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House Democrat Finally Moves to Obtain Trump's Tax Returns
Written by <a href="index.php?option=com_comprofiler&task=userProfile&user=48680"><span class="small">Frank Dale, ThinkProgress</span></a>   
Thursday, 04 April 2019 12:31

Dale writes: "Three months after Democrats regained control of the House of Representatives, Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA) has made his long-awaited move to obtain President Donald Trump's tax returns."

Richard Neal speaks with Teamsters in Boston. (photo: Lane Turner/Getty)
Richard Neal speaks with Teamsters in Boston. (photo: Lane Turner/Getty)

House Democrat Finally Moves to Obtain Trump's Tax Returns

By Frank Dale, ThinkProgress

04 April 19

Richard Neal has requested the last six years of Donald Trump's tax documents.

hree months after Democrats regained control of the House of Representatives, Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA) has made his long-awaited move to obtain President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

Neal, who can review the tax documents of any U.S. taxpayer as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, requested the past six years of the president’s personal and business tax returns from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on Wednesday.

Trump has repeatedly refused to make his tax returns public, and his administration is expected to challenge Neal’s move to obtain them. While Neal’s request was to the IRS, not Trump personally, the president said he “would not be inclined” to share his tax information when asked about it Wednesday evening.

Though Ways and Means Committee Democrats had indicated they would seek the president’s tax returns shortly after their party was projected to retake the House in November, Neal frustrated some progressives with his “go-slow approach.

The Massachusetts Democrat insisted the delay was to ensure his request — which cites a provision that was added to the tax code after the Teapot Dome scandal under President Warren Harding’s administration — could withstand legal challenges. During a Ways and Means hearing last month, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin testified that the IRS commissioner typically handles such tax requests.

“The law is crystal clear — the Treasury Department must provide tax returns to the Ways & Means and Finance Committees when the chairman requests them,” Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR), ranking member on the Senate Finance Committee, said in a statement. “I expect the Treasury Department to comply in a timely manner.”

Prior to Trump, disclosure of tax information was standard for all presidential candidates dating back to Richard Nixon. Following a New York Times report in 2016 that indicated Trump may not have paid any federal income taxes for decades, the now-president claimed, “That makes me smart.”

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+3 # wilhelmscream 2019-04-04 14:15
1) How bad did Trump cheat on his taxes? 2) Will this force the Ompalompa to pay back taxes? 3) Can this be grounds for Impeachment (Tax Evasion is a FELONY)?
Ted “Spiro” Agnew did this and bribery!

The tax code, 26 United States Code section 7201, provides:
Sec. 7201. Attempt to evade or defeat tax
Any person who willfully attempts in any manner to evade or defeat any tax imposed by this title or the payment thereof shall, in addition to other penalties provided by law, be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not more than $100,000 ($500,000 in the case of a corporation), or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both, together with the costs of prosecution.[3]
To prove a violation of the statute, the prosecutor must show (1) the existence of a tax deficiency (an unpaid federal tax), (2) an affirmative act constituting an evasion or attempted evasion of either the assessment or payment of that tax, and (3) willfulness (connoting the voluntary, intentional violation of a known legal duty).[4]
+2 # indian weaving 2019-04-04 15:55
I'm not impressed. Neal could've and should've been extremely aggressive from Day 1 to begin this process. All of the Democrats should be and should've been, on every Trump issue. This two-bit excuse for a human Neal is typical of these politicians who have no sense of urgency, or even doing anything right anymore except to ingratiate themselves and their bank accounts.
0 # lfeuille 2019-04-05 22:14
I think Pelosi threw a wet blanket on his enthusiasm with her plans to "negotiate" witwwith someone who won't stick to his word.
+4 # DongiC 2019-04-04 17:23
The wheels of justice can grind very slowly but they grind with incredible force and power. With the requests for his income taxes for several years, Trump is now on the rack facing that deadly wheel. No wonder the Boy Wonder is screaming as if in great pain. And, if he paid no tax at all, what kind of example is that? For his base? For all America. Their leader is a charlatan and phoney to the core. Who wants to follow such a cheat?
+2 # Wilhelmscream3 2019-04-04 19:06
"Hail to the (tax) cheat / exploiting all the people!” Wesley Snipe would be proud!
Nixon and the infamous 18 min. gap!
+3 # Citizen Mike 2019-04-04 21:54
Let's make note of this: If the IRS stalls on releasing Trump's federal income tax forms, much the same information as to income and its sources is available on his New York State tax forms, which borrow figures from the federal tax forms. Here we can see sources of income and amounts of earnings.Congre ss can get this info more easily, and make it public, too. His transactions with Russian gangsters will become evident.
+1 # wilhelmscream 2019-04-05 16:12
Trump under audit? Majority of Americans and non- citizens don’t buy that BULLSHIT!