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Steps To Write a Good Composition
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Thursday, 10 May 2018 06:32

What should you
know to write a good composition? Actually, quite many things: spelling, grammar and punctuation rules, the ways how to build the structure, express your thoughts, find the right words. In general, you have to be a writer to succeed. Nevertheless, there are lots of excellent compositions written by ordinary students. So, probably they know some secret which helps them to be efficient. In fact, there is no secret, as you just shouldn’t think that composition is a huge problem but kind of a fun or magic. Yes, it is real magic when you make small steps and after that, putting all parts together, you get astonished by the result. Are you ready to start this way? So, here is the first step:

Being aware of the assignment is half a way. Usually people are too busy to read the assignment properly. But do you remember the saying: “If I was asked to cut the tree in twelve hours, I would spend six hours sharpening my axe”. As a rule, every teacher has his on recommendations and demands and you should be confident that you have got acquainted with all of them. If you don’t understand or remember something, it is betterto ask additional questions. So, make sure that you know about the topic, length, purpose, style, tone and the necessity of research.

Free writing
Now forget about all rues and recommendations, take a pen and spend ten minutes or more writing on the topic. The punctuation andrequirements are not important. Your task is to make exploration of your opinions and thoughts to write my college application essay and to help them turn into the form of words. Don’t worry if you were warned by the teacher from involving personal opinion, it is not the final result, it is just the way to find the right direction.

Making a diagram
If you have got lots of ideas while the free writing, you have to organize them. You can choose the most attractive for you form. It can be a bubble or a web, anyway, take a big piece of paper or chalkboard and write the topic in the middle. After that write ideas around and phrases that can prove or develop them. Then connect separate parts by the straights lines and you will get a structure, moreover you have a clear vision, which points need to be refined.

Creating an Outline
After getting some significant ideas, arguments and concepts, start forming them. They should be transformed into the sentences, which buildyour paper.

Writing a Debatable Statement First
Your composition should be started with the statement, which will provoke the following arguments and thoughts, but not just prove evident things. Think about the specific and really interesting beginning and you will see the right direction.

Making Changes and Cuts
Don’t worry if your paper is still far from perfection after so many attempts. Now you should start ‘cleaning it’. After reading it several times, you can make a conclusion, that the work is too long and it includes too much useless information. Be ready to change some words to make the text sound natural and exquisit in some way.
The last step of this absorbing process is proofreading. It would be great, if you revise some rules of punctuation and spelling before, as it will help you to have more competent check. It can be also helpful if someone read your composition aloud. In such a way you will answer the mainquestion, if you have managed to gain your main aim and coped with the task. your social media marketing partner
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