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Christopher Steele Will Not Cooperate With Trump/Barr's "Origins" Probe
Written by <a href="index.php?option=com_comprofiler&task=userProfile&user=7972"><span class="small">Mark Hosenball, Reuters</span></a>   
Sunday, 02 June 2019 14:15

Hosenball writes: "The former British spy who produced a dossier describing alleged links between Donald Trump and Russia will not cooperate with a prosecutor assigned by U.S. Attorney General William Barr to review how the investigations of Trump and his 2016 election campaign began, a source with knowledge of the situation said."

Former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele in London. The dossier contained explosive allegations about Trump and the Kremlin. (photo: Victoria Jones/PA)
Former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele in London. The dossier contained explosive allegations about Trump and the Kremlin. (photo: Victoria Jones/PA)

Christopher Steele Will Not Cooperate With Trump/Barr's "Origins" Probe

By Mark Hosenball, Reuters

02 June 19


he former British spy who produced a dossier describing alleged links between Donald Trump and Russia will not cooperate with a prosecutor assigned by U.S. Attorney General William Barr to review how the investigations of Trump and his 2016 election campaign began, a source with knowledge of the situation said.

Christopher Steele, a former Russia expert for the British spy agency MI6, will not answer questions from prosecutor John Durham, named by Barr to examine the origins of the investigations into Trump and his campaign team, said the source close to Steele’s London-based private investigation firm, Orbis Business Intelligence.

Trump has given Barr broad authority to declassify intelligence materials related to the investigations. Last week Trump ordered the heads of U.S. spy and law enforcement agencies to cooperate with Durham.

Steele, who had previously collaborated with the FBI on issues such as corruption in the global soccer organization FIFA, was hired in 2016 by Fusion GPS, a Washington-based private investigations firm working for lawyers representing the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Steele produced for Fusion GPS a set of controversial and sometimes salacious reports describing alleged contacts Trump and his team had with Russians before the election.

Trump says Steele’s “fake dossier” was a key factor behind the investigations and what he claims is a broader “witch hunt” against him. He also accuses senior intelligence officials of improperly “spying” on his campaign.

According to documents declassified by the Trump administration, the FBI cited Steele’s reporting as partial justification for electronic surveillance targeting Carter Page, a one-time Trump campaign advisor with business dealings in Russia.

Democrats accuse Trump of trying to turn attention away from the findings of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, whose report into Russian interference in the 2016 election described numerous links between the Trump campaign and Moscow, and said Trump had repeatedly tried to impede the investigation.

The source close to Steele’s company said Steele would not cooperate with Durham’s probe but might cooperate with a parallel inquiry by the Justice Department’s Inspector General into how U.S. law enforcement agencies handled pre-election investigations into both Trump and Clinton.

Steele also cooperated with Mueller’s investigative team, voluntarily submitting to two interviews in September 2017. He also gave written testimony to the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee in August 2018, the source said.

The Justice Department had no immediate comment, and a spokesman for Durham declined to comment.

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-28 # Rodion Raskolnikov 2019-06-02 17:52
This is not surprising. He also refused a subpoena from the Senate Intelligence Committee. He was referred by the senate to the DOJ for a criminal investigation - -which is still open. So Steele would not speak with the DOJ because it has a criminal investigation into is activities. I doubt he'll talk to the IG either.

Steele is known to be a rabid supporter of Hillary and an equally rabid opponent of Trump. He intervened in the 2016 election on the side of Hillary. Why has he and all of his MI6 connections been under investigation by Mueller? He has had a much greater impact than the Russians. Steele set the FBI and DOJ in motion for their investigation of Trump and his campaign.
+22 # DongiC 2019-06-02 19:41
The Trump forces have to discredit the Steele dossier because it demonstrates vividly what a flawed human being Donald Trump is. I mean "golden showers" with Russian hookers, no doubt on video tape. Putin has Trump by the short hairs. At Helsinki, it was very clear from their body language who was in control and it wasn't Sir Donald. Imagine, an American President in thrall to the Russians. Utterly pathetic!
+6 # chrisconno 2019-06-03 10:15
Utterly treasonous.
-8 # harleysch 2019-06-02 23:21
For those who attack Trump for "cover-up", how about Steele refusing to cooperate with an investigation into how he wrote his fake dossier, and for whom? Where is Adam Schiff, why is he not demanding that we hear from Steele?

