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12 Dead, 4 Injured After Virginia Beach Shooting
Written by <a href="index.php?option=com_comprofiler&task=userProfile&user=50898"><span class="small">Justin Carissimo, April Siese and Caroline Linton, CBS News</span></a>   
Saturday, 01 June 2019 08:29

Excerpt: "Armed with a .45-caliber handgun, a disgruntled city employee opened fire inside a municipal building Friday in Virginia Beach, killing 12 and wounding four others, authorities said."

Virginia State Police block the entrance to the Municipal Center following the deadly mass shooting. (photo: Getty Images)
Virginia State Police block the entrance to the Municipal Center following the deadly mass shooting. (photo: Getty Images)

12 Dead, 4 Injured After Virginia Beach Shooting

By Justin Carissimo, April Siese and Caroline Linton, CBS News

01 June 19


hat we know so far:

  • At least 12 people are dead after a city employee went on a shooting rampage inside a municipal building in Virginia Beach. Four others were hospitalized with injuries. Three are in critical condition.

  • The gunman was identified as Dwayne Craddock, a longtime public utilities employee employee. Craddock was killed in a shootout with police.

  • The victims were found on three floors of the municipal building and one victim was found shot in car outside building.

Armed with a .45-caliber handgun, a disgruntled city employee opened fire inside a municipal building Friday in Virginia Beach, killing 12 and wounding four others, authorities said. The gunman, later identified as Craddock, died after a long gun fight with police.

Police rushed to the scene shortly after 4 p.m. on Friday. A local police officer was wounded while confronting the gunman. Chief James Cervera said in a news conference Friday that the officer was saved by his bullet-proof vest. Cervera pledged to visit the wounded officer by the end of the night.

Police did not release the identity of the shooter, but Cervera said he was a long-time employee of the Public Utilities Department. "There's no way to describe an incident such as this," Cervera said.

11 of 12 victims were city employees

Authorities identified the 12 victims killed on Saturday, 11 of them were city employees.

Laquita C. Brown, of Chesapeake
Brown worked as a right-of-way agent at Public Works for 4.5 years.

Tara Welch Gallagher, of Virginia Beach
Gallagher worked as an engineer at Public Works for six years.

Mary Louise Gayle, of Virginia Beach
She worked as a right-of-way agent at Public Works for 24 years.

Katherine A. Nixon, of Virginia Beach
Nixon worked as an engineer for Public Utilities for 10 years.

Richard H. Nettleton, of Norfolk
Nettleton worked as an engineer with Public Utilities for 28 years.

Christopher Kelly Rapp, of Powhatan
Rapp worked as an engineer with Public Works for just 11 months.

Ryan Keith Cox, of Virginia Beach
Cox worked as an account clerk with Public Utilities for 12.5 years

Joshua A. Hardy, of Virginia Beach
Hardy worked as an engineering technician with Public Utilities for 4.5 years.

Michelle "Missy" Langer, of Virginia Beach
Langer worked as an administrative assistant with Public Utilities for 12 years.

Robert "Bobby" Williams, of Chesapeake
Williams worked as a special projects coordinator with Public Utilities for 41 years.

Herbert "Bert" Snelling, of Virginia Beach
Snelling worked as a contractor.

Alexander Mikhail Gusev, of Virginia Beach
Gusev worked as a right-of-way agent for Public Works for nine years.

Gunman identified

Police identified the gunman as Dwayne Craddock on Saturday. Craddock was a public utilities employee for 15 years. Virginia Beach Police Chief James Cervera said Craddock's family has been notified.

Cervera said Saturday will be the only time police announce the gunman's name.

"I don't say I'm in shock, I'm numbed," vice mayor says

Virginia Beach Vice Mayor James Wood said the three-story building where the shooting occurred is open to the public.

"I think the thing that's gone through my mind and everybody else is we know these people," Wood told CBSN in an interview. "I don't say I'm in shock, I'm numbed."

Wood, a former police officer, complimented the Virginia Beach police force for their response.

"Long-term gun battle," police chief says

"Today is Virginia Beach's darkest hour": Officials give update on deadly shooting

Virigina Beach police chief James Cervera said at a late press conference that another victim had died on the way to the hospital, bringing the total number of victims to 12 plus the suspected gunman. Four people were taken to local hospitals, and Cervera said some other people had brought themselves to hospitals for treatment.

The suspect used a .45-caliber handgun with a sound suppressor, Cervera said. The suspect, a city employee, was also armed with several magazines. Cervera said they have identified the suspect but it will not be released until after family is notified.

