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Excerpt: The first, angry press conference by the Trump administration.

Sean Spicer Flips Out Over Inauguration Crowd Size

The White House, YouTube

22 January 17

The first, angry press conference by the Trump administration. your social media marketing partner


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Marc Ash
Founder, Reader Supported News

+2 # angryspittle 2017-01-22 14:07
Constant ridicule should be the rule from now on. Ridicule everything that they say.
+1 # Brice 2017-01-24 19:06
Trump is illegitimate as a President.
He is illegitimate as a human being.
He is illegitimate as a business man.
What Trump is, is disgusting.
The amount of time, money, prestige, lives, honor
that this cockroach will bleed from the United States
to fulfill his ego and categorizes him as a criminal
in my opinion, and plenty of reason he needs to be
removed from the White House ASAP for any reason.
If that cannot be done, constant protest, ridicule,
insults and humiliation should be the order of the day.

He lied his way into office saying he was going to do
great things for the American people, and anyone
can see already that ain't happening. He has cheated
a whole country.

But further, the whole media, all of it owned by the
corporations have failed in their duties to this country
as well, to inform people so they can be responsible

Trump needs to go. The media media to be nationalized
and then broken up and sold into many different private

Then the real problem needs fixiing, the allowance of
great fortunes and powerful dynasties that threaten
democracy in America need to ended by steep
progressive taxataion, and reinstitution of the
estate tax to prevent dynasties from being handed