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Lopez begins: "It's in the works. A massive Occupy Wall Street gathering with delegates from all over the country. And if these plans are carried out, Occupy Wall Street will be a major force to be reckoned with on Election Day 2012. The date? July 4, 2012."

(art: Michael Thompson/Flickr)
(art: Michael Thompson/Flickr)

Occupy Wall Street's Plans For A National Convention

By Linette Lopez, Business Insider

15 October 11


Occupy Wall Street: Take the Bull by the Horns

t's in the works. A massive Occupy Wall Street gathering with delegates from all over the country. And if these plans are carried out, Occupy Wall Street will be a major force to be reckoned with on Election Day 2012.

The date? July 4, 2012.

Put aside questions of whether or not the movement will survive that long. Imagine that they do, because they have no doubt.

If only our economy had that kind of confidence.

Discussions on how to proceed will begin tomorrow at a massive General Assembly at 7 PM. Here's how they describe what they're about to do:

....the election of delegates and holding of a national general assembly or convention on July 4, 2012 must be organized. No calls for violence. No calls for the violent overthrow of the government.

...Once organized and the delegates have been elected by direct ballot in all 435 districts. They must demand that our elected leaders take action. If they do not take action within one year of the demand, we will demand their mass resignations and that new elections be held so we can take back our democracy from the corporations and those who BUY power and influence with MONEY. Yes this includes unions and lobbyists.

The Citizens United case must be reversed...

More concrete, long-term measures can also be found on their website in a document called The Steps to Non-Violent Revolution and the Convening of a National General Assembly. There are ten of them, and the most amazing thing about them, is that they outline a democratic plan to decide on a platform of reforms supported by occupations across the entire country leading right up to the 2012 election.

Perhaps Occupy Wall Street only thought of doing this now, but I sincerely doubt it.

Basically, if this is carried out, Occupy Wall Street could shift the course of American politics at its highest levels.

Here are the steps:

1. The Occupy Wall Street movement, through the local general assembly, should elect an executive committee comprised of 11 people or some other odd number of people that is manageable for meetings. Ideally this committee should represent each city in the U.S. that is being occupied.

2. The executive committee will then attend to local issues such as obtaining permits, paying for public sanitation and dealing with the media. More important, the executive committee shall plan and organize the election of the 870 delegates to a National General Assembly between now and July 4, 2012.

3. As stated in the 99% declaration, each of the 435 congressional districts will form an election committee to prepare ballots and invite citizens in those districts to run as delegates to a National General Assembly in Philadelphia beginning on July 4, 2012 and convening until October 2012.

4. Each of the 435 congressional districts will elect one man and one woman to attend the National General Assembly. The vote will be by direct democratic ballot regardless of voter registration status as long as the voter has reached the age of 18 and is a US citizen. This is not a sexist provision. Women are dramatically under-represented in politics even though they comprise more than 50% of the U.S. population.

5. The executive committee will act as a central point to solve problems, raise money to pay for the expenses of the election of the National General Assembly and make sure all 870 delegates are elected prior to the meeting on July 4th.

6. The executive committee would also arrange a venue in Philadelphia to accommodate the delegates attending the National General Assembly where the declaration of values, petition of grievances and platform would be proposed, debated, voted on and approved. The delegates would also elect a chair from their own ranks to run the meetings of the congress and break any tie votes. We will also need the expertise of a gifted parliamentarian to keep the meetings moving smoothly and efficiently.

7. The final declaration, platform and petition of grievances, after being voted upon by the 870 delegates to the National General Assembly would be formally presented by the 870 delegates to all three branches of government and all candidates running for federal public office in November 2012. Thus, the delegates would meet from July 4, 2012 to sometime in early to late October 2012.

8. The delegates to the National General Assembly would then vote on a time period, presently suggested as one year, to give the newly elected government in November an opportunity to redress the petition of grievances. This is our right as a People under the First Amendment.

