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writing for godot

Money is the Root of all Evil...

Written by Russell S.Wyllie   
Thursday, 26 July 2012 18:07
Money Is The Root Of All Evil

What do you perceive to be the main problems or issues in today's World?
Is it gun control in America? Is it Middle East wars? Is it climate change?

Behind all of the World's problems is the most universal vice that the whole world is subjected to, and that is money- the root of all evil. Famine, disease, human rights abuse, political infighting, war- are all the product of the result of the control of money, the lack of money and the greedy hoarding of money.

What is money? Is it the few trillion in bank notes which are merely pieces of paper that we hand around to each other, thinking that those pieces of paper with ink and pretty pictures painted on them are actually worth the numbers printed on them?
The reality is that the majority of people worship money, placing those pieces of painted paper above human life. But the real 'money' are the tens of trillions which exist on bank and financial company computer systems- the real amount is hidden from the public. Money is actually credit. The credit system depends on people requiring credit, be it for mortgages or personal loans- and banks which lend the money do not actually have the available credit in physical bank notes. The money only exists on their systems as electronic credit, which is a combination of bank earnings and money borrowed from other external sources, such as financial institutions.
But credit- or electronic money is not in physical form, and so when the customer borrows money, the money has to be repaid with interest, making profit for the lender- the banks, and the repayments are rarely made in physical cash- but often deducted from wages or income from the customer's account to the bank...

So, if there is only 'x' amount of cash in circulation at any one time, then how can cash be printed without devaluing currency? Commodities such as gold, silver and diamonds can be mined from the ground, and those precious commodities are so valuable that in reality a Government could privatize all gold, silver and diamonds, and then order the printing of cash according to the current-day value of gold, silver and diamonds.
But if there is no State control over the mining of gold, silver and diamonds, then the private mining companies merely sell the gold, silver and diamonds, and their payment is wired electronically from the wholesale buyers' bank accounts to the mining companies. This is the same supply, demand and sale method used for all commodities and products which originate from mining, or manufacturing of goods using raw materials.

So there is a large amount of money being created on a daily basis from the above methods. The question has to be asked- if we can create so much money just from digging up metals, fuels and minerals, then why can't the World's problems be sorted out easily?
Mainly because of greed. The mega corporations across the World stink of greedy profiteering, and the money often lays stagnant in accounts across the World as it is hoarded by the mega corporations and multi-billionaires, who are very reluctant to invest in parts of the World that require a stable economy.
Saudi Arabia makes over a billion dollars per day from their oil sales... and from their daily oil output you can estimate how much other oil-producing countries make from their oil sales. Saudi Arabia is well known to have hoarded collosal amounts of foreign currency from their oil sales, and the Saudi oil-money is rarely re-invested back into the World's economic system.

The Saudi hoarding of foreign currency is not unique- it is the same the World over. China is the biggest hoarder of foreign currency, with trillions in their main investment bank. In 2009 the Chinese Government demanded that the American Government stop the criticism of political policies and human rights record, and threatened that if China was not treated better, then China would not help the World out of the economic depression. From that we can deduct that all other nations with huge foreign currency reserves have the same ability to give other nations a political thumping if they so desire.
America, Britain and France were the 'masters of the universe' in a bygone era which was the last millenium, but with the simple transfer of money- or 'credits' from computers, the whole world has shifted from a European/Caucasian political and economic power structure to becoming a multi-pronged political and economic power structure, with some nations like China becoming super-powers in literally a few decades.

Cash money is but a token of paper that we accept to be valuable- and as mentioned in this article, we only have a few trillion in bank notes that are passed from hand to hand via shops and private sales- but the real money has been moved around the World via computers, and there is little that can be done to reverse the shift of wealth and economic power, apart from perhaps wars like in Iraq, where foreign oil companies had already placed their bids for Iraq's oil fields before the invasion has even started.
But even Iraq's oil fields aren't enough to fill the gap in America or Britain's bank sheets- and the contagious shift of electronic money has now widened to Europe.

But I won't just point out the obvious details- as many reading this will find most of the information mainstream. If this is all new to you, then you are probably too young to have taken an interest in economics yet, or you have merely been asleep, drugged out or too drunk to have bothered to learn. That's your fault, because the World today is all about hoarding wealth, and you realize it more and more when you become an adult, and more so when you try to make a life for yourself, or raise a family.
Another point that is important to learn is that Governments require you to pay taxes- and most people agree that taxes are needed to maintain our incredibly complex modern day infrastructure. Many people complain about the small tax that a corporation pays in comparison to the average taxpayer. The truth is that corporations have more political thump than Governments can handle. Corporations realized that they had ten times more power than ever before during the economic recession (depression) which formally started in 2008.
Many top financial institutions in the City of London, England threatened Government that they would move their financial operations overseas if they were taxed more or had bonuses reduced. The U.K Government backed off from attacking the big financial companies and banks, and instead got the taxpayers to bailout banks.
The same scenario was played out in the United States of America- where the bankers got handed a golden bailout and the American taxpayer got financially raped.

Money is not easy to control. There are so many major companies, all competing for the number one spot, to become the most influential of all companies, so that they can expand their business operations across the World and make even more money-and hence expand furthur and furthur.
This already happened prior to the 2008 economic collapse, with big financial companies profiteering so much that they were able to lend huge amounts of money, far more than they should have.
And today they do not have the ability to lend money on the scale that was before- which wasn't previously regulated, and which led to many banks and companies going broke and out of business.