The suspect first opened fire outside the building, and one victim was found shot in a car outside the building, Cervera said. Four officers responded and engaged in what Cervera described as a "long-term gun battle."

Victims were found on three floors of the municipal building.

At least 90 people have sought assistance from the family assistance center. They are still working on making proper notification of the victims.

"This day will not define Virginia Beach"

Virginia Beach Councilman Aaron Rouse sent a message of unity on Friday, saying the city would not be defined by the tragedy.

"We will determine, going forward today, how we respond to our city. We will come together. We will show the strength of our city," Rouse said at a news conference alongside local police.

Officials update on number of victims

At least 11 people were killed and six others were hospitalized after the shooting Friday, police said at a press conference Friday afternoon. They said the gunman, who was an employee at the building, was also killed.

A local police officer was wounded while confronting the shooter. Chief James Cervera said the officer was saved by his bullet-proof vest and pledged to visit the wounded officer by the end of the night.

Employees describe shooting scene

Virginia Beach police say shooting suspect taken into custody

Megan Banton, an employee who works in the building, told WTKR she could only think about making it home safe to her baby.

"I have an 11-month old baby at home and all I could think about was him and trying to make it home to him," Branton said.

Sheila Cook, an employee at the courthouse in the building, said her coworkers didn't realize how close they were to the gunshots.

"We heard shooting, but we didn't think it was that close, like in proximity of the building," she said. "Thank God they were able to alert us in time. If it had been 10 minutes, we would have been outside."

ATF and FBI assisting local authorities

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said they will be assisting local authorities with the investigation.

6 transported to local hospital

Five of the injured were transported to Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital and one person was transported to Sentara Princess Anne Hospital, WTKR reported. According to a Sentara spokesperson, the patient at Sentara Princess Anne Hospital is being air lifted to a trauma center at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital.

The extent of the injuries are currently unclear.

Workers leave locked down building

WTKR reporter Kofo Lasaki reports that people appear to be leaving one of the buildings at the scene that was on lockdown. It's unclear which building is being evacuated.

Where the shooting took place

The incident happened at Building 2 in the 2400 block of Courthouse Drive. WTKR reported that the building houses operations, public utilities and public works for the city. It is located in Virginia Beach's sprawling Municipal Center.

Suspect taken into custody

Virginia Beach police said one person was taken into custody after multiple people were injured in the shooting. They also advised the public to avoid the area.

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+3 # apotem 2019-06-01 10:28
The gunman was probably not a Muslim or Central American immigrant. Therefore, he certainly had rights to possess as many guns as he wanted. 2nd Amendment (=NRA) always wins
0 # skylinefirepest 2019-06-01 14:03
So apotem, what's your solution to the problem? Serious inquiry.
+4 # Rodion Raskolnikov 2019-06-01 12:31
I just drove through Virginia Beach, Norfolk and the general area last week. There sure are a lot of gun shops. Next month in June there is a huge gun show at the race track. The posters said 1000s of vendors. Probably this part of the US is the most gun addicted of any. Maybe Texas is worse. This is right near the huge naval base in Norfolk and the navy air base in Va. Beach. It is a gun, shooting, killing enclave.

Yesterday was the 151st day of this year. There have been 150 mass shootings so far. There is probably one in progress right now.

Something is wrong in US culture. This shooter was just pissed at his work. Why so pissed? Kids hate their schools. They hate churches and synagogues. Why so much desperation. These events seem mostly to be suicided with the added feature of taking as many people as possible out in the process.

The US has no solution to this problem. Officially, the US believes that all problems can be resolved by a gun or more generally by force. That's how Trump, Obama, Bush, et al ran foreign policy. No wonder there have been 150 shootings so far. Has anyone counted the shootings by special forces all over the face of the earth. Or the bombings in Yemen. Or the drone strikes in Afghanistan. This is what it means to be an American.
+1 # DongiC 2019-06-01 14:47
Americans are good at killing. We kill folks in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia and all over America from city to city to city. And talk about controlling the sale of guns etc is just talk; the gun lobby is just too strong and has too many favors owed by needy congressmen to big donors to their political campaigns. It's a corrupt mess with no signs whatsoever of improvement. Such is America in the 21st century.
+1 # Questioner 2019-06-01 21:14
So if the shooter burned 12 people to death, instead of shooting them, what would the instant answer be? Is there an answer as to why we seem to have so many people who believe they are entitled to enact lethal violence on others for real or imagined wrongs? As individuals, as a society, as a nation, as a world? These type of actions have always existed. Are they getting worse, or just our perception of them?