9. If the government fails to redress the petition of grievances and drastically change the path this country is on, the delegates will demand the resignation and recall of all members of congress, the president and even the Supreme Court and call for new elections by, of and for the PEOPLE with 99 days of the resignation demand.

10. There will NEVER be any call for violence by the delegates even if the government refuses to redress the grievances and new elections are called for by the delegates. Nor will any delegate agree to take any money, job promise, or gifts from corporations, unions or any other private source. Any money donated or raised by the executive committee may only be used for publicizing the vote, the National General Assembly, and for travel expenses and accommodation at the National General Assembly ONLY. All books and records will be published openly online so that everyone may see how much money is raised and how the money is spent each month. There will be no money allowed to "purchase" delegate votes as we have in the current government. No corporate "sponsorship".

Very ambitious, we'll see how it goes. your social media marketing partner


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+81 # seniorcitizen 2011-10-15 17:47
Count me in!
-59 # davegowdey 2011-10-15 22:28
Kind of disturbed at how radical anarchists and libertarians seem to be taking this over. How representative will this "convention" be if the elections are held within the same clique of groups now claiming to speak for the "leaderless" movement. Going to have elections in every congressional district within six months? Really?

The problems we are facing have clear solutions. See Matt Tabibis article if you don't know what they are. We need to restore American democracy and dismantle much of wall street and the 1%. We don't really need conventions to develop a "list of grievances" unless we are planning a violent revolution. After all, that's always the first step to violent revolution.
+23 # geohunt1 2011-10-16 08:26
"Lists of grievances" are necessary to affect any change. They certainly do not foretell violent revolution.
-32 # geohunt1 2011-10-16 08:33
Kind of disturbing is right. At Occupy Philly yesterday the only political signs I saw were for socialism through anarchy and liberarianism.
+14 # lbn108 2011-10-16 10:20
Quoting geohunt1:
Kind of disturbing is right. At Occupy Philly yesterday the only political signs I saw were for socialism through anarchy and liberarianism.

What's liberarianism?
+10 # historywriter 2011-10-16 14:27
What's socialism through anarchy? Or liberarianism for that matter (assuming it has nothing to do with Liberia).
+9 # wsh 2011-10-16 08:37
Wow! A lot of red votes...I thought I was gonna be reading a right-wing diatribe.

People, all Davegowdey is doing is cautioning against complacency that a convention like this is going to be a breeze....look what happened in Rome yesterday. Their "leaderless movement" march was co-opted by anarchists -- VIOLENT anarchists!

I don't Know the solutions to how to prevent these and other changes the movement will suffer (and granted, some changes are sure to be improvements).. .but I do know that changes of some sort are coming. It's human nature.

I didn't read his remarks, but I heard Julian Assange was pushing his own agenda at London's recent rally (kudos to Michael Moore for NOT doing that in his 4 visits to OWS). Whether the Assange critiques I read are true or not, I expect the MSM are going to migrate their microphones over to: A) flamboyant speakers; and B) recognisable personalities.

Hope for the best, but you better damn well prepare for the worst.
+5 # KittatinyHawk 2011-10-16 13:41
Clear picture here is we do not need leadership as we are no longer followers.
Seems man may need the Indians but everyone has the Right To Be Chief!

