) hold all their corrupt meetings at camp david!

Take this as an admission of a small victory - the 1% might have the money but they don't yet own our country. Take it back!
+9 # erogers 2012-03-06 07:11
The bunch of cowards intend to hide behind the President's walled compound. Like cockroaches none can stand the light of day.
+6 # conniejo 2012-03-06 08:48
By moving the G-8 meeting, Obama is missing an opportunity to show the rest of the world (e.g., Syria and its ilk) how a democracy can work peacefully. Then again, I remember Chicago '68; maybe the Chicago police haven't changed all that much since then. The Occupy movement is peaceful, so it must be the potential actions of the authorities that are worrying the president.
+6 # DPM 2012-03-06 08:53
Without one marcher, the world is seeing just how worried "power" can be when it runs up against "the people". We need to keep up the pressure. Everywhere! Occupy!
+1 # PABLO DIABLO 2012-03-06 21:01
Don't forget that recently Norm Stampler said he regretted the actions of his police department in Seattle during the WTO protest (not riot) in 1999. The riot was the police not the protesters.
0 # bluepilgrim 2012-03-06 21:48
Here's a ver good video about demonstrating, including the use of police provicateurs (near the end):
Suing the Police: When Citizens' Rights are Violated
by grtv

With a billion dollar price tag, the 2010 Toronto G20 was one of the most expensive security operations in history. As part of that operation, police services and government officials conspired to lie to the public about supposed powers to violate citizens' guaranteed rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

As a result, thousands of people were subjected to illegal searches, seizures and arrests.

Now Nicholas Wright, a Toronto lawyer and the President of Geopoliticalmon, is suing the police for his unlawful arrest.

Find out more about Wright's experience suing the police in this week's GRTV Feature Interview.

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