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Texas Teacher Confused About Twitter Kept Trying to Report Immigrant Students to Trump
Written by <a href="index.php?option=com_comprofiler&task=userProfile&user=45696"><span class="small">Rafi Schwartz, Splinter</span></a>   
Wednesday, 05 June 2019 08:13

Schwartz writes: "A Fort Worth, TX, teacher was put on administrative leave and could lose her job for sending a series of anti-immigrant tweets to President Donald Trump in what she mistakenly believed was a private conversation."

Texas classroom. (photo: AP)
Texas classroom. (photo: AP)

Texas Teacher Confused About Twitter Kept Trying to Report Immigrant Students to Trump

By Rafi Schwartz, Splinter

05 June 19


Fort Worth, TX, teacher was put on administrative leave and could lose her job for sending a series of anti-immigrant tweets to President Donald Trump in what she mistakenly believed was a private conversation, the Washington Post reported today.

Amon Carter-Riverside High School english teacher Georgia Clark reportedly sent a series of messages to the president’s Twitter account last month asking for “assistance in reporting illegal immigrants in the FWISD public school system” and claiming that “Fort Worth Independent School district is loaded with illegal students from Mexico,” according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

“Anything you can do to remove the illegals from Fort Worth would be greatly appreciated,” she wrote in one message.

After Clark’s tweets—sent from a now-deactivated Twitter account—started getting attention, the district launched a review of her behavior, during which she admitted the account was hers.

“Ms. Clark stated she did not realize the tweets were public,” the review said, according to a copy obtained by the Post.

In a message posted to the school district’s Facebook page last week, Superintendent Kent Scribner addressed the issue, although he did not refer to Clark by name. He wrote:

In the past 24 hours, there has been much talk in the news and on the Internet about the use of social media by our staff. Our mission is to prepare ALL students for success in college, career and community leadership. Let me reiterate our commitment that every child in the District is welcome and is to be treated with dignity and respect. As we conclude the school year this Friday, please know we take this promise very seriously and your child’s safety and well-being are always our number-one priority. Thank you.

This is not Clark’s first time facing administrative action for allegedly bigoted, anti-immigrant behavior. As the Star-Telegram reported, Clark was suspended and relocated from a different school in five years ago, when she referred to Latinx students at the school as “little Mexico.” According to one student who reported her behavior to the district, she also separated the students in her class by race with “the Mexicans on one side and the white and black people on another side.” The Post also reported she was already under investigation at Carter Riverside for allegedly telling one student to “show me your papers that are saying you are legal” in order for that student to go to the restroom. (She denied the allegations to investigators, per the paper.)

In a brief statement to Newsweek, Clark declined to comment on the specifics of her tweets or their intended recipient but said, “As the editor of my college newspaper years ago (Vietnam era), I know there is always another side to the story.”

According to district spokesman Clint Bond, there will be a school board meeting Tuesday to determine whether Clark will continue to teach in Forth Worth.

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+7 # Kootenay Coyote 2019-06-05 09:39
Clark’s stuck in 1984, not a very good place.
+6 # HarryP 2019-06-05 10:03
Clark lives in the wrong state where nearly 40% of the population is of Mexican descent. There’s a reason for that, starting with the annexation of the Mexican province of Texas by the US government.

After she’s fired she should consider moving to North Dakota or perhaps even further north.
+4 # elizabethblock 2019-06-05 14:09
To Canada? No thanks!
+6 # wilhelmscream 2019-06-05 10:45
How about, “NO”!! Fire her ass!!!
+5 # 2019-06-05 14:52
Her job is to teach, but on a number of levels she appears to have qualities we do not want in our teachers, anywhere. It is a shame because we need good teachers academically -- maybe she could get some lessons in humanity. Regarding Twitter -- this is an aside, but I do understand how she might have gotten that wrong. Twitter has insufficient assistance for people with further questions beyond their basic online help. Even then one often does not get a response, if they even know where to look for it. They have no phone number for help, or even chat, which would be a step up and real-time assistance ... This is concerning because people are expressing themselves and want to and should know what the controls are, what if there is an error, who receives Tweets under different circumstances, etc ...