No one wants to do anything except be hateful. Republicans get in do you really think they will give up the strangle hold they have now on their sheeple? Everyone knows what to do, but those in Power do not want to do anything. So do I want America to be destroyed or take on a Challenge...thi nk I will stay with Challenge, after all we wouldnot have gotten this far if we didnot.
+54 # AlaskanRebel 2011-10-15 22:44
An awesome plan! We must take America back for the People - the 99%.
+9 # geohunt1 2011-10-16 08:35
Well said!
+1 # PiscesCurveUS 2011-10-20 08:35
Clarity has its virtues, especially in Public business. In that spirit, I would like to continue to focus the focus. Its no secret that our US Constitution, had, at its onset, at least 1 grievous error- that being of course the slavery issue. Less well-known, however, is another original err, that should perhaps be called the **serfdom issue**. Article 1, Sect. 8 clearly leaves open a trap door for state capture, and of course this means state capture by monied interests- the proverbial 1 or 2% of today's rhetoric.... (part 1 of 2)
+1 # PiscesCurveUS 2011-10-20 08:43
(Part 2 of 2)....Make no mistake about it, the vast majority of delegates to the original Const. Conv. of 1787 didn't know what they talking about when it came to monetary theory... a quite ironic state of affairs seeing as how colonial America and the Art. of Confederation had, in many ways, consisted of a series of monetary experiments, ranging from absolute primitive barter and many failed trials in commodity money, to the more successful efforts based on colonial gov't fiat (Mass., Penn.) that were eventually cracked down on by the British imperialists and their metal (particularly gold) standard of the mid-18thc. The original Revolution wasn't about something as trivial/vulgar as a hike on tea taxes. That's just Modernist boob bait propaganda. While there were many accumulative reasons, there's nothing quite like having to watch a more-or-less functional society being dismantled, piece-by-piece, year-by-year, by a bunch of 1%er corporate (and *all* British ints. were such) class types, who even insist that you use their imperial currency of artificial scarcity, high taxes & depression, after knowing full well that your own currency from years earlier was clearly managing the local/regional economy much better... much better for the 97+% anyway.
+42 # lourdmar 2011-10-15 23:12
Way to go ! I'm hopeful for America at last!
+1 # PiscesCurveUS 2011-10-20 09:34
[--In ref. to orig. US Const. errors post above--]

1] the Slavery issue- (Art. 1:2)
2] the Serfdom issue- (Art. 1:8)

Boil numero uno was lanced in the mid-1800s, 3/4ers of a century after the original error. Its been a longer wait for #2 (and all its propaganda/b.s. ), but that doesn't mean that it'll never happen. Indeed its happening now. The Slavers had their minions and dupes back then. The Serfers have some now.

Ending the Constitution's de facto endorsement of slavery wasn't, in retrospect, a real complicated thing to do (though it certainly wasn't done correctly). Ending the Constitution's ambivalence towards (& tolerance of) state capture & serfdom is also not necessarily a complicated matter (and will be managed without bloodshed if done correctly).

Art.1:8 clearly states that "Congress shall have Power... To **Borrow** Money"; yet also the "Power... To Coin Money, regulate the Value thereof".

The former [gov't borrowing] is a state of State Capture (in debt to a private int'l currency cartel), as was the imperial UK to the (privately owned) 'Bank of England' at the time. There's nothing controversial about this (though most politicians didn't understand it, even then). Its just the way the Anglo-American world worked at the time of Adam Smith.

[part 1 of 2]....
+2 # PiscesCurveUS 2011-10-20 10:21
[part 2 of 2]
....It [the gov't borrowing model, circa 18th-20th centuries] doesn't work anymore. Its dysfunctional for today's society and high time to change it.

The question is not whether but HOW BEST to do this. I advocate- if we wish to have a lasting & permanent reform (and having a constitutional convention is not something that comes around every decade)- that we aim correctly at the underlying, structural flaw in the original design. Please give it a try- you might be surprised how many downstream or branch/leaf issues simply dry up and recede away, once we have adequately addressed the issue of Monetary Theory (& State Capture) in the first place.

This (neo-serfdom/de bt-serfdom) is the issue of our time. Lets get it right, from the source.
Don't let the MoneyMasters (& their downstreamers) fool you. Their gold [and- more recently- obfuscatory Economics] is a false deity... an entirely arbitrary and man-made concept/ideolog y, masquerading as timeless or eternal "value" for anyone who's dumb or mean enough to keep believing it.

We shall, in this Information Age, overcome this scam, even though its been at least 3+ centuries in the making (yes, longer than USA has been a country).
+1 # PiscesCurveUS 2011-10-20 10:25
"Economics has become a clandestine religion, not a science."
- Stephen Zarlenga, 2010

...because 'e-Con-Mist's' consistently fail to stipulate clearly the basic underlying terms & assumptions of their profession.

