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The report begins: "Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) raised the possibility Sunday of US military involvement in Syria if President Bashar Al-Assad massacres his people."

Syrian university students in Lebanon flash victory signs as they carry a picture of Syria's President Bashar al-Assad. (photo: Reuters)v
Syrian university students in Lebanon flash victory signs as they carry a picture of Syria's President Bashar al-Assad. (photo: Reuters)

Lieberman: Syria Could Be Next Target

By James Hohmann, Politico

27 March 11

RSN Special Coverage: Egypt's Struggle for Democracy


en. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) raised the possibility Sunday of US military involvement in Syria if President Bashar Al-Assad massacres his people.

"If Assad does what Qadhafi was doing, which is to threaten to go house to house and kill anybody who's not on his side, there's a precedent now that the world community has set in Libya, and it's the right one," Lieberman said on 'Fox News Sunday.' "We're not going to stand by and allow this Assad to slaughter his people like his father did years ago."

"Finally, we are on the side of the mass of people yearning to be free within the Arab world," he added.

He suggested that there is an American appetite to back freedom fighters outside Libya.

"Assad, the dictator there, ought to and probably is getting a very clear message: If he turns his weapons on his people and begins to slaughter them, as Qadhafi did, he's going to run the risk of having the world community come in and impose a no-fly zone and protect (the) civilian population, just as we're doing in Libya," Lieberman said. "And therefore Assad has one choice, and that is to negotiate with the freedom fighters in Syria to create an entirely different government there or he too will have to go."

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on CBS's 'Face the Nation,' meanwhile, that the US will not intervene in Syria because many consider Assad a "reformer." your social media marketing partner


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+13 # Activista 2011-03-27 20:08
Lieberman is the prototype NEOCON - Israel First -
"The Assad dynasty is based on the country’s Alawite sect, which comprises only an estimated 13 percent of the population and fears terrible retribution from the Sunni majority if it falls from power. " NEOCONS are experts in starting civil wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya)and slaughtering millions by USrael.
Stop giving $3 billions per year for bombs to Israel - and peace will come.
Country that needs reform in the Middle East is autocratic Saudi Arabia.
+5 # Progressive Patriot 2011-03-28 02:07
Lieberman is an American Zionist.
+7 # Activista 2011-03-27 22:34
the same as fascist Israeli minister -
Lieberman: West should deal with Iran and Syria like Libya | Rebel ...
Mar 25, 2011 ... Iran and Syria pose a greater security threat than Libya and the West should treat those countries in the same way as it has Muammar ...
this is NOT accident that Israeli fascist Avigdor Lieberman dictates US policy and US "Joe" Lieberman executes.
+7 # Progressive Patriot 2011-03-28 02:08
ISRAEL poses the _greatest_ security threat in the region.
+4 # Progressive Patriot 2011-03-28 02:06
How about if we invade Israel next ... t're the MOST VIOLENT country in the region, and THEY AREN'T OUR FRIEND!!
+4 # Merschrod 2011-03-28 06:19
Syria is a much trickier political situation and geo-political situation than Libya. It is not a free-fire zone, and it is doubtful that airpower on urban folks will be done again (Israel has been the most prolific in that area!) The religious with politcal overlay there is very very complex. The maasacre of the whole urban area 20+ years ago was a Shia commuity. The Assad family has not been that unfriendly toward Israel and their domination of Lebanon has not been really against the "Wests'" interests.

The liebermans are a fringe that only serves to radicalize, but what they say has to be taken seriously b/c of their power among the ignorant neocons.
0 # Activista 2011-03-28 09:47
Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman commented
"we hope that the policy seen towards Libya today will be implemented towards Iran and Syria where dozens of people opposing the opposition are murdered daily. Standing up for your principles can't be selective.
again NOT from NYT or Washington Post - and it is hard to believe that in unrest in Syria MOSSAD is not active.
+1 # giraffee2012 2011-03-28 09:51
I cannot take Liberman seriously - bc he flip/flops - depending how the wind blows. He is retiring (ahem can't get re-elected I hear) after this term.

I know many uneducated Americans believe he makes a point. But if one "thinks" - one turns the page and moves on.

After all, even his buddy McCain (who should retire for other reasons) would not even put him on the ballet as his VP candidate (won't comment on who)
+3 # giraffee2012 2011-03-28 10:03
Gov Walker reminds me of dictators in Libya, Syria, etc. and looks capable of killing "not only jobs & rights" without vote but by "bc he said so"

We should look at our own govt too. ya think?

Govt by the Supremes, for BIG $$ Corp, and of the people who PAY their taxes.

G.E. & BofA pay NO taxes -- go figure why our deficiets are growing. G.E. profits are overwhelming - their missing tax money alone would . . .
+3 # JTC 2011-03-28 22:42
Question--next time Israeli troops fire on Palestinians, will he support US moving on the ground to defend the Palestinians?
0 # Activista 2011-03-29 09:59
and here we have Iraq revolution - brave revolutionaries attacked status quo.
Waiting for Obama/AIPAC Clinton glorifying speech.
0 # Activista 2011-03-29 11:51

here is our congress - right and left - with Hagee and ChrisitanZionis ts fantics. If this does NOT scare you. And this is h9ow many millions in USA?
0 # Valleyboy 2012-03-07 07:54
"Finally, we are on the side of the mass of people yearning to be free within the Arab world," he added.

I assume you include the Palestinians in that statement?!

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