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Help: My RSN Newsletters Stopped

here are only a few reasons why your newsletters stopped.

  1. You may have accidentally unsubscribed.

    Click here to resubscribe. If you get an error message saying "There was a problem signing you up for the newsletter...." then you are subscribed, and we are sending your newsletters to you.

  2. Your ISP is routing the newsletters to your Junk/Bulk Mail folder.

Some ISP's spam filtering processes define the RSN newsletters as spam. This rarely happens to users who pay for their email box through their ISP. The "Free" email boxes through the major ISPs such as HotMail, MSN, Yahoo! and Gmail are most often where the problem occurs.

When you sign up for a free email service you accept the terms of the ISP. Essentially, you agree to play by their rules. The ISP - not the user - decides what the rules are. The rules vary: Sometimes they play fair, sometimes the cost of the free service is your privacy or your right to receive and read what you choose.

Further complicating the problem is that all the large ISPs have their own news pages and news content delivery processes. Why should MSN deliver RSN's news links to your inbox when they have their own news page they would prefer you visit? Effectively, they view our distribution of the RSN newsletters through their process as unwanted competition. The remedy is to route the content to the Junk or Bulk Mail folders.

Quick fix: Go to the Junk/Bulk Mail folder. If your RSN newsletters are in there, mark them as "Good." Then select the last newsletter you did receive and select "add to contact list/address book". In most cases that should return delivery to your inbox, at least temporarily, until they do it again.

Bigger headache: You mark the newsletters as Good and they still go to the Junk/Bulk Mail folder. Use their Help/Complaint process and give them a piece of your mind.

Long-term solution: Move away from the free services. Basically, the reason the major ISPs provide "Free" service is to market goods and services. You are likely already paying for an email box through your cable or telephone provider. That box will provide you with a far greater degree of control and privacy protection. your social media marketing partner