“…money has become by convention a sort of representative of demand; and this is why it has the name ‘money’ (nomisma)- because it exists not by nature but by law (nomos) and it is in our power to change it and make it useless.”
- Aristotle, The Nicomachean Ethics, Vol. 19 (1962, p. 112)
+13 # DPM 2011-10-15 23:34
davegowdey. Perhaps just the threat of this action will get the attention of our bloated, disconnected legislators and begin moving them in the correct direction. They have the time to do so now and after the next election. After all, that's what we want. But, if they continue to act for the benefit of the few and detriment of the many...then they need to be gone!
+4 # Jerry 2011-10-16 00:13
We have been lissening a lot to the OWS on global revolution live stream, and had not heard of this before. Did it go through the general assembly? The movemebt will have to be a huge for the political system not to just blow it off. Matt Tabbi had some good suggestions. And the gentleman that helped launch the movement had some suggestions, as well. See the article from which this movement germenated at
+14 # J. Glenn Evans 2011-10-16 00:19
I believe a national convention is an excellent step. This will be a way to generate support to elect people who will take action to recind bad laws and create good laws in the support people and create a true justice system to replace our present injustice system. We need to create a new people's party or movement to break the two party monopoly, both of which have betrayed the American people.
-10 # Bolduc619 2011-10-16 02:40
Yes, a third party worked so well for America in 2000 when Nader shaved off a couple points from the Dem. in Florida, remember? NOT!
+5 # futhark 2011-10-16 03:59
It is past time for a new political party in America that is independent of obligations to big business exploiters, polluters, and war-mongers, not to mention those with the liberty-infring ing "security state" surveillance mentality!

Let Freedom Ring!
+10 # Rita Walpole Ague 2011-10-16 07:09
One did not have to be 'fey' (Irish for second sighted) to see and understand it in '08 - massive numbers of citizens (myself included) jumping onto the Obama train, so full of Hope for Change.

And now, the masses have become OWS - Occupy Wall Street. The numbers of honks and thumbs up is astonishing as I stand with the 99%. Police cars, firetrucks, ambulances, vets in cars bearing 'support our troops' and soooooo many more, honk and wave. The 'thumbs down' and/or 'middle finger up' reactions are very few and far between, approximately one in fifty 'yes' responses. So, what can we OWS'ers be prepared for?

'Twould be no suprise to have drive by damners increase at an amazing rate (Karlroving and Kochsucking bought minions, so easily purchased these days of fully manipulated, oh so profitable for the villainaires economic, no jobs available catastrophy).

And, of course, such damning will get mass coverage in the corporate owned and controlled 'mess' media, the same media that's ignored then jibed away at OWS.

But. sweat some more villainaires. More and more of the dumbed-down sheeple you so disdain have caught onto your Karlroving, Kochsucking msd'and buyout ways. And word of mouth is spreading here and across the world re. your evil, greed and power takeover.

Here comes the revolution!!!
+6 # rhpflanz 2011-10-16 08:00
We, the 99%, hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--Tha t to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the 99%, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the 99% to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.
+4 # michelle 2011-10-16 14:40
Good start. Can we drop the " by their creator" part out of the statement. Let's keep religion and state separate. It would read...they are endowed with unalienable Rights...
+9 # rmelcher 2011-10-16 08:11
Now THIS is what we've been waiting for!! The only thing that will keep this movement going strong is (dare I say) coherent LEADERSHIP, ORGANIZATION, OBJECTIVES and general ongoing creativity. WIthout these it will either get tired and bored as yesterday's news or lead to increasing frustration that eventually breaks out into violent confrontation as happened yesterday in Italy. What is being proposed is an actual third party movement which has the power and energy to compel change. Bravo!!!
+4 # geohunt1 2011-10-16 08:18
Sounds good to me. It is very well thought out. I wonder if this is something new originated since Occupy Wall Street started.
+3 # williamofthetrees 2011-10-16 09:38
Can you hear how We are One?
Can you hear now?
How We are One?