It is clear that those favoring Trump's impeachment do not want to know of the FBI/CIA/MI6 collaboration in fabricating the story that Putin had material he could use to blackmail Trump. This was the major story for the first months of his presidency, which Mueller, as well as FBI officials, not only could not verify, but acknowledged was false.

So why is it "obstruction", or a "diversion", to find out who decided to use a fake dossier, to undermine Trump's presidency? If a big lie is put forward, with profound implications for governing the nation, should we not know? Do readers not find it interesting that the same individual responsible for producing the document used by the GW Bush admin, which "proved" Saddam Hussein had WMDs -- namely Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of MI6 -- not only vouched for Steele, and pushed his dossier, but is now demanding confrontation with both Iran and China?

In the old days, when progressives opposed wars launched under False Flag pretenses, such a "coincidence" as Dearlove's continuing role, would be cause for outrage.
+18 # HarryP 2019-06-03 09:32

It’s one thing to suggest your posts are thrown together in sloppy fashion. But it would fail to give you credit for your deliberate mendacity.

There is no evidence Steele was a “rapid supporter of Hillary.”
He was instead a hired hand to do oppo research when Fusion GPs realized that the literature on Trump contained voluminous references of dealings with the Russians. (Fusion GPS’s research began, btw, when the conservative Washington Free Beacon (on behalf of Rubio) began to look into Trump’s background.

The FBI’s counterintellig ence investigation began after Papadopoulos met with Russians. Steele began to look at the Russian connection two months later and he was astonished by what he found, believing (incorrectly) all along that US intelligence agencies were asleep at their job.

Barr better be careful. He may have to explain what the Mueller reports doesn’t touch: What happened to the original counterintellig ence investigation?
-2 # Rodion Raskolnikov 2019-06-03 20:01
HP --in fact my comment that Steele was a rabid supporter of Hillary is well documented. This is from The Hill --

"If ever there were an admission that taints the FBI’s secret warrant to surveil Donald Trump’s campaign, it sat buried for more than 2 1/2 years in the files of a high-ranking State Department official.
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kathleen Kavalec’s written account of her Oct. 11, 2016, meeting with FBI informant Christopher Steele shows the Hillary Clinton campaign-funded British intelligence operative admitted that his research was political and facing an Election Day deadline."

It is very unclear why or how fusion GPS got connected with Steele for the dossier. There is some evidence to show that he contacted them and the Clinton campaign. Brennan was already working with MI6 and may have suggested to Steele that he could help.
+2 # HarryP 2019-06-05 09:28

Your third paragraph shows you have no idea what you’re talking about: “very unclear why or how,” “some evidence,” and “may have suggested.”

Your second evidence argues Steele was hired to do political research. of course, he was. That’s why Fusion GPS hired him since it didn’t have the expertise to look into the Russian connection.

Finally, if Steele had a deadline he sure didn’t meet it. It must have left Hillary bitterly disappointed.
+1 # RMF 2019-06-03 15:19
Steele would have to be nuts to co-operate with Barr/Trump -- for the reasons so accurately outlined by Harry P, and showing conclusively that Barr esp is out to get Steele, charge him criminally, in order to discredit the dossier, as Harry P has noted. This is the same strategy Barr will use against the FBI agents/supervis ors -- and the mechanism Barr will use is the Hatch Act. He can't charge treason, but he will allege, and attempt to "prove" to a jury, that the FBI under Obama was in effect a branch of the Dem Party, and the FBI agents were engaging in a partisan effort within the agency to ensure the election of Hillary Clinton. Barr will allege that, within the context of a lengthy presidential campaign, there were egregious, multiple counts thus deserving (as Barr will plead before the Court) of incarceration for about 20 years. Barr may be tempted to make a plea for RICO jurisdiction against the FBI agents too, but I don't think that will fly -- our Courts aren't that bad yet, but give the GOP time.

More generally Rodion (and Harley too) have shown with posts they are agents of Putin -- we just don't know if they are paid or volunteers.
+2 # harleysch 2019-06-04 17:07
RMF -- I wonder how exposing the role of Sir Richard Dearlove, who has been repeatedly caught pushing lies -- such as Saddam's WMDs --makes one a Putin agent? Is exposing a genuine war monger proof one is on Putin's payroll? Dearlove is now pushing for military confrontation with China -- does pointing this out qualify me as a "Xi Jinping agent"?