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Barr Threatens to Skip House Hearing on Mueller Report Over Format Dispute
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Sunday, 28 April 2019 13:16

Excerpt: "The Department of Justice (DoJ) has informed the powerful House of Representatives judiciary committee that attorney general William Barr may not attend a Thursday hearing to review special counsel Robert Mueller's report of the Trump-Russia investigation."

Embattled Attorney General William P. Barr. (photo: Mark Wilson/Getty)
Embattled Attorney General William P. Barr. (photo: Mark Wilson/Getty)

Barr Threatens to Skip House Hearing on Mueller Report Over Format Dispute

By Guardian UK

28 April 19

Attorney general has expressed objections to House judiciary committee’s questioning format, according to Democratic aide

he Department of Justice (DoJ) has informed the powerful House of Representatives judiciary committee that attorney general William Barr may not attend a Thursday hearing to review special counsel Robert Mueller’s report of the Trump-Russia investigation.

Barr has expressed objections over the panel’s questioning format, according to a senior Democratic committee aide.

The department has balked at the panel’s plans to allow committee counsels from both sides to question Barr after the traditional round of questioning by members of Congress who sit on the committee, which is currently chaired by the Democrats because they control the House.

Justice officials also told the committee they opposed committee chairman Jerry Nadler’s plan to go into closed session if members want to discuss redacted portions of Mueller’s report.

That’s also according to the aide, who requested anonymity to discuss the confidential communications with the justice department.

Barr is scheduled to testify before the Senate judiciary committee on Wednesday, which is chaired by the Republicans, the party in control of the Senate, and to the House panel on Thursday.

The redacted Mueller report was made public just over a week ago and, while concluding there was not a criminal conspiracy between the Trump election campaign and Russia, there was a lot of contact, and that Russia conclusively interfered in the 2016 election. Democrats the following day issued a subpoena for the un-redacted version.

The report also found that it could not exonerate the president on the question of obstruction of justice and if Mueller could he would have done so, while also stating the investigation could not reach a conclusion on whether there had been criminal obstruction. The DoJ has deemed that a sitting president cannot be indicted.

Congress is now conducting further inquiries and a number of other criminal investigations are ongoing, including by federal prosecutors in New York, against the president, though the nature of most of the investigations has not been made public.

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+3 # johnescher 2019-04-28 15:18
Cowardice on the right, cowardice on the left. Nobody trying to rein in Donald Trump has any guts or teeth at all. How about Nancy Pelosi. Are those false choppers in there?

Haven’t there already been deadlines regarding the child-parent separation and detention abomination at the border? Deadlines that weren’t met? Without consequence/enforcement/imprisonment?

And now the same thing is going on with refusal to honor House subpoenas? Imprison the miscreants immediately. Mnuchin doesn’t want to hand over Trump’s tax returns when it’s the law! Let him munch on candied toy rats behind bars!

Nancy, send somebody to jail, please. Or would you prefer to continue with teaching us all to let Donald have his way, thus strengthening his hand and even his election prospects?

Nancy, somebody, stand up to the bully. Not obeying a House subpoena must equal an immediate go-to-jail card. You don’t even have to have a conversation on the merits and demerits of impeachment practice in the past history of the U.S.

Somebody doesn’t want to obey a House subpoena? Okay? Have it his way. But in jail.
+2 # banichi 2019-04-29 02:06
I wonder if Barr can be held in contempt of Congress and a warrant issued for his arrest, if he really refuses to show up. Hmmm...
+1 # vt143 2019-04-29 05:32
+5 # DongiC 2019-04-29 05:54
Things are getting wild in Washington as the branches of government prepare to slug it out. Storm-leader Trump wants his way with the English language, with his view of the Constitution and with his interpretation of what objective truth is all about. It is a question now of what kind of government we shall soon enjoy: a democratic republic or a fascist dictatorship. We are all engaged in a giant civics course which will determine our future regime.