And far from now we'll still be struggling to be
but we can at least hear our Oneness now
not from one voice but from Our voices

It's the Spirit of the Times
the consciousness of the times
to know Our Selves
Not I
but US

And from that Oneness we'll embrace daylight
and meet the needs of each and every realm of life
and thread each moment with humble pace
to be
to be as One

Life is the stage on which we actualize our Oneness
It is threaded with children's laughter and pain
old people's suffering and forgiveness
young and mature people's love

It is our daily bread
to struggle forth
ahead of time
in time to be

And die each second
without regret of letting go
having given everything
to the whole
+8 # SharonToji 2011-10-16 11:42
If you are not going to threaten violence to get your way, what are you going to hold over the government? The only thing most of those people care about is their jobs and their prestige. That's why they kow-tow to get campaign money.

That means, they have to fear that they will either not be elected in 2012 or 2014, or be recalled, or be impeached. They will not resign. So, you have to hope that they feel real fear of losing their seats IN NOVEMBER! If you don't run or back candidates who agree to TRY, by introducing your ideas in the form of bills, and then promise not to veto them, or to rule them unconstitutiona l if you are the President or the Supreme Court, and also, if you are cabinet members, promise to implement them through regulations then you will get nowhere. You will have to wait for 2014, and by then, you better be more powerful, and have candidates. And then you better hope that you have a president who will not veto the bills, because otherwise you will have to wait until 2016.

Also, why the huge expense and logistic problems of bringing over 800 people to Philadelphia? You have the internet. You have the real opportunity to do this in a 21st century way state by state, and the whole thing then being one huge web meeting as the votes of each state delegation are discussed, combined and possible compromises are hashed out.
0 # Michael Finko 2011-10-21 08:47
I agree with you, we need to embrace technology as it's just not practical to hold 'physical assemblies' - this excludes many people and we will just end up with the same 'bottleneck' or 'middlemen' we have today (i.e. 535 senators/reps).

However, keep in mind, while suggesting and discussing issues on lower levels can be done anonymously, on the higher levels you suggest it should be done only under full legal names. And if actual voting electronically though the internet, the ONLY way it can be done is by pre-registratio n (authentication ) of each citizen, and, under FULL LEGAL names, so everyone on the internet can see (100% transparency).

Anything less and it will get hi-jacked eventually, guaranteed.
br, Michael
+6 # Jayneis1of99 2011-10-16 12:26
This is logical next step to the movement - I'm in!
+3 # walt 2011-10-16 13:19
It sure would be better to see the group forming either a new political party or becoming a part of the Democratic Party sooner than July 2012 so there could be serious influence in the coming campaigns and elections. Merely promising to recall elected representatives after the elections does not seem to hold much political clout.
+6 # democracynow 2011-10-16 15:22
And what about the legislators that are working for the people? There are many. Are we to throw them out, too? Wo would replace them? I think the idea of a convention is good, so we can influence the system.
+3 # cuyleruyle 2011-10-16 16:42
Why Wait? Occupy the White House and Congress in 2012.

Why Wait? Why wait until 2014 to form a new party? Why give the corporations and their twin political parties, the Democrats and Republicans, two more years to destroy people’s lives in America and the rest of our world? I urge #OWS to work with existing independent political parties, including but not limited to my own Peace and Freedom Party in California, to build a new political party for 2012.

Remember what Bismarck is reputed to have said, on hearing of the Marxist/Anarchi st split in the First International: "Crowned heads, wealth and privilege may well tremble should ever again the Black and Red unite!"