But we can't just focus on criticizing the companies for lending so much money. What we have to look at is a far greater picture, which is the hoarding and secret stashing of trillions of dollars in currencies across the World. It's called money laundering and tax avoidance. Here is a list of ways to hide money that big corporations, companies and wealthy individuals have utilized in the past and which are still used today, and the main culprits and smaller players:-

Big Money Laundering:-
a) Corporations, industries, finance companies, banks, lesser companies and small businesses.
b) Drug cartels, weapons cartels, human trafficking, sex trafficking.
c) High frequency tradinf/flash trading, short selling, cybercrime.

There are thousands of different companies, cartels and tax avoiders who fit into the (a),(b),(c) brackets.
All those players hide millions, billions and trillions of physical and electronic cash and commodities in other countries other than their country of origin, and without an international auditing system of transactions, and without knowing which players are doing the laundering it is impossible to calculate how much money is missing from economies across the World.

1. Which countries account for the biggest percentage players involved in the laundering of money and precious commodities?
2. Which countries are losing the largest amount of taxes and physical cash from banks?
3. Which countries and islands are receiving the largest amounts of laundered money, and operate as tax havens, or which handle the financial bank accounts of the players involved in laundering?
4. Which economies are most vulnerable to tax avoidance and laundering and are likely to be greatly affected or are on the verge of an economic collapse?
5. Which economies are most likely to survive an economic collapse as a result of better financial regulation, auditing and control of financial operations?
6. If a country's wealth has been extracted/laundered over the decades, and they are on the verge of economic collapse, then how can that country afford to borrow and repay bailout money?
7. How much are GDP figures being weakened by laundering, from country to country?

These are some of the facts and questions that people are asking across the World.
Money is in short supply- and you cannot merely focus on just one finance company or one cartel to place the blame- they are all part of the same money-hoarding game, all competing for the billons of dollars, competing for the political power that their wealth brings them. The general public only gets to hear about the money-hoarding game on news programmes, in online articles such as this one. Hopefully this article has encompassed the major players (without naming them), and it is up to the intelligent people in our World to find out where and when the money was laundered, when corporation taxes were not paid, and then do the maths...

It is probably tens of trillions that have been sucked out of banks and tax-payers' pockets over the decades.
Whatever the exact number is, the money is no longer worth what it used to be- because a lot of the money laundered and banked was stolen, drug money, human trafficking profits- dirty money hidden away for decades and re-circulated by the same players who have the general public like a puppet on a string.
Governments know it, some of the awake and informed public also know it.
So much money in the World, and so many problems in the World to be sorted out, from famine and disease to corruption and war. Greed prevents the World's problems from being sorted out. Nobody wants to part with their money because money is worshipped, when in reality it is a con-trick, merely bits of paper that are just paper with ink and pretty pictures painted on them, and the real money is electronically shifted from one dirty hand to another dirt hand, often to never be seen again.

If everybody in the World had a million dollars then we would all have what we need to live a normal, healthy and happy life- but that will never happen because the controllers of money see themselves as Gods, content to live on their pile of paper money and to see the billions of people in poverty, famine and war, all fighting to survive, but often dying for just a chance at a better life.
Indeed, money is the root of all evil, and the roots have dug deep into our World, spreading across from country to country, shedding sour and poisonous fruits.

Those who are lucky enough to be rich and live in ignorance of the problems of this World are a big part of the problem and need to use their power and wealth for more humane means, instead of swinging from vine to vine, cash in hand, like a bunch of banana-grabbing greedy monkeys. your social media marketing partner


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+1 # RICHARDKANEpa 2012-07-27 13:42
Do you have any suggestions for those of us reading your post to do about it?
-1 # Youtube-GlobalPrison 2012-07-29 15:43
Not much can be done...this is the World we have and live in, recognize, make money from and mostly destroy. Take it or leave it, this is all there is.
+2 # karlarove 2012-07-27 19:28
“What do you perceive to be the main problems or issues in today's World?”

Russell, I disagree with your opening statement “Money is the Root of All Evil.” As long as we apply anthropomorphis m -the attribution of human characteristics to a non-living thing - money - we will never solve the question you are asking. What people DO with money is the root of all evil. The issue we need to address is the shadow of individuals, corporations and governments, who are completely unconscious of their actions, and thereby justify their greed with what ever the story is they tell themselves: “I am special, I made all this money by myself and deserve it and shouldn't have to pay taxes”, “We need to liberate the people of - fill in the blank – so they can live in a democracy” “My religion – fill in the blank – is the only right one”, “the rich are the job creators”. I could go on and on but I think I made my point. We will NOT survive with dualistic thinking. And the only way to begin is to not blame money for what mentally ill, greedy people do with it.
+4 # RICHARDKANEpa 2012-07-28 18:06
People who make something like Bill Gates want to pay taxes. Those who make money with money by manipulation don't, with the one known exception of George Soros.

So perhaps you are both right trying to make money instead of trying to accomplish something and wanting to be paid for it is the root of much current evil.
+8 # lark3650 2012-07-29 06:22
Money is not the root of all evil...but the love of money is! "Greed is the destroyer of man....principl es must rule if mankind is to survive." -AWL
+2 # RICHARDKANEpa 2012-08-02 23:38
Russell, I want to thank you for a thought provoking article. Many of the infantile people on the internet like to throw minus signs at what they differ with.

Understanding and milling over an idea and in part learning from what one tends to disagree with.

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