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Over 2,800 People Wounded in Chile Since Start of Protests
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Tuesday, 26 November 2019 14:34

Excerpt: "The National Institute of Human Rights of Chile ( NHRI ) on Monday reported that 2,808 people have been wounded during the nearly 40 days of demonstrations in the South American country."

Protesters in Chile. (photo: Reuters)
Protesters in Chile. (photo: Reuters)

Over 2,800 People Wounded in Chile Since Start of Protests

By teleSUR

26 November 19

After almost 40 days of demonstrations, approximately 232 people have suffered eye injuries (75 percent from gunfire) as a result of the violence.

he National Institute of Human Rights of Chile ( NHRI ) on Monday reported that 2,808 people have been wounded during the nearly 40 days of demonstrations in the South American country.

According to figures provided by the Chilean agency, 232 people suffered eye injuries (75 percent of the cases of gunshots), of the 2,808 wounded that have been found in different hospitals.

As of Monday, 437 people were injured because of firearms, while 1,180, the majority, were victims of pellets shot by state agents, the NHRI reported.

In turn, the number of detainees found by the NHRI amounted to 7,259 people. Of the 7,259 detained by the state, at least 867 of them  are children.

In its report, the agency presented a total of 499 legal actions against police and the armed forces, 79 of them being sexual violence.

Chile has been engulfed in nationwide protests for over a month now, as protesters demonstrate in response to a raise in the Santiago Metro's subway fare, the increased cost of living, privatisation and inequality prevalent in the country.

While the Chilean regime has made some promises to the people, very little has been done to fulfill their demands. your social media marketing partner