In peace and solidarity,

Gene Ruyle
Peace and Freedom Candidate for Congress
1982, 2008, 2010, and maybe 2012
+2 # abeitling 2011-10-16 17:08
Hail Hail. Very good. Very very good.
+3 # bschultz481 2011-10-16 20:35
Count me in!
+3 # BGRANT1950 2011-10-17 05:08
0 # xixizip 2011-10-17 21:52
i am quite interested in this process. as has been said, consensus may seem more time and energy consumptive, but it bears better results because all points of view are given a voice. problems can be looked into. i support this process. keep it positive (please friends). we have so much energy and it WILL go somewhere- lets make sure it is positive and work from there.
i think generally the GA's are working on positives we'd like to see,and they are many. i came up with a few thoughts today, please respond if you have feedback about them.
i thought, what about asking EVERY SINGLE politician, including appointed ones, if they would agree to abide by the general assembly's doctrine's in principle, (1), and (2), to basically work with local and national g.a.'s to put their processes in line with the stated goals of the GA's, and (3) if they would agree to abide by the agreed upon changes after the national assembly (if not sooner), or in otherwords, establish a new system of organization through this general assembly instead of through the republic we currently have, ie, stop taking direction from them.

by the way, i imagine the national statements of values and purpose (or whatever you'd call it), would likely be less specific than local g.a.'s.
-1 # xixizip 2011-10-18 00:49
BTW, i don't necessarily think people need to assume everyone in the government will be fired at all or immediately, but rather that our system of dialogue and our stated values will guide interested persons with knowledge (say of military and peace processes-worki ng toward a world of no war/environment al processes/nutri tion and food assistance, etc.)to work with the current individuals in the government in order to see those processes and results come to be. we will certainly need our inside (those already in government) people to teach us these things, yes? and i understand the military would probably be the most difficult to transition, but i would like to see an almost overnight drop from 50% funding (which it currently has), to 25%, and those funds immediately going to a department of Peace! the 50% contains NASA though, which i believe is a duty to keep in order to further our humility as a small part of this beautiful universe, and to facilitate one-day space exploration.
0 # LessSaid 2011-10-17 22:26
A July 4, 2012 would be too late for a convention to organize just make an impact on the election. In any case, I think the impact is already being made on local and national future elections outcomes. Many of those in office won't be coming back after the 2012 elections due to what has already happened. However, I would encourage those who are protesting and those who supporting the protest to get out vote and encourge others to do the same. It's not too soon to start talking about getting the vote out. And hopefully the Occupy Wall Street will influence each and everyone us to vote in our better interest.
-1 # jere822 2011-10-19 10:06
This is like an internal co-opting of the OCW movement. They are over organizing, assuming that protest are the only vehicle, causally assuming charge of the revolution, and wanting to keep the political system as it is and work within. They naively assume all delegates will be honest and un-corruptable. This whole thing was done without transparency and 'sprung' on us. They leave themselves without any essential "bite" other than numbers of people who may protest when the government does not accede to their demands. This proposal will be a complete failure.
0 # erblackiv 2011-10-21 11:40
You don't need to be organized or worry about the number of libertarians and anarchist. What you do need is *frightening numbers* (and for that you need a big tent). Practically, the best that can be hoped for is tht OWS scares Obama into incorporating a "top three" OWS demands. I think the most effective would be: 1. get all the corporate dollars out of politics. 2. break up the big banks as much as possible. 3. heavily regulate high speed trading and the derivatives market.

To achieve frightening numbers, you should plan a four-day "Occupy Washingotn" on April 5,6,7,and 8 --that includes two work walkout days on Friday and Monday. At the very least you want 2-3 million marching on Washington on Saturday and Sunday.

The early spring date allows maximum momentum to carry over from winter Occupy protests, time to organize and motivate, and the beginning of warm weather with threat of many months more to come.

Get as many celeb speakers as you can, and get Ralph Nader to present your demands.

The you can form your mostly unnecessary Occupy Parliament.
+1 # erblackiv 2011-10-21 11:57
If I'm Rupert Murdoch--or whoever you want to see as the opposition--I'm laughing my ass off that you're so willing to tie yourselves up with your own red tape, before you have any real power.
+1 # erblackiv 2011-10-21 12:32
Just read the Matt Taibbi 5 demands. Excellent. What more do you need?

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